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For the prompt meme: Otayuri, #31

31. things you said while I cried in your arms

“are you crying?” otabek asks when he finds yuri outside the reception hall.

“no,” yuri says, crying. 

“oh my god,” otabek says, taking his phone out to take a picture.  yuri tries to swipe it out of his hands, and eventually succeeds, but not before otabek has three blurry pictures of yuri snot-nosed and puffy eyed angrily approaching him.  “i can’t believe you actually know how to cry.”

“don’t make fun of me!” yuri says, rubbing at his eyes with the sleeve of his jacket. “i hate this!” 

“the crying?” otabek asks. “or victor and yuuri being married.”

both,” yuri spits out, looking away, like it hurts him to admit. his fists curl together and squeeze at his sides. “i want what they have, and i hate myself for it.”

“wow,” otabek says flatly. “how terrible.” 

“you don’t have to be an asshole,” yuri says. “you’re lucky i’m even letting you see me like this and live.”

“are you saying that we don’t have what they have?” otabek asks, but he’s teasing.

“of course not.” yuri sniffs, wipes his nose again.

“or that i need to make an honest man out of you?” 

“don’t be disgusting!” yuri shouts, but then retreats in on himself again.  “maybe in like… five to ten years.  if i can even tolerate you that long.”

“and then they’ll be the ones crying at your wedding,” otabek says.  

“gross, why would we even invite them?” yuri says.  otabek smiles, and doesn’t say anything, and it takes a second for yuri to smile back at him just briefly before pushing past him to head back into the hall. “god, fine, i’m done.  we can go back inside.  i hope you’re happy.  i can’t believe i’m marrying you.”  

yeo hwanwoong as your boyfriend

rbw boyfriends 1/?

  • okay listen hwanwoong is a catch in every single way because this boy has a heart of gold
  • he’s kind of playful and will definitely tease you from time to time
  • but at the same time he’s very caring and will always make sure to let you know just how important you are to him
  • very passionate about the things he loves a.k.a. dancing and you
  • make-out sessions
  • making out with hwanwoong is really, really nice
  • he’s just a very sensual kind of person so he always puts a lot of passion into his kisses
  • and they don’t even have to be particularly intense for you to go weak in the knees
  • he uses tongue a lot
  • wow he just loves knowing that you’re so incredibly weak for him
  • so when you pull away from one of his kisses to catch your breath he’ll notice that your face went a little red and his lips just quirk up into a smile
  • so you know how hwanwoong has these really magnetic eyes and expressions every time he’s performing
  • he’s like that off stage as well
  • and you find it incredibly hard to tear your gaze away from his eyes whenever he feels like teasing you
  • he’ll just smirk at you and maybe even send a little wink your way
  • and honestly it just makes your heart go fucking wild inside your chest
  • whenever you decide to cook for him he melts a little because he thinks the gesture is so sweet
  • well basically he’s a fan of everything you do so
  • takes you to the movies a lot and always pays for the popcorn
  • going clothes shopping with hwanwoong is actually really chill because he knows just what you like
  • but after one hour y’all end up in the food court anyways so there’s not that much shopping being done after all
  • speaking of clothes, the two of you swap clothes all the time like you basically live in each other’s closets
  • “hey babe do you still have that grey over-sized shirt that looked really good on me”
  • “i don’t know woongie maybe it’s buried beneath the twenty sweaters you left here who knows by now”
  • tickle fights occur whenever you’re supposed to be napping
  • loves dancing with you, no matter your skill level
  • might actually sign you up for some kind of hip-hop dancing class behind your back like watch out
  • he just wants to share his favorite hobby with you so he’ll definitely try teaching you some steps
  • when you just can’t seem to get something right he’ll step right behind you and kind of guide your arms and your body and wow his touch sends such a pleasant tingle up your spine like can he do that again
  • didn’t hesitate to introduce you to gunhee and gunmin and you guys start hanging out together a lot
  • they absolutely adore you
  • and they keep ironically ??? pestering hwanwoong about marrying you
  • and honestly, one day he wants to
  • sometimes his love for you completely overwhelms him and he’ll just stop whatever he’s doing and stare at you with that gaze
  • and your heart seizes up and you blush furiously because nobody has ever looked at you like that
  • one night the two of you are sitting on your window sill with your legs dangling over the edge and he’ll just kind of grab your hand and kiss your fingers and softly confess his love to you for the first time
  • “you know i really love you right?”
  • and you’re honestly tempted to just jump out of your window yourself because for a second you can’t believe that he’s real and he’s there and he’s in love with you god damn it
  • nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck during the night and holds you close
  • you just make him feel incredibly safe, important and loved so he never hesitates to try and give that back to you wow hwanwoong is just. yes. date hwanwoong

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Falco Lombardi

I stated in the first ever post featuring a Star Fox character that there is not a single character besides Slippy that I would not consider furrybait. Yet here we are, getting a submission for yet another character in the lore of Star Fox that is obviously furrybait.

Look at this confident, cocky, strong, fierce birdman. This birdman is a birdman a birdman of hating you. yet, he’s something to desire. I don’t get the draw to Falco as much as Wolf. I wouldn’t consider myself a big fan of Falco Lombardi, but I don’t hat him. He’s hot and definitely has his features that give all who gaze upon him chills.

(rather devil’s fork looking in this pic, wow)

The thing that makes him even more furrybait is his range of emotion. In this photo he trots along like the dorky piece of white meat he is. He has a fierce look and can be dorky or any sort of emotion. In conclusion, Falco Lombardi is furrybait and I don’t really need to go into detail why.

Me: *sees myself in a fat character who is underappreciated and loves food and super caring of friends and even dresses similarly*

Me: *headcanons him as aro like myself*

Some aphobe: wow making another character a-spec because of a stereotype!!! When will y'all stop hating fat people!!!!! And he obviously is in love with his best friend?? Lmao blatant homophobia. I can’t believe you make these headcanons just so you don’t have to ship him and can make him unhap-

Me: um

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Great. More Carol filming with Zeke, Jerry, Daniel and the other Kingdomites. Somewhere near the Creepy House probably. Far away from Daryl.

Oh my dear Anon. *sigh* This may go down like a bowl of cold sick, but I’m finding it very hard to care about these filming spoilers.

And it’s not that I don’t care about Caryl - oh I still very much do. I’m just so so worn down from all the “OMG” stressing over what is happening or not happening, I just can’t.

We were spoiled in several ways last year with filming spoilers. Mainly, because we had RD, we knew REALLY ACTUALLY what was going on for each episode - or at least the jist of it, so that meant sightings were in context etc. We don’t have that this year, at all. 

Also, ironically, Carol filming so little and being where she was made things very clear. We knew most episodes were not going to feature Carol, if they were filmed anyplace but Creepy House. And we knew Daryl and Carol weren’t going to film together until Daryl got out of the Sanctuary. So there was really very little uncertainty.

This year, truthfully, we know SO little. We have no clue what happened in the first episode. 

We don’t know if Daryl and Carol had 20 mins of on screen sex, then split up to divide and conquer. We don’t know if they had awkward almost sex and are keeping away from each other with uncertainty. We don’t know if they are interacting on a regular basis but then fighting with other people. We don’t know if they hate each other and will never speak again. We know NATHING.

So I just can’t bring it in myself to stress out about things until we know how the season starts. And EVEN IF Gimple is keeping them apart for much of 8a - God, it’s irritating as hell, but it doesn’t mean it’s bad for Caryl. Everyone and their dog talked about how amazing the Caryl reunion was last season and was one of the highlights of the year. Gimple may have thought “wow yes, i must do this each season, split them up then let them have a magical, emotional reunion! That will make people happy!” I mean, he’s an idiot if he does that, but my point is it doesn’t mean Caryl is in the dumpster.

Like I say, I personally don’t know enough to jump one way or the other. I’m staying neutral because I can neither get super excited at this point, or feel like I want to jump ship. I’m just floating along on a dingy waiting either to be rescued, or for a storm to toss me over the side and kill me. 

It’s going to be a long summer.

(P.S. last year my excitement didn’t happen until i saw the trailer. Fingers crossed the trailer gives us a big clue one way or the other) 

You know, Joss Whedon could actually lighten the load of criticism all by himself by at least acknowledging what a mess his WW script is. A simple, “Haha, wow! It’s a good thing I’ve learned a thing or two since writing that script” would work well. I had actually talked to a buddy yesterday about this, and she pointed out that even him saying it was a crappy first draft would be better than his silence on the matter. I agree. As a struggling writer myself, I find my own first drafts of stories to be cringeworthy. All artists, I think, whether they are successful or not, have projects that they hate or regret. Not everything we make is going to be well received, and we’re bound to make the mistake of being problematic towards the people we are choosing to represent through our art. Like it or not, many of us have had to acknowledge sub par work, and since none of us are perfect, we will have to again at some point–probably many times. We can work to not make the mistakes that hurt people by talking to the people we want to represent in our art, and sometimes we still may get it wrong. Art is not easy. Art is hard work. Artists make mistakes and they will continue to do so. What makes people lose respect for artists is their inability to take criticism and acknowledging the glaring flaws in their work.

i’ve been reading articles “quiet bpd” and wow… they really resonate w/ me. i’ve been really unsure what’s up w/ my moods because they don’t last long enough for bipolar but the highs don’t fit for major depressive disorder (i described it to my friend as “really exciting depression” which i’m p sure isn’t a thing…).

bpd seemed off because i find it really really hard to express negative emotions towards other people – even just disagreeing in casual conversation scares me so much that i’m going to make them hate me. if i’m upset w/ someone i usually just wait until i’m alone and then direct the anger at myself.

i’ve been seeing a psych for the last few years and my diagnosis has been all over the place (bipolar ii, then borderline, then major depressive disorder, switched back and forth a few more times. i actually have no clue what my medical records say at the moment). but the articles i’ve read on quiet bpd seem to fit really well with what i experience, and i’ve been finding that oddly reassuring.

INTJ Problems: Pride #2

Me: *looking at a test with a 90 on it in disappointment* Wow. Great job, self. Couldn’t even make a one hundred.

Class Mate #1: Yessss! I got a 85!

Class Mate #2: Awesome! I got a 78!

Class Mate #3: I’m surprised some people actually passed. That test was really hard.

Me: *quietly hates myself for doing better than everyone else, but not doing well enough to please myself*

sometimes i’ll caption things as “this is the worst thing i’ve ever drawn” but honestly never doubt my ability to sink even lower

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Hey guess what I did today! I watched every egos original videos... And wow I forgot a shit ton like how the dr really doesn't care like he laughs while whatching Ryan's parents die for like, no reason. He doesn't even hate the guy, I mean he must have been paying him to get checked for diabetes so like (anyway I recommend to anyone to rewatch the ego videos if it's been awhile)

Dude, I know right! A lot of people in the community (including myself lol) make him out to be all soft and kind but in reality he is kinda of an pretentious douche bag haha.

And yeah everyone should watch the old ego videos. The ones with Warfstache over on the Cyndago channel are honestly my favorite 😂

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Oh. My. Goodness. Your voice is absolutely captivating, like I just kinda want to sit here and listen to you talk I don't even care what it's about because wow

this makes feel really good about myself bc i positively hate my voice so thank you so much for this

Thoughts about Joker Game Ep.11

Ah… I need to sit down for a bit.

This is gonna be long and I’m most likely being over-dramatic but for someone who’s loved Joker Game from the get-go and also someone who’s still mourning the ending Yanagi-sensei gave this series, Episode 11 really dragged me down, leaving me lost for a good hour. (I was at work when I watched this.)

Doesn’t help that a fellow fan on twitter went on a monologue about the episode.

Scroll down to the line-break. Her views on what happened in general are actually quite profound.

(Feel free to skip my ramblings lmao I really just need to get these off my chest. Ugh. But hello if you want to discuss or know more about the Joker Game timeline/world with me, I’m up for it!!!)

First of all, It was with the very basic Japanese I’ve acquired through a year of cramming for JLPT三級 that I’ve tried reading jokage. Back then, the 2nd book, Double Joker, has just been released smack in the middle of my reviews but I was really excited to test out my new language skills on it. Admittedly, I mostly just skimmed through the pages and just enjoyed how cool and mindful the settings for each stories were.

And yes, I’ve read the part where Miyoshi’s supposedly “dead” but I never expected him to be actually… dead.

I was in denial all throughout the episode, thinking, “wow death-simulating drugs very spy-esque!” Even to the part where I saw he was struck with the pole on the chest, I was all excited, “What whoa how did he make it out!??!?!?!?!?” I even posted a picture of his pained face, commenting on how it looks good (coughs) 

I hate myself orz

It slowly came crashing down when I realized “shit, no one can possibly recover from that…how long did they have his body already– AH WHAT THE!?!??!1?” til the part Lt. Col. Yuuki actually closed his eyes.

I’ve never favored Miyoshi in particular but I love the whole D-Agency and it’s just really… I don’t know how to feel but I feel like a part of me died. Hahahahahaha;;;;;;

Then, a Japanese artist I’ve recently met through Joker Game started a long series of tweets about how espionage was back in the day and then relating it to Miyoshi’s situation. She summarized everything I’ve thought of but the part about death is really fascinating. (I only took the part about life and death but I’ll try translating what she shared about spy stuff too and try to relate them when I can. They’re pretty good.)

Here’s most of what she said. (I’ve tried my best to summarize everything)

“Mind you, I’m one of those who refused to read the original source til the end of the anime. I liked Lt.Col. from the beginning as he seemed to be the character to not die but this is still painful for me. Here goes…

Since the existence of spies cannot be made public, while there are those who are saved, there are certainly those who lose their lives on missions. In general, their treatment as prisoners of war is almost inhumane and return negotiations are almost impossible. From various videos and documentaries I’ve seen, that’s almost protocol.

Naturally, their employing agencies, (Lt. Col. too) understand and are prepared. However, setting aside Lt. Col. Yuuki’s feelings and in accordance to perfectly executing the mission, he only had to bring back the information.

But, if it was only about the mission, why did he have to close Miyoshi’s eyes with such gentleness. As the mentor who has taught Miyoshi everything about the spy trade, it was as if he was saying ‘You did well, the mission’s done. Just peacefully go to sleep as the lone person you are.’

Yes, as you’ve seen, the highest regard you can give a spy is their success in being able to discard any information about himself.

In relation, I remembered a story from before. Forgive my insolence but if I may.

Back in 1985, When I was reading books pertaining to a certain air crash, there was this story…

Some of the bodies of those who have died, being on foreign soil, weren’t taken home by their families. I guess it’s the Japanese and Foreigners’ different religious views about life and death. Basically for them, the body is just the container of the soul and the soul has returned to their God and thus, the mourning and funeral were held abroad (where they died). It was my first time hearing such and I remember being quite shocked.
[me: Sorry if this sounded weird but she was talking about Christianity where death means returning to thy Creator, in contrast to the ever-so-ceremonial Buddhism.]

In Lt. Col.Yuuki’s case, Miyoshi perfectly secured the information costing him his life and carrying the information home with him was the only thing he can do for him and the other agency members. Thinking this flexibly about life and death, in essence, Lt. Col.Yuuki hasn’t only retrieved the information but also his soul as if saying, "let’s go home together.”

The beautiful face, remains and name of a certain japanese guy was left behind but his soul was properly retrieved by the Lt. Col.

Surely there would have been regrets that this unforeseen accident was the cause of his death but even so, perfectly erasing his tracks, other than leaving behind a Japanese name; “A spy til the end.” He’s sure to be proud of the work he’s done. Is that why, at the end, he had that kind of face?

I can’t help but feel deeply for how Miyoshi accepted his fate. It also didn’t help that he met his end through an accident. I was pretty sure he’d be one of the remaining active members of D-Kikan when the end came. (take note, Miyoshi’s death is 1 year and 1 season away from Pearl Harbor, the conclusion.)

It was so anti-climactic but very shocking at the same time.

I would love to believe Miyoshi is still alive but this story is basically nearing the end of D-Agency Series so I think that’s that. I’m actually conflicted on whether I want him to be with the other guys during the end or letting him rest in peace earlier was a better conclusion for his character.

Either ways, this series has a broken fandom with really mean production staff.

Seriously? Releasing the crack school AU Drama CD JUST. BEFORE. THIS. EPISODE.

I hate you, Joker Game Staff.

Keep it up, guys.


Have this Tazaki-face-swapped-with-my-baabaa-doll-phone-strap to wipe away your tears. (note: it didn’t help me one bit but it’s quite amusing hahaha)

(This post been edited hoping to make more sense, apologiest it got long, and in context, is about i/hate/j/unkrat)

There is stuff to be critical about Junkrat and that he does has part of his popularity due the fact he is skinny white boy whose mentall illness is fetichized turned into some edgy Joker-Leto and there are plenty of issues that come from that characterization and its fanbase that must be addressed.

There is also the thing he is a comedic relief cartoony-villain to take seriously and as an SpongeBob villain, and that him being ugly/ mentally ill/ gay-coded/ disabled became relatable from some of us who decided to to claim him and have fun with it, rather than treat him an offensive caricature, I’m not saying he is “progressive” (because he is not), but let folks claim a problematic portrayal and make it theirs…

People have all right to don’t like him as character for any reason, I don’t mind nor care, my issue would be from (white) person complain about his popularity but then obsess over the other white (but hotter) characters like M.ercy or 76, ignore any racist talk revolving the hotter white characters and even support those racist tropes.

That the whole talk of ableist fetichization becomes hypocrital when is the mentally ill/ disabled folks the ones targeted for relating to him 

Also, targeting a folk who has trouble speaking English and taking advantage or that to mock them and twist their words is really messed up.

i refuse to sit here feeling ill with guilt and shame and self hatred because i chose to spend some of my scholarship money that i worked for fair and square rather than have it sit untouched in my savings and continue to skip everything that might make me happy for the sake of responsibility 

like… for the first time since fucking 2012 i am going to see live music

sia and lorde, artists that have saved my life, and i’m going with to each one with a different best friend who have saved my life too

but i am sitting here angry and twisted and thinking about how i should never have prioritised something that makes me happy like that, the money is clearly more important than my insignificant self, my account could start with 3 and not a 2, or even a 4, wow, how useless am i for not keeping it there

all this a list of reasons to hate myself and reasons why i am doomed forever and deserve no reward whatsoever and i’ve spoiled a good thing i earned and i am literally the most disgusting anyone can be 

i hate this and i don’t want it, make it go

i don’t want to be sitting here trying to be figuring out exactly how much i have spent (CAN IT BE THAT AMOUNT OH SURELY NOT OH GOD I AM HIDEOUS AND STUPID) because there is so much left over and all these numbers and capitalist fodder are more important than me forever

i learned a long time ago to stop judging my worth by school marks and while money is more important because you need it to survive, i should not be doing the same with a fucking bank account

i earned something properly over years and years and i am within my rights to put it towards things that make me feel happy to be alive, i am not defined by how little i can possibly touch my savings, whether an amount has been put into it recently or not, it doesn’t matter

i fucking matter, the end

Our Story

We met at a frat party in college. I saw him playing beer pong with his friends and his tall build and beautiful smile drew me in. I confidently walked up to him, which was the best decision of my life. We stayed by each other the whole night and talked about everything, just getting to know each other. I was getting to know he love of my life. His name, is C/N.

Our first date was simple, but that’s just how we always did it. We met at a hiking trail and took a long afternoon hike. We never once ran out of things to talk about, it’s like we always have a never ending conversation..literally, if we don’t finish our conversation on our date then he will call me and we will finish it up then and even start a new one. We were never bored around each other.

He was a nervous wreck as we sat at the table in the restaurant waiting on my parents to arrive. He kept rubbing his hands on his khakis, trying, and failing to wipe away the clamminess. I run his hand under the table and feel him relax, and then place his hand in mine. My parents finally arrive and C/N nervously shook my fathers hand. He was nervous for no reason, because by the end of the night, he was already calling my dad by his first name.

One day I went over to his apartment because he called me in full on panic mode, he was stressing over final exams, the exams that would tell him if he was graduating college or not. He was running his hands through his hair and breathing heavily when I walked into his room. I ran to him and cradled him in my arms to calm him down. I repeatedly whispered soothing things to calm him down. He then looked up into my eyes, and kissed me for the very first time. I knew then that he was the one.

He looked me in the eyes, his eyes were tearing up and he smiled at me nervously. I asked if he was okay and he shushed me. He then got down on one knee and popped the big question. I remember being speechless, I remember bawling my eyes out and jumping onto him in a hug. I screamed yes about a million times before pulling away and kissing his soft lips. I remember how perfectly the ring fit, and I remember falling in love all over again.

I remember his reaction when he first saw me in my gown. He had to turn and wipe his eyes to stop the tears from flowing. I kissed his cheek right when I saw him and began to tear up myself. He wrote a beautiful vow and I can only hope that he felt the same about mine. I remember just how happy we were to be married, after long waiting.

I remember telling him that he was going to be a father. I remember him cheering and jumping around, throwing his gym bag on the ground and picking me up. He chanted that we were going to be parents and I laughed at his cute reaction. I remember how happy he was.

I remember when we first brought home our baby girl. He insisted on giving her a tour of the house and making her feel like his little princess, which she was. His eyes always lit up when he saw her, he was in love from the moment she came out. He loves her, he loves her with all his heart.

I remember watching our baby girl and two sons grow up before our eyes. Go to college, get married, have kids. I remember finding myself crying because I hated to see them go, but C/N was always there with me, making me as happy as can be.

Now here we are. Laying on the porch of our house by the beach. Glasses of wine in our hands. 89 years old. We look at each other and kiss. I love him, always have and always will. Even now, that our story, has come to an end.


WOW SO THIS IS DIFFERENT. let me know what you think!! Don’t forget to request and I’m always here if you need any advice. :)) xxxxx

[Pann] Eunhyuk fans give a run down of their perspective on IU's scandal [Must Read]

“Here’s a run down of everything that’s happened so far from the perspective of an Eunhyuk fan. Us fans are not saying that IU should get hate instead of him but rather asking why Eunhyuk should still be getting hate to this day.

We woke up one day to news of IU releasing a picture with Eunhyuk on her public Twitter account, and public sentiment grew heated. Everyone knew that it wasn’t just a simple selca and all sorts of rumors spread out from IU being pregnant to other dirty things. Still, SuJu fans shielded IU knowing that people were being too harsh to a young female singer.

According to IU on broadcast, Eunhyuk had called IU to ask if she was okay but what Eunhyuk and his fans got in return was Loen putting out a clarification saying he was visiting the sick, which SM was not informed of at all.

Eunhyuk did not upload the picture, nor did he give that clarification himself (he’s the victim in this, no reason for him to even clarify it). Ever since then, all posts regarding Eunhyuk were filled with immense hatred. Despite the situation, Eunhyuk had to go through with all of the broadcasts he had scheduled.

This is an account of ‘Star King’, which he recorded immediately after the scandal: (Account of someone at 'Star King’ recording basically listing all of the sexually suggestive comments the panelists made at him alluding to his scandal with IU like "Should we turn on 'Good Day’ for your dance segment?” and when a contestant brought a bed as a prop, panelists were like “Oh Eunhyuk knows all there is about beds, yeah?”)

Despite being the victim, he had to listen to all sorts of these comments and laugh them off. Panelists did not hesitate on making sexually suggestive comments and laughing at Eunhyuk’s face but when IU was on the show, they’d look at her with upset expressions as if they felt bad for her. Eunhyuk eventually ended up cutting back on his active TV schedules.

Then a few days later, IU uploaded a post on her fancafe skimming over the issue and talking about how she was sorry she worried her fans while she was at home gaining weight. Then she went on the 'Hwashin’ talk show and only clarified rumors like her pregnancy rumors by beating around the bush and revealing that Eunhyuk had called to her to check if she was okay. Much to the dismay of Super Junior fans, she did not apologize for the scandal at all.

While we agree that IU suffered hateful comments as well, she never once properly apologized to Eunhyuk or Super Junior fans when they’re the ones who were unfairly suffering because of her mistake. Eunhyuk did nothin wrong but had to deal with 'visiting the sick’ comments on 'Radio Star’, comments which were never directly said to IU when she was on TV. Eunhyuk was the clear victim but he was the one being dealt all the pain.

There are tons of private relationships in the entertainment industry but it was IU who released the information to the public, whether it was on purpose or an accident. Eunhyuk was literally asleep and woke up to this entire scandal by no fault of his own. He is still suffering from dirty comments to this day that of course his fans are upset over.

Super Junior fans are scared even when Eunhyuk gets in the news for positive things. It wasn’t until this year that fans felt comfortable going in to read the comments.

Even for Super Junior’s concerts, his solo stage used to be bright, outgoing performances where he bounced around shouting “happy happy” but he came out instead with a self-written rap that was basically an outpour of all of his struggles and pain for the past two years while tied in chains.

At their September 21st, 2014 concert, Eunhyuk cried while saying, “The hardest years of my life were the past two years. Teuk hyung wasn’t here and I was the temporary leader and although I didn’t do much, a lot of things happened, and I did show you all a not so positive side of me, I’m just so happy you all are here…”

In his Thanks Tos, he would always joke around while sending his gratitude but after that scandal, he even confessed that there were moments where he wanted to give up in the past two years after that scandal happened.

You can compare his two Thanks Tos here… In the first one, he has tons of  ㅋㅋ !! ^^ ♥ and emoticons, but in the second one, his words are short and stiff with no emoticons. “


1. [+353, -3] I’m not even a fan and choked up several times while reading this. I can’t even dare to imagine how Eunhyuk and his fans must’ve felt through this whole ordeal. How their feelings must’ve been rotting this whole time. I hope he completes his service well and doesn’t get hurt anymore.

2. [+333, -5] I remember someone yesterday leaving a comment saying Eunhyuk never got hate and his image was never affected. I was too flabbergasted to even reply to that.

3. [+326, -3] I hope this gets to the top of Pann. People are shifting the attention to IU being sly and whatnot but that’s nto what Elf wanted or intended.

4. [+136, -1] Who is going to pay Eunhyuk back for the three years he suffered? Each of those little jokes they threw at him has shattered the person he used to be…

5. [+106, -1] I feel like Super Junior fans would be happy if their members were just never mentioned by anyone… Eunhyuk did nothing wrong but had to suffer so much hatred in three years. I couldn’t believe the people upvoting those comments… what exactly did Eunhyuk do so wrong to deserve it? Please remember that one hateful comment can take a life.

6. [+86, -1] It hasn’t changed in three years.. the fact that people don’t care whether Eunhyuk’s suffering from all this or not.

7. [+81, -5] I know this is wrong but this whole thing makes IU look like trash

8. [+68, -6] IU’s cruel… she shattered a person to this point


1. [+247, -22] Despite all this, IU never once said anything to defend him… IU, karma’s going to get you. Ever since that scandal, Eunhyuk’s career has been downhill and now he has to serve in the army..; what a shame

2. [+230, -9] I really do feel bad for Eunhyuk. He never made anything obvious, didn’t even upload the picture himself, but all because IU messed up, he had to suffer so much hate and made the butt of jokes… and the scandal has gotten so out of control to the point where people actually believe Eunhyuk was the one who uploaded the picture. I really feel bad for him.

3. [+211, -6] I honestly do feel bad that IU’s getting so much hate right now but I do think that the truth needs to be set straight despite it all. Some of the controversies that IU’s in she isn’t necessarily responsible for but people need to know what exactly happened with Eunhyuk’s scandal.

4. [+73, -1] Poor Eunhyuk’s being used to teach soccer teams how to be upstanding people

5. [+60, -3] No matter how much IU apologizes, the fact that IU had that picture up for 6 hours on Twitter is a truth that will never disappear. During those six hours, that one picture basically killed Eunhyuk’s celebrity career. Fans don’t want anymore, just for the reality of the situation to be known. Still, I’m glad that at least now people are starting to listen and clear up the misunderstandings. I do think it’s unfair that people are taking this opportunity to call IU a fox and all but I do honestly hate IU myself.

6. [+60, -1] Wow, thinking about it now… it all makes sense. SM’s stocks dropped during the scandal and Eunhyuk’s image tanked. Shouldn’t they be compensated for the losses?

7. [+52, -0] Hmm.. makes me see IU in a different light. Did she break up with Eunhyuk poorly? Why would she even make such a mistake like that (if you can even call it a mistake…) She manages herself so well usually to the point of being called sly so why would she make such a careless mistake?

8. [+51, -2] I bet IU’s thinking up another post to write on her fancafe to make herself sound like the victim right now ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+48, -0] Even now on IU’s articles, people are saying they’re just glad she’s not dating the anchovy ㅋㅋㅋ what did Eunhyuk do to receive this type of treatment? Meanwhile IU was able to manipulate her image into that of a mature singer after her scandal and is at the peak of her career right now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+47, -0] Eunhyuk took care of IU so well when she first debuted… but IU commits a mistake and completely axes herself out of the scandal, forgetting all he’s done for her…

some more thoughts on fanfiction

Okay, so after my rant, how about some things I love? 

I love the comments that start with “I don’t usually ship Steter, but..” 

Hello, and welcome to the dark side. Please take a seat. Here’s the wine list. 

I love the comments that bring up plot points (or plot holes!) that I never even considered. I write on the fly, so these things happen an awful lot! 

I love the comments that are basically just enthusiastic keyboard smashes, because they make me laugh. 

I love the comments where people hate my cliffhangers, and are genuinely worried about what’s going to happen next. I am too, usually, because I always panic I might have written myself into a corner. 

I love the comments that are paragraphs long, because wow, it’s incredible to me that people take the time to think so much about my stories, let alone organise their thoughts so coherently. I can’t do that on the best of days. 

I love the comments where people ask me about a choice I made in a story, because it makes me think about why I did make that choice, and given the chance to reflect, if I’d make that choice again. 

I love the 99.9% of readers who, even if they don’t like a story, don’t bash the person who wrote it. 

TLDR: I love you guys. 

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