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Why did the clown-names tumblr go down???

the impression that i’ve gathered is that it was something like this:

  • one of the mods in the blog’s discord chat (not one involved with the blog itself) said some pretty uncomfortable shit about the idea of pedophilia being a mental illness and kept bringing it up even after another user asked them to drop it
  • another person was offended by this, and started reacting in a pretty big way (publicly accusing the blog of sympathizing with pedophiles or something along those lines)
  • the person who runs the blog (a minor) was upset by these accusations, and was pretty snippy about them in general
  • this in turn riled up the accusing party, leading them to make a callout post for clown-names (wow i hate that i had to type out that sentence)
  • the resulting anon-storm drove clown-names and its creator off of tumblr

long story short, this is a lesson in the merits of trying to resolve conflicts privately rather than through a public medium that lets everyone have a stake in them


in the process of making a doodle and these r may fav frames so i made them into icons idk if they r any good but u r welcs to use them (pls just link bk to this post if u do) | more phan doodles here

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Good afternoon Maria! *^^* This is kind of a silly question but do you usually purchase physical copies of BTS albums?

I currently own: 2 Cool 4 Skool (I hate typing that the most) O!RUL8, 2? (wow I hate typing that just as much), HYYH part 1 (pink), HYYH part 2 (both versions) and Now 3, but that’s all I own in terms of physical merch, dear anon :)

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What's moirails?

And here is Trash Queen’s awkward explanation of Homestuck Quadrants for non-homestucks who are confused~!

Matespriteship, represented by a red heart, is probably the closest thing they have to the human concept of romance, and can be summed up as “Wow I’m super not threatened by you. Kiss me you cute adorable nonthreatening person.”

Kismesissitude, represented by a black spade, is sorta like a sexy arch-nemesis rivalry type thing. It’s like “Wow I hate you so much but I also kinda respect you?? Kiss me you piece of shit!!”

Auspisticism, represented by a black club, takes place when there are two people who have a dysfunctional relationship and need a third person to mediate between the two. It’s like “Will you two knock it off! Guys! Chill out! Let’s get shit done!”

And then there’s Moirallegiance, represented by a red diamond. It’s like friendship, but like… UBER friendship. It’s like a close sibling type bond where you both look out for eachother’s well being. It’s like “Aw man bro. C’mere let me brush your hair and cuddle in a non-sexual way.”

In light of people kicking up a fuss over Regina (rightly) telling Rumple he made her into a monster, I just want to reiterate how much I love what the show did with Rumpelstiltskin’s Storybrooke counterpart of Mr. Gold in S1.

We learn in the pilot that Mr. Gold basically owns Storybrooke; he’s everyone’s landlord. He’s also a pawnbroker. And this is where the implications get interesting. 

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Like, psychology statistics and methodology is a pet interest of mine (wow I fucking hate myself typing that sentence) and I want to like not make this just like “wow I’m complaining about men again fucking crazy huh”

the methodology of these sorts of studies, especially ones that purport to be intra-community is really important if we are talking about it as ‘self-knowledge’ , which is usually how these sorts of studies are marketed.

Like, the fact that a paper can be published that is talking about ‘how lgbt people see themselves and their own sexuality’ that polls only college educated lgbt people is going to come with shit results, esp. when you take into account that certain segments of the communties in question are more highly educated than others. And even with people who have education, those with connections to academic communities still (ie. those who haven’t left listservs because they are fucking useless/terrible to certain groups) skew in certain statistical ways.

so having a methodology that is “listservs and references/word of mouth” is like not going to serve a lot of people. Because racism/class/whatever not only affects who can get into college, but who is in the ‘community’ that is receiving this word of mouth.

That’s why the first round of these surveys in the study I just linked skews *very* white and has basically no trans women/camab trans people in it. Because even if you are educated, you might not hear about it through the ‘academic pipeline’ because these communtiies are both racist and transmisogynistic.

So then you have these studies that talk about how LGBT see their sexuality, but the perspectives are going to reflect those privileged people’s narratives, which will then be used in arguments in our own lives and become truisms.

You only need one shit study (see: FORGE) and people will latch onto it. And that’s a study with no actual credibility, subtlety, or transparency at all! Imagine how a (from outsider perspective) subtle bias like this can misinform us in important ways.