wow i haven't giffed in a long time

Diabolik Lovers More Blood Opening - Mukami Brothers

So apparently we no long have replies on here (unless I’m understanding wrong?) which is really, really frustrating and I have no idea why almost all of Tumblr’s updates are massively inconvenient and hinder rather than enhance the website, and this one particularly sucks. 


I sincerely hope that this won’t dissuade any of you from interacting with me on here! I’ve said this a bunch of times but I really love talking with my followers and it’s the number one reason that I blog–I enjoy being able to share my opinions and having others share their opinions with me, having discussions where people bring their own perspectives to the conversation and teach me new ways to look at things, making and laughing at silly jokes, and just having fun. Seriously, I’ve learned so much since being on this website, both about Batman and life in general. I genuinely love talking with you all and I would hate to lose that interaction just because of a shitty update. 

All of this is to say that even tho the reply option is now gone (I think?), please don’t let it dissuade you from sharing your thoughts with me, and as always feel free to reblog my posts or send me an ask/fanmail (if you want me to reply privately just be sure to say so in your message). 

You’re all awesome, supportive people and I can’t thank you enough for following my blog! <3