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Offbeat (Part Two) - Auston Matthews

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Characters: Auston Matthews (Feat. Connor Brown, Morgan Rielly, William Nylander, Zach Hyman, Mitch Marner, and Kasperi Kapanen)

Words: 4,625

Warnings: Language 

[Part One]

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Color me purple - Sirius Black x Reader

Hi um can I request a young Sirius x reader and she is a Metamorphmagus but always tries to hide it in dad hats but he has a crush on her and does some research on it and eventually confesses his love and it’s really cute???
Warnings: My English(sorry guys), and not that great?
Pics are not mine/ Credits to their original owners. 
(I have a surprise for you! It will probably be posted tomorrow and let me just say… I will see you in hell ^^)

It was an amazing gift and an awful curse.
To you, it seemed more of a curse than a gift. You were a Metmorphmagus. A Metamorphmagus is a witch or a wizard with the ability to change their physical appearance at will, rather than requiring Polyjuice Potion or a spell like the rest of the wizarding population. They were also, extremely rare. Unfortunately, you were one of those few people. (A/N: Harry Potter Wikia)
Sometimes it was nice-helpful even. But there were other times that you wished you could just stop being one. Your damn hair changed colors like crazy. Especially when a certain boy was around. It would go mad; from pink(embarrassed) to orange(confused), from light(excited) to dark(sad) blue. Lately, two new colors had decided to join you. Gray(hurt) and purple - a color that you didn’t know what it meant because you had never experienced it before. Occasionally, your hair would turn red in anger or green in terror.
It sucked that people could know any time of any day what you were feeling. It gave it all away and-well, you didn’t like it. At all.
So, naturally, you tried to hide it the best you could. You had dyed your hair with a Muggle color-thing but it didn’t get the memo. It just kept changing colors. You had to find another way.
Eventually, you started wearing hats and turbans.
Today was rather sunny and your outfit was sporty-so you decided to wear a dad hat. You were heading to the Quidditch pitch, after all. Lily was dragging you. Even if she never admitted, she was going only for one reason. James Potter. And that was the only reason you accepted without whining. The poor guy deserved a chance.
“You should really let your hair down” Marlene commented. You knew her opinion about your poor excuse of disguise. But there was nothing you could do. Your hair was your enemy- even if you loved how soft and long it was. You also loved your natural color-but that was a very rare sight.
You plopped down next to your friends. You noticed how the girls were looking at him. You couldn’t blame them but you didn’t exactly enjoy it. They only knew how gorgeous he was on the outside. You.. You knew how beautiful he was on the inside. Even though you barely said two words to him, you held long conversations with Remus. Remus knew about you being a Metamorphmagus. Once you trusted him enough, you told him and he felt the need to share his secret with you as well. And not only that. You talked about everything and everyone.
Eventually, you found yourself thinking about one boy. The most unapproachable of them all. Sirius Black. At first, your hair would go pink whenever you thought of him but lately… Well lately, the color was purple.
“Gryffindor wins!”. You all knew what that meant.

You had successfully worn a very elegant turban matching your outfit. Thankfully, the girls hadn’t said anything, even though you could see their disapproving looks. 
You were sitting down on a couch near the fireplace in the common room. You had decided to be a bit distant since you couldn’t exactly control yourself when all the other girls were throwing themselves at him.  And he could have anyone he wanted. Except you. Why would he want you?
“Hello, Y/N” Remus greeted you kindly. You smiled, relieved it was him.
“Hi, Rem. What’s up?” you asked him, patting the seat next to you. 
“Nothing much. Hey, did you figure out what purple means?” he questioned you, genuinely curious. You furrowed your eyebrows and shook your head.
“I’ve been doing some research and I think it means that… you’re in love” he told you. That moment many things happened simultaneously. 
Lily took off your turban, Sirius popped up out of nowhere with wide eyes and a very intrigued expression and your hair must have changed about hundred colors before turning a deep shade of purple.
“Wow, thanks, Lily” you told hair sarcastically and walked away towards to portrait hole. Great. Just your luck. 

You had walked all the way to the Astronomy Tower. Not only everyone in the common room had seen how crazy your hair could go or that you were a Metamorphmagus.. no. Purple meant that you were in love. IN LOVE. Like… with who?
Okay, maybe, you were lying to yourself. Maybe, just maybe, you knew. Deep down, you knew. 
To be completely honest, it sucked. Everything sucked. People reading you like an open book was awful. Your best friend revealing your secret to everyone tasted like a betrayal. The boy you liked not liking you back…It all came down to a love of a guy, after all. Or the lack of it, in this case.
The moonlight was casting its captivating aura down to your hair. You loved your hair. In private. Where no one could ever see it. You sat down, your back against the wall and your gaze fixed on the night sky. 
“Why did you leave?” a soft voice asked you. You were tired. Tired of playing hide and seek, of pretending that everything was alright. You closed your eyes, breathing in the cold air and letting out a long breath. 
“What do you want Sirius?”. You didn’t have to look to know who it was. That voice was haunting you even when you were asleep. 
“I think it’s cool. Your hair. And, if it’s any consolation, no one else noticed” he quietly and very softly told you, while you felt his body next to you. You really wanted to control that bloody purple color but you couldn’t. 
You opened your eyes and pierced his. 
“Well, I did some research and I know what the colors mean. All except this one” he went on as you didn’t say anything. You raised an eyebrow in question.
“You mean Remus” you playfully corrected him. He hadn’t had the time to research.
“Actually, I’ve known for a while now” he sheepishly admitted and a faint blush made its way to his cheeks. He, what? 
“How?”. You were left utterly puzzled. You didn’t know what to think. 
“I notice you” he answered under his breath. You had to take a few seconds before you actually realized what he had told you. He noticed you? Why? And for-for how long? But most importantly, why? 
“I-I’ve always found you intriguing. The way you speak up for your beliefs and stand up for your friends and yourself. The way you carry yourself around. And then I noticed that you never revealed your hair. Yet, at some points, few strands were finding their way out and I was- Well, I was captivated. Because you know, I’m a Black and you feel like the whole rainbow. But I have to admit, I love the baby blue but I adore the purple. Even if I don’t know what it means”. 
For about a minute you didn’t even blink. You felt your brain melting and your heart skipping beats; oh, and so many butterflies. He had truly noticed your every move. He-why? You knew that your head was a colorful mess but you couldn’t help it. He was there, black hair falling around his beautiful face; gray eyes piercing yours; plump lips slightly apart; sharp cheekbones and jawline that could cut. You were staring at him and you didn’t even try to look away. How could you? It was all or nothing.
“It means… I’m in love” you whispered. Your voice soft and relieving as the summer breeze on a hot day. You saw his Adam’s apple going up and down as he swallowed hard. 
He brought a hand to your hair, swirling a strand around his slender fingers, playing with it. If it was possible, your hair would darken even more.
“Why don’t you color me purple?” he asked you seductively as he moved closer to your face. He gave you time to pull away if you wanted to, but WHY would you want to do something like that?
He leaned down and captured your lips into a heart-melting kiss as he cupped your cheek, never pulling his other hand away from your hair. 
Maybe you should thank Lily, after all.

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could i request seungwoo roommate!au????

thanks for requesting!! 

edit: its 4 am and i finally finished,,,haven’t betad so ill fix tmr morning !!

- even though he can clearly take care of himself, you always end up looking after him bc you’re scared that he will somehow end himself when you’re gone

- you met him while you were hanging up posters for a roommate bc you couldn’t handle the fees all at once lol and it would be nice for an extra hand around

- daniel ended up moving in with jisung and even though he promised seongwoo that they would live together smh

- so seongwoo needed to find a place fast bc he preferred to not crash in a cramped apartment the whole year lol

- and found your ad for needing a roomie!! so he contacted you and it was history from there

- it was awkward at first but he always ended up cracking jokes to lighten the mood (which always works hehe)

- you two end up getting to know each other well and it seemed like you two are basically bffs lol

- becomes very affectionate to you so get used to skinship

- likes to ruffle your hair or give you big hugs or anything really

- or sometimes cuddles but not a lot!! because seongwoo would freeze up bc why is his heart beating so fast??

- seongwoo is in the dance club for the college so he always ends up coming home late and sometimes doesn’t make it to his room and just crashes in the living room sofa

- and you’re always home before him bc work ended earlier so you’re always there to take care of him

- u just kinda,,leave him there bc he was kinda heavy lol so you just cover him with a blanket and leave dinner in the microwave and a glass of water on the table for him when he wakes up

- even when its his turn to buy groceries or clean the apartment, he always seems tired or worn out half the time so you just kinda do it because you know he’s too tired to do it lol

- and sometimes u just feel like he takes you for granted?? like idk its like you end up doing all the work and you can’t help feeling this way because even if he has dance club,,,he should at least help

- but he does don’t worry

- in fact, he takes notice of all the things that you do for him and even though its his turn to buy things or do chores, you still end up doing it for him when you notice he’s exhausted

- he returns the favor actually!! whenever he notices that you’ve had a rough week or you have a huge project coming up and you can’t clean around the apartment

- he does the work and even buys you extra stuff bc all the things you do for him and he’s grateful fnbjik

- but sometimes you’ll have a rough day and you’ll be pissed and tired and it’s like seongwoo notices because the moment you walk through the door, he just encloses you in a big hug and stays there until you’re feeling better again

- and instantly, your bad mood is gone bc hugging seongwoo is like hugging a teddy bear hehe

- u always tries to shove food down his throat bc sometimes he’s so busy that he forgets to eat and smh like boy!!!! you need to eat!!

- ok moving on!!

- always greets you once you get home because he lowkey misses you and he’s glad that you’re back hehe

- always asks about your day and makes small talk and if you ask about his, will low-key be overdramatic about it because he loves making you laugh hehe

-okokkok  you’re studying music theory and you’re always trying to identify chords or if a song modulates or is planing 

- and seongwoo notices this ofc!! he notices how passionate you are while talking about music theory and he always sends you a random song because he knows that you like to practice a lot

- and you just go !!! because lowkey you didn’t think he would remember and the fact that he always asks about the songs and what you found interesting about it once he came home

- in return, you always ask about the dance club and ask him to show you his new moves hehe

- you always hype him up when you he shows you and move and he’s just !!! flustered but secretly glad

- and sometimes asks him to sing to you and its just !! an experience !! 

- his voice was so good though?? how does a human sound this good 

- like vocal king?? 

- jaehwan, somewhere far away: did someone sAy vocAl kIng?? 

- and its a cute and happy bonding experience!!

- ok but im not saying that if seongwoo were to ever cook for you, all he would make is cheap ramen or that chef boyarde stuff but thats exactly what im saying

- thus, you end up being the chef in the house because you’re the only one who can make sure that the both of you can get the proper nutrients needed hehe

- ok but living with seongwoo would include stealing his sweaters and he’s always like ?? where are my sweaters

- you: *wearing his sweater* hA hA i have no idea?? maybe you lost it hmMMM?

- he would notice and just,,,sigh LMFAO 

- ‘’ok but i need them because they complete my outfit hello’’ 

- ‘’choose a different one this one is comfy’’ 

- ‘’excUSE ME?? these are mY sweaters we shouldn’t have to argue give them back!!” 

- ‘’eXcUsE mE? nO” 

- ‘’just go wear yours wTF!!” 

- ‘’nO!! its different!!” 

- aka seongwoo just wearing another sweater as he ended up making you win because he got lazy LMFAO (even tho we both know he let u keep them bc he thought u looked cute !! hehe like those sweater paws?? he almost fainted wow legend) 

- ok story time!!

- once the two of you didn’t see each other for like three days because of midterms

-which was a wild ride like you breaking down in the library

- seongwoo passing out on the floor during a break from practice

- you almost turning in your paper late and having daehwi distract the teacher by coming up with some sob story of his s/o taking all of his money in his bank account so you can sneak in your paper

- seongwoo end up running from one side of the campus to the other because he went to the wrong classroom and only had like 3 minutes left to turn in his project

- you having a sugar crash and basically passing out for a day straight and waking up,,,,only to realize that u had class in a few minutes LMFAO

- and after that, you ended up collapsing on your bed in relief and probably sleep for like 3894375 years

- then seongwoo joins you and basically cuddles up to you bc a) he missed you and b) he missed talking to u

- and then the two of u end up sleeping and once u wake up, you two spill all the tea that has happened the past three days hehe

- all in all, a very cute relationship!! someone that you trust a lot and is vvvv glad you took the chance to accept him as a roommate!!

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10, 16, 24, 46

Thanks for requesting! Hope you like! <3

10. “Trust me, I wish we were having sex instead.” 

“It’s creepy.”


“No, Betty, it’s creepy; utterly and overwhelmingly chill rising.”

Gripping the glass of soda tighter inside his hand, Jughead moved an inch further behind Betty’s shoulder, her lose blonde curls ticking the tip of his nose as he rested a palm at the small of her waist. They were firing hushed whispers back and forth all this time that they were sulking by the rich red and mahogany decorated buffet table, examining the scene of female gushing and gibberish baby coos in front of them.

“Explain to me one more time how your mom agreed on this birthday fiesta taking place in hell?” Jughead raised both eyebrows, eyeing his girlfriend’s profile, illuminated by the huge chandelier at the center of the gothic living area, now decorated with dark blue and bloody red ribbons.

“Polly wants the twins to have a normal childhood.” Betty quoted her sister for the hundredth time. “This includes them getting to know all their grandparents; at least the ones that are left and the ones that are not cold-blooded killers.” It had been a year and a half since the Jason Blossom case had been solved and even though everyone was still grieving, the twins’ birth had been a silver lightening mist the darkness of it all.

“Having their first birthday party at Thornhill is highly beyond normal, if you ask me.” He returned in sarcasm behind her, as always.

“When Cheryl puts something in mind, she rarely gives up.” Betty reminded him, shrugging a shoulder.

From her spot on the carpet, holding little Lizzie up, Poly announced that it was time for presents, making all the guests around murmur in excitement. The new mother grabbed Betty’s and Jughead’s first and smiled to the couple, the two teens sending a genuine grin back.

“When can we go?” Jughead’s murmured through his smiley teeth.

“Are you not having fun?” his girlfriend teased in fake disbelief, sending him an amused glare over her shoulder.

“Oh, as enjoyable as it is watching two oblivious looking babies being tossed around while that great-grandmother from Hades is practicing witchcraft in the shadows,” Jughead frowned, sending a glance at nana Rose that was sitting by the fireplace “I’m really ready to flee at any moment now.” He nodded in uneasiness, taking a sip from his drink and gulping loudly.

“That bad?” Betty bit her lip not to laugh.

Trust me, I wish we were having sex instead.” He threw in total apathy.

“Wow…” Betty dragged the word. “The horror, indeed…” she teased him more at the luck of enthusiasm in his tone regarding their love life.

He just shrugged, teasing smirk dancing on his chapped lips.

“So what do you say?” he brushed his chest against her back, the hand that was creeping on her waist, moving a little further down to play with the hem of her skirt on her hipbone. “Me, you, the backseat of the truck?” he proposed deliciously against her ear, smirking when feeling her shiver lightly at his words and biting her lip.

“Jughead!” Alice Cooper’s imposing voice made the couple jump and Jughead lash backwards a few feet away from Betty in fear. “Come take some pictures of the moment.”

“Why did I agree on this?” he hissed in a groan and grabbed his professional camera from beside him on the table, a birthday gift from his father that he quite enjoyed lately. Apart from being Betty’s official boyfriend, he was responsible for capturing in film that sickening lovely family gathering.

Betty laughed, giving him a short but sweet peck on the lips. “You love me that’s why.” She beamed up at him and he just rolled his eyes, a blush coloring his cheeks and an equal happy smile tugging his lips upward. “Stop brooding; I promise you’ll have me naked in that truck by the end of the night.” She winked and he snapped a picture of her, while walking cockily to her family in front of them, sending her a sly smile full of promises before doing a character one-eighty in a blink, dropping to his knees and pulling faces to the birthday babies, appearing like he was the most mother-approved boyfriend material. If only they knew, Betty smirked foxily against her glass, feeling a blush creeping at her cheeks.

16.   “Please, don’t wear those jeans.”

“I thought women took longer to get ready.” Betty formed a teasing smile, plopping on the twin-sized bed on Jughead’s old bedroom back at his dad’s trailer.

“Thank God our relationship isn’t based on ridiculous gender roles then, little miss proud suffragette.” He shouted from the bathroom in his own teasing tone of voice.

Betty rolled her eyes. “What is taking you so long anyway?”

“I couldn’t decide amongst my wide range of ‘smart casual’ options of attire.” His snarky voice travelled through the small hall, earning a laugh from Betty and FP that was enjoying a football match in the living room.

“Ronnie just set that etiquette to help us. It’s just a normal Friday night out at Pop’s but with her friends from New York, no big deal.”  She stated while scanning the book Jughead had left open against his covers.

“Whatever. I’m ready to get this over with.” He admitted with a sigh, lazy and squeaky footsteps bringing him at the threshold of his bedroom.

“Finally.” Betty groaned playfully, rolling over to get off the bed but stopping when looking at his outfit. “Oh no!” she formed a horrified expression. “Please, don’t wear those jeans.”

Upon seeing her reaction, Jughead’s face dropped. “Why not?”

“Just don’t.” Betty offered vaguely. “We still have time for you to go change.”

“Um, that’s my only clean pair?” he replied sheepishly. “Plus, I don’t see the deal breaker here.” Rising his eyebrows in confusion, he buried his hands in the front pockets of the jeans in question.

“Maybe it’s the fact that you have them since sophomore year?” she offered back with a cute grimace.

“So what?” Jughead continued being clueless.

“So everything!” his girlfriend replied in exaggeration. “Juggie, they are too small.” She bit her lip not to laugh.

“No, they are fine.” He refused with a firm shake of his head.

“I’ve mended that back pocket more times than I can remember.” She replied cleverly. “Plus, don’t get me started about how worn out they look.”

Jughead’s mouth opened in shock. “You don’t like my clothes?”

Betty rushed to correct him. “I don’t like those jeans.” She nodded in confirmation. “I hate them, to be honest.” Her statement earned an offended gasp from the boy across her.

“I was wearing those jeans when I first kissed you.” He admitted in a small voice, examining the jeans and running a palm at the side of his thigh in thought. “I can’t just throw them away.” He spat incredulously.

Betty smiled, standing up and walking to him. “Well, as sweet as this is,” she took his face in her palms, caressing his cheeks lovingly “I promise you, you can still kiss me all you want with a new pair of those.” She bopped her nose against his, Jughead bouncing his head back to look at her concerned.

“Are they really that bad?” he frowned defeated.

Betty tilted her head in thought, amusement painted on her pretty face. “Let’s just say that they’ll look better on JB at this point.”

“Geez, thanks a lot, babe.” Jughead sent her a side glance filled with offence.

“You’re welcome.” She laughed. “Now go get changed; put on those nice black ones you got.” She suggested with a smile and a caress to the end of his hair on the back of his neck.

He thought for a second before agreeing with a sigh. “What about my shirt?” he wondered, fisting the material of his flannel and looking at her with clueless boyish eyes.

“Oh, the shirt looks damn fine.” Betty colored the word with girly appreciation before leaning in to whisper against his lips. “So fine that maybe I’ll get to take that off later tonight.”

24.   “The skirt is short on purpose.”

“You should come pick me up from cheerleading practice more often.” Betty sighed against Jughead’s lips, fingers gripping the lapels of his denim jacket tighter and angling her head to deepen their kiss. They were at the school parking lot inside FP’s truck, making out for what seemed like hours now, relishing in the feeling that there were no more killers threatening the calm of their small town.

“And you should wear this uniform more often, period.” Jughead replied in a husky voice, his palm drawing entire maps at the extent of her long legs that were bare and sprawled over his lap, loving how smooth and shapely they felt under his wandering hand.

The girl giggled against his opened mouth, sliding even closer to his muscular chest. “I thought sensitive and tortured artists like you didn’t give a damn about silly stereotypical male fantasies.” She teased him, running a palm down the front of his S t-shirt.

Jughead tugged her lower lip between his teeth, groaning a little under her touch. “Some things are considered classic for a reason. And I’m not an alien; the fact that I don’t drool like a jackass Bulldog over every scantily clad cheerleader doesn’t mean that I don’t have dreams about mine.” He breathed deeply while attacking her again, his bony fingers reaching the hem of her blue and gold skirt, as his tongue kept twirling sensually against hers making Betty whine and mewl in excitement. They had started testing the waters and exploring each other with every chance they had, experiencing the fire of this new world of intimacy and leaving each other breathless and begging for more every time they were alone in the darkness of her room or the small space of his father’s truck.

“What kind of dreams do you have about me, Juggie?” she whispered, fingers caressing down his jawline and hooded eyes connecting with his hazy ones.

“You don’t even wanna know.” He replied in the same tone, stealing a glance of her legs and licking his lips involuntarily.

“Maybe I do.” She went on sensually, dropping some kisses against his neck that made him start panting and throw his head back against the glass in pleasure, bony fingers sliding against the hair at the back of her scalp as her teeth started getting demanding and bruising. “Tell me.” He felt her breathing against his irritated skin and he shivered, the fingers of his other hand gripping the side of her thigh.

“It’s mostly about you in that tiny skirt.” He choked on his words, eyes darting down to catch a glimpse of her expression and decide whether or not to continue. Upon seeing her green orbs dilated with desire and her lips bee-stung and dark red from his kisses, he went on in a raspy, sexy voice. “And nothing more.”

He watched her bit her lip, bringing a thump to free it before caressing the abused skin, making her lips part in wonder, the action making his mind go spiraling in dark imaginative places. “You know, the skirt is short on purpose.” She teased in a low whisper, taking his hand that was resting on her thigh in hers and guiding it further under her skirt, the pads of his fingers touching the lace of her tiny panties and making his Adam’s apple bop at the nervous excitement that was building up at the tip of his stomach. “Me not wearing the uniform’s boy shorts? Again, on purpose.” She leaned to whisper in his ear before licking his earlobe and moaning slightly as the feeling of his fingers traveling up to the waistline of her underwear.

His own lips went to her ear and ghosted for a minute there before starting a sinful dance in coordination with his fingers. “I’m gonna dream about you again tonight. But first, I’m gonna show you what my dream will be about.”

46.   “Babe, I need you to stop kissing me and let me do my jo-OH my God!”

“Juggie, are you done with the chapter?” Betty’s voice travelled down the hallway of their apartment before her bare feet brought her to her husband’s study, her five month pregnant belly making an appearance at the door seconds before her.

Barely looking up and sending her a tiny smile, Jughead’s typing fingers never stopped their marathon on the keys of his laptop. “In a minute.” He murmured, drowned in his world of ingenious plots and murder mysteries.

“I want you to come cuddle with me.” She pouted ever so lightly, one of Jughead’s flannels dancing just below her behind with every step she took towards him on the desk. She rounded his chair and laced her arms around his neck from behind, making him huff a chuckle at how more demanding she had gotten during those five months.

“Go lay down, stardust. I promise you, I’ll be next to you right away.” He kissed the back of her palm lovingly before going back to typing.

“You’ve been inside this room all day now. And I’ve missed you. Bad.” She colored the word with a tiny moan, leaning to scatter light kisses against his cheek, ear, neck, her palms caressing the front of his chest over his grey t-shirt. Pregnant hormones and all, she wanted him 24/7 in every and each situation they were in.

“You are distracting me and this is going to take me longer to finish.” He pointed out in his usual smartass voice, his eyes fluttering a tad at the sensation of her soft lips against his skin.

“Juggie, when was the last time we had fun in this room?” a deep sigh left her lips before they landed on the sensitive spot behind his ear, nibbling the skin there, as her hands crept under the hem of his t-shirt, fingers brushing over his collarbones and digging at the top of his bare chest, making him shiver.

Her husband could feel his eyes roll inside his skull at her words and the images of them multiple times on top of that very desk, his office chair, the couch next to the door, against the door. Blinking a few times to regain sanity, he brushed his fingertips over her forearm to stop her from continuing. “Babe, I need you to stop kissing me and let me do my jo-OH my God!” his husky words of sexual haze and warning turned louder in alarm as he left something poking his side from behind. “Were you seriously going to try tickling me right now?” he threw her an incredulous side glance over his shoulder.

“I was not—” she paused in disbelief herself “did you feel that too?” she loosened her hold of him, standing a little more straight up, lips pushed together in thought.

“Yeah, I did…” he turned around in his chair to face her, eyes scanning her in concern upon seeing her drop her hands to rub the sides of her round stomach. “Is everything alright?” he lashed forward to place a palm against one of hers.

“I think maybe-OH!” Betty’s words cut midsentence as she jumped, palms going to the center of her belly where she felt the force of a fierce kick, green eyes round and in the verge of tears upon looking down at her husband in glee.

“Is he…?” following her palms, Jughead tried to utter the words but the confirmation of another kick stopped him as he watched in bewilderment the plaid material of his shirt stretch under his slayed fingers.

“Our son is kicking, Juggie.” Betty confirmed his own thoughts in a high pitched sob, happy tears streaming down her glowing face, before taking her husband’s hand in hers and guiding it against her skin to the place their son was communicating with them for the first time. “You are asking for daddy’s attention too, aren’t you, lovebug, huh?” she laughed despite her salty tears, biting her lip to prevent her face from breaking from immense love and joy upon seeing Jughead teared up too, leaning to place a fierce and loving kiss against her belly.

“Hey there, little man, I’m your daddy… And you will always have my devoted love and attention, no need to worry about that…”

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Sweatshirt & Coffee

Drabble game request: J-Hope + “Is that mine?” + Coffee Shop AU | for @the95liner

Character: Hoseok x reader

Genre: Coffee Shop!au, Fluff

Word count: 1,569 words

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Coffee in the mornings

Authors Note: This is my first blurb regarding Shawn, I am remarkably sorry that is more dialogue, but I thought the small plot/interview made for a cute start to the new sense of writing I am doing. 
Thanks to my Anons who convinced me to do this!

Enjoy! Xx

He confidently stands with a coffee cup gripped in his hand while patiently waiting to be pushed onto the stage of the interview that’s minutes from taking place. He’s self-composed and collected, he’s not ill at ease about the subjects that may be thrown at him, he has it all figured out in his head— to a certain extent of course. After all, there isn’t much to ask about besides his music and his future plans regarding his music.
Everything has essentially been covered in numerous other interviews he’s fulfilled. The amount of repetitive questions he has received about his newest hit song is unbelievable. 

Shawn has his responses memorised perfectly for each set of questions he’s expected to be asked. He’s realised they’re not strategically directed or worded, consequently, he can use the same response with most of them. 

He takes a seat graciously next to the host, a grin depicted across his lips as he adjusts his black Sandro sweater while becoming content within the chair. While Shawn becomes comfortable and takes one last quick sip of his coffee, the host views the notes scribbled down on the note cards, promptly revising.

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What are your top ten fluffy MakoHaru hcs? And your top ten smutty MakoHaru hcs?

This is such a hard question! There are so many things that I adore so to have to pick my favourites? That’s nearly impossible, but I’m going to try my best. Some of these things might be headcanons that some of my friends once told me and I adopted them, or headcanons that I’ve told my friends before. I’m not sure if these are really my all-time favourites but they are the things that come to mind first when I see this question. These are all my personal headcanons. They’re also in no particular order.

Fluffy headcanons:

1. Makoto proposed to Haru at their special spot (the one where they had the fight) beside the sea during the yearly festival and he was incredibly nervous. He didn’t really know why, because it wasn’t like he was afraid that Haru would turn him down, but it’s such an important moment that he can’t help but be a bit nervous. When Makoto tried to speak up, Haru spoke at the same time but he allowed Makoto to go first. So Makoto gives his little speech and goes down on one knee and pulls out the box with the ring. “Haru, will you marry me?” Makoto asked and at first Haru looked shocked before he started to laugh loudly. Makoto was a bit bewildered because he has no idea why Haru’s laughing, but Haru’s laugh is so beautiful and contagious so he can’t help but laugh as well. When Haru stopped laughing he reached inside his pocket and took out his own box, opening it to reveal a matching ring inside. “Only if you’ll marry me, too.” was his response and at that moment everything clicked together and Makoto began to laugh as well and he got up and hugged Haru tightly against his chest. Haru returned his embrace and they shared their first kiss as fiancés while the fireworks exploded behind them.

2. Lazy mornings spent in bed together are their favourite. Haru is the one who usually wakes up first and although he normally goes to take his morning bath, when they have nowhere they need to be during the day he will stay in bed and slowly run his hand through Makoto’s hair, pressing tiny kisses against his skin while he patiently waits for Makoto to wake up too. When Makoto does wake up, he’ll smile drowsily at Haru before pulling him closer, kissing his forehead while he murmurs “good morning”. They’re content just lying there for as long as they can, drifting in and out of sleep while they feel nothing but love and comfort and warmth and security enveloping them.

3. Next to a usual birthday present, they always make those coupons (one free hug, one free kiss, etc.) for each other and give them to each other for their birthday. Haru always uses all of his on his birthday, while Makoto is always really careful with them and keeps them for a long time. Haru honestly doesn’t know why, because it’s just a cute little thing they do for each other, it’s not like he won’t get a kiss if he doesn’t have a coupon for it, but Makoto still values them and Haru respects that and doesn’t question it any further. Then, when Makoto’s had a particularly rough day, he’ll come home and wordlessly walk to his bedside drawer, after which he gives Haru a coupon like “one free cuddle session on the couch” and Haru just smiles in understanding and pulls him over to the couch, where the cuddle for the rest of the afternoon. Makoto uses his coupons when he needs them most.

4. There was no big confession scene, no big moment of realisation of love, no spectacular first kiss (although I love all of those things so much and I will keep writing and consuming them for the rest of my days.) Throughout the years, their relationship naturally developed into something more, it grew with them. Their first kiss was one that they shared while they were cuddled up and watching a movie together; their eyes met and their lips were naturally drawn to each other in a sweet and chaste kiss, after which they smiled at each other before cuddling even closer together and continuing to watch the movie as if nothing had happened. Simple, natural, and familiar.

5. This is not really a headcanon since it’s half-canon but Haru is a very jealous person. There are times when Makoto gets jealous too but he’s very subtle about it. Haru is not. He can and will show everyone that Makoto is taken and that they need to back the hell off. This always results into him pouting and glaring and clinging to Makoto. Even if Makoto wished that Haru didn’t feel the need to become jealous because it’s not like Makoto even sees anyone else when he has Haru, but he can’t deny that his Haru-chan is incredibly cute.

6. They’re usually pretty discreet about PDA but they love walking hand-in-hand (and just holding hands in general) and that is usually as far as they’ll go when they’re out in public, but sometimes, if one of them is feeling bold, they’ll steal a quick kiss when no one is looking. The only exception to their rule is when they’re drunk, and Haru is a very clingy drunk. Makoto, on the other hand, is a very quiet, happy type of drunk, like he’ll just sit there and smile and let everything happen. So whenever they’re out at a party of one of Makoto’s college friends or something, Haru is half in Makoto’s lap, nuzzling his head into his chest while Makoto just smiles and lets it happen because he doesn’t have a care in the world.

7. There are moments in their daily lives when time suddenly stands still as they’re overwhelmed with how much they love each other. Like Haru will just be cooking and Makoto’s heart just skips a beat because wow, Haru is so cute and beautiful and he loves him so so much and he could practically cry because there are too much emotions to contain within him. Or Makoto has fallen asleep on the couch with his glasses on and Haru’s belly just starts tingling with butterflies because even after all these years, he’s still so in love with Makoto, he falls in love with him over and over again every single day and he realises that he’s so lucky to share a life with his best friend. Their relationship is natural and incredibly beautiful and they never fail to realise how much they love each other and how happy they are together.

8. Haru loves drawing Makoto. He has dozens of sketchbooks throughout the years that have Makoto’s image plastered all over them, in all kinds of scenarios; of Makoto swimming, of Makoto sleeping, of Makoto smiling, anything you can imagine, really. Makoto never looks at his drawings if Haru doesn’t show them to him because he respects Haru’s privacy and boundaries, but sometimes Haru does share these drawings with him and Makoto is so amazed at how incredible Haru is at literally everything he does. Haru always blushes and brushes his compliments off, but he’s secretly really happy with Makoto’s praise.

9. They love to cuddle. In bed, on the couch, in bath, it really doesn’t matter where they are as long as they get to hold each other. It’s always a bit conflicting though, because they both love being the little spoon AND the big spoon, and they can’t decide what’s their favourite; they both love being held but also holding the other. So usually they cuddle based on what mood they are in, but if they still can’t decide then they’ll just face each other, tangle their limbs together and bury their face in the other’s hair or chest.

10. Haru knows where the key to his university’s pool is and they sometimes sneak into the building at night so they can swim together without any disturbance and just the pool for the two of them. At first Makoto was scared to get caught but he eventually relaxed the more often they did it. It’s in those moments that they feel really calm, truly themselves during the hectic Tokyo life and they spend the nights swimming together, floating in together, kissing each other tenderly.

I’ll put the smutty headcanons under the cut because this is getting longer than I anticipated.

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Birthday Wishes (m)

Word Count: 6,309

Warning: Taehyung Smut

“Fucking great.”

You throw the card you’d been reading down onto the round metal table before you, glancing over it once more. The picture on the front is that of a city, the name written in italic in the top right corner. She hadn’t even tried to personalize the picture for you, nor the letter that is nothing more than a bad excuse.

“Do you want another cup o’ coffee?”

You raise your head up to the server, and answer his question with a nod accompanied by a bitter smile. “Yeah.”

He looks at you with a square smile, then takes your empty cup.

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Preference 17: He dresses you up

Guyssss I finally had the time to write another entry to post here in tumblr. And yeah, I also finally wrote another preference bc I feel bad and all that I write is Brad imagines from requests xD. So here I am with the AC on, me in my Pikachu onesie (YEP) and writing this on my laptop, with a glass of pineapple juice on my side desk. Okay idk why did I just told you all of that…anyways here’s another preference.


“Wheeen will you eeever finish?” Connor exclaimed, plopping himself down on the bed with his arms held out. You laughed quietly. You and Con were invited to a birthday party by one of your friends who lives three hours away. Yes, what a long drive. Better get me some of that setting spray, Jeffree Star.

“I haven’t even got out my clothes yet, babe.” You purposely said, torturing him more. He let out a loud grunt which made you chuckle and followed with a laugh. “Stop laughing oh my god!” he throws his head back on the mattress.

“I mean it’s your fault finishing up so early. It’s like…still—“

“It’s freaking 10:48 AM and we need to get going at eleven and by two we need to be there!” he exclaimed, sitting up and ran his hand on his hair. Lol. “You know what, I’m gonna pick up your outfit myself.” What. “What?!” “You heard me. Since you’re still drawing a, uh, outline…yeah, outline on your lips and you still need to do your hair, I will be picking out clothes for you, mademoiselle.” You sighed. You actually need help right now but you’re not going to show it. “Sure, Connor. But can I trust you though?”

“Oh you better. Because once I’m done clawing through your clothes, you’ll look amazing on what I chose an I’ll be proud of myself when I look at you because, hell, I did that.” You scoffed and smiled at the same time. “Go ahead.” You gestured for him to go inside your closet and pick out the outfit, which he excitedly obliged.

After you’ve completely done your makeup and curled your hair, you checked inside the closet to see what’s going on. “Oh good Lord.” You whispered as you saw a the outfit laid down, across the little circular seat in the middle, with a pair of shoes on the side. “I know, pretty amazing right?” he chuckled to himself. “I must say, this is not bad.” You held out a white, floral Fawn Floyd dress, a pink bomber jacket, with your white flats. “I know, I know, I’m amazing and all with you staring at the outfit I’ve put together and yes I’m the best boyfriend okay but you seriously need to get ready now.” He jokes while putting his hand on his chest. You rolled your eyes playfully and receiving a kiss from him on the cheek. “Thank you baby, seriously.”

“No worries.” He replied while grabbing the back of your neck and pulling you once again for a kiss now on the lips.


“It’s one of those days again, Brad!” you shouted loudly enough so Brad can hear you from the living room. You immediately heard his footsteps getting closer to your shared bedroom and entering with a slightly confused face. “You have your, um, monthly p—“

“No! It’s not that!” You immediately cut him off before he could continue his sentence. “I don’t know what to wear…and that really leads to you picking out clothes for me, right?” You reminded him. This, situation, started when the both of you were going to his parents’ house for dinner and you didn’t know what to wear. You were stuck between keeping it casual but a bit classy and just classy. So he helped you eventually, and that became a thing. Its really been a long time since you’ve let him chose your clothes to wear, but today the both of you are going to Nat’s graduation (a/n let’s pretend guys cmon) and are going to have a little party after, and you need clothes to wear, obviously, so why not let him give you a hand

“I’m in that situation again, babe. Should I wear jeans or not?”

“Nah, I think you should wear a dress of some sort or something…” he slowly says while opening your closet. You see, most boys would be annoyed if their girlfriends ask the question of, “What should I wear?!” while already whining, but thanks to baby Jesus, Brad does not. He even helps you to pick out an outfit; what a good boyfriend he is, isn’t he?

“Well, I’ve got these pair of shoes, and I really like to wear them today. D’you that can help?” I say while holding up a white strappy-heeled sandals for him to see. He looked at it and back at me and smiled. “You really make my job much easier, Y/N.” You squealed and went up to him and kissed his cheek. “Thank you so much baby. You’re the best.” You mumbled against his skin with a smile. He replied with nothing but a kiss on the corner of your lips. He continued to scramble through your closet, having second thoughts about dresses he lifts up then putting it back on the rack.

A few minutes later he comes up to you while closing the closet with his feet, a dress having in hand. “Here—I think this goes well with that…I think.” He hands you this maroon, one-fourth-sleeved dress that ends right above on your knees with a zipper on the back. “Wow, I haven’t worn that in a while..” you whispered as you un-zipped the dress. “I know. I’ve been seeing that just hanging in there without you touching it while your choosing your clothes and just ignoring it.” He shrugs. You laugh while thanking him once again while undressing to your bra and undies, hiding from him but he wasn’t approving so you just basically stripped in front of him. You slipped your dress on with the help of him zipping up the back. “I think it’s my turn to pick out your clothes, huh?” You asked jokingly. “Now’s not the time, babe.” He said, but he clearly wanting to say, never.


“Thanks for coming, baby.” Tristan whispered on your ear while kissing your cheek after. “This thing better be good, Tris. I ditched my cousins’ birthday party.” You chuckled while fixing your hair up in a bun, getting ready to put on your makeup.

“Whatever, I think she doesn’t like you anyway.”

“Well…true.” You agreed.


“Tris, can you please get me my clothes from downstairs? I think I left it laying on the couch or something.” You asked while finishing up your makeup. He stood up from the bed behind you and walking to exit the door, “Thanks babe.”

A minute later he comes up back to the room, holding up the clothes you picked, laying on his hand while a sort of, confused face plastered on him. “What?”

“Are you seriously wearing a red dress and four and a half inched heels on a The Vamps rehearsal?” he asked, letting me see the clothes I have chosen for myself. You were offended at first, but also slapping yourself mentally for actually picking those clothes out. Of course you don’t wear a freaking thigh high dress and high heels to a concert, what the fuck. He puts the clothes back on the closet and walks over to you, putting the both of his hands in front of you, on the table, while towering his figure over you. “I’ll choose.”

“What?! My clothes? -chuckles- No way, Evans.” You snapped, standing up and opening the closet again. But he was fast enough to block you so his back was covering the clothes to choose from. “C’mon, just this time. Please? Trust me.” He begged. “You’re just gonna play games about it again.” You sassed, crossing your arms. “Noooo! I won’t! I promise, I promise.” He pleaded once again, pressing his hands together. You gave in, “Fine. Go ahead.” He let out a soft “Yaay!” while turning around and started to rummage inside your closet. You sighed and made yourself company and putting all of your makeup back in the bag and fixing your hair.

Minutes go by and he already handed me two items of clothing; black skinny jeans and an off the shoulder white top. “Ooooh!” You grabbed the outfit from his hands and looked at him in amusement. “See, I told you.” He said almost proudly. You laughed softly and thanked him. “And oh—“ he pointed to your black ankle boots, “Wear those too.” Was the last thing he said then walked out of the room so you can change. You smirked and shook your head to yourself, “I love how he acts like some kind of professional or something.” You laughed.


“Hmm…baby, I wanna dress you up.” He whispered into your skin, kissing your shoulder very delicately. You sighed into his touch, closing your eyes. “But baby, why d’you wanna do that?” you asked, pulling him away and looking straight at him. “I mean, aren’t we going to the shopping centre later? I want to look at you and remind myself that I dressed you up.” He chuckled at the end. You shake your head jokingly at his foolishness. “Okaaaay…—“

“Yay!” He cheered.

“But can I trust you though?” You pointed a finger at him and he just grinned and then winked in reply. You swear you think you just melted. “Okay then, come on.” You jumped out of bed with him behind you and you led him to your closet. You opened the doors and his eyes grew wide. “Okay I swear you only swear skinny jeans and a shirt on a day to day basis but, hell, I didn’t know you had this much clothes.” He admitted. You shrugged your shoulders and replied, “Well, I mean, I know, but you asked for it.” You heard his huff slightly besides you and forcing yourself not to let out a chuckle. “Come on now, love. We don’t have all day to choose clothes, now do we?” He didn’t reply. “Well, while you do that, I’ll just take a wee and do my makeup slightly.” You said while running to the bathroom, leaving him there to decide what you’re gonna wear. You trusted him, you knew that.

You decided that after you went to wee, you’ll go straight to putting on some makeup and keep the outfit he made a secret to yourself. Plus, he will have more time. You started putting on some primer then a thin layer of foundation, concealer and some powder to add some color on your face. You added some contour, eyebrows then eyeliner, and lastly some mint flavored chapstick. You fixed your hair up into a fishtail braid and then finally, you went outside.

Your lips already parted slightly and your brows were raised up to the sight of James holding up the outfit that he chose, proudly.

A white sundress with red roses prints in them and a denim jacket, with your white Chelsea boots placed just in front of the doorway. “I know we’re just going to do some groceries, but I think we should all dress up like it’s our last day here on earth.” He winked at the end, while dropping the clothes on the bed and walking over to you and giving you a kiss on the forehead. “I swear, McVey, if you don’t stop with all these quotes I’m gonna flip.” You shook your head but then grabbing the dress first to put it on. “Well, uh, I mean,” he brushed his hair with his hands, “Life’s just a whole big quote, isn’t it?” “Oh my God.” You both laughed.

Soon enough later you’ve got changed, and James couldn’t help but to stare at his masterpiece. He fulfilled his promise to himself; to look at Y/N and say that, “I dressed her up, my work of art.”

P.S: not spellchecked so sorry if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes that you may have encountered. 


I’m pretty sure this is what anon meant when they said Neko Maid… (Someone stop me please…I am having way too much fun) anyway, if this is an anime reference (outside of the popular AU/costume) I have never seen the anime and I am very sorry. For this ask I will assume by Neko Maid you are referring to the typical anime maid style with cat ears, a tail, and sometimes paws, if that is not correct I will accept criticisms and change it as soon as I can. Thanks for bearing with me and enjoy~
Sidenote: I’m keeping it gender neutral because there was no specified pronouns.

Rantaro Amami
* The two of you were doing some season transitionary cleaning one afternoon, when you found it.
* Rantaro was helping you dust off some antique snow globes one moment, then rushed out of the attic the next.
* He had no idea what just happened, and your not-even-half explanation was no help either.
* Fifteen minutes had almost passed before his curiosity began to eat away at him, that’s when finally you revealed yourself.
* “Ohohoho~ So that’s what was taking you so long?~”
* You smiled and stepped down completely from the ladder, doing a showing twirl of your entire outfit.
* “And a tail? I wonder what I’d have to do to see you like this all the time~”

Korekiyo Shinguuji
* Korekiyo had recently began to show interests in animal companionship in humanity. It only occurred to him after a certain animal loving classmate accidentally relayed their high interest in animals.
* Every time you’d visit his home, his room had been left in a worse condition than your last visit. Who knew that animal companionship had soooo much research built into it.
* But he was managing the work load, while his organization skills seemed to be lacking as of late.
* That’s when an idea struck you.
* While he was locked away in his room, nose-deep in a book relating to felines and their history amongst Egyptians, the doorbell sounded.
* He heavily desired to just ignore whoever it was and continue his reading…but they were persistent.
* Sighing, he finished the last portion of the paragraph, and made his way to rejoin society.
* Although the situation did strike him as odd…hardly did he ever have visitors unless they were you…and you always called…perhaps–
* Nope, throw all theories out the window.
* “Nya~ Hello, Mr. Shinguuji. I heard your home was in need of some special cleaning~”
* “Well I will most certainly accept the assistance of such an interesting and generous maid~ Please watch your step.”

Kaito Momota
* Honestly…how you even got on the subject of Neko Maids is still a mystery to this very day…
* But Kaito admits that he didn’t really like the whole vibe of it.
* I mean, it was cute sure, a lot of people can pull off the look, but it’s just not his thing.
* Major disappointing…
* Maybe…there was a way to convince him otherwise~
* After dropping the topic, you moved your conversation onto something else, but your plot was still burning in the back of your mind.
* A few days later, you and Kaito meet up again and-
* “S/o?! Wow…you look…wow…”
* “Maybe Mewmota would apurrtiate the quality of Neko Maids neow that his wuver is going to dress like one furever~”
* “And to think I didn’t have a thing for Neko Maids ;)”

Kokichi Ouma
* Even though he wouldn’t say, you could tell something was off about your jokester boyfriend.
* It was like a huge rain cloud was just above his head, but the sun was was still visible confusing you about whether it would rain or not.
* So you decided to set up an adorable surprise for him.
* Even though it was hecka illegal…Ouma had done this plenty of times to you…so you figured it’d be okay…hopefully… Anyway you picked his front lock, as you’ve seen him done plenty of times before and awaited for him to return for his “secret society” meet.
* An hour had gone by when he finally returned looking exhausted…maybe it was wrong to–
* “Alright, whoever you are, I know you’re hiding! I’m armed and not afraid to use this!”
* Whoa?? What???
* You slowly revealed yourself from behind his couch, completely at the mercy of your boyfriend.
* “S/o?”
* “I know what you’re going to say! And I-I just wanna say at the time it seemed like a good idea…but now…”
* “You look sooooo cute~~~”
* He’s latched onto you in seconds, covering your face with butterfly kisses.
* Later on, you find out he was bluffing about being armed, but how the heck did he know you were there???

Shuuichi Saihara
* It started when Shuuichi wasn’t paying any attention to you while he was visiting your house.
* Call it clingy, but you did invite him so that you two could hang out.
* It was understandable that he had a ton of work, but he could have just declined your offer…
* Hmm…perhaps it was time mister detective took a short break from his most recent case.
* He was absolutely lost in his work, failing to notice you slipping out of the room. However, when he finally became aware of your absence, he raised a small alarm.
* It had been quiet for a long time…
* He sets his notebook aside to go check on you, wherever you had disappeared off to.
* Guest room? No, this is their house, why would they be in the guest room? Bathroom? The light was off and the door was open.
* He had searched just about every room, leaving your parents’ room and your room. His money was going to be on the only room with a light on…which he should’ve checked first…but y'know…thoroughness…
* The door was obviously wide open, hence the light flooding out of it…but he didn’t expect you to be struggling to change still.
* Insta-nosebleed.
* “Shuuichi…you do know that all I had left to put on were socks right?”
* “I-I know…but you look…really…nice…”
* Help him…

* This whole thing started out with him asking questions about cosplaying.
* “Why do humans do it? Is there any benefit one reaps by pretending to be someone or something else?”
* Um yes?!? Is that even a question?!?
* Before you went on a huge rant about how effing amazing cosplay is, you decided you could show him better than you could tell him.
* Digging through your old cosplays you found the most classic of the classic…
* “Alright, Kiiboi time to show you the great power of the Neko Maid!~ Nya (roar)~”
* …
* It takes a minute for him to analyze what exactly he was seeing.
* “Perhaps Kirumi would appreciate the aesthetic of your maid costume?”
* 🙃
* You spend the rest of the afternoon explaining with charts, 2010 YouTube videos, and PowerPoints just how important this relic was to the anime community.

Gonta Gokuhara
* Today you decided to go through your closet, prepping your old clothes for donations, or tossing out the really worn ones when you found it.
* Ah yes, the pinnacle of your cosplaying days…the blessed Neko Maid costume.
* You figured it would be fun to try it on one last time before prepping it for give away to some other otaku– that’s when the doorbell rang.
* Just as you answered the door, you took in the spiffy image of your giant boyfriend in a nice suit, sporting a bouquet of flowers.
* “Gonta hopes you like the flowers he got for you for our date! He thinks they match your eyes perfectly! Oh?”
* Mother…
* You completely forgot about your date tonight with all the reminiscing in your closet.
* “Sorry Gonta, I-I should hurry and go get dressed…”
* “But Gonta thinks you look really nice in your maid outfit! He thinks it is really…cute!”
* His blushing face was just too much to say no to…even though it would be really embarrassing…you agreed to go out to dinner in your Neko Maid costume.
* Despite all the strange looks you received, Gonta’s constant compliments were enough to block off all the haters. Perhaps you should make this a regular thing on your dates~

Ryoma Hoshi
* You know the guy has a strong fondness when it comes to cats, and you didn’t wanna give off the wrong impression by dressing in an entire cat suit.
* So instead you settled for a more popular and socially acceptable genre.
* Neko Maid!
* “Nya~ Ryomew~ Look! I dressed like a kitty cat maid~ Meow!”
* As soon as he looks up–
* *internal screams*
* He’s gotta keep his cool.
* But. You. Look. So. Effing. Cute!!!!!
* He tries to tell you that it looks nice, but due to his internal conflicts, his voice slightly cracks, and after that you haven’t seen or heard from him for the rest of the week day.
* But he absolutely adores this outfit, maybe someday he will be Adult™ enough to stick around and say it to your face.
* As of right now…he’s got a bad boi image to protect, at least he’s gotta make you think he’s cool.

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Howlin’ For You

Part 2

(Avengers x Reader & Pietro x Reader)

A/n: This is my first ever request. Hope you like it anon. ;) I got carried away again and there’s a bit of fluff with Pietro because, well it’s Pietro and it’s mandatory. ;) Hope it’s not too rubbish!

Happy Halloween :) xxx  Requests are open. :)

(Part 1)

Sunlight beamed through the ceiling height windows, waking you up. You whined and turned over, the quilt wrapping itself around you. Maybe you should have taken Pietro up on his offer, you felt like death. Your back ached and your neck felt like it had been trapped in a vice all night. At least you were closer to coffee here and it was Saturday, which meant no training.  

“Morning y/n.” Bruce wandered in, he was usually the first one up, “coffee?” he smiled, thankfully not commenting on the state you were in.  

“Please.” You answered quietly and yawned. You liked Bruce he was the last person to judge you, yet you still felt self conscious. It didn’t help he kept staring at you.  

“Do I have a bogey or something?”  

He spluttered into his coffee, “You have a little something…” he gestured all around your face, “you didn’t know? You might want to look in a mirror.”  

You picked up a pan gasping at your reflection. Some git had written all over your face in felt tip pen. Colourful skulls, pumpkins, stars, rainbows and sheep decorated your cheeks while ‘I love Pietro Maximoff’ was scrawled across your forehead. How did you not wake up while this was happening?!  

A slight breeze and clanging alerted you to Pietro groggily searching the fridge. You yelped and ran out of the kitchen in a panic.  

“Was that y/n?“  


You scowled at your reflection as you scrubbed your face. It had to have been Bucky, he was the only person you had told about your crush. He was really going all out with these pranks. If he dared show his face you weren’t sure if you could control yourself.    

Finally doodle free you ventured back out into the common room and right into a custard pie that was dangling from the door frame. Fucks sake. Grumbling you wiped your face with a towel. You grabbed your laptop and unknowingly sat on a whoopie cushion. The loud farting noise echoed around the empty room. At the same time Thor walked in. He just looked at you and walked straight back out again. Great.  

This carried on until dinner time when finally you’d had enough. Wherever you went something jumped out at you or was thrown at you. Eggs, flour, feathers, fake bugs, even rice bloody crispies of all things. You retreated to your room, worn down and angry.  

You used the time to dye your hair and finish off your Quicksilver dress. Your naturally curly brown hair was now blonde except for the roots. You were so proud of the dress, grey and blue with silver stripes and long sleeves with the gloves sewn in. They had been the hardest part to do. A pair of silver heels, red lipstick and you were done.  

Heading out early you explored the tower. Only lit by candlelight the whole place was decorated like a Victorian haunted house. It was amazing. Pumpkins floated everywhere and broomsticks danced in the corners. Giant chandeliers and stormy skies thundered above you in the corridors. Trapdoors opened up out of nowhere with ghosts and monsters jumping out at you, all with creepy music playing in the background. It was great.  

Arriving at the main room, you opened the doors to the sea of people all dressed in costume and dancing to ’Monster Mash’. Taking a seat at the bar you ordered a glass of wine. It came in a cobweb covered skull glass. Tony had really outdone himself.  

The music stopped as Tony made his entrance, ‘Highway to hell’ playing as he danced down the stairs.  He was followed by Pepper, Natasha and a few others. You made your way through the crowd towards them, dodging vampires and Harley Quinns.  

“Wow Tony this is gorgeous!”  

“I was aiming for terrifying, but thank you sweet cheeks.“  He gave you a quick hug and disappeared into the crowd, obviously in his element.  

“Good job on the outfit, the real one can’t keep his eyes off you.” Natasha gave Pietro a quick glance and he looked away quickly.  You tried not to drool as he leaned against the bar dressed in Steve’s suit. He filled it out very well, Steve might have some competition. The mask not so much, he looked uncomfortable until a pretty girl came up to him, snaking her arm around his. You laughed to yourself, ever the charmer, Pietro.  

Steve handed you a purple cocktail complete with smoke and a floating eyeball. He was dressed as black widow and he really pulled it off. The black cat suit more like a darker version of his own, clinging in all the right places.    

“Thanks. So who did you get to prank?”  

Steve looks shifty, “you remember the biscuit tin?”    

“That was you?!”    

“Hey y/n, arms fixed.” Bucky grinned wiggling his metal fingers at you. He’d come as Scarlet Witch in a black shirt, trousers and red leather jacket, he did look handsome. You glared at him, his smile wavering a little.  

“Hilarious Barnes, I thought I’d ripped your arm off!”    

“Sorry y/n. Want to dance?”  

There were sniggers behind you as he took your hand, leading you out onto the dance floor. He better not think he can get away with everything so easily.  

“You really went all out Bucky.” You shouted over the music as he spun you around then took hold of your hands so you were jiving. He still looked confused.  

“I keep telling you. It was just that one time.”  

“Then who did all those other pranks?” You frowned and glanced over at Pietro, still chatting to the girl. It could have been him, it could have been any of them.  

“Come on doll face, enjoy yourself, I love seeing you smile.”  He spun you around again and you tripped over your feet nearly falling over, laughing as Bucky caught you.  

“That’s the one.”  

His cheeky grin was infectious and you let yourself go, enjoying dancing with him. He tried to teach you how to waltz, apparently it was easy. You however had two left feet.    

After a while Steve joined in and you tried to teach them both the ‘time warp’. They were hilarious, missing steps, turning the wrong way and their hip swaying was criminal. You looked around for the others hoping they would join in, only spotting Pietro who was now with Wanda. They looked like they were arguing. Wanda gestured in your direction then walked off. Pietro shouted something after her then grabbed his drink, downing it in one. It was unusual for those two to argue. You brushed it off and carried on dancing.  

Once ‘time warp’ had finished Steve and Bucky were laughing their heads off, Steve slightly more embarrassed. Bucky put his arms around both your shoulders and started to lead you over to the bar where the rest of the avengers had gathered.  

“You’re quite the dancer y/n.” Bucky winked as he passed more cocktails to you and Steve and you all laughed.  

“We were just saying, the whoopie cushion was the best prank. Thor was disgusted with you lady y/n.” Sam slurred, trying to make farting noises, a little bit too drunk. 

“Don’t forget the custard pie, you walked right into that one.” Clint chipped in.  

“The guinea pigs were my favourite.” Wanda smiled, you had to admit you liked that one, it lead to a very weird evening with Pietro. He was sat at the back of the group chatting up another pretty girl. You were a little jealous, did everyone at this party look like a model?  

“That was pretty cute, though I’m going to be finding little brown poos for months… hang on, you all pranked me?! That can’t be right…”    

“Happy halloween!” Tony waltzed past and the big screen clicked on, playing a slideshow of you getting pranked over and over again in giant hd pictures and videos. Everyone looked at each other and burst into laughter.    

“Tony Stark I’m going to kill you!” You grabbed a broom and chased him around the dance floor, he giggled like a little boy as you ran after him never quite managing to whack him with the broom.  

“It was a joke y/n!” He pleaded.  

You finally caught him, hitting him with the broom then tickling him once he was on the floor, you couldn’t help laughing. Who knew Tony Stark was so ticklish? 

“I surrender!”    

You let him up, offering him your hand.  

“Please tell me there are no more pranks Tony?”    

“No idea.” He shrugged and walked back into the crowd.  

You started to follow him but were whisked away into a side room and practically thrown down onto the floor. You had to cling to the wall to steady yourself, feeling the effects of those cocktails.  

“Hello Miss Quicksilver.”  

“Captain.” You winked and mock saluted him then hid your eyes, bracing yourself for whatever he had planned for you.  

“Get it over with Pietro, what’s your prank?“    

Pietro chuckled, pulling your hands away from your face and keeping hold of them at your sides.  His thumbs stroked the back of your hands and you looked up to see the same look in his eyes from the night before.  

“I think you’ve suffered enough printesa.”  

“They always pick on me.” You pretended to be upset, sticking your bottom lip out.  

“They like you, you are very funny y/n…”  Pietro trailed off and let go of your hands, fiddling with the mask again, grumbling to himself. You sigh and reach up, pulling it over his head.    

“Is that better?” You giggle at his messy hair and lean up onto your tiptoes, running your hands through the tangled mess trying to tidy it up.    

“You want to be Mrs Quicksilver? keep that up.“ He said in a husky voice and grinned, you froze realizing how close you were and backed away blushing.  

“Every time, y/n, why do you always pull away?”  

His face fell, voice full of frustration and anger. He held your arms gently, desperate for an answer. You couldn’t look him in the eyes, you wanted to tell him exactly how you felt. How much you adored him, how your nerves and doubts always got in the way.  

“Is it Bucky? I never see you running away from him.”  He growled. Was he jealous? If he didn’t look so hurt and angry you would have laughed.  

“Because I don’t have feelings for Bucky.” You whispered, amazed you managed to get the words out at all.  

Pietro took a moment to register what you were saying and you watched his reaction carefully. You had more or less admitted you liked him and it scared you to death. He seemed more nervous than you now and a little bit smug.  In an instant, he grabbed you hugging you tightly and spinning you around. Once you’d stopped giggling, you noticed Mjolnir had been left unguarded on one of the tables.

“Hey Pietro,” you whispered, “Shall we have a go?”  he raised his eyebrows in confusion for a moment before he followed your line of sight.  

“No y/n.”  

“Come on we don’t have long before Thor gets back!”    

You giggled and winked at Pietro, placing your hands either side of the handle. You pulled, and pulled and pulled. Nothing. Pietro laughed again watching you struggle.  

“You lady y/n are not worthy!” Pietro exclaimed doing his best impersonation of Thor, his arms at his sides and chest puffed up.  

You attempted to glare at him between giggles.  

“Your turn smart arse.”  

Pietro shook his head, “If it doesn’t like you what chance do I have?” he moved behind you and you held in a breath as he put his arms around your waist. Resting his head on your shoulder he whispered in your ear, “I’ve done some very bad things y/n.”  

You shivered, feeling his lips brush your ear. You twisted your head to face him, lifting your chin up slightly. You closed the distance between you lightly grazing his lips with your own, surprising him when you kissed him slowly and deeply, savoring the taste of him. He moaned softly returning the kiss. You moved around him pressing your body against his and wrapping your hands around his neck. You’d wanted this for so long you had to make the most of it.  

“I didn’t expect that.”  

You took his hands and pulled him in front of you, shoving him forwards until he was standing in front of Mjolnir.    

“It won’t hurt to try.”  

Shrugging he reluctantly grabbed the handle. Taking a deep breath he pulled as hard as he could. Not entirely prepared for what happened next. You jumped as he was flung backwards into the wall. He slid down to the floor, eyes wide, looking from you to the hammer in disbelief. You were too shocked to speak, your mouth hanging open.  

“I did not foresee this.”    

Thor’s voice boomed from the doorway startling you both. Pietro grinned and started throwing the hammer around. Your heart dropped as it dawned on you. This was all his prank.  

“You really thought I was worthy?”  

“A fake Mjolnir, nice one Pietro. Are you in on this too Thor?” fuming you looked over at Thor disappointed. He only returned your look with a confused smile.  

“That is no fake lady y/n.”  

Pietro was stunned for a moment, his eyes went wide and he nearly fainted, letting out a girly squeak and dropping the hammer, watching as it bounced across the floor. Thor smirked at him.  

“It appears you are worthy Pietro Maximoff.”  

Standing up, Pietro picked up Mjolnir again posing and gesturing.    

“I suppose I am…”  

He accidentally sent a lightning bolt across the room setting fire to the curtains, just missing Thor as he tried to approach him. Using his power to put out the fire, Pietro looked back to you both sheepishly. Thor was becoming increasingly impatient. 

“May I? The hammer?” Thor asked holding his hand out for the hammer. Pietro thought about it for a moment, that mischievous look in his eyes. Uh oh.  

“Have to catch me mighty man!” He shouted and ran past Thor in a blur, heading back to the party. Presumably to brag. Thor shook his head and groaned.  

“Imbecile!” Thor yelled, raising his hands and storming off in Pietro’s general direction.  

Walking after them you watched as Pietro tormented Thor, taking the time to show off Mjolnir to the shocked avengers and zooming away again. He almost got caught when he stopped to give Wanda a hug.  

Pietro zoomed back to give you a sloppy kiss on the lips, “You make me worthy, dragoste.”  

You pressed your fingers to your lips, giggling as the other Avengers joined the chase.  

It was a very Avengers Halloween.

I Promise (Mercy76)

Wow, it has been far too long.  As requested, I’ll be cranking out several Mercy76 holiday themed one-shots.  My apologizes if this is utter trash.  I literally just wrote it.  Gotta get back into the swing of things so yeah ><

Anyway, since the amazing @ynartistic asked so nicely for fics, I’m dedicating this one to you!  Thank you so much for all your amazing Mercy76 pics.  I seriously cannot get enough of them.  And a second thanks is in order too.  I’ve been in a Mercy76 slump and your art and post got me in the mood.  So thank you!!!

As she sifted through the ceaseless rolls of colored tubes, he couldn’t help but smile. She was beautiful, more beautiful than he could remember. It seemed that with each passing day, she’d sparkle just a bit more, glow a bit longer. She was truly a sight to behold and he honestly couldn’t be happier. Hell, he was surprised she even picked him. There were so many others more qualified for the role and yet she gravitated towards him. Funny thing was, he didn’t know why. He wasn’t rich. He wasn’t famous, at least he didn’t feel like it when he stood beside her. He wasn’t overly handsome like Reyes, who seemed to get everyone drooling. He wasn’t a badboy like that new kid, McCree. And yet, there she was. Or rather, there he was, having yet another Christmas with his girlfriend.

Taking a long, smooth sip from the mug she made for him, Jack continued to beam. His happiness was infinite so long as she was by his side. Darkness, though it lurked in every corner, never penetrated his heart nor mind. She was magical in that regard. Always able to make him see the light, feel the light, love the light.

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TTYL Part 2

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3907

Summary: An incredible amount of luck leads to an unforgettable experience on a video-chat website with a sexy stranger.

A/N: Finally, here is Part 2! Be on the look-out for Part 3 in the next two weeks :) 

Was it really him?

I dwelled on that question for days. There was a chance I had misheard, but in the moment it sounded beyond a doubt like Jimin was calling out for Taehyung.

“Tae Tae, we brought food!”

“Ah, what is it?”

That response sounded so much like his voice. Could it all have just been a coincidence? Could there be another Tae living somewhere with a roommate that sounds just like Jimin? Could that Tae have the same voice as V?

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Campus Catch - College AU! Thomas X Reader

Originally posted by alexander-hamiltunes

You were walking back to your dorm after a day of hell full of classes, over dramatic classmates, and strict professors that seemed to be heart set to make your semester a bore. The sun was setting on the large campus as you were getting close to your dorm, the day had worn you out and all you wanted to do was get your work done and sleep.

Of course, it wasn’t all bad on campus. Some of your best friends were in your classes like Alexander, Hercules, Lafayette, John, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy. No matter what kind of shit life throws at you, they always know how to cheer you up.

You finally reached your dorm which you shared with Peggy. You dropped your books by your feet and made a bee-line for your bed, falling on it with a big huff.

“Yeah, I’m sure she’d love to go!” You heard the door open and sat up to greet her….along with her sisters which followed her in.

“Who’d love to go?” You said, swinging your legs over your bed and standing up.

“You, me, Angelica, and Eliza. We’re having a girls night and you are coming with.” Peggy stated simply, grabbing her good heels and touching herself up in the mirror.

“But I have work to do,” You whined, falling back onto your bed. 

“Get up,” Angelica walked over to you and grabbed your arms “Eliza, grab her legs”

“WHAT?!” You said but it was too late, Eliza grabbed both of your legs and the two picked you up off the bed, carrying you out the door as you tried to wiggle out of their grasp.

“Who’s that guy staring at Y/N?” You looked up from your drink and at Angelica as the puzzling words left her lips.

“Oh, I think that’s Thomas Jefferson. He’s in Alexander’s class. “ She smiled as her boyfriend’s name left her lips. It was a known fact that Eliza was head over heels in love with Alexander, hell they were the campus couple.

“Why is he staring? Is there something wrong with my outfit?” You looked down at your shirt and examined it.

“He probably think’s your cute~,” Peggy said with a nudge of her shoulder. 

“What? No way in hell…” You turned around and got a good look of him. He was….wow. Dressed to impress, brown eyes that flowed like a river, he was breathtaking.

“Yeah, no way would someone like that go for me,” You said with a small laugh and a sip of your drink.

“Oh really? Because he’s coming this way~” Eliza said with a grin. “Don’t say anything stupid and you’ll be fine!” Easy for you to say

You turned around and met eyes with him. He flashed a bright smile, charming you in an instant.

“Hey, I’m Thomas,” He said in a beautifully suave voice.

“Hi, I’m single,” You said and mentally face palmed. You felt Peggy lean closer to you and whisper,

Say something!” Thomas let out a laugh that was like pure silk. This man was going to be the death of you.

“Hey, you got an inhaler?” You asked, already regretting the words that were about to say

“Uh, no, why?” He said, a look of confusion flashed across his face

“because you got that ass, ma” You said, pointing finger guns at him

“Oh my god…” Peggy said, facepalming herself while the other sisters stifled their laughs. Thomas stood there in silence, laying a gaze on you that felt like a thousand pounds. You both stared at each other for a moment before he erupted in laughter.

“Oh-Oh man” He laughed, grasping his stomach as tears of joy fell from his cheeks “Jesus christ! That’s- possibly the best thing I’ve heard in my life.” He said with a big smile. Quickly, he took out a slip of paper from his pocket and a pen, scribbling something on it before handing it to you.

“Call me sometime, ##########

            - T. Jef”