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Modern Magic AUs
  • “Our familiars seem really into each other huh you wanna go grab a coffee?”
  • “We’re in the same practice space and you are terrible at magic and you keep hurling stuff at my face STOP IT.”
  • “We are neighbors and you are terrible at magic and keep making noise and hurling stuff at my house/apartment walls STOP IT.”
  • “I do magic tattoos and you want something illegal. Like really illegal.”
  • “You’re a street artist who uses magic in their art and I see your work everyday on my commute.”
  • “You drag me to an underground meeting of mages plotting to overthrow non-mages. Little do you know I’m a non-mage.”
  • “You drag me to an underground meeting of non-mages plotting to overthrow mages. Little do you know I’m a mage.”
  • “I’m in the science camp of mages who believe that everything can be boiled down to equations and formulas. You’re in the natural camp of mages who believe that magic comes from feeling, spirituality, passion, and other non-quantifiables. Something happens that prove us both wrong in some way.”
  • “My regular dealer of spell ingredients got raided the other day. Now I need a new source.”
  • “I have some disorder that makes magic emerge from me differently than others. Or at least, the doctors call it a disorder.”
  • “Wow, who cursed me in Klingon, can’t be that nerdy kid next door who bragged to me about his working phaser last year.“ *side-eye*
  • “My magical cosplay is better than your magical cosplay.”
  • “I’m the first non-mage in my family in generations and nobody understand how or why and it’s really awkward.”
  • “So this spell went wrong and my body disappeared into the aether and I’m now a disembodied voice please help.”
  • “So I summoned a demon, but it never appeared. Clearly didn’t work. So why are my dishes washed and my clothes put away and my doors opening when I’m about to walk through them?”
  • “I made a golem to mind my kid while I’m at work, but I think it’s doing more than I’m expecting. Do golems throw raves?”
  • “I’m a burglar who uses magic to do what I do, but then I try to break into your house and find out you’re a way more powerful mage than I am and I am screwed. Or am I?”
  • “Note to self: do not try to con a former mage-master.”

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Inspired by that very chapter you made °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Sorry if its a bit sketchy and the kneaded eraser is botheringly out of place lol but i must give ya note which i just realized has wrong spelling hvsdjagfkhjlfjkgkfghfgjddv

For @echoflowey whos a really nice person thats very tsundere tbh xp
Art by: me 


Happy Mother’s Day to the best super mom who would get his face smashed in and both arms broken for his kids.

The gift was a coffee mug because why not. He probably drinks at least 50 gallons of coffee a day anyway. 

haha every man i draw turns gay lol sorry not sorry

EDIT: wow I spelled his name wrong in the 1st panel fml. How the frick did I put “m” instead of “w” Jesus Christ. Now I have to fix that shit.

One of the more ridiculous things I’ve seen is that Holtzbert and it’s shippers is/are rooted in racism and fatphobia. Like, no? For me personally going into the movie, I saw the spark between Holtz and Erin. Was it the focus of the movie? Nope. Not at all. But I saw it and I dunno. One day I found some cute Holtzbert fanart and I thought about how cute they’d be together. So that’s how I became a Holtzbert shipper.

Fatphobia? Nope. Nothing wrong with Erin or Patty or Holtz being shipped with Abby, certainly not for her weight. There’s way more important things to talk about in the movie, and they never once make any sort of crack or reference or mention of her weight.

Racism? Nope. That’s probably the most offensive belief, that not shipping Holtz or whoever with Patty means we’re being racist.

You know, as much shit as the movie got, to the point that we lost money and 90% likely won’t get a sequel, you’d think the fandom of the movie and the shippers would be friendlier to each other. And especially not hurl insults like assuming other shippers are racist because they don’t ship a character with Patty.

As for fan fic cliches and inaccuracies, yeah, I see those a lot. I personally try to write around them. I write Holtz as plenty self conscious and socially awkward a lot of the time. I write Patty as the cool-headed walking fortune cookie of wisdom. I write Abby as the understanding, smart and honest team mom. And I write Erin as slowly coming out of her shell, and that even Holtz’s love can’t fix it overnight. Fan fic cliches are something to avoid for sure.

I dunno. Yeesh. As much hate as the movie got, I’d figure the fandom would be more inclusive than this. And once again, shipping Holtzbert doesn’t automatically make you fatphobic or racist. That kind of thinking is what hurt the movie’s performance. There’s nothing wrong with shipping whoever. It’s not even a matter of agreeing with the ship. I don’t ship Polybusters, but i don’t think something is wrong with it.

It doesn’t matter which ship is the most popular either. It just happened to be Holtzbert and could easily have been one of the other ships. Geez.

I also love the “Holtzb*rt” spelling thing going around, that’s trying to equate it to a slur or whatever. Wow. You call Holtzbert shippers racist and prejudiced but you’re trying to make up a slur? Yikes. Grow up, people. Ship who you want to ship, stop ragging people who ship something different. The amount of hate is really terrible and heartbreaking to see considering how much irrational hate the movie as a whole got.

I have no problems with any of the ships from the movie. I just happen to have chosen Holtzbert as my ship. Not a big deal.

I'm sorry

ok, so, I’m on my phone and I can’t write and edit this properly and I don’t want to spam you guys, ik i said i’ll stop answering hate questions/asks, but for the past few days I started getting a lot of asks about how ungrateful, mean, and antisocial I am.
So.. I wanted to clarify a thing, that I’m sorry if I only like your posts without commenting or reblogging it, because I’m a little too shy or most of the times I can’t find my words, because I don’t want to say something wrong or spell incorrectly as my grammar isn’t that wow..
I just want you to know, that I love you, and everything you do for this community even if I’m not spamming you with comments or asks with supportive words and love. I’m thankful for every follower that I get, I just wanna take the time to thank all my followers for supporting me through everything, through my personal stuff and through the Ilkay’s story.
…and I’m sorry if I ever disappointed you.
I love you.

Greek to Me

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Member: Exo Lay/Yixing

Type: Fluff

You really didn’t want to be there. 

The loud music blared from the speakers as the smell of cheap liquor filled your nose. Your face probably showed your disgust, because people stayed clear from you and your scowl. You were leaning against a wall silently scrolling through your social media apps, refreshing each one over and over again hoping to find something interesting. 

You stared at the five percent left and groaned, closing the apps and shoving your phone in your pocket, crossing your arms and taking a look at the scene around you. You were in the dining room, against the wall of the stairs, and from where you were standing you could see a group of people playing some game that involved salt and lemons, another group that seemed to be smoking weed, and a few others dancing and grinding on each other. Then there were the random floaters who’d be going from group to group, getting high then dancing with a lemon still in their mouth. 

In all honesty, you didn’t really have any idea what was going on. Some friends of yours had dragged you here, somehow forgetting that you weren’t exactly the partying type. They’d disappeared into the crowd of frat boys and under-dressed girls.

Overall, the atmosphere wasn’t as…exciting as you’d pictured. Your idea of frat parties was developed through movies and what others had told you and this, even though you weren’t a fan of parties anyways, didn’t seem like exactly what you’d expected. 

Maybe you just hadn’t seen enough. Maybe if you’d left your spot on the wall you’d actually have fun but the idea of waking up hungover and smelling like weed didn’t seem appealing to you. Honestly you’d still probably wake up smelling like weed but hey at least you wouldn’t be hungover. 

You felt a something hit the wall behind you and you turned to see a guy on his phone, his back against the wall. His eyes squinted for a second before he cursed, shoving his phone into his pocket before turning and giving you a surprised look. 

“Sorry, I didn’t see you,” he said, and you shrugged. 

“It’s not like I own the place,” you muttered, before biting your tongue. “I’m sorry that was rude.” You saw him chuckle, and you let your eyes graze over him, taking in his appearance. Tall, lean, muscular arms, dark hair, dark eyes, sweatshirt, hair covering his forehead, mouth curved up slightly as if he was still laughing at-

“Are you checking me out?”

You choked on your own saliva, your body folding over as you coughed and you felt his hand land on your shoulder as he apologized, asking if you were alright, You straightened out, swallowing hard before responding. 

“Do people still say that?” you asked, making him laugh outright. “And, well no, I wasn’t  exactly. I just like looking at people. I mean-”

“I know what you mean,” he smirked and you looked away, having a feeling that the conversation was over. Apparently it was not. “So um, I’m Yixing?” He spoke as if he was asking a question, like he wasn’t sure if you were actually willing to talk to him. 

You looked back at him, looking at the little smirk on his face as he leaned against the wall next to you, and realized you could probably use the entertainment. You introduced yourself, trying to sound as polite as possible. 

“I know who you are. I see you around campus a lot. I just don’t usually see you at these uh established events.”

You raised and eyebrow quizzically. “You know who I am?” 

You saw him swallow, his cheeks turning slightly pink as he responded, “Um well sorta. I knew your name and stuff. I always see you drinking coffee on Thursday mornings at the same time. The barista always spells your name wrong, huh?”

Laughing, you choked out a response, “What are you, stalking me? And yes, no matter who it is, they will always spell my name wrong.”

“Imagine how I feel. Yixing isn’t the most common name you know,” he scoffed, and you felt yourself smile. He reciprocated it, and you watched the dimples form near his mouth. 

“Wow,” your hand moved to touch one of his dimples and he raised an eyebrow, his smile faltering and you pouted. “No, no smile again I wanna see it.” You poked his cheek and suddenly felt your face heat up, realizing how uncomfortable he must be. You apologized, pulling your hand back.

“What was that about?” he asked, and you looked away, suddenly feeling shy. 

“Um, I don’t know I’ve always loved dimples. I get a little touchy when I see them, I’m sorry.”

He laughed again before grabbing your hands. You looked up at him as he brought your hands to his laughing face, putting them on his cheeks. You felt your face get hotter as his hands stayed on your wrists, keeping your hands on his face. “You can touch them as much as you’d like. Nobody’s ever taken that much interest in my dimples. I’m quite honored actually.”

You bit your lip as he finally released your wrists, and you found yourself playfully pinch his cheeks before retracting your hands again, still slightly embarrassed. 

“So,” he began again, seeing your sudden awkwardness. “What brings you here?” 

You shrugged, trying to relax yourself so your face wouldn’t feel so hot. “My friends said it would be fun. They lied.”

“You’re not having fun with me?” he asked, his voice oozing with fake hurt. His hands moving to his heart and his lips forming a pout. “And here I thought you were starting to like me.”

You laughed, shaking your head and reaching up to pinch his cheek again. He chuckled too, his hand reaching up to grab yours holding it for a second. You pulled away slightly but his hand stayed on yours, and you felt his thumb rub the back of your hand gently as he opened his mouth again-

“Yah, where have you been?” you heard your friend’s voice from behind you, making Yixing automatically drop your hand as you pulled away to turn to her. “We were worried about you. You’re bored right? I’m sorry…” She looked at you apologetically, failing to notice Yixing standing next to you, rubbing his neck awkwardly as she spoke. 

“Um, I’m fine. I’m not really bored actually,” you said shyly, looking up at Yixing. Your friend’s eyes traveled from you to him before her lips formed an “o” shape, as if she’d realized that something was going on. 

“Well I guess I’ll just…go back then…have fun kids…” she muttered awkwardly and you laughed, watching her step back and turn away. 

Turning back to Yixing, you saw the blush creep up on his cheeks as he moved back against the wall again. You joined him, your shoulder right up against his and you smiled, a finger moving to poke his cheek. 

“‘Have fun kids’?” he repeated and you shrugged, biting your lip. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“At least she didn’t say ‘Use protection’,” you joked before covering your mouth with your hand. He immediately started cracking up, and you sighed, wishing you could control your tongue just once. 

You watched him laugh, his dimples more visible than ever as you stood, letting a smile creep onto your face as you joined him. His laughter was more infectious than you thought, and when he looked at you again his eyes bright and his smile wide you realized that maybe this party wasn’t so bad after all. 

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Anthony: Sid…why are you on the floor?
Sid: *raises leg for no apparent reason*
Anthony: …I have a sudden and overwhelming feeling of responsibility, disappointment, and dread…
Chet: Like parenthood?
Anthony: …yeah how did yo- He’s still in that pose isn’t he.

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I might be remembering wrong, but I feel like you said somewhere in a YouTube comment or something that Zalgaroth (did I spell his name right?) took a little bit of inspiration from Ghirahim from Skyward Sword? If not, sorry! But how exactly would a meeting between Ghirahim and Zalgaroth go down?

Yes you are correct in the spelling, and yes you are also again correct in knowing that Zalgaroth was partially inspired by Ghirahim. :> 

and OH MAN WOW!!! how would a meeting go between them. 

Oh man super hard to say. But judging by the fact that Ghirahim is very theatrical, a drama queen, and super exaggerative on first impression (and last impression) trying to be all cooy and invasion of personal space and stuff, and Zalgaroth is the dead opposite, where Zal is very reserved, formal, belittling, collective, serious, and authoritative. hahah well. I can imagine Zalgaroth be VERY annoyed with Ghirahim, and not buy into his little theatrical performance, which would intern probably annoy Ghirahim for Zalgaroth not playing along, or giving him a response Ghira would be looking for haha. 

That is for certain. XD 

starshinerogers  asked:

k I know ur sleeping but here some q's from ur fave gay to answer when u awaken. frogs or goldfish? what is the max number of hecks u have given? what's ur fave pasta? how many fingers am I holding up? are u aware my pets love u? can u do a handstand or a cartwheel? would u like to know a weird afrikaans thing? what's one word u always spell wrong? and are u aware that I love you very much?

Wow Gatsby I don’t think I’ve told enough yet today about how much I love and trust you??!? I do, a lot. A lot a lot.

1) 🐸 🐸 

2) I give all the hecks abt people I care abt :) other than that, like one heck

3) Penne

4) I’m guessing 3

5) Wow tell them I love them too

6) I can do a good cartwheel !! I haven’t tried it in a while though so maybe not anymore

7) YES absolutely I love language

8) I always always type tomorrow as tomato the first time. Idk why.

9) That’s good news bc I love you very very much too 💙

Accidents and Aftermaths

 Transcendence AU fic because it has been consuming my soul recently~ So this has a lot of things from cool asks I’ve read, but it takes most heavily from this one in particular. Because I’m terrible. Likewise terrible is how I wrote this story, lord I’m out of practice @_@ ft I probably grossly mischaracterized Henry. Oh well.

I’ll show myself to the corner now.

Brief-ish summary:


The first thing he registered was the color gold. It was splashed on several of the lower level cabinet doors, and it pooled on the floor and around a kitchen drawer that looked as if it had been wrenched forcefully from its set railing. Silverware laid stained all over the kitchen tiles, a trail of golden silver cutlery that lead to the most gold covered thing in the kitchen.

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the shower is such a magical place i stg i think of like 90% of my fic prompts while i’m showering okay so i got *dj khaled voice* anoTHER ONE-

so its a sort-of-YouTube au and in this one makki is friends with like everyone in Every Team you can think of from haikyuu okay like karasuno shiratorizawa nohebi: e v. E R Y O N E
but its a normal au (prolly college) and so like-
makki is trying to add moniwa on snapchat to show him how it works and stuff and he accidentally types in the wrong username but doesnt check it twice since moniwa is a heckin’ n00b with this stuff and makki is entirely confident in his typing skills and so he messages the person “lol okay grandpa i’m here its me”
and so mattsun, who is a v v big YouTuber in this au, responds to him like “who tf-”
and makki takes a picture of himself bc he thinks that moniwa doesnt recognize him and he’s like “its me you nerd geez” and mattsun is like lowkey freaking out bc goddAMn this random stranger is Pretty Hot so he decides to take a picture of himself too and he’s like “i’m not a grandpa, but i dont think i can say anything about that nerd comment”
and makki like falls out of his chair screaming because 1. he’s messaging a random stranger instead of his Clueless Friend and 2. said random stranger is Too Hot (Hot Damn) he might actually need to call the police and the fireman
so he’s like “okay hanamaki just 🐝 k00l” @ himself and so makki messages back “are you one of those hot nerds or smth bc-”
of course he immediately regrets it because makki what the fuck kind of smooth move was thAT
but mattsun found it funny and he’s like giggling to himself n stuff and he says “i guess, if someone as good-looking as you sees it” and makki is mcfreakin losing his shI T
so he calls up moniwa and moniwa’s like “dude wtf i’ve been staring at this dumb app for like 20 minutes did u add me or what” but makki immediately starts talking abt Random Stranger and poor moniwa is caught in the crossfire so he’s like “okay okay cool your jets, just talk to him like you would to anyone else” and makki is like “moniwa no oh my god he’s actually rlly hot i cant just Meme It Up jfc” but then mattsun sends makki the good shit meme during the call and makki has like instantly fallen in love
and so that’s how makki and mattsun started talking and they’ve even had a few snap streaks here and there but since mattsun is usually busy with college and making videos they dont keep it for that long (he always feels so bad that he doesnt keep them but makki is always there to assure him its okay)
now since makki had No Idea what mattsun did as a hobby mattsun has been making videos of him
nothing big just like little vlogs about what they were talking about that week or what interesting thing happened to them
but then his audience started going crAZY because who tf is this mystery stranger that mattsun is always talking abt ??? why dont we know him ??2? cant we at least know his name ?¿?¿??
and mattsun is just like “no u cannot know his name he is anonymous until said otherwise” (and by that he means until hanamaki finds out mattsun has a yt channel where he talks abt makki lmao)
and so moniwa, oh sweet moniwa, goes on like Every Single social media daily and he starts seeing screenshots and stuff about mattsun’s vlogs abt the “mysterious stranger” and he’s like “ooo sounds interesting I Want In™” so he goes to mattsun’s channel and watches the videos and since makki talks about the Same Exact Things to moniwa that mattsun is mentioning in his videos moniwa like totally loses his marbles
he immediately calls makki up and is like “dude you will n e v e r guess what i just found" and so moniwa links makki to mattsun’s video and makki legit screams for like three minutes straight because not only was his crush a Total Hottie but he was a Total Hottie with a youtube channel
and so makki sends mattsun the link and is like “gee i wonder who this is abt ;))))” and mattsun is highkey freaking out like “shitshitsHI T”
makki doesnt care tho he just wants to be in at least one video and so he pesters mattsun abt it for like a week and mattsun always uses the excuse “idek where u live tho” so makki just like straight up gives mattsun his address and is mattsun just like “fuck he’s actually rlly close to me”
so eventually mattsun agrees and makki is just ecstatic but at the same time totally terrified because he’s finally meeting mattsun irl and he’s finally gonna be able to touch him and clarify that he is indeed an Actual Person and not just someone on the internet and he’s just rlly overwhelmed
he doesnt get much sleep the day before mattsun picks him up because he’s too excited and when mattsun sees him for the first time he’s just like “dude what happened to you” but makki doesnt ca r e he just wraps mattsun into a tight hug and mattsun immediately hugs back and they literally Never let go of each other from then on out like there’s always at least a little physical contact between them whether makki takes mattsun’s arm or mattsun just links their pinky fingers together its always there and neither of them seemed to mind it
and so mattsun and makki film the video and makki is like “jesus that was way harder than i thought it would be” and mattsun just says “yea well i gotta do this like twice every week”
and so mattsun edits the video and uploads it to youtube with the title “Meet My Boyfriend” bc he thinks he’s smooth like that but no he’s just a dork
makki was literally the first viewer of the video and right when he saw the title he just flips his shit and starts screaming at mattsun like “heY WHY DIDNT I KNOW WE WERE TOGETHER DID YOU EVEN ASK ME” and mattsun just replies “well no but do you want to be my boyfriend?” and makki immediately says “fuck yes oh my god”
of course some of mattsun’s fans didnt take the news too well but overall they were pretty supportive of them
hanamaki turned into that one s/o that didnt have a youtube channel but he’s in like almost every one of mattsun’s videos making snarky comments or sarcastic replies and literally Everyone loves it and they ask for mo r e
one time hanamaki brought moniwa with him over to mattsun’s and moniwa was like “wait, so this all started because you got my username wrong on that app (he deleted snapchat bc he didnt know how to use it even after hanamaki explained rip moniwa). what did you spell it as?” and makki is just like “i forgot to how to spell eyebrows but apparently someone else did too” and mattsun said “wow r00d i did that on purpose” but makki didnt believe him

wow look @ me back at it again with the unnecessarily long posts jfc
sometimes i just Cant Control Myself and small ideas turn into v big ones who o p s
if you’ve read this far tysm lmao that must’ve taken A Lot™

i hope u enjoyed it tho !!!
Shayne Gostisbehere Appreciation Post

Because A) He should have won Rookie of the Year, and B) I can.

This here beautiful specimen of a man is Shayne Gostisbehere. I will probably spell his name wrong. My apologies. Anyway, he’s THE BEST DEFENSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, FIGHT ME.

He’s also a grade-A dork and we love him very much. I mean, how can you not? Look at that smile.

Dork. I mean. Wow. Look at him. Cutie. My gosh.

Face of an angel. Honestly. He’s also amazing at hockey. He got an assist on the most beautiful goal of the season. It was a thing of beauty honestly.

I mean, honestly. Look at it. It’s amazing. Honestly. At the end of overtime, with like, ten seconds to go. I don’t remember the specifics, but look at it. Beautiful.

He also loves dogs. Honestly. He is wearing Cooper as a hat. Look at this dork. I mean, he has an Instagram page dedicated to his dogs. I mean, his girlfriend (i think?? idk maybe his wife?? nobody tells me anything) probably runs it, but still. Honestly. Dork.

Look at these dorks. I mean wow. Dorks. Do you see the account name? My gosh I love this dork.


He smile. Cutie.

He volleyball. with American patterned shorts. F L O R I D A B O Y

Look how happy he is. Honestly. Thank you, Shayne Gostisbehere, for existing, for being adorable, and for saving our sorry rear ends this year. You’ll always be rookie of the year to us.

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actualy no my bed timez not until 9:30 🖕🏻😈😜(but I'm a rebl so I go to bed at 10😜😱😍)so mayb u shld check ur factz b4 you try to be sassy cuz I'm the queen ov sass💅🏻💅🏻💃🏻😜💋😈

you’ve literally only managed to spell about 8 words right during this entire conversation. you’ve somehow managed to spell REBEL two different ways and you got it wrong both times. AND WOW OMG TEN IS SO LATE WOAH HOW DO YOU EVEN STAY AWAKE THAT LONG MAD SKILLZ OMG TEACH ME

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Can u do hcs on a genderbent drv3 class uwu (I'm <3 u)

Do you mean, how the class would react to being genderbent? Hmm, well, I’m gonna do a big fic on that later, but I don’t mind doing this now 030 It might be good for me to start thinking on how they’d react anyways 030

  • Kaede “E-Everyone stay calm, this is just a trick Monokuma is playing on us now… this isn’t real… w-we can fix this, we just need to stay calm and work together… We just need to… figuire this out… this isn’t that big of a deal anyways… right guys…? “
  • Kiibo “…” Doesn’t really give a shit about being a female now. (Robot… cleavage though? 0o0;;)
  • Kaito *peeks in his own shirt and compares boob sizes with the other guys that are now girls, only to receive a smack on the head by Kaede, and possibly a beating by Tenko.*
  • Maki  *treats this all as one big inconvenience but otherwise is like whatever about it*
  • Ouma *uses new moe girl charm to his advantage and will use his new cute to get what he wants and further manipulate people.” “Might as well make the best out of this… but I’d like to be a boy again, so… turn me back asap! >:0 “
  • Saihara *totally flustered and embarrassed and will use his talent to his fullest potential to solve this mystery and fix this >.<;; *
  • Hoshi “I’ve done it before.” (Hoshi knows what’s up… 0o0;;)
  • Tsumigi *Also very flustered, why is this happening?* “Oh… well, know I’ll have to remake the cosplays I made everyone…” ;m;
  • Amami “Oh. Cool. Tits.”
  • Gonta *is embarrassed as well but slowly gets over it and gets used to his female form 030*
  • Shinguji “This has happened in one of my stories before! I know how to reserve this! Come my fellow classmates, let me show you the way and tell you the tale!”
  • Himiko “Ah? Did I cast the wrong magic spell…? Hold on, I’ll need to check my spellbook on how to reverse this…”
  • Angie “Angie’s a boy now?! Oh wow!” *Looks down her skirt and giggles to herself*
  • Tojou “… So… Am I the SHSL Butler now…?” 

It’s 2 am and i can’t sleep and i’m not that tired because i slept til 4 today and my brain is buzzing and i like you and my sheets are starting to not smell like you and i like it when they smell like you because i wake up saturated in your sent and it’s really strong and sweet and thick and makes my skin tingle and i have a half cup of coffee sitting on the table and i am watching my fourth movie of the night and i want to watch sleeping beauty with you and i think you’re really pretty and i want to take pictures of you in the bralette and the lace thigh highs and i want you to wear them underneath a dress so i can pull the dress off of you and slide my fingers under lace and feel your skin and i like kissing your skin and i like it when you let me make you come and i think you’re beautiful and you have incredible full lips and every time you kiss me i feel dizzy and it’s amazing how good your mouth feels even if it’s only for a second and you always taste good and you’re intoxicating and scary and i really like you and when we broke up i thought i’d never get to kiss or touch you again and it hurt a lot but i’m glad i still get to have you and i should go to sleep but i’m really not tired yet

I spelled scent wrong up there and now it’s 3 am and i found the shirt you had in bed the other night and wow it smells like you wow it smells like you so strongly and i’m holding it and that might be creepy but it smells so good and i liked when we were talking about each other’s scents and you smelled me and it was really cute and it made me happy and i like it when we do tiny cute stuff like that and this shirt smells a lot like you but it makes me think of so many different things and it’s a lot for my brain, like when i get carried away kissing your back and side and it makes my brain all fuzzy and drunk, i could possibly get drunk off the scent of this shirt it’s 3:12 in the morning

The shirt smells less like you because i am smothering it, and that seems symbolic but we won’t talk about it it’s 4:06 am and i am still vomiting my stream of consciousness but it’s kind of nice and i hope i am not waking you up, this shirt is next to my head and i keep catching a whiff of it and it’s nice and i took a nice picture of my back and i like it and i think you are so beautiful but sometimes i’m afraid my compliments lose meaning to you because i say them so much but honestly every time i look at you i can’t believe how beautiful you are and every time i talk about you i sound so lame and cheesy and silly, but i don’t think it matters that much and i think i am falling asleep now it is 4:08 am

—  things i think you should know when i am falling asleep