wow i draw too much crap


twitter doodle.. sketch.. commission break things..

“when i’m not drawing a sociopath villain & his doppleganger, im drawing other nerds.

or timid nerds. are you happy Mario?

or a pretentious nerd who thinks he’s god

or a nerd who’s too strong for his own good”

because apparently bespectacled, nerd guys are my aesthetic -sweats-

Characters©their respected owners
-the horrible twitter captions-©me

-staples the comments to this post. stay-

gunslingergirl01  asked:

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH HOLY CRAP ALL THE ART AND THE COMIC UPDATES ARE LOVELY!!! Take your time when you need to though! Taking care of yourself is extremely important so please try not to be too hard on yourself when a page can't be posted just yet!

Wow thank you so much!! And no worries last night I was just hanging out with @box316 so I was too busy to draw a page but I’ll get one in today!