wow i am so invested in this ship

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Wow, I love your art of Lumiere and Plumette, adorable! :3 I'm ready to ship them so much too! They're a beautiful couple <3

So this started as @blackberrycreek  and I half-joking “ah yes, candlestick/featherduster OTP,” but now I am more invested in Lumiere/Plumette than I am Belle and the Beast, whoops.

Anyway, here is more of Plumette stealing The Wig, because somebody’s got to keep him in line.

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Hello!! So I was hoping you could help me with something, my friend is a Larry and I am not, I love one direction and love all ships but have never really picked a ship to invest in and look deeper into, she is really trying to get me into Larry so I was hoping you could give me some of the best Larry moments in your opinion or the moments that made you like initially think wow Larry is real and still is real to this day, I really hope you can help!!

me: *breaks out my larry gif folder*

what a bro pal thing to do

gently guiding him :’(

louis doesn’t even flinch… almost like he’s used to harry touching him there…

what even is this

completely unnecessary 

more waist touching…… kill me

they look at each other IMMEDIATELY and then turn away like “oh we fucked up”

jay truly introduced harry to her family at her wedding

and of course…. their fucking complementary tattoos

i also recommend watching these videos x, x, xx hope that helps lol