wow how does your face do it

more flight rising! Highlight is the kind of dragon you can never, ever take seriously. A banana farmer by trade, he spends his time practicing making balloon animals without popping them and dropping cheesy pick up lines on other dragons. He’s cowardly in the face of more aggressive/intimidating dragons and will nervously crack bad jokes in heavy situations (”wow um..uhh…does that scary mug of yours get you into haunted houses for free? haha..ha………”).

ok now on to important questions
1) how long are dragon tongues
2) do tundras suffer in the summer heat or do they migrate

Seriously tho, imagine luke coming back from tour and the first thing he does is wrap his big arms around you and lifts you in the air, spinning you around with a massive grin on his cute little face and once he puts you down just smothers your face in kisses telling you how much he missed you and how much Michael made fun of him because you weren’t there to stand up for him and how he couldn’t go another tour without seeing you so insists that you go with him next time.. WOW I HATE MYSELF WHY DO I DO THisss

Do you ever just realize how much you love Louis like wow he’s amazing and he exists and he’s out there doing great things like throwing Cinderella balls for sick kids and sometimes he walks around in just little socks and it’s like who are you brave little tiny kitten boy and why don’t I ever see enough of your face. Does someone tell you how important you are every single day because I hope so.

#14 - he’s tired.

Dan: The yawn echoes around the small bedroom, causing your head to turn and look at his tired expression. “Tired?” You ask kindly, offering him to lean into your side. “No shit.” He quickly sasses. He gladly accepts the offer, moulding himself into your side as the warmth from your hoodie transfers itself to his body.

Phil: He hates showing that he’s tired. He’ll do whatever to get through the day without breaking into a yawn. He stifles them or if he fails to do that, covers them with his hand. This time, he does neither and yawns loudly. “Wow.” You speak. Staring directly at him. “That was very odd.” You laugh and he simply shrugs, feeling very overcome by his lack of sleep.

Joe: His face stretches with a yawn, once again. You’ve been sitting and observing him. How he continues to edit despite the fact that his eyelids are hanging like heavy baskets. You sigh heavily, “Joe, c’mon.” You deadpan. Pulling him away from the computer, “you need sleep.”

Caspar: When Caspar’s tired, he doesn’t care where he is; he will fall asleep on you. Whether you’re in the middle of a film or on a train journey, he will fall asleep on you. Of course, you don’t mind. It’s kind of sweet in a way. You’ll often play with the few strands of hair that fall over his forehead whilst he snores lightly.