wow i finally did this

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meet kim heechul (no, not that one)!! he’s jihyunmc’s first and only bby boy!!

he was raised with a ton of hugs and kisses so he’s very soft and happy all the time + he’s a huge art nerd who loves fashion and dressing his parents up in cute clothes

(if you guys want to shout to me about him just refer to him as chocomint fashionista and i’ll know who ur talking abt ;>)


Shadowhunters 2x13 ‘Those of Demon Blood’: favorite & iconic lines

bonus (because they’re cute and we can all relate to dot tbh):

im still super salty the lobster lost to manc by the sea bc i didnt think manc was that great but the lobster was my fave film of 2016 and tbh if the academy aren’t going to make decisions based on my personal thoughts then whats the goddamn point

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anonymous asked:

jimon + friends with benefits!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh

i’ve had this fic in my docs for ages i hope it makes sense lmao. also like can you BELIEVE the obscure pairing i worked in later in the fic like…why the fuck even. i don’t know. my hand slipped when i was finishing this. 

“Okay,” Simon says, stabbing at the air emphatically, “okay, hypothetical. You, versus like, Superman. Who would win?”

Jace groans, rolls over, half-heartedly slaps at Simon’s shoulder.

“I don’t know.” He groans, clearly over the whole conversation. “You just had your dick in my ass, and you can still think?”

“These are important questions, Jace.” Simon says, propping himself up and scratching at his chest as he stares at Jace curled up on his side, hair falling softly in front of his face like some sort of angel. An angel that likes to weave extravagant lies about the Shadow world to trick Simon and then whisper filthy things to him when they fuck.

Jace glares at him, looking like a ruffled kitten.

“Get out.” he says irritably, and Simon shrugs and stands, shimmying on his boxers. Contrary to what Clary says, he can in fact do casual friends with benefits with Jace, thanks for the trust, Fray.

“Don’t miss my skills too much.” He says, winking exaggeratedly as he pulls his shirt on, and Jace groans and thumps his face into the pillow.

“I’d win against Superman.” He mumbles. “I have a fucking sword, Simon.”


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Sooo… Guess what I finally got around to watching?

Yup! Trollhunters!

I saw it advertised on Netflix for a while now, but it never really looked interesting.. Until I stumbled across a few posts about it on Tumblr.

It finally caught my interest and WOW! I did not know what I was MISSING! It’s fantastic! So, I binge-watched it in two days, then begged my brother to watch it with me, AGAIN. And now I’ve finally worked up the nerve to attempt fanart!

I’m quite surprised with how well this turned out. Normally, I never attempt to draw CGI characters, mostly because 3D shading is still a struggle for me. But I’m really proud of this! My bro says I should show it to Guillermo Del Toro… buuuuut, I don’t have a twitter or anything like that, so.. Eh.

Do not repost without my permission, plz. :3


quickly finished a old-ass wip hope you guys like~~

henlo i am crY ign




dark red 



self forgiveness is essential for self healing 

a reminder that nct is not pasty 


other moodboards
me again?


mtl likely to date ‘00 liner 
mtl likely to give you a hickey 
mtl likely to date ‘02 liner 
mtl memelord 
mtl likely to date ‘98 liner 
mtl likely to prefer someone outgoing vs reserved 
mtl likely to prefer someone with pale skin vs tanned 
mtl likely to have sex in the dorms 
mtl likely to be possessive over their s/o 
mtl likely to want to help babysit 
mtl likely to date someone the same age 
mtl likely to date a bookworm 
mtl likely to use cheesy pick up lines 
mtl likely to comfort/ take care of their sad/sick s/o 
mtl likely to send memes to their s/o in the middle of the night 
mtl likely to wear matching couple outfits 
mtl likely to sing their s/o to sleep 
mtl likely to think dimples are cute 
mtl likely to date someone 5 foot tall 
mtl boobs guys or butt guys (not really an mtl but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
mtl likely to tell you they love you first 
mtl likely to fall for a figure skater


dating nct
dating donghyuck I 
dating donghyuck II
dating doyoung 
dating mark

dating an ‘02 liner 
jisung dating an ‘02 liner
jaemin dating an ‘02 liner



tired fluff 

don’t want to be friends 

idk what to name this its abt dogs

♡ ♡ ♡


jealous pt. 2

the dumbest thing ive ever written 

fake texts

daily texts with Haechan and Yuta

daily texts with Johnny 

mark drinks your tea

mark just wants some love

donghyuck before exams

yoonhoe texting you during class 

hansol johnny jaehyun when you’re not home late 

mark tells haechan abt ur crush on him

donghyuck makes you get him coffee