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Is this an unpopular opinion?

Honestly I kind of hate it when people are like wow I don’t think Chloe deserves a miraculous because she’s a spoiled brat or w/e like mate. Have you heard of this new thing. This amazing concept. It’s called, you ready for it? Character Development. Yep. It’s a thing. A thing that happens. A lot actually. Most people eat that shit up (see: Prince Zuko) I mean all we know is that she becomes Queen Bee in season 2. They didn’t say she’s getting the miraculous episode one. I think a good chunk of s2 will be developing Chloe into a more complex character who will both deserve and benefit from holding a miraculous. If that doesn’t happen, if Chloe doesn’t develop, then you can whine about how she doesn’t deserve the miraculous. But for now, at least give Hawkdaddy the benefit of the doubt with his character.

INTP in Unrequited Love: Part 2

Ti: Okay. After thorough analysis, I have concluded that the most logical explanation for his behavior is that he sees me as a friend, but nothing more. Ne, what could we do?
Ne: Well, we could tell him how we feel, or we could subtly try to change his opinion of us, or we could just not do anything and leave things the way they are.
Ti: Hmmm… What’s likely to happen if we tell him?
Si: Historically, that hasn’t gone well for us. I’d recommend we try subtlety.
Fe: NO. Guys, he’s happy where he is. His happiness is more important than ours. If we pretend like nothing is happening, he’ll stay happy in his current, stable situation.
Ti: Wow, Fe, that actually makes sense.
Si: Uhhhh, guys? I’m glad you all have a plan, but your plan requires us completely ignoring our feelings which, no matter how much you think we’re a stone-cold, logical robot, usually results in emotional outbursts at inconvenient times down the road. I do not recommend following this plan.
Ti: SILENCE. We are a stone-cold, logical robot.
Fe: And it doesn’t matter how absolutely god awful we feel; everyone else stays happy this way.
Si: But, GUYS-
Ti: Stone-cold. Logical. Robot.
Si: Ne, a little help here?
Ne: Ti, maybe there’s another way…
Ti: STONE-COLD. LOGICAL. ROBOT. We’re done here.

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I see your answer abt why you ship Snowball and and I thought is funny that you say that Grant has chemistry with 2 white women when Candice was casted BECAUSE her cremistry with Grant... *insert I wonder why gif* Btw Westallen got engaged in S3 and the scene was iconic. Actually Barry sangs his proposal to Iris w/ a BEAUTIFUL original song written by Academy Award winners. Anyway, Barry/Patty was forced asf and Snowbarry is racist as fuck! p.s: two white ppl next to each other is not cremistry.

Wow. I have literally never received an ask this … volatile. You’re really that upset because I have a different opinion than you do? I tagged that post as “anti westallen” which means you would have had to go into the anti westallen tag just to find posts to attack. All I’m saying is, there has to be a better way to spend your time.

there’s nothing wrong with being wrong.

some of us grow up thinking if you didn’t do something right or your opinion turned out to be incorrect, that’s it.  your value as a person is damaged.  you are inferior to the rest of the population.

well, you’re not. it’s okay not to get it right on the first try.  and it’s hard to really feel that instead of just thinking the words, but it is true.

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I've been in the buttercream fandom for like 1 week and I've already seen some people in the fandom by so utterly cruel to other fans like what is the point in that? It wasn't you but honestly I just needed to vent because I'm actually ~scared of this person who went off on someone because they said they didn't like mikey wow

The person didn’t go off because someone said they didn’t like Mikey, it was because someone said Mikey didn’t belong in the buttercream group. Very different.
And I do agree with that person who went, no one should say that about any of the boys.

But every fandom has things like this, disagreements or rants or people going off on people.
It’s because we all have opinions, and from time to time, those opinions will clash.

Don’t worry tho. Just love the boys and all will be fine.

Things The Signs Are Sick Of Hearing
  • Taurus: "wow, u r kinda competitive, aren't u?" oh yeah believe me, they will beat u at anything
  • Gemini: "don't be so two faced" srsly tho, they are not two faced, it's just that their opinion about everything changes all the time
  • Cancer: "stop lying, I know u care" well, yeah, I do care, but uhm excuse me, who exactly were u?
  • Leo: "u r so self centered" AHAHAHAHHA if u looked like them u would be too, like they're gorgeous
  • Virgo: "god, such a drama queen" pretty much true, but actually they're just really emotional
  • Libra: "u don't have to be so brutally honest" 100% true, but it's also 100% true that they don't give a fuck
  • Scorpio: "why are u so secretive all the time?" probably because of people like u :/
  • Sagittarius: "u look so happy all the time" no, bitch, they aren't
  • Capricorn: "can't u just chill for a moment?" they actually can't, u know, that's how they work
  • Aquarius: "i REALLY do not understand u" well, they REALLY do not want u to (:
  • Pisces: "oh my god u r the cutest" believe me, they can pretty much destroy u if they want to

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☕️ nah fam, I can do better than the last one i sent, so: sans and papyrus.... were born with hair

Okay don’t get me down the actual-human-skeleton discourse road because there is no going back from that. I don’t like it, I don’t buy it, I don’t believe it, and yet somehow Papyrus keeps forgetting he doesn’t have ears 

and I just… 


Anyway I don’t know if they were born with hair, but I think Papyrus is destined to have it. Give that boy a wig and a fancy car and let him live his dreams!

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🔥 tumbkr user axdreil

i started thinking of unpopular opinions abt my own damn self why did we do this she’s actually just a soft gay loser with a dog and she doesn’t have tea nd biscuits for breakfast despite being a brit. also here she seems like the nicest person but she takes no prisoners & i love her 


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Did somebody say my name~? so hey about that character thing, here's a wild idea, what about Zola, ya mage?

no i didn’t i’m not- wow how did you guess ?

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

Do not harm my husband. He’s adorable. FIGHT ME

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

… don’t judge me he’s very cute.

best quality: Loyalty, humor.
worst quality: cowardice, lack of self esteem, also being a liar. 
ship them with: me Corrin. Or maybe Hinoka I mean she wants to kill him and she could have saved him in Birthright. Idk
brotp them with: Takumi for sure, also Kaden and Keaton, maybe Elise.
needs to stay away from:
misc. thoughts: he’s my sweet little mage i’ll fight for him omg why did they gave us hope to have him on our team WHY DID HE DIED.

why play trauma center games?
-the ost is good. i love the ost
-my faves are Second Opinion’s and Trauma Team’s
-same composers of Persona 3 and Persona 4 (like Shoji Meguro and Atsushi Kitajoh)
-i literally started playing persona again because of the composers
-masayuki doi (SMTIV) drew the characters
-”a game just about surgery???” ITS ACTUALLY FUNNER THAN IT LOOKS
-do fun everyday doctor things like defusing bombs, zapping alien bodies, unlock doors with a scalpel, operate on animals when you only specialize in people–
-have you seen CR-S01
-have you
-you need to look that up
-yeah. wow.
-He’s the surgeon of Trauma Team (my most fav Trauma game)
-Trauma Team has 6 doctors (6 different gameplays):
-Classic surgery, First Response (more like screaming), Orthopedics, Endoscopy, Diagnostics (feels like Phoenix Wright), Forensics (feels like Edgeworth Investigations)
-Easier Trauma game (the others are pretty challenging)
-Cool doctors with each of their own quirks
-I swear a lot of them look like P4 characters
-Crying and feels
-If you have a Wii U and don’t know which game to play next…May I interest you in anime doctors?..

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🎂 🍰 🎀 🎳 🐢 💤 ☕ 🔭

🎂: I feel happy when I see you in my notifications.
🍰: You’re sweet and I like you!
🎀: You’re a gift to this world.
🎳: We share a lot of interests and opinions.
🐢: Your presence is relaxing.
💤: I have a platonic crush on you.


wow, i don’t really know what to say other than thank you, i’m honored that you feel that way

☕: How do you take your coffee?

generally i take it with a little cream and no sugar (although my stomach is deeply unhappy when i drink coffee now so i usually stick to tea unless it really feels like it’s worth it)

🔭: What holds your attention lately?

hmm well i’ve been mulling over several fic ideas recently and actually been making good progress because a bunch of plot holes worked themselves out all at the same time, which is pretty encouraging. so now i’ve just gotta find some good time to write and i may be able to get out a few chapters.

i also just got introduced to backloggery since i’ve been trying to work through my video game backlog and it’s caused me to blow nearly two full days of Prime Video Game Playing Time setting my account up lmao oops

beyond that i’ve found that recently i’ve been rediscovering a lot of things that i used to be really into, interest-wise, that i’ve sort of forgotten i used to enjoy after being squashed under years of depression. like for instance until a few weeks ago i somehow managed to forget that i used to build my own computers? and when i remembered i was just like ‘oh yeah i actually really loved doing that. huh.’ and it turns out that it still gets me really excited to think about. and it seems weird to me that i’ve forgotten so much about the way i used to be before everything that happened to cause me to be the way i am now? so i guess i’ve been kind of… thinking about that a lot. that and trying to figure out what else there could be about myself that i still need to rediscover.

anyway that got kind heavy lmao sorry uh

how about overwatch, that’s still been taking up a lot of my attention (mostly in the form of me banging on the table yelling ‘WE WANT ORISA’ but)

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I have to point out that the reason why people make fun of people whoo overuse triggerwarnings or safespacesthey dont make fun of people who actually have ptsd but people who claim that in order to get away or do something like claim they have ptsd because people disagreed with them or the safespace or claim triggerwarnings for things that just are a bit squeaky to them . or want safespaces to avoid people disagreeing with them I mean so many times people try to keep their opinions

and avoid discussions like by claiming anyone who disagrees with them is racist to avoid questioning their bs or how people in the far left claim equate conservative/republican with racist. far left is quite similar to the far right with their idiocy and bigotry and attempts to justiffy it like on the far left trying to redefine it . or how people on both sides think they are oppresssed when they arent

Wow, do you come off as ignorant. I make one remark about Samurai Jack that gets popular, and you have to “Well, actually…” me with a litany of lies. 

“Making fun of people who overuse trigger warnings or safe spaces” is far less effective than, I don’t know, making fun of the people who have had people triggered or have necessitated safe spaces. You look at someone referring to a trigger or a safe space, and your first instinct is to make fun of the person who, rightly or wrongly, asks for it? What the hell is wrong with you? How inhuman are you? 

If you are spending your time mocking helpful options, regardless how they are misused, you have a poor use of time management, much as your response here demonstrates a poor use of your time overall. Spend more of your time attacking the people who are violent, not the people who, rightly or wrongly, feel to be recipients of violence.

You are working from the assumption that someone who claims to experience post-traumatic stress should be assumed to be faking it. I leave this diagnosis to trained professionals. I am not one of them, and your response hints strongly that neither are you, so shut up. 

And as regards your complaint about the “far left”: 

We have a white supremacist, bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic sack of shit in the White House. 

He retweeted Neo-Nazis, has allegedly blamed Jewish persons on the assumption they damaged their own property to falsely accuse others of antisemitic terrorism, removes trans* protections, has repeatedly said he would leave it to the states to decide whether to retain LGBT protections (spoiler: the states won’t do it if the federal government does not require it), rolls back reproductive health protections abroad and threatens to deny assistance to Planned Parenthood (which helps not only women but all people’s health), signs executive orders to ban Muslims (which his surrogates and White House staff have said was the entire point of this legislation), has given a platform to white supremacists in the press pool and at White House press briefings, and has mainstreamed some of the most vile nonsense that harms anyone who is not a rich, straight, cis, white piece of shit like him. And I say all of this as a poor-to-middle-class straight cis white piece of shit, so I know a goddamn white supremacist bigot when I fucking see one.

You’re a Republican? Guess what? You are racist: this is your candidate, and your continued affiliation with that party means you silently support whatever he does, and at a certain point, there is no difference between being racist and excusing a racist. Don’t want to be called a bigot? Then you should’ve voted Clinton. Don’t want to be called a bigot? Then don’t be a Republican. That’s on you. 

So don’t write to me again with your “both sides” lies. It was not Democrats, progressives, or the left that brought us to this point of having trigger warnings, safe spaces, or a goddamn white supremacist in the White House: this is the fault of a far-right bigoted movement, aided by Republicans, conservatives, Fox, and a political middle too cowardly to name specific Republicans, from Reagan to Bush to Bush to this goddamn white supremacist, who have brought us to this point where all of us are fucking terrified how he is going to ruin the lives of every person in this world.

You voted for Trump? This is your fault. You didn’t vote Clinton? This is your fault. And may you be damned to Hell for what you have done to everyone. Fuck you. Don’t ever write to me again–I am not posting your lies on this site. Go the fuck away.

And learn to proofread, you fucking hack. 

How the Signs React when Told "I Hate You."

Aries: …You wanna fight me? Is that it?

Taurus: -drowns sorrows in a bowl of Rocky Road ice cream-

Gemini: lol suuuureeee.

Cancer: Wow. Rude. -cries internally-

Leo: But… but everyone loves me…?

Virgo: I don’t care. -actually cares a lot-

Libra: What can I do to change that?

Scorpio: The feeling’s mutual.

Sagittarius: I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me not giving a crap. Can you repeat that?

Capricorn: I don’t have time to care about your opinion.

Aquarius: Join the club?

Pisces: Okay! ^.^ -wasn’t listening-

Star signs based on personal experiences

I can get along with you and hang with you for days without being pissed, we are like a perfect balance its great, you are a tad princessy and always wanna “go home” I also need to stop you from doing silly drunk things but you are fun and normally down for anything which is fabulous!!
Yayy another one of me, I actually get on with you guys so well, you are so fricken positive holy wow and we never argue bc we are too happy talking about and planning our next sky DIVING ADVENTURES!!!! Ur great and good at philosophy and we always have similarities and good music taste, best person for midnight strolls!!
Omg YOU ARE SO INTELLECTUALLY STIMULATING AND GREAT TO CHAT WITH!! I learn so much and we exchange opinions (we basically always agree so its good for ranting to eachother) you are funny to go on strolls with bc I am probably a bad influence on you (sorry) but you are always prepared and fun! Normally always positive which I love!
I LOVE YOU LEO OK but first sometimes you are very dramatic and when shit goes down with us it goes down! But having said that like all of my friends are leos and I adore you, we get along so well ur so ENTHUSIAstic and you explore with me happily!!! Great chats always and passion my god we have passion! Ur beautiful don’t change
We aren’t meant to be compatible but I have many lovely pisces friends, love the creativity ur fun and we have exciting talks, I associate this sign with shrek which is great (compliment) sometimes can be emotional and dependent but I still love you
You are very reliable and GREAT to get drunk with, funny talks and you are my comfort, you can come to my house and drink tomato soup with me and we are satisfied, ur just great and super friendly
Capricorn- I don’t get along with you the best (sorryyyyy) however I can see ur good traits and why you get along with the other earth signs!! Ur so smart normally and sensible, which sucks bc im an irresponsible little shit, however we can still have fun and talk about our great memories together, btw alex turners a capricorn so I associate him with u which is FAB
You my friend are FUCKING AWESOME
UR SO sweet and kind my god ur kind we never bitch about people together, we talk about life and philosophy and stupid stuff, ur so damn positive and great to get drunk with, you always adventure with me which i love and ur SO FUNNY MY GOD UR HILARIOUS I LOVE YOU GUYS
I only know two aries and I have kissed both of them which says something UR GREAT HAHAHA and you are so paSSIONATE u care about things and u adventure with me and you dance like crazy and have fun!! Great music taste and so interesting to talk to I love you, you are not the hot head people portray you to be my friend ur beautiful!!
I have to say even though you are manipulative at times (in my experience) a little evil, you are still funny and down to do stuff with me, great at concerts and parties and u are so smart my friend, I associate u with slytherin sorry
But you are so ambitious and loyal, you stick with ur friends and ALWAYS include everyone you never leave a mate behind which i adore you for!!
you have great conversations about anything in the world, so down to earth and so chill, always positive like me, we get along well, ur so kind and you are great to drink with and party with and adventure with!!! One of my faves (also like always attractive??)
So family orientated and I ADORE YOU FOR IT!! U have so much love in you my little gem and Its adorable my gosh!! You always seem quiet but once we talk you are cool and always laugh at my stupidity which is ok bc I do too! Love you ur so reliable

(all from a sagittarians perspective)
I apologise for this

flossbucket replied to your postCasually going through my dash and seeing people…

I like you :P (Well I liked you before but you know :P) Also my general opinion 

I love Moffat’s characters and the way he let’s them grow but I’m not the biggest fan of the plot but then I never really was with RTD. I think the characters are the most important part of DW, especially the companions. They are there for us to relate to and as long as they are amazing and there is a decent enough plot I think I will love the show. I just hope he brings back River and hasn’t thrown her off with her parents (which I don’t think he has but I am still worried about it).

I never understood why Pandaria got so much hate. It was the expansion I started playing WoW, and honestly it is my favorite place second only to Northrend. The art and music were incredible, the story was engaging and well-done, the questing was FUN (Whereas BC, Cata, and Draenor questing leave a sour taste in my mouth), and I actually loved dailies instead of having to do an endless mob grind. I understand it was lacking in content, but everything else about it was a masterpiece in my opinion!

order-to-his-chaos replied to your post “I’m laughing–see, people spreading bullshit about otherkin when they…”

Wow, don’t these people have better things to do than push opinions into others and preach for no reason?

I mean, you’d think so, but apparently not. I actually got some guy in my message box early throwing an absolute tantrum about how “otherkin is bullshit” and “it’s just something tumblr made up” and “otherkin doesn’t actually exist” earlier today. He was legit looking for something to be offended about and ignored my sources when I provided them on his comments on the longevity of the otherkin community.

These people are a bunch of whiny pissbabies, I swear.

Wow, gee wee, you sure did a lot by holding this speech and not doing anything else! Just like not researching that you ladies already have your goddamn equal rights and equal wages!

The whole “feminists”-aren’t-doing-shit-about-actual-matters thing aside, the fact that she says “women of America”…
I know it’s just a tini-tiny little thing but come on, think about it, this actually summarises a lot about this movement, doesn’t it?

“There is no other place than America and because of some shitty things in huge social surroundings we do not have rights at all and so we must shout about it everywhere we can and whine and bitch so the whole world hears that we have problems”

Thank you, rich white lady that I only remember for doing some silly movies, that really helps me in a country where I might have acid thrown in my face and where I am forced to wear a veil and where I would be hung for the sex of the person I might just happen to fall in love with and where I’m not actually sure if I would get the equal payment and at this point am actually afraid to ask.
Thank you. You are a great help.