wow how original of me


Isak season 3 + hostile_goose tweets

  • me: *first sees viktor*
  • me: wow, the suave princely bachelor. How original. He's not that cute.
  • me: *sees his meme faces with heart-shaped mouths*
  • me: wait
  • me: *sees more long-haired viktor*
  • me: fuck
  • me: *sees long-haired viktor in a flower crown*
  • me: *immediately piles into viktor bandwagon*
Gom + Haizaki forced by their s/o to do a couple cosplay

Kuroko: Ruby&Sapphire from Steven Universe. What a cute male!Sapphire Kuroko could be omg.

Kise: Luchia&Kaito from Pichi Pichi Pitch. A prince and his mermaid princess. The kind of fairy tale Kise loves he’s the one who came up with the idea

Midorima: Bee&Puppycat from Bee and Puppycat. A grumpy Midorima with cat ears ooooooh yass.

Aomine: Daenerys&Drogo from Game of Thrones. He’s the Khal to his Khaleesi fight me.

Murasakibara: Thor&Jane from Thor. Wow how original I am.

Akashi: Levi&Hanji from Attack on Titan. The only guy he’s cosplaying ever. this is not influenced because of the voice actor i swear

Haizaki: Maka&Soul from Soul Eater. Just imagine how cocky and touhcy-feely he’s going to be the whole time.

Literally every video being posted to pop culture centered youtube channels right now: “Okay, hear me out but like… what if Belle has… STOCKHOLM SYNDROME?

Me: Yes… wow…. how clever and original of you. I cannot believe that no one has ever thought of that before or talked about it extensively. You are truly a great literary scholar of our time.

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  • Interviewer: Okay we're gonna play a game and its called "5 Seconds of _____"
  • Me: Wow how original never heard that one before

Painting practice yo

me when im fighting a gym w/ vaporeon or arcanine: wow how original try fighting me with something else how long could u even last

me when im pummeling other people with my vaporeon: