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When You're Twitter Famous
  • Famous Gal: *phone constantly getting notifications*
  • Friend: Whoa, who's firing up your inbox?
  • Famous Gal: Hmm?
  • Friend: Your phone is going off like crazy.
  • Famous Gal: Oh, those are just my twitter notifications. I don't even notice them anymore.
  • Friend: I didn't know you were on twitter.
  • Famous Gal: Yeah, I know. I have a bit of a presence there, but nothing big.
  • Friend: How many followers do you have?
  • Famous Gal: Uhm I think it was something like 45,839.
  • Friend: Wow, holy shit. I only have like 40. You're famous.
  • Famous Gal: Eh, I'm not really famous. *checks phone* Oh, that's actually 47,328 now. I guess that post I made is making some minor rounds. *sparkle eyes*
  • Friend: ...So how do you even get that many followers?
  • Famous Gal: You just have to post the right things. Like, look at this.
  • Friend: Whoa, that post has so many notes!
  • Famous Gal: Yeah because it's so weird. You have to find weird things and screenshot them, like one time I found this dude who had a fetish for women sharpening butcher knives but he was also an open fascist so I screenshotted the shit out of him. People tore him to shreds and I got so many followers! Oh, and then once I found this Britney Spears twitter bot that only tweets "help me", but it got deactivated. Oh, then someone tried to roleplay with me as Twilight Sparkle in my DMs.
  • Friend: You're verified too! You're totally famous! Stop bullshitting!
  • Famous Gal: Of course I'm verified. I work in broadcasting, you doof.
  • Friend: Don't you just switch out advertisement tapes at the cable company?
  • Famous Gal: Listen, the fine details really don't matter. All I'm saying is it's not that big of a deal. Yes, I'm twitter verified and have tons of followers and fans and am also in a group chat with Eric Andre, Rebecca Sugar, Anthony Fantano, the guy who wrote Homestuck, everyone from Chapo Trap House, some irritating Vice journalist that people just sort of tolerate, and that Omocat chick, but that's all incredibly normal.
  • Friend: Well, is this normal too? *snatches famous gal's phone and tosses it somewhere far*
  • Famous Gal: What the fuck! Why did you do it.
  • Friend: I'm sorry, it's normal. Reflexes, y'know.
  • Famous Gal: You're acting like a bitch.
  • Friend: God, it's no big deal. It's just a phone, why don't you ask the commies on Chapo Trap House to redistribute a new one for you?
  • Famous Gal: That doesn't even make sense.
  • Friend: Neither does 47k followers for a nerd who works at a cable company. *storms off*
  • Famous Gal: I can't believe her! She threw my phone somewhere into that cavernous looking system of shady alleyways. I can't picture myself actually exploring such a place just for a phone.
  • Scarfed Individual: *abruptly steps into view* No need to do so.
  • Famous Gal: Eep!
  • Scarfed Individual: Sorry for startling you. I've procured your phone. *presents phone*
  • Famous Gal: *takes phone back* Thank you.
  • Scarfed Individual: No need to thank me, I'm a fan.
  • Famous Gal: What? Really?
  • Scarfed Individual: Yes, I've been a fan of your tweets for quite a while and was pleasantly surprised when I noticed the phone that had hit my head belonged to you. I knew you were in the area. I never thought I'd get to meet you face to face, however.
  • Famous Gal: Hahaha... I don't remember ever posting anything about the area where I live.
  • Scarfed Individual: I know, that made it more difficult for me to relocate my town of residence to your own. It was even more difficult finding EXACTLY WHERE YOU LIVED. Good thing I found your phone, right. *wink* I guess all is in order now. I'll see you tonight. *abruptly walks out of view*
  • *that night*
  • Friend: *sleeping soundly*
  • *loud banging at front door*
  • Friend: Ah fuck. *grouchily gets up and answers the front door* I don't deal anymore, ask Mark. He lives across the street.
  • Famous Gal: *rushes into apartment* Help me!
  • Friend: Don't just run into my fucking house!
  • Famous Gal: I'm being stalked!
  • Friend: Unsurprising.
  • Famous Gal: This is your fault!
  • Friend: I think it's your fault for having thousands of followers on a public website.
  • Famous Gal: When you tossed my phone, some nutso fan of mine found it and now he knows where I lives.
  • Friend: Ah, sounds bad, sorry.
  • Famous Gal: That's all you have to say!?
  • Friend: I can't help the fact that you're being stalked, but alright. I was a bit of a grouch today, so I'll let you spend the night.
  • Famous Gal: *hugs friend* Thank you. You're a terrible friend, but in this moment I'd consider you barely tolerable.
  • Friend: Thanks, even though every single world you say to me further stretches the already strung out patience I have for you.
  • Famous Gal: Whatever, I'm just going to take these sheets and assume I'm allowed to sleep on your couch without actually asking permission because I honestly don't want to speak with you any longer and am slowly regretting my decision to spend the night here with you.
  • Friend: I feel the same. I'm too tired so I'll go over how much I've come to dislike you throughout the course of this single afternoon and nighttime conversation.
  • Famous Gal: Uh, yeah. Goodnight, I guess.
  • Friend: Whatever...
  • Famous Gal: *lies on the couch and wraps self in sheets* God, I'm even more tired than I thought but these sheets are so cold. *dozes off*
  • Scarfed Individual: *abruptly appears from behind couch* You can borrow my scarf, here you go. *wraps around sleeping famous gal like a bow*
  • Famous Gal: *in her sleep* Mmm your arms are so warm.
  • Individual: Indeed they are, my dear. I wish I could smooch you, my dear. Goodnight, my dear.
  • Famous Gal: *yawns* Night.
  • Individual: *his glowing eyes illuminate sleeping famous gal*
  • Famous Gal: Please turn off the lights.
  • Individual: Oh, sorry about that. *click*

i kinda want summer corrin so i can give micaiah her fish tome one day (assuming she’s actually a blue tome unit)

let her wield the forbidden water magic


A few miscellaneous drawings from my trip.

I was surprised to hear the French say “wee-fee”. I find it so cute omg.


Somebody treated my family to some very nice Portuguese food in Paris. Therefore I bring to you — mussel man. [Why did I even think of this.]

Oh I’ve also passed through Belgium at some time.

What I say: I’m fine.

What I mean: Why don’t Brendon and Dallon act like they used to? I don’t even mean stage gay, I mean the friendship. The thing that made me smile. The ‘Wow I love Dallon Weekes" instead of the “Dallon shut the fuck up”. Yeah it’s just a joke, but what if it hurts Dallon? Do they even like each other anymore? Does it kill them to stay in the same room together? Are they even friends anymore? I mean there’s been many times where he’s referred to Brendon as his boss instead of his friend. Is it truly over? Has Brallon truly died?

BSD Character's reaction on SKK angst fics (chat)
  • <p> <b>Atsushi:</b> Why does Chuuya-san always have to die<p/><b>Dazai:</b> good point atsushi-kun but<p/><b>Kunikida:</b> It's a given knowing about his ability.<p/><b>Atsushi:</b> Yes, but why does Chuuya-san always have to die<p/><b>Twain:</b> For angst material loooooool<p/><b>Kyouka:</b> What is angst?<p/><b>Yosano:</b> It's Beauty.<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> Wtf lady<p/><b>Akutagawa:</b> Jinko, why is it that you don't die on any of these<p/><b>Higuchi:</b> ^<p/><b>Lucy:</b> ^^^<p/><b>Atsushi:</b> Wow rude<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> Why do i have to die<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> It's not even a question anymore at this point<p/><b>Dazai:</b> bc im too handsome to die hehe *wink wink*<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> What the fuck<p/><b>Kouyou:</b> Dazai, lad, If you ever hurt Chuuya, you know what will happen.<p/><b>Dazai:</b> lmao anesan it aint my fault he always dies<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> I mean, I get the idea, Corruption. FUCKING CORRUPTION.<p/><b>Kenji:</b> It's gonna be hard fucking ur ability though ^w^)<p/><b>Steinbeck:</b> Ya but y'all can tryna use it to spice things up, don't ya think so to, lovecraft?<p/><b>Lovecraft:</b> No.<p/><b>Naomi:</b> OMG<p/><b>Junichirou:</b> KENJI NO<p/><b>Hawthorne:</b> y'all need religion<p/><b>Mitchell:</b> Lmao ur involved in some daddy fics. ur a daddy<p/><b>Hawthorne:</b> *Father.<p/><b>Tachihara:</b> Chuuya-san, first and foremost, I have no idea why I'm there too smh<p/><b>Gin:</b> ^but you admitted you're gay<p/><b>Tachihara:</b> Oh. As if you're not<p/><b>Hirotsu:</b> Stop fighting.<p/><b>Mori:</b> I don't even know why I'm involved with some :c I'm not that bad<p/><b>Dazai:</b> uh-huh<p/><b>Dazai:</b> though tbh i wish you die instead lol<p/><b>Dazai:</b> or maybe ango lol<p/><b>Ango:</b> .....<p/><b>Fyodor:</b> @Mafia boss, Tell me about it.<p/><b>Ranpo:</b> ^lol no one wants ur opinion tho<p/><b>Karl:</b> Ranpo-kun, calm down<p/><b>Kyouka:</b> Why is his name karl?<p/><b>Ranpo:</b> hes too shy lmao<p/><b>Alcott:</b> It's true though... from the data we've gathered... from the 8928347 bsd fics, 593402 are skk fics and 489075 are in the angst genre. Fyodor-san composed 90% of the reason why Chuuya involuntarily uses Corruption... and then dies ultimately.<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> JFC<p/><b>Fitzgerald:</b> @Nakahara, You can just use your money and connections to erase those tbh<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> Not everyone is as rich as you, asspal. It's way too many<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> But seriously, why do I have to die<p/><b>Melville:</b> At least you younglings are involved in the creation of some fans.<p/><b>Chuuya:</b> Who're you<p/><b>Melville:</b> Exactly.<p/><b>Fukuzawa:</b> Has anyone feed the cats yet<p/><b>Soseki:</b> I rarely appear too.<p/><b>Oda:</b> At least you're alive<p/><b>Soseki:</b> O<p/></p>
Everyone always says that the first thing you’ll forget is the sound of their voice, but Because when it’s so early in the morning that the sun is just beginning to grace the day with its presence and my thoughts so loud that i can’t breath it’s your voice that’s haunting me. The way you said my name is causing the tears to fall from my eyes because it’s all I can hear anymore. I wish I could forget how your voice sounded when it was 4am and I couldn’t sleep. I just wish I could forget you and everything you left behind.
—  4am

“Unlike the hallways, the lunchroom was suspiciously silent. There was a tension that filled the space, immediately setting Alex on edge. Navigating through the crowd, he managed to slip to the front with ease. In any other case, his small stature would be a brittle thorn in his side, but on the occasion it had its advantages. The scene that laid before him was one that would not soon be forgotten. Lafayette was towering on top of a table, shouting in a mixture of French and English at another boy who was standing on the ground looking up smugly at the enraged teenager. There was a small circle of students blocking entrance to the faceoff, keeping any administration interference at bay. Teenagers are like sharks, Alex thought, a fight is like a drop of blood.”

Aaaaaand here is yet another drawing from @damn-man-ham-fam‘s brilliant fic. I can’t seem to stop drawing Hamilton how did this happen


thank you??? for 400 followers?? (still shOok)

but here’s a small thank you to tumblr,,,, I met some really good people here and you should follow them bc I love them

@transandtrash best friend!!! ilysm you don’t even know,,, you’re so amazing I can’t even put it into words (seriously I’m ending there bc I would need to make you your own post to describe how much I love you and why wOw)
@siriusly-trash a+++ mutual and my new wife,, sweet!! precious!! (still in love with that mini gay romance we talked about tbh)
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@apollopotter / @drabbleshy I’m sorry to say we can only be double twins after I deleted my sideblog,,, but there’s always shakespeare!! amazing and a v good source of laughter when needed!!
@12-grimmauld-place welcoming and very nice!! literally has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable and at home
@theinsidiouscinnamonroll mutual!! super sweet and precious!
@dr-aco gwbgc creator!! ty for everything you do,, I know how much it stresses you out sometimes but that server has been so helpful to so many people!! me included (even if I’m not particularly active anymore) also very sweet person!!
@carry-on-kissing-snowbaz lovely!! mutual!! !!
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anywAY ty!! i don’t talk to a lot of you as much as I wish I could but i love seeing you around the internet ngl,,
and that concludes that

anonymous asked:

Is it your thing to follow blogs then unfollow them after they followed you back? Because I don't know you and I followed you back, because you write poetries, then when I checked if you're still following me, it magically appeared that you don't. Wow. Thank you for that.

First of all, I don’t have a thing. I don’t unfollow my mutuals but if (emphasis on the if) I do is because I don’t like their blogs anymore. In your case, I think I unfollowed you because I think your blog is crap. Even though I don’t know what your blog is because you don’t have the guts to ask with your profile and hide behind anonymous. Because you also know your blog is crap. 

So, if you also think my blog is crap, feel free to unfollow me, I won’t come to your blog attacking you :P

Hartwin may not be my favorite Kingsman ship, or even one I really care about anymore unless the fic is good or the art is nice, but fuck off if you’re not tagging your posts as “anti-hartwin.”

I’d hate to go to any tags for my favorite ships and only see “wow he doesn’t deserve to be with him,” “he’s abusive,” “he’s a shitty human being,” “this ship is toxic and everyone who ships it is disgusting,” and I’m sure you would, too.

anonymous asked:

@ Iron man jobbing anon: Fun fact about Iron Man, NONE of his buster suits have ever actually won a fight with their intended target, ever. Age of Ultron was literally the only time he's ever won, in a non-canon film. I don't even know why he bothers anymore. There's always the initial shock value gasp of "OH MY GOD, HE HAS A (insert hero/es here) BUSTER SUIT" only for him to get his ass kicked in it by said hero/es two pages later.

Ah! Wow, you’re actually right, I never thought about it.

Another type of scene I grew to dislike, are those big scenes when Tony shows up with every single armor he ever wore or created, and they all proceed to be torn apart like cannon fodder by the villain of the moment in about three seconds… like, he does that three or four times (all by Bendis) and it always ends the same way. A really cheap, “shit got real” that amounts to nothing.

sweetsmcbeefs said: Iron Man’s armor gets shredded for the same reason that Wolverine gets torn up: They can simulate massive injuries without lasting consequences.

Smart answer.

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Wait didn't it turn out that dove wasn't really gay cause she was out photographed with that girl and liking tweets about being gay/bi but then it turned out she was dating that Thomas boy the whole entire time and now her and the girl don't even interact anymore

Wow did you know bisexual people date BOTH genders?