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Watching 14 episode of Miraculous Ladybug like:
  • Me: omfg, finally it´s here, even if it´s in french, idc I will still watch it
  • Me: *singing openin.. or trying to sing it*
  • Me: *after few minutes* HE CAME TO HER HAUSE SIFHRIUEWFUW pls Marinette, act like a normal human for once
  • Me: ... Marinette heard me
  • Me: *Chloé appeares* no no no no no no no no no go away no no no no no no
  • Me: Adrien´s hating Chloé.. Adrien, I´m yours
  • Me: *on the fifth minute* NOW KISS NOW KISS NOW KISS
  • Me: *when Chloé cames to the kitchen* no no no no no no no no no go away no no no no no no
  • Me: *after a while* Chloé.. u b*tch
  • Me: Daddy Hawk Moth appeared c:
  • Me: *9th minute* kill that b*tch pls, like really
  • Me: *Adrien´s transformation* MAH LOVE CHAT NOIR YAAAS
  • Me: ... yeah, it´s not even stenge - like "Hi there, th building is covered in f*cking caramel and I getted in! Wow! It´s not even strenge! And you also don´t even look like Marinetee!"
  • Me: *on 13th minute* Ladybug sitting like a queen <3
  • Me: stucked in an elevator.. Chat, pls, KISS HER FINALLY!!
  • Me: *on 15th minute* Ladybug laughing like a queen <3
  • Me: *Chloé falling to the soup* DIE B*ITCH
  • Me: *Ladybug saving her* Noooooo!!!!! Drop heeeer!!!
  • Me: ... no Chloé/Ladybug canon... not at all
  • Me: Kung Food has pizza knife.. why they just can´t eat it?
  • Me: Lucky Chaaaaarm!!! *Lucky thing fell to Ladybug* ... what is it even?
  • Me: *Daddy Hawk Moth appears* just try to catch Ladybug and Chat Noir once by urself omg
  • Me: Yaaay, happy ending like always c: and more Ladynoir and Adrianette canon c: so happy c: but I want subtitles c: give me subtitles c:
First Place ( Jungkook )

Annyeong, can I request a Jungkook OS where him and you are the top-class students and you often fight because he wants to be first but then you beat him and vice versa ? Fluffy ending please ? Thank you ! 

 A/N — I changed things slightly so this could have slightly more angst hehe but it’s not a big change. I hope you like it! This is also slightly longer than usual because I relate so. 

PART 2 (for more fluff)


 "The one with the highest mark is Jungkook. Followed by (y/n)!“ Your teacher announced, the class made comments on how it wasn’t surprising. You and Jungkook were always the Top 2 students. People figured that you always studied together so you knew the same things. 

Well they were wrong. 

You and Jungkook never really got along. The main reason was because you two would always fight over the first place. As much as you hated to admit it, Jungkook was really smart, at times, smarter than you. But that never meant your defeat. The two of you had always been competing for the first place in class. You guys never really talked unless one ‘congratulates’ the other. 

There was a mutual understanding of dislike between the two of you. Sometimes you wondered if you two shouldn’t dislike each other just over the first place but then time and time again, you’re reminded why you’d like to wipe that smug off his face. 

 The boy turned around to face you. "Better luck next time (y/n).” Jungkook said with a smug. 

You gave a forced smile, “Congratulations Jungkook.” You mocked him and went up to take your class test paper. Jungkook had been getting first place the past few tests and that irked you a lot. The next test was one of the major exams in the year and you vowed that you will beat him and place first. The school bell rang and everyone packed their things as quickly as they could so that they won’t waste their break time. 

You took your things and made your way out of class to your friends who were already outside waiting for you. They were really fast when it comes to break time. “(Y/N)—" 

 "Yes I get it. You’re first, congrats again. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be second again next time!” You turned around to face Jungkook. The boy had a look of hurt, which was confusing, but quickly returned his smug look. 

“You can try.” he chuckled and walked out of class with his friends. 

 "When will you two ever stop fighting?“ Your friend asked with a short laugh. You gave a sarcastic laugh, "When the world ends. That jerkkook better prepare himself for the next exam." 

 "Jerkkook?” Your two friends looked at each other then laughed at you. “Oh (y/n), wait till you two end up together." 

 "Can’t wait!” You said excitedly and they laugh with you afterwards. Staying true to your words, you stayed back either in class or at the library to revise so that it will be more productive. You never studied at the library since you figured your home was conducive enough. You were wrong… And right too. 

The library was really quiet and peaceful, not much people were there. Though, the tables were all taken since the school lacks hands in buying for tables and chairs for the library. Either that or they knew not much students would go to the library. You were able to get a table by the window with really good lighting. In the midst of you focusing really hard for the exam, someone approached your table. 

“Hey, is it okay if I sit here? There’s no more vacant tables… And well you’re the only one I know here." 

"Yea sure.” You replied, not really caring about his presence. You were revising Advanced Mathematics, doing question after question. There was a particular topic you were weak at and you were slightly struggling with it. “You look like you’re in pain.” You heard him make a remark. You looked up at him not even trying to hide the annoyance on your face. “I’m sorry I mean I’m just saying." 

You rolled your eyes and focused back on the question. You didn’t even want to reply him. "You know that’s a pretty easy topic—" 

"Okay I get it. You find it easy. Will you please focus on your own work?” You hissed quietly in anger, careful not to raise your voice. “If you want I can help—”  

“Oh my goodness seriously Jeon Jungkook. I’m not stupid okay?!” You replied in annoyance. You packed your stuff in your bag and stood up. 

“H-Hey I never said that— Where are you going?" 

"Away from you.” You gave a brutally honest reply, already making your way to the door. You heard him groan in frustration but you didn’t care. Your day was ruined enough knowing that you had lost to him in the recent test. You didn’t need the man himself to mock your intelligence. You were definitely not having it that day. 

 "Hey! Hey wait!“ He called you out when you both left the library. "Are you stalking me right now just to rub it in? Like you always do? Just leave me alone and let me study will you?” You glared at him. 

Jungkook raised his both his hands at you, as if to defend himself from you. “I was going to apologize." 

You let out a humorless laugh. "As if." 

"Why are you so upset?” Jungkook asked, his face genuinely looking concerned. You didn’t let it soften you since you were very upset. “It’s nothing. Just let me go home to study, don’t stalk me.” You tightened your grip on your bag strap and turned on your heels to head back home to resume your studying. You needed to be the top. You needed to beat Jeon Jerkkook and wipe that smug off his face. You can’t received anymore teasing over your intelligence. Why? Because you believed it was the only thing you’ve got. 

 Over the weekend, you’ve been doing intensive studying for the exams. You were overly determined to beat him and finally show him 'who’s boss’. Paper after paper, you steadily prepared yourself for the worse. When school resumed, you headed back to the library, silently hoping that he wouldn’t be there — but of course, you were wrong. 

Scanning the library only to find out that there wasn’t any vacant tables, you were about to turn to head back home instead when someone waved at you. You looked at Jungkook with eyebrows raised before proceeding to turn back once more. Just as you stepped out of the library, someone tapped your shoulder. “(Y/N), I can share the table with you." 

"So you can mock me? Yea, no thanks, I’ll pass.” You rolled your eyes blatantly at him. Jungkook frowned and stepped back, “You know I don’t always fight with you." 

"Oh yea? Name one time you didn’t.” Jungkook nodded his head, accepting the challenge. His brows furrowed as he tried to remember a one you two got along really well or a time when he was nice to you and didn’t give him a pissed off look. “Well whenever you placed first I always congratulated you." 

"Yea sarcastically, we both do that. Face it Jungkook, we aren’t friends. And people who aren’t friends don’t hang out with each other. So, I’ll be going home now—" 

”(Y/N), why do you hate me so much?“ Jungkook questioned, sounding like a little girl who was so . You laughed sarcastically, "Wow. For a smart guy you’re not that smart. First off, your personality irks me. Your name is Jerkkook and you’re just plain rude and cocky. So just you wait till I beat you and wipe that smug off your pretty face." 

 "Jerkkook?” He pulled a face that looked pretty offended, “Wait… Pretty face?” He winked at you. You opened your mouth to retort but you didn’t know how. “U-Urgh whatever Jerkkook. Now leave me alone." 

You turned to walk away but he held you back by your wrist. "I need to study—" 

"You can study in the library. No shouting!” He smiled at you while literally dragging you into the library. You were making silent protests, trying to wriggle out of his grasp it he was really strong. You huffed out in frustration as you looked at him who was smiling at you. “Go on, study!” He winked at you then faced his work. You shook your head with an airy laugh, you took out your books and studied anyway. 

 You figured studying at the same table with your 'enemy’ wasn’t that bad since you two didn’t talk to each other, unlike if you would study with your friends. So it turned out really productive, and it went on for the whole week. “Would you like to go out after school?” Jungkook approached you after your first period ended. “Go out? Like to study right?” You confirmed but he laughed. “No silly, as in to hang out." 

You raised your eyebrows, "Hang out?" 

"Yes. Hang. Out.” He repeated the words slowly, as if he was talking to a little child. “I’m not stupid Jeon Jerkkook.” He chuckled, stuffing his hands into the pockets, “I know that. So…” He tilted his head, “Will you?" 

You sighed, "Alright fine. I guess we should make up and stop fighting so yea, sure.” You shrugged your shoulders. Jungkook’s face lit up in happiness, “That’s good! Well let’s head to our next class?” He tilted his head towards the class door. “Oh I’m going with my friends though.” You gestured to your two friends waiting for you outside the door, as usual. 

“Oh yea… Sure.” He smiled at you and you left before him. 

“What are you doing Jeon Jungkook?” His best friend, Taehyung, approached him. “I’m just trying to stop fighting with her.” He shrugged. “Really?” Taehyung raised an eyebrow at his nest friend as they left to go to their next class. Jungkook nodded his head, “Yea." 

 "So you like her now huh?” He nudged his best friend. Jungkook scoffed awkwardly, “N-No. Pfft, please Tae, I’m just trying not to have an enemy.” Taheyung shook his head with a smile on his face, patting his best friend on the back. 

“Keep telling yourself that.” Jungkook laughed then shoved his friend aside playfully. 

“What’s up with you and Jerkkook?” Your friend winked at you. You gave them a weird look, “Nothing? I’m just learning how to tolerate him." 

"Whatever you say!” Your other friend wriggled her eyebrows teasingly at you.

After school, just as you agreed, you left with Jungkook to eat out. “What made you suddenly ask me? After all, all we’ve done is send glares at each other and fight for the first place." 

"Just felt like it.” He replied. You nodded your head while looking ahead. “Well I had a nice lunch." 

"Me too.” He agreed. After that surprisingly pleasant lunch, Jungkook started asking you to hang out with him more. So much more that you’ve been neglecting your studies by a bit. “We’re going to have a mock exam. I know it’s a surprise but you guys should be prepared by now." 

 'Great.’ You haven’t been studying that much that week. You did the mock exam with quite an ease because of your previous extensive practices. The next day, your teacher had already marked the mock exam papers. In your head, you were fervently hoping that you had beaten Jungkook in that test. If you did, it’ll be a boost of hope for the actual exam. 

"The one who scored the highest…” the teacher scanned through the class list rather slowly. “Jungkook! Followed by… (y/n)!” Your classmates clapped their hands with the usual comments. But your mind was not there. You lost… Again? But why? You’ve been studying so hard. You’ve been practicing everyday… Well almost. Your brain racked for a reason why you had lost to him again. 

“Jungkook lend me some of your IQ please?” People would joke as they passed by Jungkook. “Jungkook, we’re hanging out with the others today right?” You heard Taehyung ask Jungkook. Then something clicked in your head. 

Hang out. 

 He’s been hanging out with you so you didn’t have time to study. 'It was his plan.’ You thought angrily. He wanted to hang out with you so you had lesser time to study. He did it on purpose. He never wanted to stop fighting with you. He wanted to make sure he remains first. 

“(Y/N), let’s go?” Your friends called you out from your thoughts. “Yea sure.” You took your things and made your out of class. 

“(Y/N), wait up!” You turned around reluctantly to face the boy you wanted to avoid. “Do you want to hang out tomorrow?" 

"No.” Your replied without even looking at him in the eye. Your anger towards him was sky high and you were very tempted to slap him for cheating. “Let’s go.” You mumbled to your friends and you three left. 

After school, you remained at the library to study. You were glad to have your peace and quiet after the long and harsh day. You still couldn’t believe he did that to you. You should’ve known earlier you two were and always would be enemies. 

“Hey!” You heard a cheerful voice that brought you so much anger. You pretended as if he wasn’t there and plugged in your earpiece. “May I sit here?” You flipped through your textbook, ignoring him completely. “Alright then.” He clicked his tongue, taking a sit opposite you. 

Even though you tried to focus on your work, you felt your temper rise minute after minute. You knew that he kept glancing up at you. When you knew you were going to shout at him, you packed your stuff and left the library. 

You were at the bus stop when you heard someone panting behind you and you immediately knew who it was. 

“What do you want." 

"To talk… Why have you been ignoring me?" 

"I haven’t.” You denied. Jungkook shook his head, “Alright, if you haven’t. Then let’s talk now!” He took a sit beside you. 

“I’d love to but I need to rush home I think I’ll take the taxi—" 

"Stop it (y/n)! Why have you been like this?” You turned around to face him with a furious expression. “You want to know why? You’ve been cheating! Just so that you’ll remain first?" 

"W-what?” Jungkook looked taken aback. 

“Don’t play dumb Jungkook, we both know you only hung out with me so that I’ll have lesser time to study. So that I won’t study that much and then I can’t beat you! Well drew you Jungkook! Just when I thought you weren’t bad! You know what? Don’t talk to me okay? I don’t care if you sit at the same table with me in the library but don’t talk to me or don’t follow me.” You said while pointing your finger at him then yourself. 

“Why are you so worked up? It’s just the mock exam it doesn’t meaning anything—” You let out a humorless laugh, “Sure it doesn’t mean anything. Because you’re so smart right? And the. You’re just going to run it in my face like always?" 

"What is wrong?? We’ve been fighting over this ever since we became classmates? Why are you now so worked up?" 

"Because you cheated." 

"I didn’t!” He angrily defended himself. You shook your head. You saw an available taxi driving nearer and you flagged it. “We’re not done talking—" 

 "Yes we are.” After that incident, you felt slightly guilty for shouting at Jungkook. But then you knew it was so low of him to do that to you. You studied very hard, you had sleepless nights and long hours locked up in your room to study. 

On your trip to and from school, you would be reading your notes. In the library, Jungkook still came to study and he still stubbornly chose to sit at your table but fortunate he didn’t try to start a conversation. The exam day came, you entered it confidently. 

After many days and nights of preparing for your major exam, you felt determined to take the test and shove it to Jungkook’s face. Oh how much you wanted to do that. “What kind of exam was that?” Your friend whined as you left the examination hall. 

You chuckled, “Didn’t study?" 

“Not really, I kinda gave up towards the end.” Your friend laughed at herself. 

“Feeling confident?” You pressed your lips into a thin line and nodded your head, “Yea." 

After the major exam week, the results came out. Your form teacher got the class to settles down while she looked through the class list. "Well the top student is no surprise once again…” She spoke and you felt defeated. Did you place second again? “Congratulations (y/n) for placing first.” You looked up to see your teacher smiling at you. 

“The second place is Jungkook. The usual top 2 students.” After receiving your report cards and exam papers, class was dismissed. 

“You did it (y/n)!” Your friends tackled you. “I know!! Oh my goodness the last time I placed first was 4 tests ago." 

"Wasn’t that long. You’ve placed first more times than my age.” Your friend shook her head, “Teach me senpai.” You just laughed and shoved your friend playfully, “Firstly, don’t give up halfway." 

"Man that’s hard.” She sighed jokingly, half-meaning it. 

 "(Y/N)!“ You heard his voice and you three turned around. Jungkook jogged up to you, "Can we please talk?” You sighed and looked at your friends before nodding your head. 

“You guys so first.“ You talked to your friends and walked off with Jungkook.

"First off, congratulations on getting first… Again.” Jungkook started off, “Secondly, I’m sorry for fighting with you over the first place all these while we’ve been classmates. I guess I saw you as a competition and I really wanted to be first. Third, I didn’t hang out with you to make you not study. I really wanted to hang out with you, to be friends. I don’t want to keep fighting with you over the first place." 

You sighed and looked at your shoes, then your head shot back up, "Did you purposely not study that much so that I’ll be first again?" 

"Pfft. No way, I’ll never let my guard down to my competition.” He replied honestly. You gave a small smile, “I feel that I should say my apologies too. I’m sorry for shouting at you and pushing you away. I guess I also saw you as a hardcore competition. All I thought was that we’ll just be fighting till we graduate.” You paused with a short laugh, “But then we started hanging out and I thought that you weren’t bad. Then I assumed that you only did that to beat me again… So I’m sorry for thinking very lowly of you… And I’m sorry if I was overly-sensitive about you and me always fighting for first place." 

Jungkook smiled while shaking his head. He extended out his hand towards you, "Truce?” You smiled and shook his hand firmly, “Truce." 

Jungkook hummed while looking around then back at you, "Do you want to hang out?” You shrugged then nodded your head, “Sure." 

"So just to make things clear, we aren’t enemies anymore right?" 

"Are we? I mean we’ll still be fighting over first place till we graduate from this school." 

"Come on!” He whined while stomping his foot. You laughed, “Just kidding." 

Jungkook grinned and draped his arms over your shoulders, "Good! Because I’d really like to be close friends with you! So don’t ruin it (y/n)." 

"Tell that to yourself Jeon Jerkkook." 

 "Hey! Seriously? We’re friends you need to stop calling me that!" 


 "Come on (y/n)!”

I just wish for a scene between Stiles and Scott while rescuing Lydia that would go somewhere along the lines of Scott being in a situation where he have to stay to fight or he can’t go further and they both know it’s only up to Stiles now.
So Scott is worried for his best friend but doesn’t say a word and just nod at Stiles with understanding because he knows that this girl means the world to him and even tho the plan didn’t go so well, backing away now to try again later is not in Stiles’ mind. Scott knows Stiles would do anything to save lydia including going solo to rescue her even tho it means risking his own life