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Viktuuri Fic Rec List

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The Completed Works

Unwritten (by kaizuka) Teen and Up Audiences

(34k words)

Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate, but when there is a language barrier, meeting becomes just a little more difficult than it should be.

I just wanted to hit them and talk about it already BUT THEY SIMPLY DIDN’T so the suspense was real and the angst knocking on the door.

like your french girls  (by ebenroot) Teen and Up Audiences

(102k words)

in which Victor is an artist, Yuuri is his figure skating muse, and Yuri is so done hearing about their stupid love story through Instagram

It was funny and lovely and it had it’s angsty bits…I JUST LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS IN THIS SO MUCH???!!! Yurio was just precious, Mila was super funny, Phichit was his usual glorious self, CHRISTOPHE WAS ON POINT just…READ IT

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches (by Reiya) Explicit

(197k words)

A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.
Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.

i’m pretty sure everyone and their mother has already read this fic by now and i’m wondering why it took me this long to finally read it??? it’s so good. exactly what the summary promises. SO GOOD. Also as you may know by now i’m absolutely weak for authors including social media in their fics and this fic has so much of that i feel #blessed. WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ THIS YET?! DO IT.

The WIPs

Expomise (by thankyouforexisting) Teen and Up Audiences

(6 chapters, 71k words so far)

Yuuri is at Hogwarts. So is everyone else.

THE HOGWARTS AU WE ALL NEEDED! (i definitely need more though) 
starts in Yuuri’s 1st year. Each chapter is either a new school year or about the summer in between. Yuuri does ballet, Viktor is really famous, Leo pays Phichit’s smart phone bill, Yurio is Yurio. THERE’S MAGICAL FIGURE SKATING. 

Switched (by GhostsOnSaturn) Teen and Up Audiences

(7 chapters, 23k words so far)

Soulmates AU where your consciousness occasionally swaps places with that of your soulmate for varying amounts of time.

REALLY CUTE SO FAR. Viktor is a hopeless romantic and Yuuri just wants to impress people.

solo and pair (by calciseptine) Teen and Up Audiences

(9 chapters, 22k so far)

Yuuri keeps his mark hidden.

Another Soulmate AU…there’s soulmate identifying marks and YUURI JUST ACCEPT THAT YOURS AND VIKTOR’S MATCH DAMN IT…also describes his childhood and how he got to where we met him in episode 1.

Pacing Ourselves (by vermillion_crown) Teen and Up Audiences

(6 chapters, 41k words so far)

Introspection on intimacy from the perspective of a demisexual, flavored with friends who are social media menaces and some dirty touching later on.
(Yuuri’s trying to figure out his life after Viktor Nikiforov smashes into it like a meteor, and Phichit can’t decide whether to help or laugh.)

NICE NICE NICE. Yuuri is very confused, Phichit is hilarious, Viktor doesn’t really know what’s going on. Yuuri getting to know and coming to terms with his sexuality AND a bit of him growing up, very nice. READ IT.

Excelsior (by powerandpathos) Explicit

(13/19 chapters, 77k words so far)

Yuuri has won the Grand Prix, which was everything he thought he wanted. But for Yuuri, an end to skating could mean an end with Viktor, and when two female skaters approach them with an offer that could make them or break them, they are put to the test more than ever. Can they rise higher than they already have?

It’s VERY different from all the other fics…I guess it is cause it’s a bit darker? I just really love the plot so far. I’m SO EXCITED for the remaining chapters. Seriously, read it!!!

Constellations (Things You Left Unsaid) (by DasWarSchonKaputt) Teen and Up Audiences

(7 chapters, 28k words so far)

a role reversal au, wherein Yuuri is a figure skating legend in the making - mostly made, or so they say - who decides to take a season off at the peak of his career, and Victor is the runaway-cum-international student from Russia who joins his university and cons Yuuri into becoming his coach. Featuring Phichit Chulanont as the worst (best) friend ever, and Yuri Plisetsky as Yuuri’s self-proclaimed Arch Rival.

alright. so. this AU idea is amazing??? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BITS OF MEDIA ??!! like the articles and stuff…also the chat logs? it makes a fic seem so much more real, always have been a sucker for that. I’m really excited to see where the author’s gonna head with this!! this fic has a lot of potential so far so we’ll just have to wait and read I guess.

Gone Like Smoke (by InkHallucination) General Audiences 

(6/30 chapters, 23k words so far)

About three things everyone knew about Yuuri Katsuki.
One, at the age of fourteen he had broke the Junior’s world record with one of the most beautiful performances to ever grace the ice.
Two, he had vanished under the eyes of thousands of people right after the end of his free  skate, never to be seen again.
Tree, today in the tenth anniversary of his disappearance, he was found in the same ice he was last seen into, bloody, shaken and with only two words to pronounce, Viktor Nikiforov.
Viktor is conscious that he may be a little bit obsessed with the infamous Katsuki case, even trough that same obsession was the reason behind the success of his now best selling book Yuri on Ice, which was said to be the best investigation to the date about it. That’s why, when he’s called to become a consultant in the reopening of the case, he’s more than eager to participate. But why does the world seem to bend at Yuuri’s whim? And how is that he seems to know him when he’s been gone for a decade?

that’s one long summary but LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS FIC. I just started reading it two days ago and as soon as I read the new chapter today I thought: this has to be in my rec list. THIS FIC. IS SO FULL OF SUSPENSE. WITH ONLY 13k WORDS SO FAR??!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???!! no but seriously this fic is sO suspenseful and thrilling and I just want more chapters already. this is NOT a fluffy relationship-focused fic, so if that’s what you’re looking for ignore my shouting. If you liked stranger things you’re gonna like this. Trust me on that.
(hasn’t been updated in a while)


wow i completely forgot to post this……making this was hard because some months i barely drew anything and some months i drew so many things i loved i could barely pick one….but looking at this makes me so happy bc i feel like i’ve improved a lot last year…..thanks

art tag / jan 16 art / feb 16 art / mar 16 art / april 16 art / may 16 art / june 16 art / july 16 art / aug 16 art / sep 16 art / oct 16 art / nov 16 art / dec 16 art (shout out to me for having the forethought to space my art out by the months)

Little things

Little (or not so little) things when you’re not cis:

- PRONOUNS: You notice them so much, if you use the wrong pronouns we notice, if you use the right ones WE NOTICE AND LOVE YOU

- Compliments: stuff like ‘You’re so pretty’ or ‘you’re so handsome’ (dependant of assigned sex) hurt even if they’re not meant to, if you don’t know use gender neutral ones like ‘you look nice’

- Going to the toilet in public: Choosing between which gender to go with, enough said. Especially mid transition or non binary genders

- Hair and clothes: Trying to pass, and people being annoying

- Birth names: no, please, just, no

- Dysphoria: BURN IT

- People: When people say it doesn’t exist. Die please

I’m done


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💕💕 hey everyone it’s sam im a little bit late here!!!wow 2017 is almost here (THANK GOD), so i wanted all of my followers and mutuals to know that i value each and every one of you very deeply w a follow forever! i srly don’t know how you still bear with me  and sorry if i didnt include or if i forgot someone.

wild year for everyone uh? tbh i’ve had a lot of downs this year due to family issues and mental health but being on here and talking to you guys made me so much happier. i know im sometimes off and not very interactive enough (again, it’s been a stressful year), but my inbox is always open for you all. 

ive also meet so many amazing people who’ve helped me and inspired me a lot throughout the year, so this is my way to say thank you! i have made so many amazing mutuals im really grateful for, thank u all for having nice blogs and being really cool/nice people!! i wish only the best for you in the coming year! 💐 💐 💐  

but first i wanted to mention some very special people for me. you’ve helped me grow so much in ways you can’t even imagine these past months. i love you, you are worth so much and so important to me:     

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H e e e y guys. I called this a “thing” because I don’t know what else I could call it :) idk if this a Follow Forever bc I’m not quite sure of how a FF is supposed to work :w so let’s say that I’ll just split some words and then tag cute people who I follow and love seeing on my dash.

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anonymous asked:

you...have...a...tag...CALLED AWESOME FANART AND EDITS OMG YOU'RE SO NICE AND HUMBLE!!!!!! iysm omg. Coud you recommend your fave editors or fanart creators?

Awwwwh thank you anon bae that’s seriously the sweetest thing ever!!!! And my humbleness I learned from the best (absolute perfect) hehe ^^ 

Okay wow there’s so many talented souls out there so I’ll do my best to not forget anyone! 

@celinabu @omurizer-draws-things @pamelasensei @luluchwan @gldnsky @sterinn @daewhyun @daehnii @nikochan91 @linwoodart @maewdae @art-vasja @yongguk-hell-chyeah @insideway @uuuu0731 @itsmariemi @chumfii @9292mi @lindefishwayart @muji-milk @artchibition @chiiwie @asteryskrainie @legrandmalade @hinuske @a-small-tin-heart @itstetemato @daihun @limonnaya-kanareyka @monaegadrawsstuff @byndebondry @dreamgukkie @himdaes @daebyoz @sam–kim @syllirium @dinoyeols @luckytunez @dixmond4bap @himchans @bangxster @26byg @bangdaeish @bangedhim @milkamoon @bbangception @dystobap @temptedeli @bapeditions @paulaxfernandez @ibabyz-bap @vanillajae @bapdream6 @charlixq @00levandi

Okay I also tagged people who do aesthetics and other kind of edits because that’s talent too!!!!!! But I didn’t tag GIF makers. You’re all so amazing and I really hope I didn’t forget any! Also subscribe to BapFMVStudio on youtube (that self promotion tho) xD

And again I thank you all for your beautiful edits and fanarts they’re really AMAZING! 


there once was a girl who lived as a myth
she had a tendency to burn people at the stake
for sins they have yet to commit
because all she’s ever learned is people leave
so instead of blood she had goodbyes running through her veins
and she fell in love with eyes open
she was
fingers twitching
feet tapping
can’t sit still
convincing everyone around her she’s better off in memories than in person
she’s walls closing in
and maps tucked under pillows
escape plans ready at a moments notice
she’s the worse half of commitment issues
but she picked him
she always picks him
—  A.J.M // it’s gonna kill her when he doesn’t pick her back