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“Wow, who cursed me in Klingon, can’t be that nerdy kid next door who bragged to me about his working phaser last year.“ *side-eye* OR "“You’re a street artist who uses magic in their art and I see your work everyday on my commute.” Leverage plz?

(The latter! Sort of.)

Most people stare because it’s beautiful. Kids especially, Parker sees the kids whenever she passes him, running through whatever landscape he’s drawn in chalk today, coming out smelling like wildflowers or stale recycled air or ocean salt. Some people stare because they’re trying to figure out what makes it work, trying to catch him in a lie or a technological trick, like he’s the Las Vegas kind of magician.

Parker stares because it’s such a joyful, flamboyant waste of magic.

She uses little bits of it to make herself hard to notice, the thief tricks that Archie taught her, but she’s never met anyone who used magic like him, to draw with chalk on the sidewalk and make a place Parker wants to step into. He’s not afraid someone’s going to think it’s magic.

He knows she’s watching.

“Want me to take you somewhere?” he asks her when she stops by at a quiet time. “Anywhere you want to go.”

Parker doesn’t say anything, but he squints at her and then he draws the top of a skyscraper, looking down over a city, and for a second before she leaves she can almost feel the wind ruffle her hair.

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Accidents Don't Just Happen Accidentally (Part 2)

You guys wanted a part two, so here it is! Please let me know what you guys think, it would mean the world to me if I got some feedback! Enjoy!

Accidents Don’t Just Happen Accidentally Series

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As you walked into the pizzeria Jensen said to meet him at, you spotted Jared’s questioning look. Oh no, Jensen didn’t tell him you were coming.

“Um, hi Y/N.” Jared awkwardly said, scooting over in the booth to make room for you. You sat next to him, facing Jensen who was across from you.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. I was kinda-”

“I invited her.” Jensen stated, giving you a small smile. “Don’t worry, darlin’, Jared doesn’t bite.”

“Not usually.” Jared said with a grin. As his attention was turned to you, Jensen quickly dumped at entire shaker full off salt into his co-star’s soda. It took everything you had not to giggle and give it away.

“So, Y/N, how long you been acting?” Jensen said with a knowing grin.

“Well, I’ve acted in some small commercials, but this is the first time I’ve landed a major role.” You said, looking from Jensen’s to Jared’s intent faces. “I’m actually kinda nervous.”

“Don’t be!” They both said simultaneously. How sweet.

“You were amazing earlier today, Y/N! No need to be nervous at all!” Jared said, looking at you incredulously.

“Trust me, babe, you’re great. If anything, I’m always here to help if you-”

“ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS, JENSEN?!” Jared screamed, spitting soda everywhere.

Jensen was unable to hold in his laughter. He cackled (Jensen Cackles), letting his head fall back. You couldn’t help but laugh, too. Jared was viciously wiping his tongue on the neck of his shirt, trying to get the saltiness out.

Throughout all the commotion and laughter, you seem to have latched onto how Jensen called you ‘babe’. You knew you shouldn’t think much of it, but it sounded like heaven to your ears.

“Y/N, do you mind if I-” Jared asked, holding up your drink.

You laughed. “Sure, go ahead.”

With that, he began to chug down your soda only to be stopped short by another coughing fit.

Jensen started laughing again. He was practically yodeling.

“DUDE, YOU SPIKED HER DRINK, TOO?!” Jared shouted in disbelief. You turned to Jensen in shock.

“Seriously, Jensen? I thought we were friends!” You scowled, shaking your head.

“Aw, don’t take it personally, I do it to all new cast members.” He said with a wink. You smiled at him, staring for a moment too long before you looked down at the table. You felt like an idiot for gawking at him, but damn this man was gorgeous.

“I’m not new!” Jared grumbled.

His words seemed to have gone unnoticed by Jensen because when you looked up again, he was gazing at you like you were royalty.

“Alright, I’ll be back. I gotta go wash my mouth. Thanks J.” Jared rolled his eyes before stomping away like a moose.

You and Jensen shared a laugh as you both looked at the evidence before you. Spilled and spat out soda was dripping off the side of the table and the empty salt shaker stood in its wake.

“You’re terrible!” You said with a smirk, shaking your head.

“Aw, come on. You don’t mean that.” He scoffed with a smirk of his own playing at his lips.

“I do.” You laughed. “You are a terrible human being.”

“You should see the stuff he does to me.”

You laughed again, watching the crinkles in his eyes move as he laughed along with you. God, this man was a work of art. You got lost in his laugh. It was such a beautiful sound.

You were gawking again, this time you didn’t catch yourself before it was too late.

“See something you like?” He asked with a smirk.

“Um- I uh… I was just-” You stuttered, feeling a heat rise to your cheeks. His smile grew wider as he started at your stammering mess.

“It’s okay. Sometimes I catch myself staring at you, too.” He said, trying to suppress a smile. You felt your heart rate quicken and you almost forgot how to breathe.

You were about to reply when someone slid into the booth beside you.

“How come I wasn’t invited?” Misha asked with mock innocence.

Jensen pried his eyes from you to look at him. Jared came back from the bathroom and slid in next to Jensen.

“Oh, Misha. Nice of you to join us.” Jared said with sarcasm dripping from his tone.

“I am upset that you guys literally never invite me to anything.”

Jensen’s eyes met yours and he exchanged an apologetic look. You tried to hide a smile, but it was proven to be extremely hard with him watching you.

“It’s okay.” You mouthed. He gave a small nod and took his eyes off of you to watch as the other two bickered and joked.

He was something.

The next morning, as you clocked in for work, the man you were all too happy to see bumped into you.

“Hey!” You exclaimed, bumping him back.

“Sorry, sweetheart. Didn’t see you there.” He smirked, reaching over you to sign his name on the call sheet. He was much taller than you so your head was right under his arm.

You reached your hand up to sign your name under his and bumped his hand in the process. His signature turned into a sloppy mess. He groaned.

“Whoops, sorry. Didn’t see you there.” A smirk of your own played at your lips as you got out from under his arm and made your way to your dressing room.

Jensen stood dumbfounded for a moment, watching as you walked away from him. Wow was all he could think. You made him feel really excited to come to work today. How cliche, right? He laughed to himelf, putting down the pen and walking in the oppposite direction to his own room.

As you entered your room, the smell of flowers hit you. You looked to your dresser to see a boquet of roses awaiting you. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as you walked towards it and picked up the card.

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

There’s no one alive

who’s as pretty as you.”

You smiled from ear to ear, turning the card over to check for a name. There wasn’t any. You had your suspicions, but that takes away all the fun.

You shook your head, placing the card back on the table and gazing at your beautiful roses.

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Your next day on set went smoothly with little to no mistakes on your part. You were actually pretty proud of yourself. You were getting the hang of being surrounded by celebrities. You even got to know Misha a little better and realized he wasn’t that much of a weirdo.

“Alright, I’ll see you guys tomorrow!” You called from over your shoulder as you clocked out for the day. You heard a few goodbyes as you continued to walk out the door.

The night air felt cool against your skin as you scurried to your car. It was the ending of Fall, nearing Winter and you decided it was okay to walk outside your house with just a cardigan covering your bare arms. You clambered into your car, dropping your bag off in the passenger’s seat. You started up the engine and waited for your car to heat up. It was way too cold to be driving it right now.

Minutes passed and you finally gained the courage to just drive. If your fingers fell off, it was your own fault.

As you drove through the parking lot, you spotted a man leaning over a his car engine. The hood was propped up, blocking his face. However, his body language sent off frustration.

“You need some help?” You called, stopping in front of the car.

The man peeked through the hood of his car, a look of relief filling his features. Jared.

“Well, my car broke down on me again. Stupid piece of sh-”

You laughed, your breath clearly visible in white puffs in front of you. “Do you need a ride?”

“Oh, I couldn’t ask you to-”

“Just get in.”

He gave you an uneasy look before slamming the hood down and making his was to the passenger side of your car. You moved your purse to the ground to accommodate him.

“Are you sure? Do you have somewhere to be right now?” He asked, looking at you with those sweet puppy dog eyes.

“Jared, quit your worrying. I’m a loner with literally nothing waiting for me when I get home. I’ll be happy to give you a ride.” You smiled at him in the darkness. You made out the tiniest little smile on his face.

“Okay.” He finally agreed. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

You laughed two and talked on the road to Jared’s house. He would only occasionally interrupt the conversation with a “turn here” or “keep going”. He was the most down-to-earth guy on the planet. He talked as if you two have known each other for years. There was no awkwardness whatsoever and you couldn’t have been more grateful.

“Well, I’m guessing this is your stop.” You said, pulling up to his house with a hidden sad smile.

“Why don’t you come in for a little? I’ll pay you for the ride home with some hot cocoa.” He said with a hopeful look.

“Oh, no. I couldn’t bother you.”

“Y/N, I am asking you to come join me.” He said. “You could never bother me.”

You smiled and let out a defeated sigh. You grabbed your keys and followed the tall man into his house. He seemed to be overjoyed at the feeling of having company over.

“Make yourself at home. Feel free to kick your feet up and turn on the tv if you want. I’ll go get the hot cocoa.” He smiled, taking off his jacket and scarf and hanging them on his coatrack. He ventured off to what you could assume was the kitchen.

You sighed, looking around. Jared’s home was so cozy looking. It made you feel comfortable. It in no way looked like it was owned by a celebrity. Then you began to wonder. What am I doing in Jared’s house? He was Jared and you were you. It wasn’t every day that guys invited you into their house. Especially guys like Jared.

You sat, basking in your thoughts for what felt like hours before Jared came through with steaming mugs. He sat beside you, handing you your hot cocoa. You gave him a small smile and muttered a thank you.

You too sat and talked about anything and everything. No matter what, this man never fails to make you feel like you’re the most important thing in the world.

However, you time together got cut short when you noticed what time it was. 2:30am.

“Oh, shit! I’m sorry, Jared. I gotta go. It’s really late and I shouldn’t be keeping you up.” You mumbled, getting your things together.

“Don’t go.” He said almost on instinct. He looked embarrassed when he realized that he was pleading. He quickly tried covering it up. “I’ll be bored without you.”

You laughed. “How sad. What ever might you do for the next 4 hours until call-time tomorrow?”

He laughed at your sarcasm.

“I really have to go, though.” You said with a sad smile.

He sighed. “Okay, Y/N. I’ll walk you out.”

You followed Jared back through his house to the front door. You were saddened by the thought of having to leave when you and him were just starting to hit it off.

You opened the door, feeling a cold gust of wind against your skin.

“Woah, hold on there.” Jared said, gently grabbing your arm and pulling you away from the door. “Can’t have you catching a cold.”

You smiled to the ground, shaking your head. “Jared, I’m fine!”

He pulled a hoodie off of his coat rack and put it over your head. “Come on, arms in.”

“I’m not a baby!” You protested, slipping your arms through the sleeves. The hoodie was like blanket on you. You laughed, looking down at your body in his clothes. The sleeves went down past your finger tips and the bottom went to your thighs.

“There you go, all warm and cozy.” He grinned like an idiot. You swore your heart rate just sped up.

“Jared, I look like a marshmallow.” You laughed again, crossing your arms over your chest. He just kept grinning.

“Oh! And one more thing.” He said, reaching for something at the very top of the rack. He pulled down a navy blue beanie and placed it on your head, covering your ears.

“Jaaaaareeeed!” You groaned. You had to admit, you did feel warm, but you felt weird borrowing his clothes.

He ignored your protests, as he placed his hands on your shoulders. “Goodnight, marshmallow.”

You smiled up at him. “Goodnight.”

He gave you one last smile before allowing you to leave. He watched you as you walked to your car, just incase.

You waved goodbye as you pulled out of his driveway.

Before you could drive down the road, you saw flashes out of the corner of your eyes. Confused and startled, you look near the trees to see a small man with a huge camera. He was taking photos like mad.

“Hey!” Jared yelled, going after him. I guess celebrities really do have paparazzi swarming them. Before any more pictures were taken, you drove off.

As you sat in your car on the way home, you couldn’t help but be afraid as to what headlines will be all over the internet tomorrow. You’ve seen what they do to celebrities who are caught with someone late at night. You’d get called all types of names and get all types of accusations. People don’t even know that you’re an actor on the show yet. What will make it worse is the fact that you’re wearing his clothes, too. Well, it wasn’t too worse. After all, at least you were warm.

You smiled to yourself and kept driving, thoughts of Jared swarming in your mind.

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