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When I saw my favorite cast in the entire world DRAPPPPPPEDDDDDDDDD in Gucci for Time Magazine I literally almost DIED! This shoot is so effortless, so couture, so FASHION & most important SO GUCCI!!!!! Every cast member you see above is wearing Gucci the cast names with the names of their characters will be listed below in order of the pictures. My favorite picture BY FAR is Sophie Turner, like….WOW!! They did NOT have to do that!!! This is better than her red carpet looks. It’s like she’s staring right into my soul because I bit the apple that’s in her hand! Amazing! The look, the hair, the styling, the background, the whole 9! By far one of the most iconic Time Magazine shoots of all time. Game of Thrones for Gucci:







shot by Miles Aldridge

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can you show us some Brazilian slang?


but I will show the ones people use the most. If anything I do a part 2

eita: you can use it for everything, it’s like “wow” or similars. “it costs $300″ “EITA”, “Then we kissed” “EITA”

eita porra: eita intensifies “it costs $700″ “EITA PORRA”

ata: it’s like “oh okay” but it evolved to SOMETHING ELSE and you can use anytime you dont know what to say. “you need a 12/10 to finish this subject” “ata” / “My mom died and my cat is sick and my hair is falling off!!” “…ata”

treta: drama, or a clusterfuck. Like I'm so tired of drama = Cansei de tanta treta. (but we love drama)

arrombado: someone annoying or really lucky. “He won the best prize. Arrombado”

tua cara: reminds you of someone, translates to your face. “I just saw a band shirt so cool. Tua cara”

teu cu: your asshole. You know that thing you said about me? Now its about your asshole. “Dude you are so ugly I want to scream and die” “teu cu”

caguei: it translates to basically “I shitted”. Like bullshit, you don’t care. “so then Privilege McWhite kissed Banana CreamCracker” “caguei”

corno: men whose wife cheated on him, insult. “A corno like him can’t talk shit about anyone”

porre: LOTS of alcohol. “Tomei um porre” = “I drank WAY too much” 

safado: someone without morals. “he just go around saying he loves them and then leaves out of nowhere” “Safado!”

nego: it would translate to n*gger, but here it lost basically all the meaning, I dont even know if it had a racist conotation to start. sometimes, you mean “sweatheart” like: “your baby is so cute” “meu nego <3″

cabueta: a tattletale. “he just told the teacher I cheated!” “Cabueta morre cedo” (tattletales die young)

oião: big eyes, someone who envy others often. “I want your dress” “saí daí (get out), oião”

ai dentu: its basically some kind of annoyed “fuck”, like when someone says something stupid, annoying or obviously a lie “I wish Brazil had a president like Trump” “aí dentu” 

quenga: bitch

tribufu: ugly bitch

rapariga: bitch, and a rebelious act against portugal (where rapariga just means girl)

boçal: thinks very highly of themselves, are annoying for that. “She said she doesnt want to ride the bus” “ Ela é muito boçal”

The Breakup Bureau

Words: 8.1k
Genre: Fluff, Angst

Read more at Service Series 

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Saying goodbye is never easy.

Held hands over the table, she looks at him with softened eyes and a thoughtful expression. As he finishes with a gentle exhale, she nods. “You know what? You’re right! I deserve better!”

“You deserve the world and more.” He charmingly smiles, gaze dripping with honey.

She breaks out into a grin and pulls her hands away from his, leaning back in her chair. “How could I have been so blind?! I can’t believe I went through a relationship like that for an entire year!”

“And now you get to start fresh again. With someone who will treat you the way you deserve.”

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Taken [Chapter 14]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10
Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15
Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Epilogue

Suho is late.

Well, he did tell you that afternoon that he had to go out for a patrol and won’t be back anytime soon. They were still trying to find Luhan, but haven’t found a single trace of him.

You dangle your legs by the side of the bed, knowing it’s far too late in the night for you to be up. Suho will give you hell for it when he sees you.

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(Disclaimer: this report will not be a serious and professional one because I just can’t contain the fangirling; also I may and probably will be biased towards Aikyan and Shuka I’m sorry-
Also I’m sorry but I can’t really understand Japanese so I don’t know a lot of the things they said and what the Intermission PV was about, but maybe I will be able to update it later
Last, there will probably be a lot of mistakes since I’m writing this on my phone (since I’m going back home to Italy only after Comiket next week)

Sorry this took me a lot of time! So, on Saturday I’ve been to the first day of Aqours 2nd Live Tour in Nagoya and I wanted to write a report of it for curious people and also for me to remember it better :)

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Hi Peaches!! I love your comics. I'm really sorry if this is a common question you get, though I just wanted to ask, have you ever felt hopeless during your transition? Not that you should have, you're cute as fuck; this is just something I've been having trouble getting over. I'm in my third month of hrt, and I'm just terrified of only ever looking like a man with boobs.

Aw, thank you! 
3 months, wow! Grats, grats, grats! 

And no! I said it before, I’ll say it again!

Transitions are built on hope!

There are times where I feel sad or dysphoric, sure, but I never lose hope.

I try and maintain an upbeat and positive attitude, and as I’ve stated in Strip #65 , I do my best to convert that gross energy into something positive and constructive to hopefully make others happy. 

I’m very fortunate to have my Self-Esteem Team, and I sure hope you have your own! Anytime I’m not feeling valid enough or upset, I’ve always got a cheerleader on the sidelines, be it my two partners, my dates, and of course, my friends.

There’s a character (well, at least when he’s written by the brilliant hand of Paul Dini) that I hold deeply in my heart, ever since I was a kid, who showed me that we can take the most negative of our circumstances and respond in a way that’s constructive and beneficial to others even though we may have our own demons we fight every single day. 

You all know him.

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THIS Batman is one of my biggest driving forces in life.

In childhood, I thought 

“Wow. Batman’s parents died right in front of him. He could be a bad guy just like Joker or Pengiun or Two-Face, but he fights for others, even though he’s very sad.” 

My therapist during my first year at college coined the phrase “Batman-ing.” Again, turning your negative circumstance into a pure energy and driving force for personal growth and to create. 

In terms of my transition, I’m doing what I can with the cards I’ve been dealt.

I’m doing my absolute best, and I’m trying to be the best person I can be despite all the obstacles thrown my way.

Whatever anger or fear or sadness that boils in my heart can turn into happiness, hope, and perseverance if I just alter the perspective a little bit and keep moving. 

My validity as a woman is defined by my confidence in how I identify. 

HRT and passing will be the icing on the cake, but I will never doubt myself. Never. 

Neither should you. We’re strong, you know?

Women are strong.

I can’t sleep so like

in ASiP Mycroft somehow gets ahold of John’s therapy notes with Ella

The fact that John kept seeing her after this (when he was seeing a therapist, I mean, he did stop for a while) always felt like kind of a plot hole to me, because he has trust issues and KNOWS he can’t trust her, maybe she had no choice but either way, she let Mycroft have his files

BUt. If he didn’t want to ever talk about his feelings for Sherlock in therapy anyway, continuing to see Ella makes the perfect excuse not to do so…. because anything he says to her might end up in Mycroft’s hands. And Mycroft might tell Sherlock, or tell John to move out, or anything.

So John is lying to himself, “wow Ella is such a good therapist for me, too bad I can’t ever talk about that one thing with Sherlock, well I’m sure I have more important problems to discuss anyway”

And by TRF it seems like Ella sort of understands what’s going on and isn’t going to push it

But then … Mary dies… and John changes therapists so why now? He didn’t after Sherlock’s death, so why Mary’s?


Wow, the Similarities.

“You know that ship with the gay harem boy and his cinnamon roll robot boyfriend from that japanese visual novel thing you like?”

“Haha, which one?”

“Um, the one with the guy in the scarf who dies.”

“Haha, which one?”

“I think the name of the series starts with a D? And everyone has very questionable fashion sense”

“Ha h a, w h ich o ne ?”

“Something to do with murder??”

“H A,”

Human Zircons headcanons part 5 (fuck my life xD)

You know… I was like “okay, the 4 part was the last”, but then @koshechka-ninja appeared, showed me the perfect music and art, and I said “holy fuck I created a few more”. That’s ALL your fault xD

1 part here

2 part here

3 part here

4 part here 

Some of you wanted more? Here:

  • They both weep over the sad movies or cartoons. Once they decide to re-watch the Lion King, and Blue is very surprised that Yellow can’t hold back her tears. She says “Wow, you really have a heart!” and gets the answer “Mufasa died, how can I not cry?! Of course, I have a heart! Probably.”
  • Yellow doesn’t like clubs very much, because there are “stupid teens who take drugs and do not know how to drink properly.” She prefers to stay at home and watch something. When someone from the senior students organizes a party, she, of course, is invited. She knows that there will be dances, food, lots of people, but she also knows that no one invited Blue. So she stays with her, and says that even if Blue were invited, she still certainly can’t dance. Blue snorts and answers that, in fact, she knows how to dance a waltz and even a tango. Yellow doesn’t believe and asks to show. Blue sighs and turns on the music. This was her big mistake, and, at the same time, the most correct decision.
  • Their room in the dormitory is small, but it doesn’t stop them from arranging their own slow dances. Blue leads in the dance, confidently moving, and Yellow fully allows it. Step, step, turn, tilt. She watches the movements of Blue, the expression on her face, and sees a completely different person. She cuddles closer to her, and doesn’t notice discontent. She lowers her hand to Blue’s waist, and then a little lower, and doesn’t understand why Blue still has not pushed her away. But Blue seems to like it. They dance all evening, almost silently, listening to music and enjoying each other.
  • Their “first time” happens on the same evening, when the playlist ends, and they freeze in the middle of the room, but don’t rush to separate. Yellow touches Blue’s waist under her T-shirt, and kisses her neck almost weightlessly. And, judging by the fact that Blue has not yet said “fuck off,” she likes it. Blue is shy, it is difficult for her, and Yellow understands what to do. She gently takes off her glasses, whispers “close your eyes and let me lead now”, and Blue for the first time in her life entrusted herself to someone.
  • Everything was fine, but Yellow is Yellow, and a few days after Blue hears “you weren’t so quiet that night…” or “aww, don’t be so shy, I know that you…” and Blue wants to hit her with a book, because she says it too loudly and in front of people.
  • Most of all Yellow loves whispering lewd things in Blue’s ear right in the middle of the lesson, with a lustful tone, and then she dies in silent laughter, because the expression of Blue’s face is priceless.

Max Raabe und das Palast Orchester – Dance with me - just listen to it

There was 1 more, NSFW (not slightly xD), but I’m too sober to write it, I just can’t xD May be someday, just for sinners x]

one of my proudest moments as a parent
  • my six year old: do you know who Martin Luther King Jr is?
  • me: no. who is he?
  • son: Martin Luther King Jr was the sweetest man ever. He was brown. Not like us, we're white. And back a long time ago, the brown adults and even the kids (completely appalled), had to do all the work. And when the brown kids got to play on the playground after they were done work, they couldn't play with the white kids.
  • Me: that's not nice.
  • son: no, it isn't. and Martin Luther King said that the brown kids and the white kids should be able to play together bc we should love each other no matter what. As long as we're all good people, we're the same people.
  • me: oh, wow. what happened to him?
  • son, tearing up: he was shooted and killed. He died bc not everyone knew that he was the sweetest man in the world. Some people thought that his good was their bad.
  • Me: what do you think?
  • Son: I really, really hope that one day we get a new sweet boy or girl like him that will make the world even better.
  • Me, speechless by this level of emotion and understanding in a 6 year old: ...
  • Son: ...
  • Son: ... can i have some pudding?

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Seventeen, but they're lizards.

this is the most random ask i’m laughing but ok LOL

seungcheol would be that pet lizard that constantly tries to get out of his cage and you’re like no stay in there you punk lmao and jeonghan would be one of those lizards that just like…. chill in the same spot all day….. you’d be like did i buy you for 200$+ just to see you stand still…..

jisoo is a nice lizard?? like you could carry him around on your shoulder all day and he wouldn’t do anything stupid, he’s just really clingy. junhui is a nightmare omg he always finds a way to escape the cage like once you woke up and he was sitting on your pillow and you nearly died of a heart attack

hoshi is a star lizard wow he does flips in his cage and climbs the walls he’s a skilled little thing!! and wonwoo is similar to jeonghan….. just chills in his favorite spot all day….. jihoon moves a lot in his cage until you look at him. then he just stops whatever he was doing like “don’t look at me”

seokmin is always jumping around because he wants you to carry him man get him out of that cage!! mingyu never knows where he’s going, he’s always falling off the little rocks you displayed around in his cage

minghao does flips and probably licks the entire cage clean…. seungkwan always hits himself against the cage because he follows you around in it. like when you leave the room, he goes to the farthest corner just so he can get a glimpse of you because he loves you ok

hansol just lies on his back all day sun tanning…. and chan sticks his tongue out every two seconds because he thinks he’s a big and scary snake



Nayeon is the one to get scared the most when it comes to horror movie or just anything scary period. She would hold on to you as tight as possible and would most likely eventually start crying that you have to turn it off and hold her for a while just to calm down. “I’m sorry that I made you stop the movie” she would say after she have calmed down.


She would want to protect you and would hold your hand the whole time. If she felt like you were scared she would tell you to put your head on shoulder and hide in her neck if it gets scary but if something actually scares her she would start laughing hard.


Momo would actually enjoy the movie and laugh everytime something happened but when a jump scare happens she would scream and then go right back to laughing about the situation. “I told her not to go in there, see what happened.”


She would hold on to you so much that even when the movie is over you will have a hard time getting her to let go of you. Later she would laugh at herself for being so scared.


She would be holding your hand and when she got scared she would look down closing her eyes and wait for you to tell her it was okay to look back up. So moments she would get closer to you but that’s just because she wanted to get closer to you.


Mina will not be quiet anymore, she would be screaming so much that you would start to worry about her. She would even jump into your lap and if that happened she would tell you to turn it off. “I hate scary movies why did you do this to me?”


She would find something to joke about the whole time of the movie that neither one of you could take it seriously. If someone comes up missing Dahyun will find a joke about, even if someone dies she will find something to joke about even if it was something simple like “Wow, she looks pretty when died too.”


She would lay her head in your lap but wouldn’t really be scared of the movie. If she thought you were scared then she would pretend to be scared with you. She would only jump if she didn’t expected something to happened.


She wouldn’t really get scared she would just sit there looking bored. She would laugh every time she saw you jump even if you jumped a little bit she would and tell you how cute you were. “Aw, how adorable.”

wow another rubiam high school au i'm so creative

i guess we’re kinda upgrading to college now??? idk

•the first time ruby does poorly on an assignment in college she cries for 4 hours about how she’s gonna be a stripper for the rest of her life

•liam tries to calm her down to no avail like “this is the first time ever in your life you’ve done bad on something it’ll be okay soon you’ll learn to do poorly and take it in stride like the rest of us” and she cries harder bc that indicates she’s gonna do terribly again

•when he asks what she got he has to physically hold himself back from laughing when she looks up at him with tears running down her face and says “B minus”

•she’s been crying for the last hour and a half over a B minus. she thinks her fate is stripping because of a B minus. this bitch.

•chubs ends up being the one who calms her down because in typical chubs fashion he just gives it to her straight and slaps the sense back into her

•"well if you don’t want another B minus, why are you wasting time crying over the one you can’t change? go spend the time you’re wasting right now on the rest if your work and make sure it doesn’t happen again.“

•she stops crying, nods and gets up to go do her work

•liam just stares in shock at the fact that chubs just did in 3 sentences what he’d been trying to do for 3 hours

•"sometimes you make me feel like a really shitty boyfriend, chubs”

•one night they set up a study date and liam’s like “what are we gonna study” and she goes “i don’t know…i need to work on biology” and he thinks he’s about to get lucky but that hope quickly dies when she actually brings her giant binder of notes and her textbook and falls asleep next to him at 10:30

•all his friends make fun of him for being whipped and he’s just like “wow i love and respect my girlfriend you really got me good what a burn 🙄🙄🙄”

•when she was on her period in high school she used to be able to kinda avoid him if she wanted to be left alone but now they live a floor apart and spend a good 70% of their time together so he kinda has to learn to handle her when she’s hormonal, cramping, and angry at him because he’s a man and has never had to go trough this

•he learns pretty quickly but the one thing he never quite figured out is if she actually wants him to touch her or not

•like sometimes when she’s laying in bed cramping he’ll try to cuddle and she nearly bites his head off but half an hour later she’s crying because he doesn’t want to touch her

•he’s mortified the first time she sends him on a tampon run

•not because “ew gross tampons periods disgusting” just because there’s SO MANY and he doesn’t know which one to get

•he calls his mom, naturally

•when she doesn’t know what kind ruby uses he calls ruby’s mom

•"Liam! how are you sweetie?“
“um hi mrs daly i’m good. but um, this is a weird question but i was wondering if you know what kind of tampons ruby uses. she sent me to the store and i don’t know what i’m doing.”
*queue ruby’s mom laughing for 12 minutes*
“the black box with the pink swirls honey”
“thanks mrs daly”

•they move in together after liam’s 3rd and ruby’s 2nd year

•they invite chubs to move in with them but he moves out after six months because “i’m tired of third wheeling in my OWN HOME”

•it was one thing to be sexiled from a dorm room he could just go to vidas and spend the night but to come home to your roommates having sex on the kitchen counter, where you eat off of,, no.

•they agree to wait until after they’re both done with college (which ends up being the same time since ruby took so many ap’s in high school) to get married bc that’s a lot of added stress and marriage is really just a title they live together and do all the things married couples do anyways by the end of college

•but by second semester senior year liam starts getting //really// impatient he knows what they said but he bought a ring last year and has carried it around with him all the time since then

•as soon as they’re out of the building where graduation was held he’s down one one knee and ruby rolls her eyes because wow impatient much but when he asks she says yes

I got to the part in Caliban’s War (pg 325-327) where Amos talks about his past a little bit and-

Originally posted by sawdustonchips

There’s knowing about his past and then there’s reading it in his words.  There’s knowing what horrors lie in humanity’s darkest corners and then there’s seeing someone that clawed their way out of there talk about it.  No matter how many people I meet who’ve been touched by that darkness, their stories are always a punch to the gut and this was no different.  If you want to know why I care about a fictional character so much: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again - he’s fictional.  His story is not.

What really got to me though is that he didn’t share that part of himself for his own sake.  Amos could’ve kept it buried forever, no problem.

But Naomi wanted to understand why he beat the shit out of a kid for shaking Prax down for more food to get video footage of his daughter.  Because anyone who knows Amos knows he doesn’t instigate violence.  He won’t start a fight, he’ll finish it.  So why does some kid asking for more food got him torqued?  It has Naomi shaken.

“And you,” she continued. “I depend on you.  I know you’ve always got my back, no matter what.  Except maybe not now, because the Amos I know doesn’t beat a skinny kid half to death, no matter how much chicken he asks for. I feel like everyone’s losing themselves.  I need to understand, because I’m really, really, frightened.”

It’s been 25 years and he  f i n a l l y  cracks. And it’s not even a crack. It’s not a breakdown brought on by an event triggering these memories.  He’s opening himself up for Naomi.  For her to understand him better.  To soothe her fears.  I just.  My  f e e l i n g s.  FUCK.

I cannot tell you what it means to me to have this relationship with Amos and Naomi.  One of the most intimate relationships I’ve ever seen and sex and romance have zilch to do with it.  Not that I’m not a huge shipper because I totally am but with these two …  I just wanted to see two people love and support and protect one another without romance or blood relation being a part of it.  Because, oh yeah, friends exist.  And they love, support, and protect you too. And these types of relationships are possible between men and women.

Anyway, in this convo with Naomi, it’s not like he’s directly talking about himself. He’s talking about Baltimore and the squeeze trade and what happens to the children that are a result of that … “trade.”

But Naomi sees straight through his bullshit because of course she does.  He beat the shit out of that kid because he knows what happens to lost children. He knows because he was one.  She directly asks him and he skirts right over it.

“Some wind up finding a way to ship offworld, and they never go back?” Naomi asked, her voice quiet.

“Maybe,” Amos said, his voice flat and conversational as ever.

She tries to be sympathetic and he’s just like NOPE. NOT TODAY. DO NOT WANT.

“Amos,” she said, her voice thick. “I never–”

“So I’d like to find this little girl before someone uses her up, and she disappears.”

Anyone else feel like they just took a kick to the gut?  Holy fuck man.  He’s still talking about himself.  He was used up.  Whoever he could’ve been is gone. Disappeared.  Buried under layers and layers and layers of trauma. Who he is now is defined by that brutal childhood.  Can you even call it that?  When was he ever a child?  A lot of the way he acts is due to that trauma - the way very little rattles him, his voice always flat/conversational, dissociation, his inability to divulge right from wrong on his own, etc.  When you’re in the middle of experiencing a traumatic event, your brain shuts down a lot of unnecessary functions (unnecessary in terms of surviving the event).  And when you experience trauma long term, those things get shut down permanently.  Your brain gets tired of flipping the on and off switch because what’s the point? Your brain is permanently re-wired into survival mode.  That’s Amos.  And my feels shatter for the ten billionth time today goddammit why am I always drawn to the broken ones?  But he’s not completely emotionless or without caring for others - we’ve seen him smile and laugh and get irritated.  He clearly cares about Naomi, and Alex and Jim now.  But when the ugly rears its head?  He’s pretty much “Yeah, and?”  The ugly was his stomping grounds.  It doesn’t hurt or surprise him anymore.  I think he’s right there with Miller in being surprised that Eros hadn’t happened sooner.

I think there are really only two ways to hurt Amos at this point - if you’re someone he trusts and you don’t return that trust (remember when he realized Naomi was afraid of him?).  Or the thought of a child being put through what he went through is probably painful to him.

The one time he gets emotional in this convo is when he’s talking about getting Mei back to her father.

“…and she disappears.  I’d like to do that for her,” Amos said.  His voice caught for a moment, and he cleared it with a loud cough.  “For her dad.”

I think Amos admires Prax.  I think he looks at him and sees what it’s like to have a parent that cares.  I don’t know if his mother cared, she died when he was young.  And I’m not gonna touch Lydia here because wow this is already a mile long lmao.  What I do know is no one cared enough to save him, to protect him.  They fed him to the same monster that twisted them and spit them out.

But here comes Prax.  He’s desperate to find Mei.  He’s dying of starvation and the only thing he cares about is finding her, including giving up food to another for clues about her whereabouts.  I mean, how do you not admire that?  So I think Amos wants to save Mei for Prax.  Because he’s a father that deserves to see his daughter again.  I am also willing to bet that Prax’s devotion to his child makes him happy for Mei. And hella determined to protect her from the same fate he suffered.

That scene just fucked me all the way up and I needed to say a few things about it. XD

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11 21 31 33 39 mitch please. Hes my favorite.

11. What is something that would make your character fly into a rage?

it really doesn’t take much to get mitch to start throwing desks and punching walls, tbh! one thing that’s guaranteed to get him ragin’ tho is making any kind of threatening gesture towards him, especially by adult men. growing up with an abusive stepdad left him hyper-sensitive to threatening body language and he’ll launch into fight mode instantly, like a flip being switched. sometimes teachers make this mistake thoughtlessly and mitch is not above lunging at school faculty. ALSO don’t insult his mommy.

21. What is one of your character’s biggest fears? How would they react when dealing with this fear?

mitch is really afraid of accidentally overdosing on drugs (how his mom died :’( ), growing up to be anything like his dad/stepdad, and thinking about what he might do to someone who tried to really hurt jonas (wow gay)………………. i don’t think these are things he’d really talk to ppl about much. probably just keeps it inside and tries not to think abt them. MITCH IS SUCH A DOWNER DEEP DOWN LOL SORRY

31. Would your character be the kind capable of killing? Would they enjoy killing or only use it when necessary or, perhaps, refuse to kill no matter what?

he would not go out of his way to kill someone or enjoy it, but if he was really backed into a corner i think he would. or if uh……..he got too out of control with his telekinesis maybe…………hh….

33. If your character wanted to be alone, where would they go?

there’s this little hidden cove on the beach that only him and jonas know about, which is also the place they can practice their powers. even tho he hates the beach, it’s a good place to get away and think in silence!

39. When people look at your character, is there some assumption they might make about them just by appearance? Is that assumption correct?

haha i think what you see is kinda what you get. he look like a greasy trailer trash creep, that’s exactly what he is!!