wow i am so in love with this woman

i just love Ginny Baker.

Vulnerable!Ginny Baker and Emotional!Ginny Baker are so damn important… Like wow. A 23 year old Black woman playing major league baseball with the weight of the world on her shoulders gets to have emotions too??? Wow. 

She gets to hold things in. She gets to be strong as hell. She gets to be angry. She gets to break down and cry. She gets to feel weak. She gets an episode ALL ABOUT HER MENTAL HEALTH. I REPEAT. THEY ADDRESSED HER MENTAL HEALTH!


Ginny Baker makes me so damn happy. And when she’s hurt, my heart breaks for her. I just really love Ginny Baker and I’m glad that the writers are exploring all of her emotions. Take care of my child, writers. <3

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Tony’s Shirt - Tony Stark x Plus Sized Reader - Fluff


@thekrazykeke said: 

a Tony fic with a plus sized reader.

A/n: Let me just quickly say, i loved this prompt because I am a plus sized woman. And reading fanfiction (smut or fluff) always leaves me thinking, “Wow, i automatically imagined myself thin.” And that can sometimes leave me with insecurities. Especially if it’s a story about wearing a celeb’s clothing, cause i’m like “Well, that wouldn’t happen for me…” And that’s so silly! Is it a fact that i wouldn’t be able to fit into, let’s say, RDJ’s t-shirt? Probably, but that shouldn’t leave me feeling insecure, because there are a million other ways to be sexy and beautiful and confident! So, I want to take this moment to say something to the young men and women who are plus sized and might be feeling insecure:

You are every bit as beautiful and sexy as people like Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson. Don’t ever think that you can’t be sexy because of your size. That’s a damn lie. And the only reason you should be losing weight is for one of the following reasons: your health is at risk or YOU want to slim down. Don’t ever try to fit into society’s beauty standards, because even celebrities don’t fit those standards. They have photoshop and makeup artists working on them 24/7 in all their movies and photo shoots. You are beautiful and sexy and wonderful, and don’t ever let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

Ok, now that that’s done. Please enjoy the story :)

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               Tony walked into the Avengers compound and dropped his keys on the table beside the door. He heard soft music playing somewhere in the house. It was obviously your music because it wasn’t his rock play list, or Banner’s opera, or Rogers’ jazz.

               “Any one home!” he shouted. No one answered.  He decided to follow the music and see if he could find you. He followed the song all the way to the kitchen. As he got closer, he recognized the song as one of your favorite “sexy times” songs.

You know our love would be tragic (oh, yeah)

So you don’t pay it, don’t pay it no mind, mind, mind

We live with no lies

Hey, hey

You’re my favorite kind of night

               “Y/n!” He called again, but you didn’t answer.

               As he got closer to the kitchen, he smelled something burning. It almost smelled like a mixture of burned beans and over boiled pasta. What on earth compelled you to create a dinner using those ingredients, Tony didn’t know. When he finally reached the kitchen, he was slightly shocked to see that you weren’t there. He’d fully expected to walk in and see you swaying your hips to The Weeknd while you attempted to salvage whatever concoction you’d created.

               “F.R.I.D.A.Y, scan the compound. Who’s here?” Tony demanded.

               “I’m only detecting two heat signatures, sir. Yours, and Ms. Y/l/n.” The AI’s voice replied.

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Ripple Effect

Would you look at that! I’m posting a story. Wow. 

Wonderful edit made by the lovely @sfjessii ♥♥

This was supposed to be for Halloween (HA!) Look how in time I am! :)
My first ever attempt at horror. I hate horror, why did I think this was a good idea?
I’m not sure just how scary this is gonna be, so be warned!
Also: WHOO MY LONGEST STORY YET!! (As in holy shit this is long, keep that in mind before clicking “keep reading”)

You can also read it on AO3

Usually Magnus loved getting repeat customers. It meant that they liked his methods and trusted him. But looking at the dark haired woman before him, Magnus couldn’t help but wish she hadn’t shown up again. Later he couldn’t believe how right and wrong he was about that. She did bring him together with Alexander. But all of his boyfriends seemed to get into dangerous situations. After all this Magnus only knew one thing for certain: he absolutely HATED working with ghosts.

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My Disorganised List of Thoughts After CtM


• sad Delia broke my heart

• Phyllis Crane you are an actual queen #thanks for being an ally :)

• I am absolutely here for Shelagh the action woman saving all those men and being a social justice warrior

• wow Timothy u smart boy

• im so glad it worked out for the dwarf couple

• and also for the other couple

• omg yes Patsy set that horrible woman straight lol

• dear horrible woman plz gtfo

• but plz come back Patsy or I’m gonna die








• im deaded

• that is all

104 - The Hierarchy of Angels

I’ve decided to liveblog the new Night Vale episode tonight. Warning this will have spoilers and will probably be a mess since it’s midnight.

So here we go

-the next book is called “It Devours” oh god

-it’s about Carlos and the smiling god oh god 

-I love you too Joseph 

-I am wayyyyyyyy too tired for this 

-Larry Leroy, my underrated fave

-this is making me nostalgic and sad


-oh god the dragons

-why does she have no will?

-I would be the angels in this situation



-man, I thought they killed Kareem

-Mitchellgan is my favorite state


-I love Steve so much

-Steve you wonderful polite person



-Cecil no

-wow, this weather is great and jazzy

-this seems poetic af

- objective journalism is my favorite kind of journalism

-does anyone really understand Night Vale tho

-this is making me even more sad 

-man, this was a wild ride, I’m so tired but it was worth it

deviloftherhine  asked:


  • ▲: Of the two of you, who is more mature, you or your muse?

IIIIiiiiii– good question. I wanna say it’s me ‘coz Chidori is still a teen and I’m the barely responsible adult that finally knows better than to fuck up as bad.

  • ♪: Are you comfortable playing your muse?

I AM! i love her so much and my confidence is always up to the skies when it comes about my portrayal.

  • ✈: Is it easier to write angst, fluff, or crack with your muse?

Angst i guess?? since she’s a mari okada character and wow does that woman love making everyone suffer in her stories and to bleed love triangles. 

headcanon absolutely accepted (thanks to this wonderful yet horrible post by fergus80) that bumbling bunny killian thought henry was his son

and he was like, wow this gorgeous woman loves me (well the better me, the brave me) and we have a kid i taught to sail and we have adventures, so it doesn’t matter if i die here and now because they’ll get to go back to him

and never of course realized that emma loved him as he was then, a bumbling nervous rum-allergic dork, and that seeing him die, not just her means back to an end, was the worst thing that had ever happened to her

i am going to stab myself in the eye bye

I am just finishing watching Batman v Superman with my mom. She’s seeing it for the first time and LOVES it! She understood all the nuances without background or comic info (I am secretly so proud of her).

Her most relevant scenes (with her comments):

‘Oh cute … tulips, I love tulips … oh wow’

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‘She knows what’s up. Women are smart like that.’ *contemplative silence* ‘is that really Holly Hunter though … well we all age’

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‘oh she’s going to rip him apart’ … ‘Love that dress though, if I lost 20 pounds maybe?’

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*dirty laughter*

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She really loved Lex. ‘All that talking. Just throw him off the building!!!’

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‘Urgh boys’ … ‘Talk?!?!?!’ … ‘TALK BOYS’ … ‘I hope I taught you and your sister better than that’

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‘Finally, a woman to solve the boys’ mess’

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Wow… three years. 

And I still love you more each and every single day. And thank you, thank you for going down on that one knee, with a ring in your pocket, so nervous I thought you were going to hurl, and thank you for asking me to be your wife. Thank you for letting yourself be my husband. 

Thank you for making me the happiest, most soppiest, most blessed, most loved and most in love woman in the world. 

And although you don’t have a Tumblr (still working on that you guys!) I wanted to do a shout out to you on here anyway. 

Hubby, my love, my dear… thank you for being married to me for the past three years. And I hope, there will be many more years to come for the both of us.