wow i dont know anymore

*looks into the camera like she’s on the office*
tfw when u hurt and ur boyfrend has 2 carry u lmao lyk and subrscirble 

i kinda want summer corrin so i can give micaiah her fish tome one day (assuming she’s actually a blue tome unit)

let her wield the forbidden water magic

♡ i’m not sure if people still do this kind of thing anymore, but i was so surprised when i saw i reached 1k already (i haven’t been on this blog so long, so it’s really really a surprise!) that i wanted to say thank you by recommending some of my favorite blogs. anyway, these people are not only super talented, but their blogs are just amazing and definitely worth checking it out. 

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 fancy date :D

being wlw on tumblr is nice bc u feel so accepted and i dont feel bad about my attraction towards girls here but it’s like 1000x harder irl bc i always feel like the odd one and like i’m gross when i look at a girl i think is cute

For the guy who saves your life from an insane hunter, Max is an incredibly underrated character. He leaves all the clues and tools that helped your Poptropican survive, and then he rides in on a BEAR and saves your life! This is Max in the moment of realization that he’s going to be hunted. Oh no.
This piece was interesting to do because I had to fiddle around with a bunch of settings to get MVB’s silhouette the way I wanted to, but it was fun to do nonetheless!
(Also, for a kid’s game, Poptropica has some dark themes sometimes. I love it.)


For once
I want to be the one
who you search for
whenever your demons beat you down

For once
I want to be the one
to wrap my arms around you
comforting you, telling you
that everything will be alright

For once
I want to be the one
whose shirt you stain with your tears
absorbing all your pain away

For once 
I want to be the one
who comforts you
instead of being comforted

For once
I want to be the one
to shoulder the burden
instead of being the burden

Steve picks on Sodas girl

Steve had his license, Soda had his license, shoot! even two has his. But you didnt, and you were 17 and were pretty insecure about it. Especially when Steve teases you about it. He was Sodas best friend, and you loved Soda so you didnt say anything.

That is, until he took it too far. The reason why you dont drive is because you can barely see. You’ve gone to a handful of doctors, and have gone through a handful of glasses but nothing has worked and you still cant see well enough to pass your permit test. 

“ Cmon! why cant your drive? Are you too short to reach the pedals?” Steve was joking around with you again but this time it just struck you differently and really bothered you. You were getting tired of everyone driving and you not being able to. “Would you just cut it out?!? I cant drive because I caant see! now drop it.” 

THat took him by surprise. He didnt know how much it bothered you. “Woah, y/n I’m sorry.” he felt guilty about everything, ‘I didnt know it bothered you, wow Im sorry.” 

“Just dont do it anymore, okay? 

“Okay, deal.”

this sucks 


random gifs of jeonghan being cute for @junghan // x x x

this took so long to make hannah but happy birthday hannah ♥♥  the only reason why i pushed myself to finish this was for your birthday and i hope you enjoy! (pt 2 of your birthday present to come soon)