wow i actually look ok

Nothing’s more beautiful than Yuuri’s smile…

Get u a man who looks at you like Phichit looks at Yuuri…


The artist also appreciates if ship bashing can be kept out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.


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i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh

@ferelder did this first but here’s the draw yourself as a dragon age character meme thing! She also filled it out for me BECAUSE SHE IS THE SWEETEST I CANNOT <3 AND HER ANSWERS WERE JUST PLAIN AMAZING <3 <3

So here’s me as a DA character! Sitting my lazy ass on a tree stump and stabbing my staff into the ground because thats exactly what I would do

meme answers under the cut!

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what up it’s vampire rick

jieun is tired of your shit

anonymous asked:

wow and i actually looked up to you lol

but it’s completely ok to change the ways you view someone! i’m not expecting you guys to look up to me and agree with everything i say 0: that sounds exhausting and stressful. feel free to unfollow me if you wish.

the daughter of dionysus isn’t a stranger to being alone — it’s how she manages to function on a daily basis and it’s been a ritual of hers since her first time around. her team winning a game of capture the flag? it’s the lake she goes to to unwind. she watches the water, sitting by the docks with her feet in the water and kicking idly. she notices that the wind’s changed, that summer’s really gone. 

she hears what she can assume to be footsteps from behind her, and nova turns her head as an acknowledgement. though she can’t actually see them, she has a guess that they’re here to do what she’s already done. “taking a dip before dinner?” 


 the story says heaven’s missing an angel 

a little nancy drew sketch bc im having another art block