wow i actually posted something of my own

As you all know, I am an endless well of knowledge and advice. Well it’s time to take some of my own advice and come clean about something very important. 

Legendaries don’t actually drop. It is a lie created by the Warcraft community bourgeois, like myself, in partnership with the Illuminati (AKA Blizzard Entertainment). Every player who claims to have a legendary is in on it and is lying to you in order to increase WoW subs. We are all on Blizzard’s payroll.

The payment is Legendaries.

spiderwhiskersdomain  asked:

so, i got inspired by Tailchaser's Song, among other things, and i'm making a name system that is post-traditional, if you will. Cats are still named for color at birth (so, Red, Night, Storm), but when they graduate, they can have names like Red Fleetrunner or Night Hawkweaver or even Storm Cloudchaser. it needs some fleshing out for sure, but i do like name-change names but i don't know how to incorporate those into this system? any advice, please and thank u.


Do you mean…like this?

How surreal, to see a thread I was in over four years ago get brought up. This was actually my original inspiration for my own -er system, I did end up taking a few suffixes directly. Also, the origin of my love for Chickadee-, with Chickadee Raycatcher. Wow.

You could replace the last name with something resembling a traditional name-change name, which would also have the nice side effect of having it built into the system that a kit/apprentice can’t have a name-change, but can choose to have their warrior name honor their struggles. 

The other option, of course, is to replace the first name somehow, but this would be…more difficult. A name like One-eye Nightslayer is fine (and badass), but other things would have to be modified pretty heavily so as not to become unwieldy. I think you could do it, it’d just be a little bit more of a balancing act, and you’d also have to decide how they’d be addressed on a regular basis. 

I would lean towards just replacing the last name with something close to a traditional name-change name, myself. It’s simple and it integrates quite well.