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Young & Beautiful

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female!Reader

Warning: age difference – about 12 years, language

Summary: Despite the age differences between Reader, 19, and Steve, they have undeniable chemistry. Too bad Captain America is too righteous to give in to his feelings.

You stumble into the Avengers Compound behind Wanda and Pietro at 2AM, and the three of you make your way to the elevators noisily. You’re giggling over something Pietro had said 10 minutes before, all of you high on happiness. It’s not often that you get to go out and have fun; fighting alongside the Avengers is mainly all work and very little play.

The laughter subsides as the three of you step into the elevator, and you rest your head on Wanda’s shoulder as Pietro presses the button for the 3rd floor.

“Tonight was fun,” Wanda says happily. “I wish we got to go out more often.”

You nod against her shoulder as Pietro agrees, “Going out is fun. Even if the both of you always cockblock me.”

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