wow i havent edited in ages

napa valley, watercolor.

here we goRules: Write ten facts about yourself and then tag ten followers you want to get to know better. Tagged by @artful-askblog <33

Favorite things to watch and read?

homsstuck anything danganronpa, various webtoons and whatevers on my bookshelf + voltron, buzzfeed unsolved and not so many other shows really


i havent been practising it a lot lately but drawing and coding!! ive been trying to learn decent vid editing recently and i think its going well

Any Pets?

no but i used to have a bunch of caterpillars. they turned into butterflies and couldnt wait to leave wow bastards

Favorite clothing article?

beanies and long sleeved shirts


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) thats a secret a lot of fictional characters

Video games I like?

im not too into games but maybe life is strange, mystic messenger, undertale, dragon age, tf2, escape the room games and various visual novels idk if they count as games

Funny past stories?

sobs i dont actually remember rn i swear i have some good ones

Career I’m interested in?

not sure yet but im working on developing my skills and leaving it to chance and opportunities ;))

Possible projects I’m working on?

i never finish projects but i have a book ive wanted to write for a while now + a simple platformer game + just creating and getting better at amvs

Youtube channel???


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ok uhh who to tag i havent been here for so long oops

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HI BRANDY HERE WOW I HAVENT DONE A FOLLOW FOREVER IN AGES but yeah christmas is just round the corner, no actually its literally next door!! sO here are a bunch of people that i love seeing on my dash, sorry if i’ve left anyone out I’m super forgetful omfg and also sorry about the shitty edit it took me like 10 minutes and im not talented AHAHAH 

special mentions (i literally only talk to like 2 people on tumblr oh god AHAHAH): 

aghcalum-deactivated20141223 - my home girl/love of my life/fiance HALEY!! although you’ve deactivated your account you’re honestly one of the best people on here and I’m so so so glad that i started talking to you because you give the best advice and you always manage to put a big smile on my face no matter what oh man i love you a lot okay and i miss seeing you on here okay ily bby <3 

loserhood - aYE YO ALINA HI you’re like one of the first people i’ve spoken to on tumblr and im surprised that we managed to still be able to talk every so often!! :) man I’m sooooooo happy that we started talking because you are the sweetest girl evAR like legit ily ok I’m sorry I’m so bad at keeping in touch with you omg but i love catching up with you and you always make me laugh god i love you ok 

babes (some of y'all are my mutuals and some aren’t but i love you all):

1996luke, 420calum, 5secum, 5snow, 5sob, 5sobrien, 5sos-offical, 5sosaffair, 5sostrum, acoustic-cal, aerical, alexgasktarth, alltimevevo, ashrwns, ashtoniwrin, ashtonrwini, ashttun, baessists, bitchmtvblamecalum, blink-ash, blowcalum, blowmikey, bonerlucas, bootical, butthood, calscult, calsgang, calumas, calumfood, calumtoe, candiedcal, cerealucas, christmash, cliffordsgrinch, cliffordsrsly, clifforeos, craveluke, cutelucas, dammitcal, damncal, darlinglucas, dimplehemmings, educashton, englishlovaffair, fallenfor5sos, fallenforbands, festivesos, fivesecsofsummer, flechter, fleecyluke, forirwin, fratboycalumhoodfratboyluke, frostmuke, ghostcalum, greenlght, greenteaelf, heartbrakegirl, heartbreakirwin, hemmoan, herculuke, holymalum, horxnhood, hotdamn5sos, hufcal, irwah, irweed, irwinsecure, irwinty, itsmuke, kiwihemmo, lewi5sos, lipbiteluke, lmaomalum, lsotboy, lucasvevoluekhemmings, luekstagram, lukehemigslukehemming, lukehennimgs, lukes-penguinn, lukesheartbreak, lukesofficial, luketimelow, lukey, lukeyrobert, magicmuke, masturbassist, merryclamu, michaelsgrinch, michalcliffo, mike5os, mikeycliffrd, mikeysvevo, mistlemukes, mittenmuke, mtvcalummukes, ofhemmo, ohemmoh, omgcal, piercedlukes, pikashton, pizzacal, plaidmikey, radioirwin, reindeeirwin, ridicalum, satanashton, simmerdwn, sleighcal, softcal, stopitcalum, submissivecal, suckmydicksantasummerluke, sweetlukey, teamcalum, thnksfrclmhd, toewes, tragicthrills, ughood

again, sorry if i missed anyone, i love you all okay merry christmas/happy holidays everyone!! (also judging by my lack of friends, y'know its ok to talk to me AHAHA i get lonely sometimes) ok bye ily all :) <3