wow i hope this posts this right


wow such struggle much pain no but seriously it’s supposed to be that headcanon where Remus tries to find a cure for his affliction and surprisingly there is one person willing to help him and not trying to poison Severus at the same time :)


Wow I hope it’s in the right order. =w=U
Soooo… i was catching up with @trashpandaballs posts when I saw an ask that mentioned brushing Paul, and they said that if you started brushing monster Paul, he would start purring like CRAZY.

I had to do it, ok? Pat and Paul are just so precious. ( I’m pretty sure Paul likes to be brushed even when he’s not a monster.)

Dear @justcuzfandoms, now is the time you get to yell at me for being incredibly late.

I hope this (little) present makes you happy, even a month after the festive season ! But even more, I hope you treated yourself right during that time (ate a lot, slept all day) and, oh wow I’m so bad with delays, happy Hanuka !

At first, I wanted to write a little something, but I changed my mind and drew this stunningly aro-ace Piper ! (Hence the questions about baseball, I’d really like to know more about it thought) 

Oh, all thanks to @pjosecretsanta2016​ for pushing me again and again (it was needed) I made your job so much harder, you deserve all the praise for holding this project together ! 

(ps : this is actually the first time I ever post my art on this website, thanks to both of you for giving me enough courage to do so)

What did I do

to deserve FOUR HUNDRED OF YOU to follow me? I’m all blushy. You actually have no idea how much this means to me, guys. You guys completely blow me away. Honestly. 

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Not to get all sentimental, but this past week was pretty rough and y’all’s support and reaching this new milestone makes it better. l am so deeply grateful to the guys, gals, and non-binary pals that decided this Spn-disaster blog was worth following. 

Tagging some extra special followers to give them my thanks for their friendship and support: @illshakeyouallnightlong-dean, @winchestersnco, @bookyholic, @masterpick, and @ellie-gant-grace

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Ahahahahahahaha from fitness athlete fighting for anything good that's left in the world to showing nipples in a "photoshoots". Wow girl you really made it. You got popular because you were "different". You shared and faught for right things.... and now.... you're just one of those shitty "fitness models" sexualizing themselves to earn some cash.

because i post pics in lingirie i no longer fight for the right things? because you can see a nipple i have none of the same morals or intelligence? i hope you can look past your misogyny and see that how a woman posts a photo doesnt change her beliefs or her quality as a human. i am a good model and i do it because i like it and i want to show anyone that you dont have to be the conventional looking model to pursue it. i hope you can find your own happiness because ive found mine.

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Keith/Lance // met on tinder!au // 9.3k+ // sfw // part 1/?

Summary: "I’m doin’ it. Lance giggles under his breath and drags the cat meme picture to the right side of his screen.

But this, friends, is why one shouldn’t tempt fate over Tinder.“

or: Lance finds the most unlikely match on Tinder and (might) gain a boyfriend in the process

Lance can’t believe he hasn’t deleted this stupid app yet.

Okay… okay, maybe that’s not completely true. He knows exactly why he hasn’t deleted it yet— and why he downloaded Tinder in the first place, to be honest. Because drunk Lance makes poor decisions sometimes, especially when he’s feeling lonely and worthless.

Tonight just so happens to be one of those awful nights.


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Requested by @imaginarylock (I can’t tag you for some reason?), I hope you like it <3
So.. Sorry for disappearing
I had an accident and injured my right arm+hand (the one I use to draw :c), so I spent the last few weeks trying to rest and not move it a lot, and it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be
Anyway, I’ll try to be more active now things are starting to get better <3
I really missed you guys and I hope you’re all doing great c:

Jumin’s Day 10, 1AM Call - Korean vs. English Comparison

Hello all.

Sorry for my lack of posting for the past few days. To be honest, I went through so much stuff that I just don’t know how to handle right now. I also went through course registration for my upcoming semester and I filled 22 credits. Kill me.

Without getting too personal, just know that I am slowly getting back to the way things were going and I hope to keep it that way ^^

Also, in my little unannounced absence, I got a lot more requests to go through! Wow! I can’t believe I got so much interest from all of you guys~ thanks so much! The anon may know this, but while I usually answer questions/requests in the order of which they are submitted (minus the personal questions), I went through them all and found this one to be the quickest to gather screenshots and answer/debate. I am a bit short on time because of current affairs, so I please hope that you guys understand that I am answering this one first!

This call is by far my favorite call in history. Why is this man so irresistible? My love for Jumin Han is just out of this world. In all my 23 years of living, he is the most charismatic character I have ever come across, I swear.

Please join me under the cut if you would like to hear my analysis (more like opinion) of this breath-taking phone call ^^

Please note that although this is an analysis, there may be opinions that may differ or be consistent with mine! While I can give some sort of Korean background, for debatable topics, I do not represent all of the Korean minds for respective topics. Also, please excuse any errors or let me know if clarifications are needed, for English is not my first language! Thank you and enjoy!

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I just wanna say that this is the cutest blog and I love it so much. I'm currently in a ldr right now only because my boyfriend is in the military and I mean we're both willing to do whatever it takes to make it work out between us and I have so much faith that things will be okay. And whenever I see your posts, it just makes me super happy & gives me more and more hope for the two of us. so thank you so much, lovely. you're amazing. 💕

Awh wow thank you dear! I know how hard long distance is, but it sounds like you’re doing really well! Good for you babe, ily 💞

I just gotta talk to you guys about Korrasami for a minute.

Does it ever just hit you?  Like you remember that it happened?  It’s canon.  It has been for like a year and a half.  That’s crazy, guys.

I jumped on the Korrasami bus like mid-season 3 and let me tell you, before the finale our most realistic hope was for Korra to not be paired off with anyone.  Like we were just praying for ambiguity, right?  Just don’t have her obviously end up with Mako and then we can take it from there.

But then?  It happened.  It was so clear to all of us, and then Bryan made that post for the people it wasn’t clear to.  It’s canon.  Korra and Asami fell in love.

That’s a real thing that happened.  And every so often I remember that and I’m just like “wow.”

tag q&a

i was tagged by @ohheejuns thank u~~


nickname: hmm i dont rlly have any?? the most is like my friends calling me mom lmao

gender: cis girl

height: 5′4 

time right now: 8:20pm

last thing i googled: ‘black mirror cast’ i thought it was hayley atwell + it was + i cried so much at her episode omg

favorite bands: seventeen (ofc), day6 (stan day6!! they’re amazing!!!), first aid kit, haim, ladies code

favorite solo artists: declan mckenna, lee hi, hayley kiyoko, aurora, banks, joanna newsom, soko, willow smith, deserts chang (so i rlly prefer listening to female solo voices lmao)

song stuck in your head: ‘wishing u were somehow here again’ from phantom asbkshkbbm

last movie watched: idk actually?? i think maybe 'whip it’??? (fun fact i actually do roller derby + its Amazing, everyone pls try it!!!)

last tv show watched: black mirror!! 

when did you create your blog: 4 months ago w o w thats gone quick

what kind of stuff do you post: kpop mainly, feminism/social justice stuff, aesthetic ish stuff, the occasional relatable suffering™ post

when did your blog reach its peak: nooo it’s only a bby still we’ve had no peaks yet

do you have any other blogs: nope!!

do you get asks regularly: i dont think i’ve ever had an ask akshjsjfkdjg

why did you chose your url: WEN JUNHUI  WEN JUNHUI  WEN JUNHUI i lov him

following: 423

posts: 1945,,,,,, not bad for only 4 months?? 

hogwarts house: ravenclaw i have the scarf its official

pokémon team: i’ve never rlly been into pokemon!!

favorite colors: pastel Everything esp pink and minty blue, + rose gold

lucky numbers: 3 + 7

favorite characters: sansa stark (rip how the tv show treated u bby), ginny weasley, THE MARAUDERS + LILY POTTER,  luciente from ‘woman on the edge of time’ (honestly this book is amazing, pls pls pls read!!)

what are you wearing right now: black vest top, joggers, + cute socks

how many blankets do you sleep with: hmm usually in winter like 2 duvets, in summer it depends on the weather!!

dream job: literary translator omg pls

dream trip: china!!! i rlly wanna visit every province at least once 

tagging a Load of people bc i wanna interact more + w more people, but dont feel like u gotta do this!! @goldenhyung @jeonghhan @angelyoons @spicyjunhui @kylas-mom @03highlight @rose-jisoo @velvetjun @jnhui @leejihxxn @starryjunhui @jeonwuu

Guys, it’s almost Halloween~! You know what that means, right? Right? It means me following a tradition and posting my annual Halloween illustration! (A couple days early this time… won’t have time on Monday. Blame my college timetable for that…) Featuring the return of witch!Mahiru, this time with human!Kuro in a cat costume plus cat!Kuro in a basket XD And even a background, wow, look at me being productive and stuff… Anyways, I hope you like it! Have a great Halloween, hope you’re feeling spooky!

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I want to say thank you for your ToZX episode reviews. I have all of this frustration and irritation after each episode (but every week I have hope they'll do something to make it right again) and reading your posts let me commiserate and release some of that negativity. Wow, that was awful, better go read soymilkheaven's review. Its almost like a little kind of therapy.

You’re very welcome.  I’m glad my reviews (which I feel like have been getting saltier and saltier with every episode  >.<) are at least helping you feel better.  I know I got a ton of responses to this week’s and I think the last time I had any response of this sort was when the S1 season finale aired.  And honestly, despite all the salt on display, I actually do enjoy writing them (even if I was actually making angry hand wavy gestures at the screen during this week’s episode, lol).  So to see my posts resonate with so many of you, and to see the notes I post one, it actually helps me in that I don’t feel like I’m the only one who’s alone in feeling the way I do.

That said, it kind of says something that I’m this salty and we’re not halfway through S2 and I’m already hitting S1 finale levels of salt.  And here I thought I wouldn’t get there again so soon, lol.


I finally got the onyxian drake to drop the other day and I got really excited and drew this. (like a month ago at this point but I keep neglecting to post things woops)

Miss Fisher’s Bookshelf, part 9: The Fics We Missed

Wow, fandom - there are LOTS of fics that we missed, obviously! Some of these came in via private message, some came as replies to a previous Bookshelf post, and some came in via Slack chat (and it’s possible that we added a few more ourselves, but who’s counting, right?). I just hope we captured them all! If we missed yours - or you didn’t get around to sending them - please let us know or just reblog. Let’s share all the fic love!

We’ve compiled two lists from what you all sent us: new fics to the Bookshelf and ones that had already been listed. But who doesn’t have those books that you’ll buy from a used bookstore just so that it doesn’t languish on the shelf by itself? No? Just me? *cough* Moving on.

We’ve even collected a couple of rec lists we found on Tumblr if you want to start with someone else’s bookshelf! None of these lists are in any particular order, so feel free to cherry-pick in whichever way you like (want to read the smutty ones first? All about a specific writer? We won’t judge!). Thank you all for coming along on this adventure with us - this fandom is the absolute best!

Recs from Tumblr Readers

Little Moments by theblue-swallow (and the Lilyverse series). This story is changed to a random set of one shots from my AU. “The Dinner” being the first. Time frames may change from chapter to chapter. (Rated T)

Kick Off by Sassasam. They stayed for the match from kick off to conclusion but neither of them had sport of that nature on their minds. (Rated M)

Twenty Questions by Sassasam. Phryne and Jack’s first time together proves to be an interrogation as much as it is an assignation. (Rated E)

The Search by Sassasam. Takes place during the events of Murder a la Mode. At the House of Fleuri Jack must search Phryne for the missing Aubergine pearls. (Rated T)

Days of Jade, Nights of Onyx by Elliott Silver. A pastiche of scenes from Jack and Phryne’s newest joint venture. Where there is an ending, there is also a beginning. (Rated M)

You Always Surprise Me Don’t Ever Stop (collection) by RakishAngle (afterdinnerminx). Three works. (Rated variously)

A Lack of Pretense by mardia. He leans into her hand, and murmurs, “So you found me. Thought you would.” Phryne’s throat is too tight for her to speak at first, but she eventually manages to smile. “Yes. Of course I did.” (Rated T)

Inappropriate by PromisesArePieCrust. Liquor-loosened tongues. Season 2. And alternate ending. (Rated M)

Speechless by PromisesArePieCrust. A short break from City that Works this week for some fluffflufffluff, romanceromanceromance, with my favorite trope of all time, kissing in the rain. (Rated T)

A Grown Man by LadyRoxie. Jack’s had a rough day… Kissing Miss Fisher was just the start. (Rated E)

The Unexpected Perks of Knotting a Tie by xfphile. He really, *really* needed to start thinking things through before he opened his mouth. (Rated E)

The Next Morning by pulpriter. “And then what happens?” pulpriter’s feeling puckish–and so are Jack and Phryne. (Not rated)

Interpretation by pulpriter. Filling in the blanks for Jack. (Not rated)

Authenticity by Fire_Sign. A smutty, drabbley ficlet for the first PFF. (Rated M)

Just This Once by leafingbookstea. The twin brother I created on Tumblr gets his story - ONE TIME ONLY (Not rated)

Dance Me to the End of Love by leafingbookstea. Phryne and Jack and one last dance. (Rated T)

Too Wise to Woo Peaceably by flashofthefuse. After Phryne left for England, Jack did not follow, but attempted to woo her from a distance with unsatisfactory results. Phryne returns to Melbourne and the two of them stumble as they work to reestablish their connection, with some assistance from well meaning friends. (Rated M)

Strange Capers by Fire_Sign. Two years ago, Phryne Fisher returned her father to England; Jack hasn’t seen her since. At least until he arrives at his latest crime scene and spies a very familiar figure crouching over the body… (Rated M)

Angles and Positions by Dispatch22705. 25 drabbles, one posted each day from now until Christmas. Sexy Jack and Phryne times, each one 100 words and featuring a different angle or position. (Rated E)

The Betrayal of Memory by TheHonorableMrsMcCarthy. Set after the events of Cocaine Blues. Jack is at home processing his day. (Rated M)

We’ll Build Our Alter Here by youspeakmysoul. Jack was ignoring her, surely he would see that breaking and entering was her only viable option. (Rated E)

When His Pants Begin to Go by missingMelbs. Jack is here to do some gardening. Phryne is drooling. Fate intervenes. (Rated T)

Mock Turtle by jasbo. Phryne sipped her cocktail and scanned the room, wondering how long it would be before she could leave. She would say this for literary parties: the alcohol was excellent. (Rated Gen)

The Green-Eyed Monster by PhrancesP. Phryne feels a bit inadequate compared to St. Kilda’s voluptuous new widow. (Not Rated)

What the Water Gave Me by missrainydays. Surrendering was not something that Detective Inspector Jack Robinson was accustomed to doing, but the ocean made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. (Rated T)

The Messenger by girldetective. The mark was placed with calculated precision. Low enough on the neck that the bearer would think it hidden by his collared shirt, high enough that it would be revealed when he turned his head to beckon the waiter. (Rated T)

A Moment in Queenscliff by Sassasam. A single moment told from two different but strangely similar points of view. (Rated T)

Wise Gifts by Blacksquirrel. If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be. (Rated E)

The Female Gaze by Sarahtoo. Five times Jack Robinson was caught in the shower and one time he acted on it. (Rated E)

Then the Sky Will Seem More Blue by meldanya. During World War II, Dot and her family start a new project. (Rated T)

He Calls Her Beautiful by LadyRoxie. He calls her many things when she is Miss Fisher. (Not rated)

An Abbotsford Man by Sarahtoo. Phryne and Dot bring refreshments to a pick-up footy game. (Rated T)

500 Words You Should Know: 422. Rubenesque by JackPhryne4eva. Dottie undresses on her wedding night. (Rated T)

Chaff and Grain Together by gaslightgallows. Even the most amazing and wonderful of detectives can be laid low by a cold. (Rated G)

Undercover Escort by PlayfulMay. Jack goes undercover as an escort to the persuasive Miss Fisher. (Rated M)

Sweltering by Collingwoodgirl. Melbourne is suffocating under a heat wave. Phryne uses the Inspector’s weakened state to her advantage. (Rated M)

And I Do Lift My Aching Arms to You by gaslightgallows. A simple diversionary tactic turns into something a little more involved, when an undercover Phryne and Jack have to allay the suspicions of their fellow party-goers. (Rated E)

The Worrying Kind by whopooh. Jack Robinson is a worrier and Phryne Fisher hasn’t appeared in his minimal office for more than ten days. What has happened? Why does Dot Williams seem to feel guilty about it? And does innocent Hugh understand more than people give him credit for? Part of The SmitCoin Challenge. (Rated G)

A Bed for My Friends by gaslightgallows. Jack sits down to breakfast with one of Phryne’s lovers. Or rather, several of them. (Rated T)

To See Each Other Whole Against the Sky by Sassasam. Someone is sending Phryne Fisher gifts. It is a mystery she wants to solve as soon as possible. (Rated E)

Not (yet?) completed: Coded Expressions by Sarahtoo; Addicted by Dispatch22705; Jessa Called Jay by Elliott Silver; Paint Chips by divingbell; Phracking Fridays by PromisesArePieCrust; When in Rome by satin_swallow; Marked by Fire_Sign.

Had to Get a Second Copy

(Or: recs that were already on the Bookshelf)

Finally by Evendale. What if Aunt Prudence had not interrupted that fateful moment in episode 12? An exploration of Jack and Phryne’s relationship, mostly bedroom-related :) Each chapter has a different theme, so they can be read more or less separately. (Rated E)

Death at the Warrny by Miss_Lilian. Jack gets the thighs out… in the line of duty, of course! (Rated T)

The Wager by soupsouffle. Jack makes a wager with Phryne. Fluffy, smutty romping ensues. (Rated E)

The Cream in My Coffee by Sassasam. Modern AU; Cafe 1928 is the hippest dining destination in Melbourne, but when Phryne Fisher moves in across the road, things will never be the same again. (Rated E)

City that Works by PromisesArePieCrust. Modern AU with role reversal. Set in Chicago. (Rated M)

Ulumbarra by Idolatrous. Phryne is receiving death threats, and Jack does what it takes to keep her safe. (Rated M)

Lucifers to Light by gaslightgallows. Bert intercepts Jack at the engagement party in “Murder in the Dark” before Phryne does. (Rated E)

I Ask No Man Pardon by TheHonorableMrsMcCarthy. An unexpected friendship between Rosie and Phryne forms, which leads to an unexpected journey of personal discovery. (Rated E)

You Asked For It by gaslightgallows. 400 drabbles strong and still going, every pairing you’ve ever thought of, and some you’d never guess. (Rated M overall, but many are Gen/T level)

But Not Out of Mind and its sequel Kiss of Death: A Sydney Interlude by Francophilly. Phryne and Jack have gone their separate ways, but what happens when they’re out of sight? (Rated M)

A Series of Optical Illusions by Fahye. Miss Phryne Fisher sets a trap, throws a party, and reconciles her differences. (Rated M)

The God Abandons Antony by counterfog. At its base, this is about Jack and Phryne’s first time. But it’s more than that. (Rated E)

Under a London Sky by theblue_swallow. She breathed in sharply when she saw him and she immediately felt her heart rate quicken. She gripped her bag tighter, forcing herself to calm down. She was a grown woman. She had had enough men to be calm about this, mature about this. (Rated M)

A Glass Splinter (aka SuperAngst) by Fire_Sign. What if Henry Fisher hadn’t inherited the barony? (Rated M)

There Are Bluebirds Over by Sassasam. It’s 1940, and Phryne and Jack meet again during WWII. (Rated M)

The Gift by Heavyheadedgal. Mr. Butler prepares for Miss Fisher’s return. (Rated Gen)

They Tell A Story by TheEyeOfTheOncomingStorm. Inspired by Illusion of Freedom by Yeoyou. Soulmate AU. Jack’s POV.  (Rated T)

All Sorrows Are Less With Bread by Sarahtoo. Concetta finds her happy ending. (Rated E)

The Melody Lingers On by meldanya. Jack and Phryne’s marriage has crumbled. Can they put it back together? (Rated M)

Fighting Vainly the Old Ennui by Fahye. In which Inspector Jack Robinson is having a fairly uneventful year, divorce notwithstanding, until he acquires a lady doctor for a drinking buddy and receives a series of flirtatious notes from a jewel thief. (Rated T)

Other Tumblr Rec Lists

Recommendations by: @reibenpat, @balticprincess, @quiltingmom, @jojogaldi, @babsmd, @221aubrina, @flashofthefuse, @ladygrayluvs, @michele02132, @bill0014@olderbynow​, @bumblemama

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There’s a post on Firesign23’s blog and one on mine where we’ve archived all of these too, in case you feel the need to go back to them! Happy reading, everyone!

Lots of love from the original Bookshelf gang: @whopooh​ @omgimsarahtoo​ @firesign23​ @whilenotwritingmyphd​ @kanste​ @jasbeaux​ @thehonorablemrsmccarthy​ @afterdinnerminx​ @gaslightgallows​ @heavyheadedgal​ @jackphryne4eva​ @jeneenp​ @meldanya44​ @mollidraws

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What happened to your sim Eden Gallardo?

Oh wow, you are right! The post is gone!! Can tumblr just without any note delete my posts? What the heck? Sorry about that, hope I can find a reblog with all the download information and somehow restore it.

Edit: Found one.


Part 1! This is kind of a small project comic thingy that I have posted snippets of. It’s a modern spy dimension that is not finished. I’ll probably continue to post more pages in ten post intervals at a VERY GLACIAL PACE. The summer is coming to an end so they will be coming along slowly. It is very sketchy but I hope you enjoy. Rippen will debut in the next part. Who knows. Maybe I’ll be able to draw Boone by then too. Sorry he’s not in it right now I’m trying and failing utterly. It’s not exclusively Penashi I just can’t get Boone drawn correctly right.

Wow my comments are long.

P.S. If you can’t read my handwriting I’ll be happy to clarify.