wow how creative of me

wow my weedmen are getting very creative on how to deliver me weed

i’m expecting to see a drone deliver me weed sometime in the future


AQUARIUS S2 PREMIERE : A special 2-hour commercial-free event!

—  I was walking down to the forest trail by the playground and pool in my town, and I ran into my old bully.. he did something that was definitely new. He walked up to me from behind and meowed at me (He meows at me in a rude tone because I like animals.. wow, how creative. It doesn’t even bother me anymore, I thought I made that clear to him long ago XD), so I just turned around and said “Cant you think of a better bother for me? I said how many times before that meowing doesn’t bother me anymore, or are you just deaf and don’t know how to listen?”. Apparently, he quickly thought of one and grabbed my arm, and lifted his fist like was about to punch me! However, I quickly reacted kicking him right in the crotch. He yelled from pain and fell backwards onto the ground and started crying. I just scoffed and said “Maybe that will drill the idea in your head to leave me alone, im over bullying. Good day.” and left him there. I kinda do feel bad for hurting him and just leaving him, but he had it coming for the things he did to me in the past! He should be fine anyway, he didn’t live far from where the incident happened and would be able to get help if needed.

no, but really

really guys

i just want sidney to come back in season four

and come up with this super complicated and stupid plan to get revenge on regina for locking him up, and just when he’s about to enact his plan, regina glares at him for 30 seconds straight, and he just kind of looks down and pouts and says he’s sorry and that he will always love her, and then tries to kiss her so she slaps him across the face.

and then he follows her around for the entire season like a puppy dog.

omg that is all i want.