wow i just feel so strongly about this

still really want Mace Windu being the one who goes back in time to unfuck All The Things and just IMMEDIATELY being like “goddammit Qui-Gon NO, finish up with your own fucking padawan with the abandonment issues, this one is now Mine, I need him to kill a Sith Lord and also not become a Sith Lord himself. you can see him for Sunday dinners. also clearly you need backup with THIS Sith so I am coming to Naboo with you, you are WELCOME, no I don’t give a fuck what the Senate says.” or whatever while everyone else is like “???? Master Windu wow you seem to feel REALLY STRONGLY about–” and him just “I HAVE HAD A BAD FEELING AND YOU ARE ALL GOING TO LISTEN TO IT, FORCE DAMMIT”. which, the rest of them are like, fair, Jedi bad feelings are pretty important to be listening to. 

meanwhile, FUCK the integrity of the timeline or certain things needing to happen how they happened last time and the usual “time-traveller being all fluttery and panicky about keeping the same relationships with their important people“ thing, Mace Windu is like “um NO, those relationships all ended HORRIBLY??” and is just ruthlessly determined to save as many people as he can, damn the fucking consequences. and also stab Darth Maul. a lot. you can take the Trials like everyone ELSE, Kenobi, and JINN, YOU CAN GO DO YOUR DAMN JOB. 

frankly all that’s still waaaaay more subtlety than I would genuinely expect from a time-travelling Anakin, honestly any “Anakin Skywalker goes back to fix shit” fic that doesn’t IMMEDIATELY turn into him beelining straight for Palpatine and FUCKING STABBING HIM IN THE FUCKING FACE COME HELL OR HIGH WATER clearly has more belief in that man’s self-restraint/self-preservation than I will ever. evvvver. 

Mace actually would like to survive long enough to deal with the remaining corruption and armies and, you know, WAR that would still need cleaned up, himself, so he is by necessity subtler in his machinations and only fantasizes about murdering that Sith bastard in the middle of the damn Senate a LITTLE. Just, like. A biiiit. 

look, “subtle” when compared to Anakin is really ONLY SO SUBTLE. 

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I recently wrote a letter to my teenage self on my blog and got so many lovely messages from people saying that they really related to it and that it helped them a lot. If you could write one to yourself, what would it say? Love your writing :) x

Wow, this is a difficult one but… I think I’d tell myself to just, don’t try and keep yourself from having more experiences. Don’t be so scared of making mistakes, because mistakes will happen even if you don’t want them to. And those mistakes will make you a better person, so make them while you can.

Try and be more open to people and to new ideas - you don’t know everything yet and in a few years, those opinions you feel so strongly about WILL change and when you think back on how stubborn you were being, you’ll feel like a fool. So be more flexible and open minded.

Don’t hold on so tightly to just one person or one group - people come and go and if you’re so set on being friends with just the one person, you’ll end up alone.

You will be disappointed. That’s just life. It will happen and it you’ll be hurt by the people you love the most.

And finally… love without expecting anything in return. People will love you if they want to, because love is a choice and if you had realized this earlier, you might’ve saved your heart from being broken so many times.