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dragoneese  asked:

why do you think toothless' gas varies from color to color? (green to purple to blue. if you already had answer this im sorry!)

This is actually a very unique and intriguing question! Wow! I am sorry it took me a little time to respond to you, but I wanted to think on this carefully and go through screencaps and clips to make sure I did not skip an important plasma blast incident.

So here are the color variations we see of Toothless’ gas colors. As you say, it’s sometimes green, sometimes blue, sometimes purple. In Defenders of Berk, it is even red after the poor dragon eats an eel!

The guess of why Toothless’ gas color changes would be easier to talk about if we had more incidences, but this is the best I can extrapolate from the contexts we have been given!

I believe the gas is actually always one color, but the color we personally perceive is based upon how charged up and close Toothless is to fire, and consequently how much the plasma blast glow is reflecting onto that gas.

Green: Green is the color of the gas and it starts streaming out of his mouth when Toothless first prepares to fire. Gas emission is step one for firing. At this time, the plasma is deep in Toothles’ body, so we do not have any plasma light glowing onto the gas to chage its coloor. As seen in the top picture, Toothless is just beginning to shoot at Stoick, but it is only the first physical stage of firing a blast. One does not hear Toothless screeching in that well-remembered banshee scratch here.

Purple/Indigo: The plasma is starting to come up into his mouth, just about to be shot and fired. Toothless is now charging up to shoot and screeching. The purple reflects into the green and makes Toothless’ mouth and glow. He is RIGHT about to fire in that second screencap from HTTYD 2. 

Toothless’ blasts are always this indigo color, after all, regardless of whether they are small or enormous. The core of the acetylene-oxygen flames invariably is white and the blast is blue and indigo, but as the plasma blast shoots out, it dissolves to darker purple.

Blue: This is a bit of a special instance when the inside of Toothless’ mouth is pure blue. Toothless is entering a Night Fury form that he has never before been in. It turns him entirely blue likely from the heat inside his body. Since all of him is glowing blue, all Toothless does is have to open his mouth… and everything inside of it is this bright color. This is just a small variation on the purple, for really there is blue within the plasma blast shot of any of his blasts.

Red: My theory would even explain, in small part, why when Toothless opens his jaw in “The Eel Effect” and his mouth glows red, no sign of green gas to be seen. The luminescence of the now-red plasma inside of him reflects throughout his mouth and makes everything that bright color. 

If anyone has alternate ideas, arguments for/against this, commentary, or the like, I would LOVE to hear more. I have not really engaged in the discussion of Toothless’ fire blasts before, and I find this a fun and original question.