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SITS fanfic (Drunken!MC kisses the guys for the first time)

Sooooooo this just came to me while I was relaxing and suddenly found myself typing away. This is my first SITS fanfic I am posting so please be nice about it ; v ; I love these dorks very much and had some fun writing this

Also, the drabbles are written in the guy’s POV and takes place before relationships :3

~ ~ ~

You managed to get a big break from a recent screenplay and the guys wanted to celebrate with you. As you all relaxed in the living room drinking away the night, everything started to get a bit fuzzy and every little word the guys said made you giggle.

“Is she drunk?” You heard one of the guys question.

“Seems like it.” Another stated while chucking a bit, “she really can’t handle her alcohol.”

You gently feel a hand lifting your arm and wrapping it around a shoulder, “I’ll take her upstairs.” You hear the voice faintly stating as you felt yourself moving along with whoever was helping you.
- - - -
Kyohei Rikudoh

She kept giggling every now and then and I won’t lie, it sounded pretty adorable. Seeing her in such a drunk state appeared kinda amusing.

“Wheeeeee let’s go to space Kyooooooooo~~!” She slurred while attempting to hang from my hold almost hitting her head on the wall.

“No no, let’s stay down on earth ____.” I chuckled in response.

I entered her room and gently sat her on the bed and suddenly felt her arms wrap around my arm, causing me to jerk back a bit. Her hold was surprisingly strong somehow.

“_____? Mind letting go?” I asked while for some reason was embarrassed that she was holding me tightly.

“Noooooooooo stay with meeee~~” she giggled when finishing her sentence, “I got a secret for youuuuu~” she tugged my arm playfully.

I found myself sitting down next to her as she wobbly made her way to sit on her knees and face me with a flushed face and weary eyes. She looked really cute.

“Now what’s this so called secret you have to tell m–”

Before I could finish asking I felt her lips press against mine.

I felt my heart pick up its pace at the sudden action, never have I felt this way for someone to cause such a reaction. Before I could ask or even react she suddenly fell dead asleep on her bed, leaving me sitting next to her processing what just happened and a faint warmth still lingering on my lips.
- - - -
Iori Enjo

I am still questioning as to why I was even helping this drunk women back to her room. Her head was swaying about as she kept going on and on about something dealing with flying?

Stupid orange-breath.

“IIIIIIori~~~ why are you so ruuuuuuude? Don’t you know I’m human tooooooo~?” She began slurring out.

I think she was reciting some kind of lyrics from another song? Goddamn she is so annoying.

After what almost felt like forever, I kicked her door open and felt her press her whole body against mine. I pushed her away slightly to lay her on her bed.

Not expecting her to drag me along.

“_______?! What the hell?!” I exclaimed while sitting up with her arms still wrapped around my shoulders, “Let go of me alrea–”

I got cut off abruptly by the feeling of her lips against mine.

“Shuuuuuuuu you’re so louuuuuuuud~~” she slurred after pulling back and gazing at me with sleepy eyes only to release her hold around me and fall against her bed asleep.

I gazed at her sleeping figure trying to realize what just happened, and suddenly feeling myself not as annoyed by her than I was before. What the hell?
- - - -
Kota Igarashi

I rolled my eyes for about the fifth time at another ‘how I am like a cat’ comment by a very drunk _____.

“I meaaaan, Nagi was riiiiight~ you do lash your claws out a loooooot~” she slurred while imitating a cat scratching at the air.

Wow she was more irritating than usual.

“It’s so cute thouuuuuuugh~ sometimes I even imagine you with cats ears and a tail~” she giggled describing the image as I continued to walk and felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

Finally arriving at her room I trudged in and dropped her on the bed. Until I felt her pounce on me from behind causing us to collapse on the floor.

“Ow! ____?!” I exclaimed attempting to get her off me.

I felt her suddenly nuzzling her nose against mine, my cheeks flared up in embarrassment once more and before I could lash out I feel her lips against mine.

My eyes widened in surprise and the second her lips left she passed out on my chest. I couldn’t even process what just happened, my entire mind was blank.

I looked down at her sleeping form, feeling my lips twitch and lingering with warmth that was just shared between us.

What were these strange emotions forming?
- - - -
Nagito Aoshima

____ and I were both giggling nonstop as we chatted while heading up to her room. Her drunken state was incredibly cute as she kept getting very clingy and commenting on how I am pretty much a puppy 24/7.  

It caused a small part of me to smile since the fact was that she always thought about me in someway.

“Like, since you are like so happy right now~ I can imagine youuu with a trail wagging ahaaa~~” she commented while resting her head on my shoulder.

Wow, she is really cute.

We entered her room and I gently sat her on her bed and joined her, since it was too good to pass up seeing her in such an interesting state.


I suppressed some laughter and responded back while smiling, “yeeeeeeessss ____?”

I turned my head to face her only to feel her lips against mine.

While attempting to process the fact that she just kissed me, I felt her hand on top of my head fluffing my hair, “gooooood boyyyyyy~~~” she managed to say before collapsing into sleep.

I felt myself manage to close my slightly opened mouth from the shock, to look down at her figure. Feeling my heart slightly quicken a bit at the sight of her vulnerable state and a soft smile form along my face.
- - - -
Takashi Ninagawa

I held onto ____’s wrist with one hand while holding her by the waist with my other hand. Trying to keep her arm over my shoulder to keep her from flopping around due to her drunken state.

While keeping quiet and listening to every weird comment coming out of ____’s mouth, I tried not to pay much attention to her. I forgot why I even volunteered to help her up to her room.

“Like, you are suuuuuuch a geniuuuuus when it comes to music Takaaaaaa~~~”

I mumbled a ‘thank you’ in response as she began humming a random tune that was slightly murdering my ears.

I felt my eye twitch a bit, praying she wouldn’t begin singing out loud.

There is no way this girl could ever be as good as Ryo with our lyrics. I sighed softly as we arrived at her room and sat her on the bed.

I suddenly felt her arms wrap around my shoulders tightly. Never being in this kind of situation I did not know how to react, “U-um….?” Was all I managed to stutter out.

Though before I could react anymore, I suddenly heard a soft melody form in my head. What was that? It sounded, almost like a love song? I couldn’t really process it correctly.

Before I could continue my thought, I feel warmth pressed against my lips.

The music grew louder for a split second, until she released herself from me and fell onto her bed. Fast asleep. The minute her form was away from mine, the melody in my head disappeared. I sat there trying to process what all that was about, I got up to leave and found myself looking back at her form, hearing the music faintly in the back of my mind.  

i honestly could not be more proud of her i really don’t know how to express how happy i am right now because there is so much happiness that i am feeling right now lmao the song is so good and everyone loves it and not one negative word has been said about it and that has to mean the absolute world to her but it also means the absolute world to us ….that she…is continuing…to make music…and she never gave up.. .. on ehr dreams… and here she is………….on album 5…………………….wow. …this post makes no sense and im emotional but i love you taylo r thanks for everything

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