wow i have a lot of fandoms

ok I just wanna make some things clear

having a lot of followers =/= a lot of notes on your art

having a lot of notes on your art =/= good art

not having very many notes on your art =/= bad art

I feel kinda shitty that I have to say this (don’t wanna seems like I’m bragging/ungrateful) but the amount of followers you have doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna get notes. I currently have a little over 18k followers, and wow, that’s a lot. But the thing is, the average amount of notes on my art is about the same as when I had 7k, 5k, or even 2k followers.

the biggest factors I’ve noticed is fandom size and timing. The size of a fandom really affects how much your art is going to be seen. This really should be a no-brainer, but if more people like something and are searching for content of that thing, then they’re more likely to find your art.

Another thing is timing. Time Zones exist. Just because it’s the time of the day that you’re active on tumblr doesn’t mean the same for everyone else.

Please, please don’t feel bad if your art doesn’t get as many notes as you hoped. It happens to everyone, even me.

thats it thats the show 

everyone go home

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Best marauders fics? ??

oh hoooo boy (most of these are gonna be ffn bc i was and still am SUPER DUPER into marauders fics before ao3 was a major thing.) (also, i love AUs) (also i p much only ready jily. i do ship wolfstar! but i havent actively gone and read any wolfstar fics) (also these are all p much from 2013-2015) but off the top of my head (under the cut bc this got LONG):

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hey just wondering but what kinda keith + lance blog is this? like, is it going to end up with klance or is it just going to stick to canon/an interpretation of canon or will it stay away from ships altogether? thanks!

glad you asked! :D 

i recommend going to the “about” page which gives a brief sypnosis about the blog. Simply put, i had a lot of really random/funny ideas of them interacting, i just really love their dynamic. i made this blog because man, i love this show. i had a lot of drawing ideas so im here to share my own take of keith and lance. here they are. here comes the Cool Kids

im generally not much of a shipper… and my interpretation of them is pretty different than from what everything ive seen, but thats just me. I’ll just do my own interpretation of these characters with everyone as one big platonic family, because you can never go wrong with that!!! i guess i was so overwhelmed with so much lovey dovey stuff that i wanted to make my own take of them, featuring more of my surreal taste of humor. I prefer them as casual badass space range partners doing really weird things so I made this …full of memes and emo angst. this is still pretty different from canon bc i think keith and lance are still more geared towards rivalry than in this blog

Because of how.. intimidating the voltron fandom is.. i think it’s best for me to stay away from ships altogether. for now. Voltron has little romance to begin with. Man I’d love it if they made klance canon, though I think the chances of any ship being canon is pretty slim (at least right now) because there’s so much outside forces that the characters have to prioritize first, but of course, I could always be wrong. 

i do ship them but not to the magnitude of a lot of people in the fandom. Then again, I literally don’t ship anyone else in this show.  If klance indeed does become canon, I am TOTALLY putting it into the blog but it will mostly stay similar, except they’ll hold hands or whatever. i dont mind getting any shippy asks, i actually have a lot of fun answering them! expect some answers soon

Me: Wow, Lars is such a complex character with so many issues. I don’t really like him when he’s a jerk but I can relate to him a lot because I also have self-sabotaging behaviour induced by social anxiety and low self-esteem. I also sometimes have panic attacks that don’t let me function properly or make good decisions. Wow, feels good to have a character with the same issues as me, I feel less lonely.

The fandom: Ugh Lars is such a piece of shit, how dares he to be a human being and make mistakes, seriously I hope he dies in space.



First off, happy bfsn fam! But I swear if they kill Luna I will just bury myself, she doesn’t deserve this g A H .

Second, these are all very different pictures of me so that’s cool. The second one makes my hair look magical, wow.

THIRD AND MOST IMPORTANTLY (this is where you gotta read, haha), I have something to tell you guys. A lot of you may know how active I’ve been in wanting to support my LGBT friends in this fandom and in general. A lot you may not know, however, that I myself have been going through a lot of those similar thought processes over the last year or so, and a few months ago (I think? Time is weird lol) I’ve come to terms with who I am, and *gasp* it’s not heterosexuality. I am in fact biromantic asexual 👭👫🏳️‍🌈 (or maybe gray-asexual, figuring that out, but definitely far on the spectrum). I decided it was a good day to tell you guys for, I dunno, whatever reason. (((It’s actually because all my irl friends on tumblr now know, so no surprises for irl people. Whoo.)))

But honestly, the thing I want y’all to take away from this (outside of Literally No Phobia Is Going By Me Without A Thwack and also my posting’s about to get aggressively gay probs) is I’m always here to support and love you, no matter who you are. You’re all beautiful and valid and I want you all to be happy. You deserve that. <3

(Also look at my bitmoji, it’s literally me, you can’t see the shirt but it says “i can’t even” it’s ME yall.

*Much less important but I’ll be off my low-key hiatus in about a week, blessed BE.*

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coming from a small company who barely had anything to becoming this big and successful. from having fansigns with 200 fans to having sold out concerts here in the us. from wearing fake brands to wearing real designed expensive clothing/accessories. from working their fucking asses off sacrificing part of their physical/mental health day and night to reach where they are now . it’s just so fucking amazing and impressive like they really did that it’s literally crazy. coming from a stan that watched them grow since debut like i can really see it, they really grew A LOT. i remember when the fandom was really that small and when i look at bts now and its just wow… i dont even know how to describe it myself imagine how they themselves are feeling right now. their hard work truly paid off im literally so so proud of them idk how to put it in any other words. 

23 May 2017

[Outside the Woolpack with Robert, Aaron, Victoria, and Rebecca]

ROBERT: You do remember your last party don’t you? Rebecca got invited for the Plot and we ended up with a life size Zayn cutout.

AARON: Yeah…right. I also punched you in the face. I’ll try not to do that this time around. That thirty seconds of counseling I had before our holiday really helped me out.

ROBERT: Well that’s reassuring.

AARON: Hey, Vic! We’re having a party at our house that’s totally finished even though we haven’t been here to work on it. It’s on a Thursday so there’s sure to be drama of some kind. What do you say?

VICTORIA: I say Adam’s probably going to be there so…

AARON: *well yeah he’s my best mate even if we haven’t had scenes together in ages face*

ROBERT: *Guilty ‘why do our stories have to mirror each other’s so much and you mentioning Adam makes me remember my own mistake as if I needed reminding’ Face*

VICTORIA: But that’s my problem, not yours, because even though we’re family we don’t talk about the things that really matter like the potential end of my marriage. So…yeah…of course I’ll come.

AARON: *Great glad that worked out face*

ROBERT: *Sorry Vic it’s not like I don’t care I’m just dealing with the potential end of my own marriage but I’m trying to look like nothing’s wrong face*

*Rebecca walks by*

VICTORIA: Plot! Plot! Plot! Hey, what are you doing on Thursday?

AARON: *Vic she doesn’t need to be in all of our scenes face*  #Relatable

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Shout out to people who liked Hamilton before it was mainstream and remember these things:
  • How in the beginning, before it was released in the Public Theater in NY (like, several months before we even knew it was gonna be on Broadway) there was one solitary trailer for the show and it was the singular source for clips and music.
  • There was pretty much one or two news pages covering the show and you read the same couple of articles over and over again.
  • The only songs we somewhat knew were Alexander Hamilton from Lin’s White House performance and like thirty seconds of My Shot from that o n e trailer.
  • The two history nerds on Tumblr who got to see it had to describe it in riveting detail to the other (like five) history nerds on Tumblr who didn’t have the resources to go to the Public Theater.  (NO FOOTAGE OR SOUNDTRACK).
  • Two, maybe three people were drawing fanart.
  • Lin first getting his Tumblr account.
  • Staying up for hours to listen to the first ever official cast recording live.
  • And then only having that link and not the soundtrack to listen to, so you would have to memorize the points on the timelines where your favorite songs were and constantly tap/click back to those specific points.
  • Having nobody to talk to about it irl because nobody had heard of it imagine that.
  • Freaking out when it was announced that it would open on Broadway over the summer and that tickets would soon be on sale.
  • Trying to convince people that a musical conveyed through rap and hip hop music about the Founding Fathers portrayed by a mostly POC cast makes much more sense than you would initially think.
  • Frantically Googling pictures for visuals because NO FOOTAGE.
  • Excitedly hyper-analyzing the political and cultural implications of the show within the circle of the Ten Tumblr History Nerds™.
  • When there was no merch.
  • And then the only merch in the beginning was like two or three different shirts.
  • When the website first went up.
  • When that visual of Lin-as-Hamilton walked on the star and then pointed and then it froze and then thAT BECAME THE THING
  • When the “inspiration for the hit Broadway production” sticker first went on the Chernow books and instead of being the Hamilton Star Symbol™ it was just a black circle.
  • Watching in confused excitement as all of a sudden everybody started to love American history.  (”I mean I ALWAYS liked history.”)
  • Jamilton was once the only major ship in the “Found Fathers Fandom™ ” and the more relevant Hamilton became, the more it faded away.
  • Previously somewhat-unheard of/not-talked-about historical figures like Hercules Mulligan, James Madison, and John Laurens became extremely relevant.

There’s probably a lot more idk but wow things have changed in a couple short years


So my mom raided through my entire phone 2 days ago, went into tumblr, and deleted my account. I’ve recreated this one under the same url, so please, please, follow me again if you followed my old account. I was so close to 1k followers, but the most disappointing part is that i lost all connections with a lot of mutuals that I care about. Being part of the pp and bechloe fandom has been a part of my life since 2013, so in a sense I kinda felt lost without my tumblr…wow I really have no life. Anyways, tumblr was also one of the only ways i could talk to my long distance gf @babytadpoles16 which was one of the other reasons why I decided to create (recreate??) this new account. 

Please follow me again if you still have any interest in my blog, I’m in the process of rebuilding my dash and will be posting the same gay trash.

(hey, that rhymed)

Also, it would be awesome if some of you pitches reblog this post so i can follow back the ppl that I used to follow? Thanks

I love pink ballpoint pens, so here’s a pink Misha Collins drawing.
Wow I have to say the supernatural fandom has lots of nice people, everybody was so welcoming to me. I had no idea

So surprisingly I got invited to draw something for the @supernaturalartbook , I’m so excited!!! I didn’t think I would ever have a chance, because there are so many amazing artists drawing for that book. I’ll do my best! ( Don’t worry this isn’t the drawing for the artbook, I want to do sth with more characters…hopefully)

Also please check out this awesome project, it’s for a good cause.

you know that you wanna play

pairing: okieriete “Oak” onaodowan x reader

request: @captain-trashma :“something with Oak” and “Cute to sinful? Like at some point oak, reader, Daveed and Ant discuss kinks and shit and reader is like  s i n f u l l  and everyone is a bit “woah, bruh.” But oak is hella intrigued and curious??”

summary: on two show days dinner breaks, the reader has dinner and plays ‘story time’ with daveed, ant, and oak. one day they talk about kinky sex, and oak’s interest picks up.

warnings (STRAP IN BITCHES): NSFW! smut. SMUT.  litany of kinks including: shower sex, public sex, the desecration of the richard rodgers stage, bondage, daddy!kink (so much daddy kink), hickies, orgasm denial, dominance/submission, begging, dirty talk, mention of threesomes, mention of double penetration, mentions of breath play, mention of sex swing, mirror-sex

word count: 5,360

a/n: title taken from “wriggle” by clippng. 3 DAYS, 3 FICS. I am exhausted but fulfilled. You guys have been so loving and nice and supportive I live for it!! Message me thoughts/questions/anything! I’m loving getting to know ya’ll. Take a shot every time I mention Rafa, clippng or Oakland (have fun). I sincerely apologize for how sinful this is. ENJOYYYYY. part two to this fic is here!! 

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Did a lesbian ever piss in your cornflakes or something.

….y’all are for real still on this dumbass kick where you think I, a WLW, am a lesbophobe because I don’t like one (1) WLW ship or one (1) White Lesbian Character?

Y’all are really sitting over here still acting like anyone who has a reason to dislike one (1) WLW ship or one (1) White Lesbian Character is a lesbophobe?

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) just don’t see myself really represented by that ship (because being a WLWOC is a multifaceted experience that it seems most Cl/xas struggle to grasp)

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it features two white women who are huge white saviors.  

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it relies heavily on the idea that POC can not help/govern/save ourselves and so need divine guidance from white people to lead us in the right direction. 

 It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it features one woman who wears foundation about 18 shades too dark for her skin and a bindi and another who, when in Polis, suddenly got a magic tan that was also 18 shades too dark for her skin?

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom regularly attacks every single last POC on this show (from Bob Morley to Jarod Joseph to Chris Larkin)

It can’t be that I (A Bisexual Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom is full of a bunch of white feminists who truly believe that a wlw ship featuring two, standard attractive white women is somehow more important rep than an interracial ship featuring a Filipino man and a bisexual woman. 

It can’t be that I (A Bisexual Black Woman Suffering From Depression and Suicidal Inclinations) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom has sent me messages that run the gauntlet, including:

1. You should kill yourself.

2. Your son is going to grow up to be a criminal (I guess because he’s black?)
3. Your mother should have aborted you.

4. You’re a monkey. 

5. You can’t be bisexual, you don’t ship Cl/xa.

and so on and so forth.

It can’t be that I (A Black Bisexual Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom has raged about L/xa’s death for over a year, but when Poussey died all of a sudden a lot of y’all voices were going on and on about how her death served the plot and was necessary and well done (even though Poussey was a lesbian, played by an ACTUAL lesbian).

It can’t be that I (A Black Bisexual Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom has decided that ADC and Eliza Taylor are somehow the best gay icons that have ever existed, period, even though they are both straight women, they are both relatively silent on LGBTQA issues and for the most part neither of them have done anything to raise awareness for us outside of playing a character on TV. 

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom attacked Ricky Whittle when he was frustrated by his lack of screentime even though he, as a series regular, arguably should have been shown a lot more in Season 3, but when his character died he suddenly became a chess pawn in your crusade against the CW, until he asked people to continue watching to support his friends and y’all immediately turned on him. 

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because of it’s fandom is full of racists. 

It can’t be that I (A Human Being) don’t like the ship because its fandom is full of bullies. 

I mean wow, imagine thinking that hating one (1) ship must mean you hate all WLW. 

Guess that means I hate myself and my best friend and Tierney and basically….75% of the Bellarke Fandom. 

Let’s just be honest and say what this is actually about for y’all:

 In White dominated wlw spaces White women expect all wlw to know and love every so-called, “lesbian icon,” who is also a white woman. Y’all expect every wlw to go through the same White experience as if White is the default race, when the experience that WLWOC face coming to terms with their sexuality is nothing like what White WLW experience. So excuse the fuck out of me for not finding representation in your one (1) WLW ship and your one (1) White Lesbian Character.  

Me a known lesbophobe, just….reblogging and supporting all of these lesbians:

Unofficial pre-WE coffee huddle!

The past 9 months, I’ve been lucky enough to meet, via fandom, women from all over the world who have become some of my closest friends. With people flying into my city from all over, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to connect with more of you!

I can’t hang about after the event but if anyone is around in the afternoon and would like to come and share a drink and a moment, to talk about the book and their life and anything else that comes up, I’ll be in the BFI cafe all afternoon, super casual, and would love if you dropped by.

Fandom not required, just positive female energy! Message me if you’re worried/shy/have questions and I hope to see lots of you.

( @dangerscully @chileananderson @so-called-xfiles @scullbagg may also be in attendence, schedules allowing!)

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hi!! i just finished reading 19 days and i went through it extremely quickly and now i'm confused. is everything that's going on right now set in the past/before he (forgot his name whoops) went missing for 3 years? or is all of this after? thank u💕

i gotchu fam

so the first 54 chapters are set in the future, jian yi has returned from a three year disappearance. most of the illustrations are set in the future too, including the christmas one (where you see zhanyi laying on a table holding hands) and the tianshan bath one. mostly you can seperate the past and the future by jian yi’s clothes; in the future he wears a high school uniform.

most of the other chapters are set in the past, jian yi hasn’t disappeared yet. it’ll take a long time before we finally reach the moment of jian yi’s disappearance, since he only disappears on the 2nd day of high school. the boys are now in their last year of middle school, which means they first have to finish this school year and summer vacation. chapters 68&69 are also set in the future.
chapter 191 (the valentine special) is either set in the future OR an alternate universe lmao.

SO BASICALLY we’re just counting down till jian yi’s disappearance. god i’m going to die when it actually happens. we’re living in the past rn. and wow that had a lot of extra info i apologize if it’s unclear, i hope i helped at least a bit. welcome to the fandom! 💞

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top five hairstyles in hq?

I feel like this is gonna be the most self indulgent top 5 ever, with little to none surprises…but who cares, our lovely haikyuu boys have such majestic hairstyles and now it’s time to celebrate them!

1. Bokuto. WOW. Who would have thought??? What can I tell you, you know my love for him is infinite and his hair surely contribute a lot to this. You can like him or not, but his hair is designed to stood out, everyone (even people not in the fandom) knows the guy with the owl hair. After “leggings or kneepads” has been finally solved, his natural hair color is now the most important unresolved mystery in Haikyuu. I’ll forever be on the natural grey side (like Suga has), even if this is gonna be debunked in the future. I’ll protect this hc with my life, literally. 

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2. Noya. With his hair up he’s stunning but…have you seen him with his hair down? @Furudate thank you for my life and for blessing us with that knowledge 

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3. Kuroo. That bedhead (like his every other feature) should frankly be illegal. Like…what the fuck Kuroo. What…the fuck. I’m so mad at him, is2g, WHY IS HE SO ATTRACTIVE??? 

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4. Terushima. ALWAYS A SLUT FOR UNDERCUTS. Plus I’m in a historical moment where I love Terushima so much. I don’t know how this happened but…yeah

Originally posted by doritobes

5. Kenma. Can you believe this child dyed his hair because he didn’t want to stood out that much? LMAO. Mission not to much accomplished pudding head, but I’m so grateful he did, every anime needs a boy who can rock blonde hair and he surely does. A+

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- Bonus: a special mention for Asahi because I have a thing for the man bun and for his constantly changing hairstyles 

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