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Remember when Ed custom ordered a plate with all the red tour dates on it for Taylor for Christmas

Remember when Taylor made Ed a cross stitch of the two of them starting from the bottom now we here

Remember that video of them sitting on the kitchen floor singing Lego House man it was such a short clip but it was SO beautiful and we all wanted more damn

Remember when Taylor was making homemade jam for everyone and labeled Eds “im real happy for you and imma let you finish but this jam is the best jam of all time”

Remember “My favorite British thing is Ed Sheeran”

Remember how they wrote Everything Has Changed on a trampoline!!!!

Remember when Taylor came out to Eds MSG show wearing an “I ❤️ Ed” shirt

Remember when multiply came out and Taylor posted that epic picture of Ed with her cat

Remember how Taylor has a blown up Polaroid of Ed giving the middle finger on DISPLAY in her HOME

Remember all the times Ed defended Taylor in 2013 during the Taylor!hate shitstorm oh mannnn

Remember literally every performance of EHC on red tour but especially the ones where Ed would wear a hat or mess with a lyric to make her laugh there are REAL TEARS in my eyes

Remember how they got so drunk at a party that they were bear hugging and then the cops got called and they had to hide

Remember “Wherever you are, I love you Ed sheeran!” At the Brits

Remember when Ed and Taylor went paddle boarding with their families

Remember the Everything Has Changed music video?!!

Remember them staring into each other eyes and talking constantly at the 2014 Grammys!!!

Remember when they dueted !!!!!TENERIFE SEA!!!!

Remember Ed coming out dressed as one of the dancers to surprise Taylor on the last night of the red tour

Remember when they sang Lego House and I See Fire together and Ed flew out to Germany just to be a special guest for Taylor on the red tour wow

Remember when they played that friendship game and they had to write down the moment they knew they were friends and they both literally put writing a song aka the first time they hung out and Taylor was so surprised and happy Ed had known then too wow

Remember Taylor freaking OUT when Ed won his first two grammys!


…because it’s Ed birthday I thought it would be nice to give back to the community by reminding everyone of a few of the highlights of the epic friendship that is Sweeran. What moments. What a time to be alive witnessing it all.

Shiro: Get your head in the game!



The more you know.

harukaze-001  asked:

I didn't know about those anons until I saw your more recent post and I was like whaa Screw them, why does it matter which fandom event is more popular than the others or how many notes should an artist get for someone to label them successful? I'm glad you're not letting their words into your mind anymore and continue to write amazing stuff. Keep it up, bud 👏👏👏💙💙

EXACTLY! idk why it bugged me so much but in reality, as long as you did a good thing or someone somewhere saw what you did and went ‘wow that was good’ or gets inspired, your work is worth it so it was immature of thar person to compare fandom events like that 🙄🙄🙄

and thank you thank you thank you for your kind words dude! from a great writer like you, it means a lot😚😚😚

Episode 04 x 11 Mini Analysis

Okay gang as promised, I started up my Episode Analysis again but as I mentioned before, I would only focus on one or two things in an episode. And I may not be able to do it every week, but this week I can!  As always, I look through a Lizzington lens as I am sure you will figure out soon if you haven’t already :)

So the scene I want to talk about is the conversation between Emma and Liz. I found it really interesting as Emma seemed to have been totally infatuated with Red. And she feels the same thing is happening with Liz. So here we go:

^^^ Oh honey I am too (oops that was a personal message from me, never mind)

^^^ Hmmm, why did that sound so familiar?

^^^ She went on to elaborate here - “My work, my marriage. I had no idea how many lines I was crossing until it was too late.” 

Wow! Emma had it bad. How many people think that she had a relationship / affair with Red? I do. Also it is interesting to note that she is 38 years old (the actress is). Red does seem drawn to younger women.

^^^ Liz thinks it is easy to “get out” so to speak. But she is totally compelled by Red herself even though she knows his life is dangerous. She had to fake her own death to get away from him. She didn’t have the strength to tell him to leave her life on her own. Because she can’t. She does love him - underneath her angry exterior. And she really does want him in her life. She has always come through for Red when push comes to shove - even with Kirk when she thought he was her father. But let’s move on….

^^^ I loved this line. It certainly implies that Emma thinks Liz’s feelings towards Red are similar to her own. And we know they are not familial. Also, remember that Emma talked to Red. So he may have shared something about Liz with her.

Now, going back to the first part of the conversation, who else talked about being the center of Red’s universe? Why Carla of course, Red’s former wife. She was obviously in love with Red at one time. And as an aside, I believe she still has strong feelings for him - witness the interaction between the two of them when they said goodbye to each other in Episode 02 x 04. But below is the comment I was referring to:

So let’s review:

We have Carla the center of Red’s universe = wife

Then we have Emma the center of Red’s universe = former lover or at least totally infatuated with him.

And who is the center of Red’s universe now? = Lizzie.

Now I am not saying that Liz and Emma are the same. After all, Red knew Liz when she was a little girl even though he left her life for over 25 years.  And Red has a very strong connection with her (even though we won’t know what it is until the end of the show). So Red’s feelings towards Liz are much more intense than anyone else. After all he practically committed suicide after he thought she died. And right now Liz is all Red cares about (and Agnes). And Liz knows it.

So where is this going? Well the implication in this episode is very non-paternal.  This scene especially was really good for Lizzington. I was expecting the arc to begin turning this way after the DG arc in 4A. TBL does jerk you back and forth with their arcs. And I’m sure they aren’t done with DG yet although I wish they would close that book soon for all our sakes.

So let’s talk about the rest of Season 4B. Red seems to be spiraling down emotionally - initially thinking Liz died, realizing Kaplan betrayed him, getting Liz and Agnes back, “killing” Kaplan (probably the person he trusted the most in the world), dealing with Kirk, and most of all having Liz distance herself from him emotionally after getting her back. Dembe is very worried. So what I hope will happen in 4B is that Liz does save Red. From himself. I don’t think he will survive this without her.  And then hopefully this will repair and propel their relationship.

As always, thanks for your support. Hope you enjoyed :)

After BoO (Solangelo fanfic) chapter 3

….. WOW. UNBELIVABLE!! The last chapter got so many notes omg! I love you guys. But anyways here is the third chapter for you. This one recounts the morning’s steps in Will’s perspective and then continues from where the last one ended. Also I’m sorry I couldn’t get even one fanart relating to this fanfic ready for this time but I promise I’ll try to when I post the next chapter.

And here are links to the first two chapters should someone need them.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Will’s day had started as usual. After waking up he had done his daily morning round in the infirmary. Just to check everything was fine. Well of course there was always someone watching over the patients but you can never be too careful. And of course his four days as a personal doctor for a certain dark haired pale Italian might have had something to do with how this habbit came to be. A smile crossed Will’s lips as he thought of Nico.

  After checking and confirming that everything had gone smoothly overnight Will headed towards the dining  pavilion for breakfast. His morning routine had taken quite some time and most everyone had already eaten and left. Yet still Will looked around the pavilion hoping to see a certain person. Nico usually was quite sound-sleeper and so was most days among the last to have breakfast. But to Will disappointment he didn’t see Nico anywhere. He wondered if Nico had even woken up yet.

  Well, there would always be the check-up. At this Will grinned widely. Those check-ups were almost without reason as Will was already certain that Nico had recovered. But being careful has never hurt anyone, right. And they gave a nice excuse to see Nico every day. A thought that an almost-devilish grin on Will’s face.

  That reminded Will that it was almost time for the check-up so he ate hurriedly. Already anxious about getting to spend time with Nico. Of course those check-ups wouldn’t last forever. Will had tried multiple times to ask Nico out but never had the courage. Though Will was flirting with Nico quite often, Nico had never shown any clear signs that he actually liked Will. Signs like flirting back. So Will was afraid to make moves on Nico.

  Having finished breakfast Will hurried to the infirmary. Today’s check-up would start in a few minutes. Just as Will had gotten everything ready for the check-up it was time for it to begin. And so Will anxiously waited for Nico to arrive. Glancing at the clock like every thirty seconds or so.

  When it had been fifteen minutes and Nico was nowhere to be seen Will was wondering what had happened. Nico couldn’t have forgotten, right. Was he purposefully not coming? Or was he actually still asleep? Will decided to go and check if Nico had overslept.

  And so Will was a little taken aback when he opened the door to the Hades cabin and saw the whole crew of Argo II present. Will felt his cheek blush a little as he realized he had just flirtingly tried to wake Nico up with all these people standing witness. And that wasn’t even all. Piper had seemed to realize what was going on almost immediately. And she had practicly told everyone.

  But what was most disturping was when Percy and Jason both leaned towards him as they were passing by and whispered to his ears.

 ”Dare hurt him and you have us to deal with.”

  That took Will by a surprise. Did they just imply that he had an actual chance with Nico? Looking at Nico he noticed that Nico seemed to be considering which shadow would be nicest to spend forever infused with. Will chuckled at that. It’s adorable really when Nico blushed or looked embarrassed when Will flirted with him.

  After a moment of silence as everyone else had left Will asked.

 ”Well, shall we go to the infirmary for the check-up.”

  Nico had seemed to recover somewhat and nodded an answer.

 ”Yeah, let’s go.”

  As they were walking to the infirmary Will became curious as to what had been going on in the cabin.

 ”So… umm.. what was that meeting about. I-I don’t mean to pry if it was something I’m not supposed to know but… you know”

 ”No, no. There’s no reason you shouldn’t know”, Nico answered. ”My father visited my dreams last night and among other things he told that Leo was dead no longer.”

”What?! How’s that even possible?” Will looked dumbfounded.

 ”Well, we… sort of had a potion made that would revive the dead”, Nico said with a sly smile as Will looked even more speechless.

 ”Is there really such a thing?”, Will whispered in awe. ”Ho-How did you come across such thing?”

 ”Well the others met your half-brother who was made god after curing a dead and being killed by Zeus.”

”They… They met Asclepius?!”


 ”Wow you guys certainly have action in your lives and get to meet like every god there is.”

 ”Oh trust me, there are many you don’t want to meet.”

 ”Yeah, I guess so.”

  They continued walking in silence. And not the awkward kind.

 ”Hey, what are the Stoll brothers doing hanging around there looking all suspicious”, Will noted.

 ”And more importantly why are they looking at us like that”, Nico stopped in his tracks.

  Just as Will was about to do the same the ground under his feet fell away and he started falling. The last thing he heard was Nico cry out his name and then everything went dark.

Um, well first off, holy WOW I did not expect to get so many followers and notes in such a short amount of time! To thank you all for the support, I’ve decided to draw a bit of Reylo trash art myself ;3 It’s a WIP, so stay tuned for the final piece! 

Also, sorry in advance for the model-esque proportions, I make clothes, hehe, so that’s how I was trained to draw ;)

Thank you loves! 

And a big thank you to all of the artists who are featured on this blog <3