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Day 5, Spotlight: Monivie

My musician/bounty hunter Xweetok I adopted via petpage app back in high school. He’s a keytar soloist and is incredibly rich and popular, but for some reason that’s not enough and he’s trying to be a cool bounty hunter while crashing everyone else’s parties/concerts

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And the Worg is finished!

Based on the rusty coloring like Barnabus found in the Badlands, this fluffy Worg is totally ready to cuddle and play WoW! He was a lot of fun to work on, and i really love his colorings and how well they go together - and how well they fluff up for his collar! So soft!

I don’t often add fangs/teeth to my amigurumi, and when i do they’re usually felted on, so Barnabus here was a big learning experience. I love how his mouth and fangs turned out, and they really do capture the design that is a Worg.

This little dude was a custom order, so you won’t find him in my store, but you can find more of my work or commission your own at!


; __ ; my hunter boys… finished these references for the page! So sad that since Jin’s is so huge…. that it looks so small //sobsquietly

Anyway! Man I love how obvious it is that Zalaojin is half-night elf. I wasn’t actually expecting to like him with nearly full-blown night elf colors but holy shit….. 11/10 would tap that. Funny thing is, it doesn’t register for most people that he is actually half-night elf - like one of those “oh yeah, I guess that’s the case” but don’t acknowledge it until it hits them like a ton of bricks (”… WAIT HOLY SHIT THAT IS DEFINITELY THE CASE”).

Shion of course looks adorable as always and I’m??? So pleased with how Erasmus turned out (that’s… the bigass spider). Adding all those rock details was DEFINITELY worth it. Looks so lava and fire I love it.

Again, Jin’s pets are Hado, and Finn, and Shion’s are Eyphah, and Erasmus (which means “beloved”. JSYK).

I made some sea serpents for a small Blizzcon virtual ticket competition where we had to present an idea for a cool mount or hunter pet we would like to see next xpack. I got a ticket. ^_^

I had lots of fun and now that the competition is over i figured I may as well post my art here. 

Sea Serpent/ Leviathan family.
This family would include various “sea monster” style pets that could fly/hover on land much like the Arcane Wyrms do. They would include things like existing eels and sea snakes, sea “dragons” done in a style that pays homage to naga and other variations that could include models based off of other fish species. The family could be expanded to include other famous beasts of fable such as the kraken, (not sure if the ones in wow are considered sentient or not?) hippocampi and Merlions.
Perhaps there could even be a void-touched spirit beast version in similar colors to Sha-touched creatures.

Possible pet family ability: Leviathan’s Blessing. The Leviathan/Sea Serpent secretes a special slime that allows you to breathe underwater for ten minutes.

Unlocking the family could  require a secret questline where you gather the components needed to cast a spell that would allow them to “swim” and breathe on land. Reverse water breathing potion!

Main concept:

Misc alternative serpent headshots

Void touched spirit beast version

I camped out for a rare pet for two hours and as soon as it spawned another hunter ran up and I told her that I’ve been waiting and if I could please have it cause I had to go irl and wanted to tame it already and she laughed at me and killed it SHE DIDNT EVEN TAME IT. I was really kinda sad , not even mad, why would she do that to me when I was being so nice.

Syn (Admin) - Never assume good intentions in players, if someone lets me know that something I can do easily will screw them over, I’ll do it, and so will a lot of other people. It’s hilarious usually, and we don’t have to see you face to face so we don’t have to feel bad about it.