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the foxhole meme
  • unspoken team rule to flip off every raven on campus  
  • allison: no fear
  • nicky: neil in jorts 
  • allison: one fear  
  • dan sets aaron’s alarm to ‘bad case of lovin’ you’ he can’t figure out how to change it and he is apoplectic with rage  
  • she changes it to a different doctor themed song whenever he gets particularly annoying  
  • wymack gets a mug that says ’#1 dad’ every year, signed by all the foxes 
  • even andrew  
  • wymack doesn’t know if he should be touched or suspicious as fuck  
  • you’ve heard of kevin day now get ready for
  • kevout night
  • aaron: swears 
  • matt: covering neil’s ears, aaron that’s such a bad example to set for the children
  • nicky: why the heck do we have to be up so early?
  • dan: I know we’re all tired but let’s watch our fucking language
  • neil, opens his mouth in an interview
  • foxes: why r u like this  
  • nicky: kevin here is ur disgusting Health smoothie why do u even drink it
  • kevin: eating vegetables increases life span  
  • nicky: so do you have any positives or  
  • 'hey kevin here’s another picture of jeremy go add it to your shrine we’ll wait’  
  • neil: half asleep 
  • renee: neil what’s five plus one   
  • aaron, whispering: twelve 
  • neil, bolting awake: TWELVE  
  • ‘what’s your favourite colour’ 'exy’  
  • matt, pointing at fluffy puppy: neil it’s you  
  • andrew, pointing at dented trash can: neil it’s you
  • kevin: yeah everyone on our team is rly passionate abt exy we always give it our all  
  • camera pans to andrew. he is sitting down in the goal, sunglasses on, neil fanning him as he lounges back. none of the referees seem to know what to do.
  • kevin: I am so sick of being alive (x)
  • allison, at every minor inconvenience: 'i don’t deserve this. i’m a nice fucking person’
  • referring to Kevin as various queens from history  
  • 'yeah ok cleopatra shut the fuck up’  
  • 'hey elizabeth i of england can u maybe like chill’  
  • 'neil josten if u could come to the front of the shopping centre please ur mother dan wilds is here to collect u’
  • ‘kevin u know there are other sports except exy right’
  • kevin: sounds fake but ok

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nurseydex accidently meeting in a coffeeshop a few years after they break up

’“Holy shit!”

Derek ducks down behind the partition of the coffee bar.

“Shit? Shit! Wait – why shit?” Ginny ducks down behind the partition with him, peeking carefully around from their spot on the floor to scan the seating area.

“Who we hiding from, D?”

And thank Bittle for having Ginny with him. She’s the only person he knows besides maybe Chris who would actually hide out with him.

“My ex.”

“Ooh, yeah. Which one?”

And bless sweet Gin’s heart. They’d met in grad school post-Epic-Heartbreak. She can’t know that there’s only ever been one ex to break Derek’s chill.

“The one from Samwell.”

“Oh well, yeah, that I figured. No way you’d go ducking around corners for August or Victor. I meant, which one is he?”

And, huh, maybe she did know.

“Is it the buff blonde? Nah - he’s too buff. And blonde. What about tall, dark and hipster with the skateboard? Mmm - nah, that’d be too much hipster in one relationship.”

“I’m not a hipster.”

“You keep telling yourself that, bud. But maybe it’s….ooooooh. Please, please, please tell me it’s the redhead giving mad arm porn right now!”


“Daaaaamn, Derek.”

And yeah, while Will’s always been beautiful, his post-grad glow-up was undeniable.

He’d grown his hair out up top and actually styled it into something soft and modern. He’d clearly still been working out if the arm porn was any indication. And sweet Bittle he’d apparently been spending real time out in the southern California sun because his freckles were popping.

“You let him go? Shit. Alright. So, what’s the game plan here? We gonna try sneaking past? Or - I could cause a commotion and you can run out. Or –”

“You could actually pick up your ‘venti iced skinny hazelnut macchiato, sugar-free syrup, extra shot, light ice, no whip’ monstrosity and just come say hi.”

Will’s gorgeously freckled face peaks over the partition where he’s waving Derek’s order.

“Hi, Dexy.”

“I knew no one else actually ordered this thing.”

“Oh wow. He knows you, man.”

Did Derek say he loved Ginny?

“Dex, Ginny. Ginny, Dex.”

Derek watches as Will’s old guard goes up as he takes Ginny in. He gets it, she’s gorgeous: dark skin and darker hair, open smile, miles of leg visible even while they’re both crouched on the ground.

“Hi Dex, wow! This is incredibly awkward.” Ginny whirls as she gets up, trips a bit, as she tries to keep Dex in her line of sight. “So nice to meet you, though! Heard tons about you. Great things! Wonderful. I’m just gonna wait outside. Ok, bye!”

“She’s cute.”

And Derek can’t tell what that tone is trying to communicate, but he breathes deeply as he pushes himself to his feet. It may have been a few years, but he hasn’t completely forgotten how to do this.

“She is, and also in a pretty committed relationship with her library and law school, right now.”


“Will, we’re just friends.”

Who knew watching him blush would still send butterflies dancing in Derek’s gut.

“That’s not actually my business anymore. You’re not my – Gah. Do-over.”

Do-overs had become an essential part of their relationship: a way to keep conversations from devolving into a circle of blunders.

“What brings you out to Cali, Derek?”

“Uh, just one last hurrah! I, uh, I’ve got some pretty big deadlines coming up this fall, and yeah, just wanted a chance to get away before things get intense.”

“Intense? You’re writing!”

“Yeah. Found a publisher and everything.”

“Of course you would.”

“Alright, Mr. Tech-Wunderkind.”

“I’m just a programmer, Derek.”

“For Google.”

“Yeah, well.” And he does that Country-Boy hand to his neck thing as the sun flashes through the window behind him, and Derek’s heart does something complicated in his chest.

“Well it was good seeing you, Dex. I should, uh, catch up with Ginny, though, so uh, yeah. Thanks for grabbing my drink.”

With one last wave, Derek turns and exits the shop without doing anything embarassing like knocking over someone’s drink or stumbling over someone’s backpack.

Ginny bounces on the balls of her feet when he comes out.

“Wow, so he was definitely hot. Was that ok? Was he cool?”

“He is. It was. He was.”

“Cool, cool, cool.”

“Very chill.”


“Derek!” He turns and finds Will barrelling out the door behind  them.


“Stop calling me that.”

“What difference does it make what I –”

“I just – What’re the chances we just run into each other again. I don’t know. I just wanted to hear –”


Will looks like Derek feels. A little bit punch-drunk, a little bit hopeful.

“Come to dinner with me.”

“Oooh! Go to dinner with him!”


“It just seems like a good idea!” Her whisper-shout is equal parts adorable and unchill.


“Yeah, ok.”


“I’m just gonna go drop her off. Somewhere. Anywhere.”

“Alright, I’ll text you the location.”

Sitting across from Will again is just as intense as Derek remembers it.

Will’s intentional, direct, interested, challenging in a way that leaves Nursey both breathless and keyed up.

It’s like being at Samwell again and not at all. None of the impatience, much more understanding, and so much hope.

“What’re we doing, Will?”

Brown eyes twinkle at him mischievously. “Eating dinner, Derek.”


Will’s chuckle is warm and low and utterly devoid of anything defensive. Derek loves it.

“What do you want us to be doing?”

“It didn’t work out last time.”

“Yeah, but we were scared. And idiots.”

“We kinda were.”

“Me especially.”

“Will, no.”

“Derek, yes. I couldn’t see how you could possibly want me, especially when I wasn’t even there to remind you that I’m your favorite idiot to argue with. It drove me crazy to think about you with someon–”

The benefit of eating at the bar is not having a pesky table to stop you from cutting off dumb, beautiful, redheads ridiculousness with a long overdue kiss.

“I just wanted you.”

“I just want you, if that’s still an option.”

Definitely, still an option.”


Did you know drawing a reindeer is very, very hard :|

I figured I just combine some of the requests into one comic cus’ I haven’t done one in a while and Christmas is over… so I’m kind of in a rush to finish christmas specific requests. But HA, jokes on you Christmas ain’t over until Easter! *manic laughter*

sorry that the comic doesn’t reflect the requests completely accurate. but this is what poppet into my mind the second I looked over them simultaneously (- ▽ -) I hope it’s still ok x3 A slightly tipsy Jesse is very happy for the cowboy hat from Gabe <3     

ps: I’m sorry I haven’t been active here in a week or so.. school just started and I had to move back to the city =A=“

Dear Diary,

Today, I bought CatCo. I know, it’s a sudden decision with no forethought, but I think it’ll work out for the best. Kara wanted me to see what I could do about Edge buying it, and it seemed like the only option. I think Kara is proud of me.

Speaking of the love of my life, she looked so good today. It was everything I could do not to kiss her right there. She quit her job, but I told her to unquit. Sexy, I know. And she called me boss. Kara Danvers called me boss because I am her boss now. I started crying. I sent her the heart emoji, I hope it wasn’t too much. I don’t even care anymore if she knows how much I love her. She can be so oblivious sometimes.



BTS REACTION : accidentally bumps into you

You are at an award show, there are people EVERYWHERE, you try to find your seat and the table you’re sharing with your idol friends. While doing so, you accidentally bump into someone. They have never seen you before.


“OH !” laughs nervously “Are you OK? I’m sorry, it was my fault. I’m Jin, from BTS, by the way! What’s your name?”


“Watch out !” *checking you out* “hey girl, are you ok ? I’ve never seen your face before, what’s your name ?


“OMG are you OK?!” he puts his hand on your shoulder “I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there!” smiles at you “Wow, you’re very pretty, what’s your name?”


“Sorry” he continues walking while checking you out “Hey, wait a sec…”


“OH, i’m so sor-” he looks at you with shocked eyes, followed by a smirk on his face “wow, a pretty girl like you should watch where she’s going. You don’t want that pretty face of yours to get hurt” he looks at you straight in the eyes “I’m Jimin by the way”


“Oh did I hurt you ? I’m so sorry, it was my fault!” stares at you “Wow you have very pretty eyes, what’s your name ?”


“Are you ok ? Wow, you’re pre-” gets shy “sorry, sorry” continues walking because he got nervous, but he keeps thinking about you during the entire award show, hoping he’ll meet you again.

I can’t believe kol used dark magic to trap his sister, risked the life of his other sister (who trapped davina in hell in the first place), ignored the impending extinction of his brother, and manipulated his seven year old niece into doing an arduous and dangerous spell all to save davina L M A O honestly I’m thriving


.:Imagine Hux finding out you were a part of the resistance:.

Request for anon:
“Relationship head canons where Hux’s s/o is part of the resistance”

GIFs not mine (but damn does he look pretty 💕)

Ok so I know you had requested headcanons but I wanted to write a one-shot instead bc like wow feels. Plus I can go more into detail :) (Hope you don’t mind)

This really hurt to write btw

Requests are open :-)


How could he not have noticed? It was staring him right in the face.

When you first met, you immediately attached yourself to him. You asked him so many questions.
He enjoyed your company very much. How could he not?

You were the most beautiful person he had seen in a long time. He felt so drawn to you.

Eventually he began to fall for you.

And he fell hard.

Those nights where you’d come in after sending something off from your data pad, and curl up into his arms. You did it every night, and he couldn’t help but wonder exactly what you were doing.

You were very secretive, you rarely talked about yourself. He couldn’t help but want to know more about you.

You spent most nights with him in his room, with him stroking your hair, and talking. He loved those moments.

On the fateful day when Starkiller base was attacked, he found out. He found about how you lied and betrayed him.

“Commander L/N, this is General Organa, do you copy?”

With all the hell that was going in around him, he still had heard those words that made him want to scream.

You had turned around, and threw your earpiece to the ground. “Armi…I can explain.”

He just stared at you. Hate and sadness in his deep green eyes that you had fallen for.

“I didn’t want to fall for you, but I did and fuck-I hate myself for it.” You covered your face with your hands out of shame. “I love you so much and I really wish it didn’t.”

He looked down at his black boots, his own tears starting to form. “Go.” He said. “Leave now L/N. Don’t ever come back. Don’t think of me ever again.”

He was letting you go. It was protocol to kill a traitor but, he couldn’t. There was no way he could.

You left.

He wanted to chase after you, to take you away with him away from everything.

He was on the Finalizer, sitting at his desk when he received a message on his data pad. It was from unknown but he knew it was you.

“Thank you.”

That’s all it said, but those two words made him mess up his hair, throwing everything off his desk, hearing the pad crack and various items flying everywhere. He didn’t care.

He let out hoarse cry, he wanted you back so bad.

But you were never coming back.

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Marichat "I really need you" writing prompt please

It had been a stupid decision really. An impulse. A chance to get back at Chloe while standing up for her partner. 

At the time it had been incredibly satisfying, walking into the classroom dressed head to toe in what might as well have been a billboard for Chat Noir merchandise. Chloe had of course glowered preparing to cut in with some sort of scathing retort until she had been cut off by Adrien’s absolutely delight at seeing her. Unwilling to risk upsetting her precious ‘Adrikins’ Chloe had to settle for glaring at Marinette for the remainder of the day while both Adrien and Nino had fawned over her, asking her for her thoughts and opinions on all things Chat Noir. 

It had been a lovely day, and worth the 6 hours of sewing and altering she had spent the night before. She had even officially getting Adrien’s phone number for her trouble. 

What she had not expected was for Chat Noir to somehow get the memo. 

She blamed Nino’s Instagram. 

That very night her oversized kitten had shown up at her window looking for attention from his “biggest fan.” 

Apparently he hadn’t forgotten her manufactured fawning from their minimal encounters together. 

Figuring he would be satisfied with a little ego stroking she had once again fallen into the role of starstruck fangirl- swooning at his flirtations and posing for selfies. To be fair, it had been nice to get some photos with her partner that she could actually display in her room. So she had smiled and cooed and figured that was the end of it. 

But then he kept coming back…

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THOSE DOODLES ARE ADORABLE!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! X3 If you need another doodle request, what about Nicole and Waverly picking out a puppy?

HEY! Wow this took a shit-ton of time, I’M SORRY! But how about these? 

I hope you enjoy them! (and lowkey thanks to @sango-blep whose teachings made me put a blep in every animal I draw)

Please don’t repost anywhere else :)


Summer was arriving in Hawkins. The days were getting longer and warmer. Jim Hopper sat outside of his cabin, and took a long drag of a strong cigarette. He liked Summer more than Winter - where everyone was more laid back, and he didn’t have to put on multiple coats just to survive a car ride to the station. He looked up at the setting sun, which painted the sky with golden orange hues, streaking across the tips of the bright green leaves on the trees which stretched higher than ever. “Perhaps it’s time,” he thought. He took one last drag of the cigarette, before crushing it underfoot as he walked back into the cabin.

He immediately went down to the storage room below the floorboards. After El had come home from her search for her mother, he decided they should clean it up, and actually use it for storage. He kept all his old stuff, at least all that had survived from his childhood, neatly organised down there in stacks, along with his case files, and other small things he had accumulated over his life. He went into the far corner, and dug into a pile of books. He pulled out a dust covered hardback, emblazoned with drawings of constellations. It was technically a library book, but he had forgotten to return it, and had just kept it for years. His daughter’s name was written in felt pen on the blank first page. It still choked him up to think about her, but at least he had El now. He had another chance.

He came back up, and closed the trapdoor. He saw El through the opening to her room. She seemed happy, bobbing along to a jingle from a commercial for something or another. He liked how she took pleasure in the smallest things. “Hey kid”. She turned around, and smiled at him. “Get your shoes, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

El loved surprises. She loved when Hopper would bring home eggos, or ice cream. Particularly strawberry. Strawberry ice cream was her favourite. She liked when Mike came over, out of the blue, because he just had to see her. She liked spending hours simply sitting side by side with him, the pure fact of him being there after they had been apart for so long. She liked when Dustin would bring her new candy bars, so they could try them together. She loved when Lucas and Max would invite her to go exploring in the woods. And she loved when Joyce would come to see Hopper, because it meant she could see Will, and they could spend all afternoon doodling together, and listening to whatever music was cool. She didn’t know what Hopper had planned for her, but she knew to be excited. She walked just behind him as he trekked through the woods, humming to herself, content.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“We’re here!”

Hopper set his bag down in a clearing in the woods, with El following just behind him. The trees bent around a lush patch of grass. The sun had gone down, and twilight reigned above them, the sky a pastel purple. Hopper began to unload his bag, and unfurled a large blanket on the floor, along with a couple of pillows, and motioned for El to sit down. Finally, he brought out the book from the cellar, and sat down next to El.

“Look up at the sky”. Hopper pointed upwards, and El turned her eyes upwards. “Pretty,” she responded. “What are those sparkly things up there?”

Hopper replied earnestly. “That’s why I brought you out here - it’s nice and warm out, so I thought I’d show you the stars.”

“What are stars?” El appeared quizzical, but enraptured by the shining lights which pierced the evening sky. Hopper always loved that expression on her face. He loved how she always wanted to know more about the world, and everything around her. “They’re big balls of gas, and fire,” he said. “The sun is one of them, but when we turn away from it, we can see so many more. They’re so far away, but so bright, that we can still see them.” El smiled, taking them in. She liked the bright lights in the sky. And now she knew what they were.

Hopper then showed El the book, beginning to tell her about all the patters of the stars in the sky, about all the shapes they formed. He particularly enjoyed telling her about Orion, laughing while she struggled with the idea that there wasn’t a large man in space with a belt of sparkling stars, but that it just looked like one. He felt more peaceful than ever, looking up at the lights in the sky, and the mirroring twinkle in his new daughter’s eyes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wow um ok this was my first attempt at writing a fic of any kind as opposed to just small headcanons so this is wild (I hope it’s not trash). I just love Hop and El’s family life so much it’s adorable. Imma just tag @stevemossington and @maxmayfield in this cause they’re like my tumblr writing idols even tho they’re probably hella busy and won’t see it and ahhh this is exciting that I’ve just written something. Hope y'all like it!


requested ⭐ i’m sorry for not posting lately !! i’ve been struggling with a writer’s block and lack of motivation for almost everything :((( ⭐ this also isn’t exactly what was asked, but i hope you still like it !!! ⭐ masterlist

Hello! I wanted to ask if I could have an idol! Reader scenario with Jeno, like, Jeno gets jealous because Reader has been hanging out a lot with Jaemin or someone from another group (like Wanna One) and Jeno gets into an argument with Reader but it ends fluffy because Jeno confesses since he doesn’t want Reader to leave angry.

  • poor b o y
  • jeno has the biggest crush on you,, it’s so cute
  • and jaemin is the one who has to listen to him rant about his feelings or how adorable you looked in that sweater or how amazing a color shines when you wear it
  • I bet his favorite memories are the times you spent together :”)
  • jaemin has a secret !!
  • he’s actually good friends with you and jeno just never knew how close you were
  • but the day you told jaemin you were literally in love with jeno his whole heart melted and he wanted to support this concept
  • he probably teared up when you started talking about why you love him this much
  • “you know when he laughs and he smiles really wide and looks super happy?? that makes me feel the same way”
  • “I didn’t agree to hang out with you so I could cry,,”
  • this goes on for a few weeks because he has to make sure you two are perfect for each other
  • his cute sibling friend only deserves the best
  • one night while he’s trying to fall asleep
  • he just rolls over and wakes jeno up to talk
  • “jeno!! you know your huge crush on y/n?? I can get you two together!!!”
  • jeno jumps up so fast and is yelling from excitement
  • “can you really?? you’re the best ily”
  • the next day I guess, jaemin asks you to go to your favorite restaurant you both always used to eat at
  • and you zOOM because you haven’t been there in fOREVER
  • jaemin is the cutest thing ever,, he’s just smiling and laughing at whatever’s on his phone while sitting at your special booth omg
  • then when you sit down he just sobs from within
  • “jeno is going to be coming here with you sometime this week, and you gotta promise that you don’t ruin our special booth ok >:((“
  • yOu take a selca with him n post it because you’re so cute yes
  • and jeno is alert when he sees it .4 seconds after you post
  • he has notifs on
  • also is probably one of the first ten people to like it and that’s actual dedication since there’s like 4020930202993 likes 1 second after
  • is looking like a kicked puppy
  • and also ready to choke jaemin
  • once he decides to go back to the dorms you beg him to go with
  • and he can’t say no to his absolute most favorite friend ever
  • but you hIGhkey just wanna see jeno
  • who’s jaemin
  • jeano is !!!!!!! alarmed and confused and ready to swing
  • when you two get there, he’s >:(( and not in a mean way
  • “hey jaemin,, heY y/n >:(( whatS UP”
  • he just shows the selca and SCREECH
  • “ok but ur making this so obvious?? smh”
  • lol what
  • you’re both trying to talk to him but he’s ranting about how jaemin snatched the love of his life and he is hurt and wanting to leave the country
  • he’s a dumb boy and it’s frustrating
  • but then he looks at you and it breaks your heart :((
  • he’s tearing up from the pain and looks like a really hurt pup
  • how can you not feel guilty and sad ??? he’s too precious
  • he doesn’t wanna yELL hopefully,, that’s way too scary
  • “the least you could’ve done was hidden it better :(“
  • jaemin is running away to hide and spectate, hoping he doesn’t have to step in
  • “jeNO I’m not dating jaemin,, he’s like my brother that’s weird”
  • frustrating boy,,,,
  • “ok but ??? I don’t ? believe what I am ?? hearing ??”
  • “CHOKE”
  • “no, I’m really not,, we were talking about you !!”
  • still doesn’t believe you wow what a rat >:(( come on jeno you fukin acorn
  • thinks you were talkin snit or jaemin was exposing him™️
  • sHush acorn, you’re making it worse
  • he’s just wanting to swing at jaemin and wanting to throw his left shoe into a river
  • “we were talking about the undying love between u s,,, you soggy acorn brick”
  • he just stands there for 7 minutes contemplating on his stupidity istg
  • get ur snit together jeano
  • but once he realizes, he smiles so big and his cheeks get all squishy n his eyes crinkle and he’s a happy pupper again !!!!!
  • but a pupper who feels bad for misunderstanding :((
  • hugs you so tight with lots of love and rUns outside
  • coming back 10 minutes later with three bags of candy and lots of snacks to make up for being an acorn
  • “jaemin,, ilysm I’m sorry bud”
  • jeno is forgiven even before he speaks
  • and !! while he’s holding the bags n standing at the table to set them down,, he is aLARMED
  • you smooch his cheek and he’s !!! happy and loving pup ready for cuddles and pats
  • he is amazed at his luck and is overjoyed at this point please calm down before you explode
  • 2 ½ bags are for you because you are the most wonderful angel and he doesn’t deserve this
  • just lov him and give him what he needs in life yes pls

[x] - requested by anonymous

Y/N: Shit, what did we just drink? Wh-why are there two of you, Peter? I didn’t know you had a twin.

Peter: Wow, the sky looks so nice. There’s a little pee coming out of me right now.

Y/N: What the hell? I don’t wanna hear that. Where’s… where’s th-that tree and the racoon…

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Is he staying?

Pairing: Loki x reader

Summary: You seem to have a strange relationship with Loki.

Warnings: swearing

A/N: I’m not really sure I got this ask right so I apologise if it sucks and if it’s short! Other than that, enjoy! :)


Originally posted by loptrlaufey

The sun streaming through the windows was reflecting on your armour as you sprinted down the hallway towards the common room. You were training when the news arrived: Thor was back.

As an Asgardian, you grew up as a warrior and had the pleasure of training with the Prince - now King - since you were little. Needless to say, you and Thor grew up as close as ever and more than being your King, he was your friend.

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Alternate Theory: 
Sokka has no progeny, but he’s everyone else’s Godfather.

Katara: Anyway, Sokka, you’re my brother, and I thought we should tell you…

Aang: If anything happens to us, we’d like you to take care of the kids.

Sokka: Wow, I’m flattered, but let’s hope nothing happens ok?


Zuko: Sokka, I greatly value our friendship and your advice and for this reason, I’d like you to look after my children if I can’t.

Sokka: *getting nervous* Well, ok, if you’re totally sure…

later again: 

Toph: Sokka, if I kick the bucket, you need to take Lin and Suyin. 

Sokka: *moments away from a heart attack* O-ok, Toph, I will.

anonymous asked:

Hiiiiiii I hope requests are still open! Can i have a exo reaction to you being their make up artist or something like that and they like maybe are falling for you and are afraid to tell you.. I LOVE FLUFF REACTIONS ! I LOVE UR TUMBLR! Keep up the good work

THIS IS SUCH A CUTE REQUEST, and honestly being their makeup artist wow job goals. hope you like it!


Xiumin: You’d finish the final touches his face, stepping back and looking at him “Ok minseok show me your sexy face, I need to see how it’ll turn out for the photo shoot!” He’d get so shy in front of you and wouldn’t be able to pull a sexy face.

Originally posted by yixseok

Suho: He had fallen for you, and during the photoshoot they announced that he would be getting a new makeup artist. During the shoot he’d get completely serious, stealing glances at you.

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

After he would have to go sm and tell them he won’t take any other makeup artist but you.

“Don’t worry Y/N you’ll stay by my side for a while”

Originally posted by kimjunhopps

Lay: He’d pretend to take selfies, secretly recording. He loves the way you do his makeup, the way you do his hair. For him it’s the best part of the day.

Originally posted by fullofxingjunk

Chen: during filming, Jongdae would start singing bringing you up in every line “I look amazing because of Youuuu” he smiled at you, as you laughed at the cheesy improve he was making. His goal would be to make you laugh and have fun at the job no matter what.

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Baekhyun: He would be so nervous around you once he realized his true feelings, Baekhyun would be talking and moving nonstop not letting you get your work done. Finally you’ve had enough 

“Baekhyun! stay still… please”

“You’re…so close” he’d freeze not being able to do anything but look at you.

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Chanyeol: He’d try to control himself, acting completely natural. He likes you but he knew he couldn’t confess to you, so every time you did his makeup all he had to do was endure avoiding eye contact with you. 

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D.O: You wouldn’t stop complimenting his perfect skin, always telling everyone how he’s the easiest person to put makeup on because he doesn’t have any flaws. Kyungsoo would get extremely shy at your compliments, secretly loving it deep down. 

“you’re perfect too…” he’d shyly admit under his breath, not letting you hear.

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Kai: Jongin would keep taking off his lipstick, having to stop the filming every half hour. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with you

you: “I don’t know why this lipstick keeps fading… I thought I bought the long lasting one”

“yeah… weird right?”

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Sehun: He’s not the type to admit his feelings straight out, Sehun would sit by you “thank you…” he’d awkwardly tell you “for everything. I appreciate it”

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During the photoshoot, he’d be too busy looking at where you went that suho noticed and went to get you.

“ok Sehun look at Y/N only, look straight here” It’d be easy enough for him to do that he’d get the whole session done quickly.

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