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Hot Like Burning

Sterek, 2.5K words, Teen

AU, Firefighter Derek

In which Derek is the grumpy neighborhood firefighter, and Stiles is a bit of a lovestruck idiot.

Stiles winces as he turns the corner, unbearably nervous like he always is whenever he drives Lydia’s car, and pulls into the fire station. He offered this morning to help her with any errands she needed, and she asked him to take her car to the fire station and have them install the car seat. Stiles had no idea this was even a thing—seriously, how hard is it to put in a car seat?—but unsurprisingly, Lydia is as fastidious about her unborn child’s safety as she is about everything else.

He parks just outside the front door, careful not to block the big bays with the two fire trucks, and wanders inside. “Hello?” he calls out. There’s a noise coming from the other side of the fire truck, so Stiles keeps walking in that direction, then nearly trips over his own two feet.

There’s a guy, crouched down as he washes the wheel well of the fire truck, and Stiles is 101 percent sure that he’s the most attractive person he’s ever seen. He’s frowning, as if he’s pissed at the task in front of him, but it only serves to show off the sharp cut of his jaw under a very nicely-shaped short beard. He’s wearing a tight short-sleeved SFFD t-shirt, which is wet in patches and very clearly showing off the muscled physique underneath.

“Holy shit.”

The guy’s head jerks up at that, his eyes wide, and his gaze locks with Stiles’ for a long second before slowly drifting down the rest of his body. Stiles damn near forgets how to breathe because yep, this impossibly hot dude is most definitely checking him out.

Stiles has never believed in love at first sight, and he still doesn’t, but as of this moment he most certainly does believe in…familiarity at first sight? Cosmic connection? Just plain lust? He has no fucking clue.

But he yelps a little in surprise, then actually manages to trip over nothing, only catching himself by clutching the pillar next to him, which oh fuck, is actually the fire pole. He finally rights himself, grimacing with both arms spread for balance, and then slaps a hand over his eyes with a plaintive groan.

“Oh my god. Hi, hello, my name is Stiles. Uh, any chance we can start over and pretend that this excruciatingly embarrassing encounter didn’t happen?”

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Bts reaction to you fangirling over their baby photos:

Request: Can you perhaps do a scenario where you find their baby pictures and you’re just fangirling over how cute and adorable they are please? I would be so happy if you do this and I’m nervous because this is my first ask ever 😅 I’d like to thank you in advance! I’m also a fan of your work! 💕

Al N: wow I’m so honored that I’m your first, there is no need to be nervous ;)  I hope it lives up to your expectations.


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Joins you in your silly session as he is the most confident memeber in himself. I can see him going like wow! look at how beautiful I was!


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Shy baby as he watches from a distance, a gummy smile itching on his face involuntarily while you go through old pictures and gasp at his cuteness. He won’t get involved but damn watching you was so fun.


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The one to actually squeal along you and start rummaging through the old photos, if you didn’t know better, you would think he was a a proud dad showing his baby pics.

Rap Monster:

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Shy af Namjoon might as well snatch the papers from your hands only to give it back seconds later after earning a very displeased growl from you. Probably the only one who will feel really awkward and hesitant. Although when he saw only cute and happy responses he felt a lot easier.


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Watching you getting all cute and squishy was the best part for him. Sure he complained a few times that he is a man and not a cute baby bun but at some point he stopped paying attention to the pictures and just started shamelessly taking your beautiful reactions in and trying not to kiss all over your face.

V/ Taehyung:

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Who are we kidding he probably found them and showed you himself because he has so much pride in his baby self. Tae will explain each pic like this was taken by my Grandma, that one at the subway, It was my birthday in this pic. A lot of cuddling and cute names really.


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It’s as if we didn’t see it coming. Shy shy shy and he won’t hide it. His face will turn red, he will ask you multiple times to drop it but Jungkook’s curiosity will eventually get the best of him and he will painfully sit down next to you and remember the old days.
Virgil’s Hoodie

whats up yall i think titles are overrated anyway have this garbage i wrote about virgils hoodie and how nice it is? it looks so comfy. so nice. something was bound to happen to it. 

prinxety, ~1500 words, im so tired 

Virgil and Patton had looked everywhere, but they still hadn’t found Virgil’s old jacket. His new purple hoodie was in the wash, and while he had others, he still felt more comfortable in his old one – it provided familiarity. Unfortunately, it had completely and utterly disappeared.

For the time being, Virgil was wearing a thin grey hoodie. He didn’t like it nearly as much, but it was something.

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Picture Perfect - Tye Dillinger x Reader

Summary:- You and Tye have been trying for a baby for months, to no success. After one night of passion when you go to surprise him, you fall pregnant. You want to find the best way to tell Tye, and his reaction is out of this world. 

Warnings:- Fluff, Swearing i think?

Word Count:- 1,275

Request by @megaperfect10


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remus gets sirius a job at his workplace and forgets all the shit he’s said about sirius in front of his nosy co-workers

  • so remus works at a restaurant as a cook
  • not a good one, mind you, it’s greasy and doesn’t require a lot of cooking skill but the pay is good
  • he’s a pretty fantastic cook, though (as sirius keeps annoyingly trying to hammer into his “thick skull”) because the rest of the marauders can’t cook for shit
  • and exams started becoming Too Much at 15 and he started stress cooking for no reason anyone understands– at 3am: “isn’t it supposed to be stress baking?” “fuck you prongs just eat the goddamn stirfry” 
    • and thus Remus became their personal and surprisingly skilled self-taught cook
  • and now here he is, working through university as a cook for the past two years
  • and now here sirius is, a dramatic moaning mess about how he was going to run alphard’s inheritance money dry and never get a job ever 
  • remus quickly gets sick of the complaining and conveniently a job opening at the diner pops up–they need a new waiter
  • and he talks up sirius to his boss, saying how sirius is fantastic and charming and the customers will love him and he’s a fast learner and very smart
    • honestly, the boss doesn’t really give a fuck and hires him instantly
  •  sirius is bouncing off the walls happy. “moony moony moony this is brilliant we’ll worker together and it’ll be amazing isn’t that fantastic you can see my pretty face all day” “more like i’ll have a daily aneurysm. thank god i have the kitchen separating us” 
  • but secretly remus thinks this might be nice. you know, working with your best mate. wow why is his stomach feeling all fluttery, he must have ate something funny for lunch
  • sirius picks him up from class and walks him to his first day of work (remus had made sure they had the same shift together) and now he’s getting kinda nervous, he’s never worked before and remus rolls his eyes and tells him to stop worrying, there’s never been a thing he’s ever failed at
  • and then they arrive. and remus thinks fuck.  the soft kind of fuck. with a lot of emotion. 
  • because here are his co-workers, marlene & dorcas & gid and they’re scrambling to meet sirius and remus realizes for the first time that mixing business and personal life is never a good idea. ever.
  • because he’s ranted off to them during breaks like a normal human and yea he moaned about james’ clothes all over the flat and his fucking smelly socks and lily ate his chocolate again and he got a shitting B on his paper 
  • but sirius.
  • oh, sirius.
  • he mouthed off sirius way more than anything and he knew how it sounds, sirius this and sirius that and sirius blah blah sirius
  • so yes, a very soft fuck  it is
  • like the brave person he is, he runs to the kitchen with a quick bye
  • and sirius is all ??? but it’s okay because remus’ co-workers seem cool and the attention is nice but when he says his name is sirius they all deflate and have the saddest fucking faces ever
  • and he is even more ???
  • over the next week he meets other co-workers and they all have the same reaction–super excited when hearing he’s remus’ friend but then disappointed after learning his name
  • and he is fed-up with it (he’s a freaking amazing waiter though, as he’s made sure to tell everyone every second of the day and the customers love him, tipping him way too generously) and so he’s on his break with marlene and gid and he finally demands what’s wrong with him
  • they both sorta look at each other and sigh “well, we were hoping you were padfoot”
  • wait.
  • what.
  • marlene rolls her eyes “you know, padfoot. doesn’t he moan about him to you? it’s all he ever talks about ‘fucking padfoot’ ‘i swear to god i’m going to kill him’ ‘motherfucking padfoot aka most stupid arrogant asshole to ever live’”
  • sirius is half unfazed because that’s just moony and half hurt because wow, did remus really feel that way about him and then gid says “i swear this padfoot might actually be stupid if he can’t see how fucking mad remus is for him”
  • ??? “what do you mean” ??
  • now both gid and marls look at him like he’s insane “we all know he has the biggest school girl crush on the guy, honestly are you even friends with him? how do you not know this?”
  • sirius’ mind is blown.
  • fucking
  • blown.
  • he and remus walk home that day and sirius keeps looking at remus and smirking and remus. does not. like. it. at all. a smirking sirius is a death sentence and also wtf does he have to look so good when he smirks it’s not fair fuck u life 
  • sirius asks around with the other waiters and staff, years of pranking has taught him to never trust one single source only and it’s fucking amazing bc everyone says the same thing and asks him if he’s ever met The Padfoot in the flesh
  • and the smirking. it does not stop. “why are you so happy? stop it, it’s freaking me out” “oh, you know, it’s *sigh* just what a time to be alive. Cheer up, moons.”
  • hahahhaha yea no. remus was not going to cheer up, thank you v much.
  • and then
  • it all comes to a head.
  • shit hits the goddamn fan
  • the diner is dead and sirius has nothing to do and he’s bored so he goes into the kitchen to bother remus and he doesn’t really mean to say it but it’s just so easy “hey, how’s padfoot doing?”
  • this fuck is not a soft one, oh no it is a big capital FUCK. remus’ brain is shutting down. dorcas wolf whistles next to him and benjy pops his head in “yea why’ve you been so quiet recently, trouble in paradise?”
  • “oh yes,” remus says staring sirius dead in the eyes, “the fucking shit has reached a whole new level and i’m going to fucking assassinate him tonight”
  • godamn sirius did NOT know remus had that in him and was that strange he found his anger so hot but also fuck did he misread this whole thing and moony actually doesn’t like him??
  • remus meanwhile has shriveled up inside and died. rip. 
  • on the walk home he’s completely silent and sirius is Freaking Out. when they get to their building he finally blurts out “say something”
  • which was a bad idea because remus is pissed “what do you want me to say? that you’re an asshole and that wasn’t cool that you made fun of me at my job i hope you had a real good laugh” “im not joking” 
  • and remus scoffs and fuck sirius should clarify but he can never resist a good chance to egg remus on and frustrate him and wow how did he not realize all these years he infuriated remus because he’s madly in love with the stupid git
  • and sirius eggs him on, getting him all worked up because now he has a Plan and yea okay maybe it’s not original but it’s gonna work, alright? and remus is red in the face and finally finally  he says the magic words “oh fucking shut up padfoot”
  • “make me”
  • remus pushes him up against the wall of the building and holy shit wow yes please and remus’ eyes are narrowed “i’m going to kiss you now is that okay?” and sirius just can’t anymore he just can’t so instead of answering he just grabs remus’ face and kisses the life out of him
  • “YES! GET IT!” they break apart to look up and see James hanging out their apartment window, a camera in hand and whistling. “DON’T STOP ON MY ACCOUNT!”
  • after many threats and curses, james’ head disappears and remus and sirius press their foreheads together
  • “i can’t believe they actually thought someone was legit named padfoot”
  • “jesus christ just shut up for once pads and kiss me”
a truth so loud


my remix for week 4 of @thinkoutsidethelovesquare​!!!! it’s been a super awesome month, so thank you to everyone who participated! i was actually so excited to do this and i had so much fun~

i remixed and i’m ready to be found by @adrisin​!! definitely make sure you check out the original fic! thank you to @megatraven​ for beta-ing <3


Adrien tries to plaster a smile on his face as he shuts the car door— trying not to slam it no matter how frustrated he is, because all it will get him is a lecture about behavior and attitude after school, and if there’s anything he’s not in the mood for, it’s that.

He waves at Nathalie with his plaster smile, feeling no more disappointed than usual when she doesn’t wave back, and spins on his heel to face the school. Anxiety weighs down on him like an anchor, one that holds him back for a moment even after the first bell has rang.

He skids into the classroom, seconds after the bell has stopped ringing.

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the bright side

When Jeremy gets into Michael’s car on a freezing grey Friday afternoon following play rehearsal, he doesn’t think anything will be different - but his hands are shaking.

“What’s up, buddy?” Michael says cheerfully, reaching over to clasp Jeremy’s shoulder. His touch lingers for just a moment longer than normal; ever since the SQUIP incident a few months previously, Michael’s been a lot more physical (read: clingy) than he used to be, almost as though he’s afraid of Jeremy disappearing again. But Jeremy has no room to talk. He’s been the same way, and he finds himself mourning the loss of Michael’s warm touch.

Jeremy leans his head back and takes a deep breath, trying to allow himself to actually relax for the first time all day. “Not much, I guess,” he says lightly, hoping to play off his anxiety. “How was your day?”

“It was fine.” Michael shrugs. “How about yours, though? How are things with Christine?”

“Uh…” Jeremy winces. “Not great.”

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anonymous asked:

Idk if this is a weird one but how about the chocobros and their (I guess fem) s/o struggling with their insecurity of having hip dips/ "violin hips" maybe for a swimming date or going to the beach. (For me personally when going swimming I wear shorts over my bikini bottoms to cover them up😅 and you'll never catch me out of them) like I guess how would they react to their insecurity or how would they comfort them? I hope this makes sense I'm sorry

I actually had to look this one up, and Im surprised, I’ve never heard of it. Because I have it. Like wow you learn something about yourself every day…But I think I have to go with Prompto about a name change



Noctis nuzzled further within your lap, he loved resting his head there as you both watched TV or lay around. It allowed you both to be close, but at the same time allowed you to run your fingers through his hair, which always made him happy.

Your thighs and hips were one of his favorite parts of you, they were so soft and comforting, like a pillow made of Chocobo feathers. Well all of you was soft, but this was his special place, his royal head resting place, where only his head laid, No one else! So he became very confused when you stated that you didn’t like your hips.

“Why not?” He asked, his large eyes seemed betrayed that you would hurt one of his best friends.

“I have such funny hips, they do this really weird curve in thing in the middle.” You explained, standing in the kitchen, making lunch.

Noctis moved over, having being banned from touching the stove, resting both hands on your waist, than sliding them down, over your hips, than to the thighs, followed by going up. “I think they’re perfect.”

You rolled your eyes, “Yeah but they’re not on your body.”

“But I love them.” Noctis called playfully, “And I love you.”

You glanced over your shoulder to the Prince, “You’re trying to make me feel better so I don’t add any carrots to this.”

“Really I’m not.” Noctis admitted, “But if you don’t it wouldn’t hurt.”

So Noctis found that whenever you were sitting he would rest his head upon your lap if given the chance. Pressing little kisses to your thighs and hips, never anything sexual, just to show that he loved every part of you.

Even parts that you believed to be imperfections.



“I think you look cute in that swimsuit.” Prompto beamed.

You gave a playful roll of the eyes, “Prompto you think I looked cute in every swimsuit I’ve tried on so far.” You replied

The two of you had went out swimsuit shopping, as Noctis had invited everyone to a ‘Pool party’ which meant that everyone was really there to make sure that he didn’t fall asleep in the pool.


“But you do.” Prompto whined playfully kicking his legs, sitting on the ottoman in the middle of the room.

You pouted softly, turning to the swimsuit in the 3 way mirror, you liked them,  but the bottoms. Ugh they were bikini bottoms! Weren’t there any swimsuits that came with shorts for girls? “I don’t like this one either.”

“We’ve been through like 10, you look awesome in all of them. What’s really the problem?”  Prompto asked, moving from the ottoman, his own swimshorts already picked out.

You sighed softly, pulling at the cute bow on the side of the swimsuit bottoms, “My hips.”

“What about them?”

“I have violin hips.”

Prompto blinked, “What are those?”

You turned to face Prompto head on, motioning toward the indent that appeared on your hips, where other women blossomed out. “These.”

“Oh! Your hip dimples!”

“My what?”

Prompto nodded happily, “Yeah I call those hip dimples! I think they’re super cute, but if you don’t like them sweetie, we’ll find you a cute swimsuit so you don’t have to show them off.”

You could cry! Why were you so blessed with this ray of sunshine!



“What a nice view.” Gladiolus purred, watching you in the living room, performing your squats. Your tight workout pants hugging all those beautiful curves, the Shield could stand there and watch you go all day.

“Hey, Baby.” You called, a slight pant in your voice as you crouched, “I’ll be done in a second, this is my last rep before I’m done for the night.”

“I mean if you want to go all night, than don’t let me stop you. The results are great.” He chuckled, watching your thighs flex.

You playfully rolled your eyes, giving one final squat before standing, grabbing your towel to towel off the sweat on your shoulders and neck, as you moved over, pressing a kiss to his lips. “How was your day?”

“Give me a sec.” Gladiolus smiled softly, his hands immediately going to grab those thighs and ass in your pants. “Good.”

You playfully swatted his hands, it was the same song and dance, “Let me go freshen up, so I can get dinner started.”

Gladiolus immediately followed you to the bedroom, quickly disrobing as he sat at the foot of the bed. Watching you strip before checking out your body in the full length mirror, twisting this way and that.

“What you looking for?”

“See if these stupid violin hips went away.”

Gladiolus rolled his eyes, this again, “Babe, you look perfect. I don’t know what exercise you got off the internet, but the only things that have gotten bigger are that ass and those pillows of thighs.”

You scoffed, “Yeah you don’t have to wear them, I can’t even wear cute swimsuits without having to cover up the bottoms.”

Gladiolus chuckled pulling himself from the bed, as he approached you from behind, “I think you look hot, besides if you only see them when you’re in your underwear and swimsuit then why complain?”


“Seriously Babe, you always look good, besides.” He smirked, his large hands taking you by the hips rolling his crotch into your backside, “They’re a fun place to grab.”




Ignis couldn’t help but smile at you by his side during this important meet and greet with some of the historical community about restoring some of the artifacts around the castle.Yet with the Future King’s Advisor and yourself, Head Historian, he couldn’t help but feel that you were even more of a match made in heaven at how perfectly you worked together.

Yet Ignis had noticed, instead of the straight back, powerful stance you had given yesterday, you were constantly standing with your clipboard or hands before your waist as if you were hiding something.

Waiting for a brief moment the man, leaned over whispering to you, as some of the others were looking to the paintings and vases that needed touching up. “My love, is there something wrong? Did you spill something on your skirt?”

You flushed softly, you thought you had played it off, “Oh, oh no.”

“Are you feeling alright?”

“It’s just…I should have wore a flared skirt instead of this pencil skirt. It really does not flatter my hips.” You muttered back.

Ignis recalled the attire you were wearing, a button down silver chiffon blouse, and a black pencil skirt with silver designs on it. Black tights with a beautiful spiral design and silver pumps, your silver gloves matching his own. He believed you looked ever the radiant he always saw, he thought that then and he thought it now.

“I do not share those same sentiments, my love. I for one am finding you rather ravishing.”

You stared at the old men, trying to discuss on what would be a better restoring technique, no matter what the final call came down to you either way. “I shall beg to differ.”

Ignis watched the old men along with you, both of you staying from the conversation as they mingled amongst each other, of no need for either of you at the moment. “We may have our difference of opinion here my love, yet it would appear that you’ve had a few admires. A couple of the guards and even some of these old men.”

You flushed, only to feel the back of Ignis’s knuckles touch the current problem area of your body, “Ignis.”

“I simply can not wait to get you home.” He whispered softly, under the guise of taking your clipboard, reviewing the data.

Both you turned as you heard our presence needed to discuss the removal of one of the items. You moved to take your clipboard back, only to find that Ignis had done away with it.

“It’s not as if you needed it.” He chuckled, as you both moved over to the men.

killuasnowtree  asked:

“I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.” these are all so cute asdjdjsjfk

This was a lot of fun to write hee hee ^^ I hope you enjoy this, kind person!!!! 

Modern au! They’re at a carnival or something…


Killua jolts at the abrupt noise and looks up from his phone to find Gon Freecss standing in front of his booth.


“You came back for more?” Killua asks, shocked.

Gon nods adamantly. “Yes.”

“You’ve already paid for, like, fifteen kisses. How many more do you-?”

“It’s only been ten kisses,” Gon cuts him off immediately. 

Killua’s eyebrows shoot upwards- because, wow, he actually counted- and Gon’s cheeks flush. The redness of his face does nothing, however, to lessen the determination on the other teen’s face, or the intense golden stare that causes something to shift deep inside Killua’s chest like molten lava.

There’s something strangely captivating about Gon. Killua just doesn’t know what, yet.

“Okay,” he says slowly, trying and failing to ignore the twisting of his heart as Gon continues to openly stare at him. “And, uh, you want even more kisses? Or were my kisses not good enough or something-”

“They were perfect!” Gon says loudly and this time Killua’s heart skips several beats entirely. “I-I mean. Um. They were good.” Gon coughs. “R-Really good. And I, um.”

Gon awkwardly slides the ten dollar bill he just slapped onto the wooden table over to Killua’s side.

“I wanted some more, if that’s okay,” he finishes, his face a bright scarlet. 

Killua looks down at Gon’s money. Blood is roaring in his ears and he can actually feel Gon’s gaze digging into his skin, burning into him and setting his skin on fire. He remembers how Gon’s lips had felt against his, the gentle eagerness there and the way his warm hands had cupped Killua’s jaw like he’d been something special and good and….and important.

Heat crawls it’s way up Killua’s neck. Great. Now he’s the one blushing.

“Killua?” Gon asks tentatively and Killua lets out a long sigh, scratching the back of his head.

Well. This is for charity. And Killua really isn’t  all that opposed to kissing Gon a few more times.

“Yeah, it’s okay,” he says and a dazzling grin lights up Gon’s face. “That’s another ten kisses, right?”

“Yeah!” Gon says enthusiastically. He looks like he’s almost vibrating with excitement and it makes a smile fight its way onto Killua’s face.

(Afterwards, when Killua’s hair is a tousled mess and his cheeks are stained pink and he’s breathless and dizzy from lack of air-

Gon asks him if it’d be okay to pay for dinner at a restaurant next time, instead.

And Killua says yes to that, too.)

BTS reaction to someone attractive at a fansign

A/N: I’m sorry this is so short I wasn’t really sure how to expand on this.

Yoongi/Suga: He’s not really the type to get flustered like if you were really flustered he’d smile and compliment you maybe, Min Yoongi is a really cool guy, you’re probably the one getting flustered if I’m completely honest. He also remembers fans really well so you can sure as hell bet that not only is he gonna remember you he’s also gonna remember your name. 

Seokjin/Jin: Also going to be pretty normal about it. Might flirt a little like he’d maybe tell a cheesy joke or something to try to get you to laugh. He’d definitely tell you that you were pretty. From his point of view he’s got nothing to lose, he knows that you already like them. Would maybe ask you who your bias was. 

Hoseok/J-Hope: Sunshine is gonna talk to you a lot more than normal like he’s always really fun but he’s gonna try to be just a little more fun so you’ll remember him out of the group. Would also ask you who your bias was, secretly hoping that it was him. 

Namjoon/Rap Mon: He king of being cool but at the same time I feel like he’d be really flustered? Like okay maybe not REALLY flustered but man is going to stammer a bit maybe as he’s talking to you because wow look at those visuals??? Would honestly want to ask you a lot but wouldn’t be able to think straight enough to actually get it out? Am I making him too nervous? I feel like he would be though? Nams seems like the type to wonder if pretty people are out of his league and that’s why he might be so nervous. 

Jimin: Also gonna be a bit flustered but in a cuter giggly way. Like he’s laughing way too much why is he laughing so much? Why am I making Jimin a nervous giggler I don’t know he laughs a lot I can see him being a nervous giggler. The type to like fantasize about conversations with you long after the fanmeet. Would barely have any conversation with you during the fanmeet because he’s not sure what to ask you other than the basic questions that he asks everyone. Is gonna really hope that you come back to another fanmeet tbh. 

Taehyung/V: He gon flirt. Like Taehyung isn’t that shy like he’s very straightforward in my opinion so he seems the type to unabashedly tell you that you’re really pretty. Again he has nothing to lose, he KNOWS that you like him or at least his group so he’s not gonna hold back. If he’s your bias then he’s probably gonna full on flirt with you like he’s wishing he could get your number or something but he’s not sure if you’d keep his number a secret, good looks doesn’t mean good person but dang those good looks. 

Jungkook: He’s gonna stare. Like he’s really gonna stare. You guys have all seen those fancams like he’s the type to just admire the pretty ones even if they aren’t in front of him. He just gets that dazed look in his eyes like wow you’re beautiful oh my god and he’s not really gonna do anything because he realizes that he’s an idol and you’re a fan and he’s gotta be professional but he’s just going to make the most of the time that he does have and he’s gonna stare. 

sing // tyler

You sat in the car and fumbled with your fingers as Tyler ushered you out of the car. “We’re gonna be late.” He said. You looked at him harshly, and his face immediately softened. “Take your time.” He whispered and held your hand.

You walked into the mall anxiously, clutching at Tyler’s hand and glimpsing around at the many people making eye contact with you. You tried to shrug it off and just followed Tyler to the record store where you were supposed to meet up with Josh. Tyler let go of your hand and instead put his arm around you, bringing you closer. Your anxiety was getting the better of you by the time you were in the store, surrounded by people staring at you. Tyler tightened his grip around you and started running his hand through your hair comfortingly. You sighed against him and shrunk back into his side. Your breathing was quickening and your heart was beating rapidly as you tugged on Tyler’s sleeve frantically. “Shh.. Stay strong.” He whispered and pleaded as tears brimmed in your eyes. “There’s too many people.” You choked out. He sighed and scooped you up, carrying you outside and back to the car. By this time you were having a full on panic attack, gasping for breath every second. “Shh.. Y/N..” You both sat in the backseat, you sitting on Tyler’s lap miserably. You sobbed into his shoulder uncontrollably and choked out one tiny word. “S-Sing.” You had whispered. He nodded and ran his fingers through your tangled hair. “I know, where you stand.. Silent, in the trees. And that’s, where I am. Silent, in the trees.” He continued murmuring the pure lyrics of the melodic song as it slowly calmed you down. “Hush.. You wanna go back home?” He whispered and nuzzled into your hair lovingly. You nodded and kissed his jawline.

He drove you home in silence, murmuring sweet lyrics every now and then. You smiled slightly at his attempt to comfort you, because it was definitely working. Josh had agreed to just drive over when he had heard what happened. “Are you okay now?” He asked when you two walked into the house. You nodded a little and gripped his shirt collar. “What do you want?” He smirked and let you lead him to the bedroom. You pushed him slightly in the direction of the bed as you laid down and grabbed the covers. You snuggled under the covers as he wrapped his arms around you tightly and cuddled into your neck. “Let’s cuddle.” You whispered and kissed him. He kissed back and agreed immediately.

authors note: hey people. wow look, i actually updated lmao. i hope your having a wonderful weekend :)

Dating One (Jaewon) would include

•  ngl overall he’d be such a dork despite his looks
•  like him getting your attention would involve lots of staring and hoping that you’d realize he liked you
•  which ofc didn’t go past you lmao he was so obvious
•  you’d compliment him on his songs and he’d basically melt, barely being able to ask you to hang out some time
•  bc he’s all *.*  *.*  *.*  SHOOK “wow y/n and I actually had a conversation and I didn’t feel my knees buckling”
•  it’d be that typical romantic movie kinda love w/ him like……..
•  talking really late at night
•  your friends will become his friends and vice versa
•  getting into trouble together sometimes bc yolo
•  never being able to think about anything else when you’re not with him
•  him finally confessing over some cheesy pizza and beer
•  it all happened out of nowhere bc it hasn’t hit him that he’s become so attached to you and grown so fond of every little thing that you do
•  jaewon would never be afraid of talking about his feelings w/ you, esp if yall are having a petty fight
•  and they’re useless tbh bc they always end up in heavy makeout sessions but hey I wouldn’t mind
•  yall would literally makeout anywhere tho tbh
•  there’s just something about his lips that’s so intoxicating and you find yourself daydreaming about them often
•  not even being ashamed to tell him bc he lives for that shit
•  also the little sounds he makes against your mouth when he can’t control himself anymore HOly
•  taking you out on rides around the city bc he loves your amused expressions every time you find something interesting and point it out
•  also he gets inspired just by watching you being in love w/ anything and everything
•  he’d be really gentle w/ you
•  but not in a ‘treating you like a piece of glass’ kind of gentle
•  he just never gets mad
•  and always sees your point when you’re trying to make one
•  and also just being gentle physically
•  ahhhh it hurts my head just thinking about this but his touches are literally feather-like
•  tracing his thumbs over your skin ever so softly, esp during early morning when he’s halfway between sleep and consciousness
•  and hugs would consist of lots of back rubbing and neck nuzzling
•  also him just playing with the strands of your hair and sighing every couple seconds bc this feels so good
•  trips to museums would happen often
•  also lots of dates to his private studio where he shows you some things no one’s seen before
•  pun may be intended wink wonk
•  playing with his long hair and hearing him hum in satisfaction “mmmmm you’re gonna make me fall asleep when I wanna keep talking to you ;(((”
•  having long talks about his music and just music in general
•  plenty of inside jokes that no one else would understand
•  him just being really cheesy and cute sometimes when on a date
•  esp if it’s raining and he’s like trying to act out every single Korean drama “oh my gosh, water is falling from the sky??? well good thing I have my umbrella, so my y/n wouldn’t get wet ://///” oh my GOD
•  like I know he’d probably blush if you asked him to sing for you, but you don’t even gotta ask twice
•  bc he’ll totally do it and be extra af about it if he made you flustered
•  “damn lmao if my voice could do that then……………;);;;;););”
•  jaewon just literally grabbing your face and kissing you in front of your friends if they’d tease you
•  somehow still always getting in trouble w/ him bc yall can never seem to control each other jfc
•  but he’s a complete dork and will love you forever 🌷

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Those midgardians

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Request: This lovely one was requested by @justcallmecinammon : „Could I get a Loki x reader oneshot where he’s on Earth post Ragnarok and Thor says they have to visit her to pay respect since she used supernatural powers to help them. Thor brings food because she loves food and she happily lets them enter her home. She and Loki get along surprisingly after she outsmarts him and after a year the end up together? With an epilogue where she breaks into T’Challa’s lab and makes her arm transparent and go through the chamber Bucky’s and uses her hand to heal him from the PTSD and remove the trigger from the code that makes him turn murderous. And Bucky becomes a brother to her? Pretty please? Reader is short and petite and likes to read, is observant, and empathizes with Loki on Odin pointing out that what they both did to each other was wrong and that Odin should’ve been more communicative and honest. She also loves cute tree frogs and simple things in life like when it rains.^^ (You can even incorporate a GOTG or Stephen Strange, too if you want!)

Author’s Note: First of all, thank you again for that very detailed request. And second, I’m really sorry that it comes so late. I know you requested this 3 months ago and I hope it’s good enough to make you forget that I took this long ^^ And as I mentioned before, this will have an Epilogue with the Bucky part and I know I’m missing a part, that will be added in there, too😊 so stay tuned, I’ll link it to this post, when it gets out.




You are sitting in your apartment, settling down with a hot chocolate and a good book, after you just fed your lovely pet frogs. It was raining outside and this is your favorite thing to do. The silent whisper of rain drops against your windows, the smell of hot chocolate around your whole living room and a comfy couch and your favorite book waiting on you.

And finally you have time for this again, it were a few stressful weeks to say the least. Visiting Asgard, helping out Thor and his team to safe it. You did it after all and your powers were very helpful but now you are happy to be home and relax and don’t have to worry about anybody.

Two hours and 8 chapters later, there is a knock on your door. You get up from your couch and move over to the door and open it to a smiling Thor and a confused Loki. You smile at them and let them enter.

“What brings me the honor of a visit of 2 asgardian Prince’s?” you smile at them and Thor hands you over some takeout food.

“We brought you your favorite food, I remember you mentioned it at our last dinner. And we came here to thank you for your help. Your supernatural powers were indeed very handy, my Lady.” Thor answers.

“Thank you. But that wasn’t necessary, I’m glad I was able to help.” You answer.

Thor smiles at you and the three of you move to your kitchen table to sit and eat. Loki doesn’t say a word the whole time and you know, that he doesn’t understand what he is doing here and surely doesn’t want to be here in the first place.

“Tell me, Loki, you clearly don’t want to be here, so why are you ?” you ask him and shove another forkful of your favorite food in your mouth.

“It seems my brothers thinks, that it would be a nice thing to do and didn’t leave me choice.” He answers, throwing Thor an angry look and then looking at you.

“I see and I noticed already, that you are not a guy- sorry, god, to do nice things for unworthy midgardians, even if they have supernatural powers.”

“Indeed.” He says, tilting his head to the side, not knowing how to read you.

“I’m sorry, my Lady, apparently my brother-“ Thor starts, throwing Loki a death glare now “forgot his manners over time.”

“She is right brother.” Loki states matter of factly.

“Don’t apologize for him Thor, apparently your brother, after everything that happened, still sees himself as this flawless Person, that has the right to treat everyone else as someone underneath his pride. When in reality, all of the things that happened, wouldn’t have happened without him messing it up.” You say, staring at him with a blank expression. He stares back with wide eyes, like no one ever talked to him in such a way.

“You see, Loki, there are a lot of people out there just like you, no gods, but still the same attitude, and if I can handle them here in Midgard, then it’s nothing else with you. But I guess that if you want to leave…” you move your hand and he slides over until he faces your front door “… you can.” You say, focusing back on your food until suddenly you are pulled towards him and your faces are just inches from each other, but because of your height difference, he is somewhat hovering over you.

“What if I don’t want to leave? What if it just got interesting?” he says in a low voice, that makes you shudder and an evil grin that you return.

“Then you can stay, but know, no one ever messes with me when I’m eating.” You answer.

“That’s not good.” Thor says, watching the two of you from the kitchen.

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It burns, doesn't? [pt. 11]

Genre: Mafia!au (Mature) Fluff? Angst…so much angst. Violence and all that good mafia stuff.

Members: Jungkook x Yoongi x Namjoon x Jin x Hoseok x Jimin x Taehyung  Feat. Got7

Summary: Why am I hurting alone? Why am I in love alone?

authors note: /// means flashback ….nd omg it’s finally out. Im trying to try new gifs for characters highlighted chapters…

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| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 |

The moment when one realizes that things will never be the same is bittersweet. As children we rely on the things around us to remain the way they are, our young minds don’t quite understand the concept of change yet we’re impulsive and oblivious to cause and effect. it’s human instinct to crave structure and stability, even if it’s through an illusion, even if it’s merely a reality we create for ourselves. The discovery of what’s perceived as happiness, joy, kindness, trust, and love are vague descriptions of our innermost feelings, those emotions are essential to growth. But for some, their lives are pages from a book torn up and discarded like trash, they feel emotions in a brutal way. Pain, jealousy, anger, sadness, envy, greed—it gets shoved into them, no warning or preparation. Suffocating them until it becomes a desperate means of solitude, the loneliness can be too much to bare really. Turning to materialistic comfort is a common response, as sad as it may be, it helped in some way. Such as cigarettes. You get an exhilarating sense of relaxation when you exhale, knowing it’s bad—when you hold it in your lungs, forcing your body take something so foreign, it’s feigning self-control. Through a tiny white stick he controls his pain and pleasure, through it he found solitude—it was more bitter than sweet.

Everything happened so fast. 

He didn’t know what he was going to do from here, it didn’t help that he hasn’t had a blink of sleep. A cigarette sat in the ashtray and he left his quarters to check on his men. Some of them were patching up the wounded, they even lost a few men, so the faint sound of weeping was heard at every other corner. How a man could look upon the friends of the people he let die wasn’t a natural talent, this type of inhumanity had to be formed. Those people just happened to be casualties, you win some, you lose some. 

People die under you, that’s one of the high prices you pay as the boss.

When it all comes down to it, the truth is, they signed up for this—if it’s for the boss, you risk it all…or not at all. They knew that when they joined.

Hoseok went AWOL last night, he came back early this morning but that was only to freshen up so he could go out again. He had speculations on Hoseok’s stance in all of this, hell, he has speculations about his own stance on the situation. Jin’s response to all of this was the most surprising, he was so levelheaded and prepared as if he orchestrated the whole thing. Jin had always been the sneaky type, not completely honest with everything but that was understandable. It’s not like he grew up surrounded by people he trusts. In order to survive, he had to keep his guard up. Jin managed to come in and set his own rules into play. He didn’t know whether to be thankful or furious about it.

Speaking of Jin, not even five minutes ago he called him to his office and he has yet to come. He likes to think of himself as a patient man but now is not the time to keep him waiting. The guy he sent came back alone. “Boss, he said he’ll be here in a minute.” He swallowed, Yoongi’s stare is far too threatening to not be nervous around.

He had the audacity to make me wait, unbelievable. It doesn’t matter whose the oldest in this relationship. This whole organization is on Yoongi’s back. He has to have an answer for everything, he has to know everything—he doesn’t take that lightly, he can’t afford to. He has to stay calm, no matter what, and that was an overwhelming responsibility sometimes, more than they would know.

“Tell him that I said I want him in here, now.” He was stern, eyeing the kid at the door.

“O-okay sir.” 

Like a puppy off to fetch a tennis ball, he ran off.

Yoongi grabbed the pack of cigarettes, his pale fingers pulling at the pack to slip out one of the white sticks. He didn’t rush, he secured it between his lips and held up to the white lighter. When it caught flame, he took a deep breath and exhaled, this was his third one today. Jin walked into the room, a look of impatience on his face.

Yoongi inhaled, taking another puff of the cigarette before saying anything. “You had a whole operation going down and when it’s over is when I find out.” He sat the cigarette in the ashtray. 

“How long has this been going on Seokjin? How long were you planning to leave me in the dark about this?”

Jin simply shrugged. “I didn’t make a decision any different than you would’ve. You should be thankful. Namjoon is on his knees, Jaebums gang is halfway in hiding and I have my little sister. Yoongi, you know how these things go.” He ran his hand through his locks, giving Yoongi a knowing look.

“No, I don’t actually. Enlighten me.” 

“If I wouldn’t have done what I did she’d probably be dead right now! You don’t understand Yoongi…Namjoon won’t stop, ever…He’ll keep trying to go after me and now her, and to be honest it’s partly your fault.” He sneered, not really caring if that pissed Yoongi off, it was true.

My fault? So I’m supposed to be your fucking savior or some shit? I didn’t know she fucking existed until Hoseok and Jimin brought her ass here. But that girl isn’t the problem, you are.” Yoongi grumbled, already fiddling with his favorite dagger to ease his stress—it wasn’t working. “Why are you doing this Jin?”

“Yoongi, do you not understand the concept of doing a bad thing for a good reason?” Jin was sort of tickled, amused at his robin hood philosophy.

“Yeah, I do. But it’s you who doesn’t seem to remember your role here. I made this group, from the ground up. I've carried it on my back since I was 18. I call the shots. Not because one day I thought, ‘oh you know what, I think I’ll be the leader today.’ No. Because I earned it, I earned the right to say what goes, not you hyung.” He sounded pretty irritated already. Jin was just waiting for him to be finished so he could get out of here. Yoongi is just blowing hot air, this was nothing he hasn’t heard already, he thought to himself.

“I really don’t know why you felt the need to interfere, I had it under control. He wouldn’t have killed the girl just yet, I knew that. I knew it the whole time. Kim Namjoon is still dramatic if you haven’t noticed, he’d put her through hell before you have to mourn her death.”

“I wasn’t gonna wait around for that to happen. I wasn’t wasting any more time if it meant leaving her with him any longer. She was second priority to you but not me. Namjoon had my little sister Yoongi, she’s not just some girl, she’s my flesh and blood and he knew that the moment he decided to keep her.” That very sentence appalled him, his stomach twisting in disgust. “He’s a weed—he’s cancerous, he needs to be cut out. And you can’t cut without causing a few abrasions.” Jin was serious, Yoongi knew all of those things to be partly true, but Namjoon used to be his best friend. Even now, Namjoon was almost the same, nobody really changed significantly. Jimin, Taehyung, Hoseok, they were all just like he remembered. Just more…broken. They can’t stand each other now. The feeling of hatred was more than mutual, friendship was a distant memory between the two gangs that once worked in harmony. “If it was your mother, you would’ve done the same thing Yoongi, maybe even worse.”

Yoongi gave him the dirtiest look, he knew not to bring her up, Jin was the only exception right now. 

“People were killed, on both sides. Two explosions in two highly populated mafia territories, we didn’t go unnoticed.” Yoongi kept his anger at bay, the cigarettes were working this time. He would never say it aloud but knowing Jin could execute a plan that was so complex and to do it without his knowledge, made him feel disrespected. 

“The police aren’t on our backs because of the relationship we have with the chief. Most arrests regarding our men, he let’s slide and I’d like to keep it that way.” Yoongi tapped the cigarette in the ashtray, a smirk coming to his lips, Jin wasn’t sure what he was thinking. “Seo will want more answers. He will start calling eventually, but I’m gonna tell him to take it up with you. You’re responsible for the mess anyway.”

“You’ve never been the type to back down Yoongi, don’t tell me you’re…scared?” Jin laughed, he literally thought that the mere thought was funny. To see Yoongi, the man with a never-changing expression, afraid of something? That was impossible. By the dark look in Yoongi’s eyes he realized now was no time to tease him. 

“Ugh-” He gasped. Before he knew it Yoongi was around the table and pressing a knife against his neck, an intense look on his face. “Yoongi.” Jin swallowed with some difficulty.

Min Yoongi wasn’t as still as water, not all the time. There are a few things you better not say or you will regret the moment you opened your lips.

“Let’s get one thing fucking straight, I don’t have a scared bone in my body Hyung, not one. I don’t fear anyone, not you, not Namjoon, not even my own maniac of a father who caused every mental and physical pain you could think of to his only son by the time I was fifteen…” Yoongi scoffed retracting the knife as Jin was almost at a loss for words. Yoongi scoffed. “You have some nerve. I suggest you drop this high and mighty attitude before this knife is through your neck, damn it.” He sneered.

He sighed, straightening up his freshly pressed suit. The visual image of what Yoongi threatened had him touch his neck subconsciously and cringe. “Yoongi, you’re tense, I understand that really I do. But just think about it, think about this group, think about the people involved…This is the game Yoongi, no one plays by the rules, you know that better than anyone.” Yoongi just stared at him, a stoic expression plastered on his face as Jin slowly exited out of the room.

He really did know that better than anyone—almost too well.

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                                 Humanized Warrior Headcanons

Hello, ah…I wanted to share some humanized Warrior headcanons.

* Brackenfur and Sorreltail are incredibly wealthy, although Brackenfur donates most of his funds to charity and repairs around the territory.

* In TFW, Hollyleaf was homeless at first, so Cinderheart offered to let Hollyleaf stay with her until she got herself back up on her feet since staying in her old bedroom at Squirrelflight’s would be too awkward.

* Birchfall and Berrynose are those two guys who yell during the football game then get kicked out later. Thing is, Berrynose is the football coach…

* Firestar has an uncanny ability to pick out the worst tacky t-shirts possible. In fact, in StarClan his normal go-to outfit is a green vacation shirt with bright orange sunglasses on them.

* Gaudy shirts aside, Firestar also almost singlehandedly improved relations amongst Clan cats and outsiders, and while under his leadership, death rates and attack rates dropped 24%.

* Spiderleg slicks his hair back but it ends up looking oily and greasy with a small piece sticking up at the top. He’s never seen without a suit and tie, is incredibly formal and usually has his nose buried in a newspaper.

* Rosepetal and Blossomfall are total weebs who cosplay and argue with Toadstep over dub vs sub. They’re pretty much housemates and share a single apartment. They also work across the road from each other - Rosepetal in a flower shop, and Blossomfall as a employee at a tattoo parlor. She hopes to take over the business when she’s older.

* Blossomfall is also a secret fan of Lolita and Victorian era style clothing. And steampunk.

* Toadstep I see as pretty much a gamer, who loves discussing video games. He’s constantly begging Lionblaze to play WoW, CoD, and loves indie horror games.

* I can totally see Bumblestripe wearing a fedora (an actual fedora, not a trilby), and wearing Ralph Lauren-esque clothing.

* Toadstep also likes wearing fedoras, but he gets them mixed up with trilbies.

* Surprisingly, I don’t see Ashfur wearing a fedora. I guess it’s because it’s too obvious. Honestly, I seem him looking pretty normal. Nothing unusual or surprising. I think that way it makes his er…tantrum more shocking. I see Ashfur as a well liked popular guy who’s affection (obsession) was solely focused on Squirrelflight.

* Lionblaze used to collect a bunch of comic books. Now, Hollytuft reads them. (Sorrelstripe likes playing outside sports more and Fernsong loves catching frogs and toads.)

* Cloudtail is albino while Ivypool is leucistic. For both a sunburn is serious, and when Brightheart is out with Ambermoon, Dewnose and Snowbush, she and grandpa Cloudtail play chess and checkers.

* Dovewing can shoot a bow and arrow and hit her target perfectly with her eyes closed.

* Dovewing also likes frilly clothing, as long as it’s practical. She finds a short cute skirt easy to fight in, but wears gray leggings underneath them

* Almost everyone stops at Daisy’s house since she always has something fixed to eat.

* Speaking of Daisy, I keep imagining her with a soft Southern voice. At the same time, I hear Hazeltail, Mousewhisker and Berrynose as Latino.

* Millie is a major germaphobe who expects her house to be spotless. She’s the type that’ll swipe her hand on the floor and if she sees dirt, she’ll tell you to do it over again. She runs a cleaning business and Bumblestripe usually gets suckered into helping her out.

* Briarlight is literally one of the strongest Warriors in the living Clans. There are only three people who beat her in an arm wrestling match - Lionblaze, Bramblestar, and Sorrelkit. (Of course Briarlight let Sorrelkit win)

* Ferncloud ran a daycare center. The day she died, she was defending the children who were trapped in there with a broomstick and kitchen knife.

* Hawkfrost carries a mirror with him everywhere, even training practice.

* Speaking of Hawkfrost, he can sing really, really well. He is actually very famous, under the alias “Isaac Star” and is the lead singer in the rock band “Frostbite”. After concerts, he’ll recruit potential trainees, usually 12 to 19 year olds who can easily be convinced. So, he’s pretty much a terrorist working as a rockstar.

* Sol’s can also sing very well, to almost an entrancing degree.

* Runningwind never lost a race.

* Graystripe makes a ton of Dad jokes. You know, those awful cringworthy Dad jokes where you just have to beg to make it stop.

* Featherwhisker had incredibly long hair that reached the ground. The apprentices and Spottedpaw/leaf loved to braid it.

* I don’t know why, but I really love the idea of Kestrelflight being a crossdresser. He’ll just wear dresses because he thinks they’re more comfortable.

* I also like the idea that Rowanstar is intersexed, and that Mosskit was born he/him but wants to be identified as she/her.

* Willowshine is a vegan and Mothwing is an atheist. They both live in a fairytail-esque cottage on the river as mentor and apprentice.

* Ivypool paints her nails dark blue or black (some hard to see color in the blue ranges) because she found it masked the scent of blood from training practice. Whitewing just assumed it was a quirk until Ivypool explained it afterwards. Although Ivypool doesn’t mind having her nails painted either.

* Hollyleaf and Crowfeather have almost exactly the same mannerisms, and it can be seen side-by side in old photos.

* Hollyleaf also keeps her hair long, (she won’t cut it above her waist) despite complaining how it’s constantly getting in her way. When asked, she replies she doesn’t want to look like “that guy”. However, in the final battle, when Firestar told her to prepare for war, she unsheathed her sword, and crudely cut her hair to her neck without a second thought. Everybody was shocked. “Long hair is a liability in battle.”

* In the same matter, Leafpool cut her floor-length hair to her ears when she resigned as medicine cat. This was a sign of showing shame towards herself, as long hair represents longevity and prosperity as well as respect and reverence in the Clans culture.

* The Clans are very cuddly and touchy-feely towards their own Clanmates. To an outsider, watching them can be a rather unusual experience. They shower together, sleep together, and to them, it is a normal part of their culture. Asking someone to sleep with them is seen as a gesture of friendship and trust as opposed to sexual interaction.

* The Clans have an alarming tendency towards genetic mutation and recessive genes, such as Deadfoot’s paw, or the different skin pigment patches on Tawnypelt’s back and Blossomfall’s shoulders.

* Sexuality is not a concern of the Clans. They do not have the same stigma towards homosexuality and transexuality as real human society tends to. However, when times are tough, such as a shortage in population, problems often arise.

* Medicine Cats often have it the worst. The rules laid out for them to follow are exceedingly complicated and restricting, such as wearing concealing clothes, performing rituals and rites to honor StarClan and ward off evil spirits, and being condemned from a mate and children. It has become less strict as the years passed. For characters like Jayfeather and Mothwing, they pretty much ignore the rules on clothing and wear whatever.

* Female warriors are not restricted from fighting and protecting their Clan as well as having no restrictions from other parts of Clan society, but in the past, they were often expected to bear children, and even today, issues arise when a female of high status such as deputy or leader has children. It has been improving however, since Leafstar proved that children were not a hindrance in her leadership.

Unfortunately, the Clans are pretty rude towards each other and outside groups such as kittypets and loners. ESPECIALLY kittypets. They all have a high sense of nationality, and occasionally imperialistic goals.
I wanted to make headcanons that weren’t completely idealistic or caused a suspension of belief effect. I tried to craft a bit of a completely different society and world that shared some problems like our world and various societies, as no place is perfect. Anyways, here are some of my headcanons for humanized!Warriors.

(I had to look up what leucism was. ^^“)

Goodbye Kisses pt 3

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 3.5 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 (final)

Jin x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: You thought that nothing could ever make you doubt him again…you were wrong

Word Count: 1884

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An awkward silence befell the room as Jin and Yoo Bin stared at each other,

“Bin-ah? You work here?” A smile grew on his face as well as on Yoo Bin’s. She approached you so that she could take your blood pressure,

“Yeah, I do. Remember, I told you I was a nurse.”

“Wah, I didn’t know you meant at this hospital, though.” Jin seemed to be happily surprised.

“Are you two friends?” She sat on the bed and took one of your arms, and placed the cuff around it,

“Ah, this is Y/N, my girlfriend. She’s the one who decided to jaywalk in the middle of the street, aish my jagi is silly isn’t she?” Jin patted your head,

“Oh…really?” Yoo Bin was still smiling, but you could see a bit of disappointment in her expression, “Wow, such a small world…who knew I’d be the one caring for your girlfriend?”

“Uh…do you two know each other?” You were perplexed,

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Bad Girl Ch 15: Living By My Rules

“We could turn and run you know,” Jiho mumbles in my ear. I elbow him in the gut and glare at him over my shoulder. He pouts but says nothing else. My hand is in a tight fist held up resting against the heavy wooden door prepared to knock but my hand won’t move. We’ve been standing here for more than five minutes, Jiho making comments about running away and me basically shaking in my heels. I have to prepare myself for what is beyond this door. The insanity I kind of miss but in the long run actually drove me insane. Am I ready for that again? The rules? The unending neediness? The baby talk?

“I think I’m ready,” I finally decide.

Jiho chuckles, “Then knock.”

With a deep breath I knock on the door three times before stepping back right into Jiho’s chest. He lets out an oof, “We are not here to play ding dong ditch, step up big girl.”

The door is ripped open by the youngest brother, “Noona!” He yells gleefully.

“Hi Sehunnie,” I chuckle at his childish excitement. The others appear behind him with the same goofy smiles. “Hi everyone!”

“You are home!” Xiumin rushes past the others and scoops me up in a tight hug, his tucks his face in the crook of my neck and mumbles softly, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I miss you too, Minseokie,” I muse playfully.

He leans away with a small smirk on his lips, “I love hearing my name on your pretty lips.”

“I’m going to g before things get any weirder,” Jiho grumbles. I step out of Xiumin’s embrace to give Jiho a small hug. “I’ll see you Monday, okay?”

“Yes, bright and earlier! Are you going to update the boys without yelling at them or should I call them later?”

He rolls his eyes at me, “I’ll let you know, they will be curious as to why you aren’t at home, so it’s up to you really if you want to explain that to them.”

“Lets just keep my location quiet until further notice, I don’t want anyone worrying.”

“It is going to take less than a day for them to know something is wrong, or different I guess.”

“Ugh,” I groan, “We’ll just deal with them when they ask, until than go home and get some rest, this is your first weekend off since we met. Enjoy it Oppa,” I pull him down to my level and place a kiss on his cheek.

“See you later, Pretty bird,” He hands my bags over to a glaring Kris before turning on his heel and heading back to his car. He winks at me over his shoulder, I grin and mimic his action.

Kyungsoo surprises me by wrapping his arms around my shoulders, “I thought I told you that I don’t like seeing other boys touching you.”

I chuckle as I turn around in his grasp, “And I thought I told you Jiho is going to be a big part of my life.”

“That doesn’t mean he gets to touch you,” He grumbles.

“He didn’t, I touched him.”

“Such a smart mouth,” Kris clicks his tongue.

“Would you want me anyway else?” It was meant to be a rhetorical question but it ended up being loaded with so much more.

“We love you anyway you are,” Xiumin answers quickly stroking my head.

“Good answer, now Kyungie,” I pout cutely, “I’m hungry.”

“Good,” Kyungsoo kisses the top of my head before dragging me inside. The inside is exactly the same as before but instead of the usual smell of their clones, the air is thick with the smell of cleaning products and other fresh fragrances.

“We cleaned,” Suho explains.

“Deep clean? What did you boys have to get rid of?” I muse.

“We had been gone for over a year, things need to be cleaned, especially after you were coming home.”

In the dining room Kyungsoo sits me down at the table full of food, “Wow.”

“I hope you are hungry,” Baekhyun gives me a big smile.

“This all looks so delicious!” I clap my hands together. They all join me at the table and for a brief moment I forget about everything. I look around the table and feels like nothing has changed, like I never left in the first place. They must feel the same from the playful conversations they are having with each other, actually acting like brothers compared to the hostile atmosphere from before. It’s surreal.

“Before you mentioned a few more rules,” Luhan chimes in on my left. I stop eating and give him a small smile.

“Are you sure you want to talk about it now? Things are really peaceful at the moment.”

“I would like to know what is okay and not okay to do to make sure we don’t make you upset.”

I sigh, “Alright, first off, no trash talking Jiyong or Jiho, I know you are all still pissed about what happened and you should be but out of respect for me, please don’t. No daddy over rule, well in most situations. If I say I have to leave, I have to go, if I say I can’t wear that out, I can’t wear it out. Connected to that just like how you guys can’t ignore your work I can’t ignore mine so when Jiho shows up on the door step you guys need to understand that I have to leave. When it comes to work, feel free to ask me anything about it, as long as you are all 100% honest with me. This is going to be hard to get through but secrets will only make it worse. I have seen what you guys can do,” I lock eyes with Xiumin, “I have heard the stories but I’m still here.”

“It is going to be hard to tell you things like that,” Tao admits meekly.

“You don’t have to pour your soul to me about it but if I ask don’t sugar coat it, just tell me what happened and we will leave it at that. Next thing, please do not tell my friends I’m me, or that I’m alive, I don’t want to make things more emotional.”

Kai smiles, “Good, I don’t want to share you with anymore people anyway.”

“Did you have anything else?” Xiumin wonders with his hand on my back.

“One more, please, you guys, do not try to lock me up in here again. I am not getting back into that bubble. I won’t cook, I won’t swear in front of you, I’ll call you daddy, act little, ask permission to do little things but I will not let you guys force me into a little state of mind again. If I’m feeling little, I’ll act like it, but if I’m big I don’t want cold shoulders and asshole comments, okay?”

“Of course!” Luhan pulls me on to his lap and hug me tight, “I missed my sweet baby so much!”

“I missed you too daddy lulu,” I laugh as I snuggle into his embrace.

“Are we really going to pretend like everything is fine?” Kris wonders. Any light in the room suddenly turns dark and the air gets thick.

I sigh , “I mean I guess we can all talk about everything that happened, but from what I saw last week you guys saw what happened to me. Everyone gave me an update on what was going on with everyone else, is there something else you wanted to tell me?”

“But Baekhyun almost slit your throat. They were going to slaughter you! Jiyong lied to you and sent us on a self-destructive path, who knows what the Jiho guy had to do with all of this but I can guarantee that he isn’t innocent. How are you just going to pretend that everything is okay?”

“Because my only other option is to leave all of you behind, is that what you want? I still have my bags packed if you would like to drive me to the airport.” I try to stand up but Luhan’s hold on me tightens.

“You aren’t going anywhere,” Luhan snarls, he glares at Kris. “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“I’m trying to realistic, she had this really traumatic experience and she is just blowing it off, how are none of you concerned?”

“How do you want me to handle this?” I muse.

“She is past it,” Suho snaps, “why the hell are you trying to hold on to all that shit?”

“I just don’t want to have this idea in my head that everything is going to be okay but tomorrow or the day after you could decide that you don’t want to deal with us and life with Jiyong is so much better. I can’t handle you leaving us again,” The giant answers honestly breaking my heart. I leave Luhan’s embrace to go to him, pulling him in to my arms I rest his head against my chest and my chin on his head.

“You got me daddy, don’t worry,” I reassure him softly. “I’m sorry for being gone.”

He wraps his arms around my waist, “I’m sorry for letting you go. You are never leaving us again, got it?” I lean away to give him a stern look, he groans, “Unless it’s work related or Jiyong’s time, okay?”

“Whatever you say Daddy!” I chuckle.

“God, I’ve missed that word from your lips!” He surprises me by scooping me up off the ground into a tight hug.

“Now is everyone good? Anyone else want to tell me their worries because now is the time.”

“I haven’t been able to get you at all, that’s all I want,” Chen whines cutely. I pat Kris’s chest so the giant will let me down.

“Well get up lets go!” I say with a  big smile.

“Go where?” Half of them echo.

“To play!” I giggle mischievously as I run out of the dining room to the living room where I find the floor to ceiling windows that open to the steaming pool. It’s probably only 40 degrees outside but that doesn’t stop me from pushing open the windows and peeling off my clothes until I’m left in just my underwear. I jump into the warm water before the boys even have the chance to grab me.

“Baby!” A few of the yell in concern. I pop out of the water and tread in the center of the pool with a big grin on my face.

“What do you think you are doing? It’s absolutely freezing out here! You are going to get sick!” Chen worries holding his hand out to me, “You need to get out right now!”

“The pool is heated, it’s fine! Come on! We never used this pool the whole time I was here now seems like the perfect time!”

“Jooyoung get out right now!” Kyungsoo orders.

I stick my tongue at them, “Come and make me.”

Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai, and Xiumin are trying their best not to crack a smile and failing horribly. Baekhyun is the first to begin stripping out of his jeans and shirt, followed by the other three.

“What are you guys doing?” Suho scoffs.

“Going to get her,” Chanyeol muses and he jumps into the water.

“Come on daddy Chen,” I sing, “Don’t you want you play with me?”

“What if you get sick?” He nags.

I swim up to the edge a pear up and him, “Then you can just nurse me back to health, until then…” I surprise the man by grabbing him arm and pulling him in. “Who is next?” They all stare at me dumbstruck for a moment. “Sorry I forgot to act little.”

Tao smiles, “Forget about acting big or little how you are acting now is adorable. I see you’ve been working out.” He jumps in and pulls me away from the wall, “Look at my strong girl.”

“I learned how to kick some ass, maybe we can try sparing again.”

He grins, “I can’t wait.”

“You can not just pretend you did not pull me, fully clothed, into the pool!” Chen roars as he swims our way.

“Ah Daddy help! Daddy Jongdae is going to get me!” I scream as I swim towards the large group of boys already in the water. Kai catches me and holds me tight in one arm and holds his hyung away with the other.

“Fuck it! Everyone in the pool!” Suho decides, the last six standing on land finally join us.

“Does this mean I’m not in trouble for not listening?” I coo.

“Hell no,” Kyungsoo chimes with a smile, “we are just going to have some fun before hand!”

“I think I’m going to enjoy this new Joo,” Baekhyun smirks, “She is going to be a bit more trouble but a lot more fun.”

“Oh you have no idea!”

Okay lovelies I have a question for the readers who aren’t exo fans or kpop fans in general. Did you look up them up to see what they look like or did you just make up an image of them in your head?