wow hes such a nerd

can you believe that the first time isak finds out sana has this anatomy poster in her room, he teases “wow, what a nerd. i bet that at night, you dream of circulatory anastomosis and synovial joints and stuff” and sana rolls her eyes, replies “please, i know you wish you had one”, and isak goes “hmmmm”. and can you believe that sana, who absolutely remembers this little conversation they had, decides to buy isak an anatomy poster for his birthday two months later, and she tells him “well, now you can also be a science nerd” and at that point even lets out a little laughter and wraps an arm around isak’s waist and says “sorry to break it to you, but isak has always been a science nerd” and sana smiles at the two of them, and says “i know that”, and isak looks at the poster, genuine excitement in his eyes, and then at sana, and he tells her “thank you for this, sana. you’re the coolest science nerd, and friend”

i love the idea of percy having a “she’s all that” moment sometime after they release him from the prison cell. they steal back his valuables and clothes along with his weapons from the jail when they spring him, but he had been practically destitute for three years. his clothes were that of working man: handspun wool, grey, and loose-fitting, especially since they didn’t serve him feasts in jail. 

when he manages to prove himself, earn a little gold (that he didn’t immediately hand over to vex’ahlia), he splurges on himself. well, more accurately, the group does. grog could care less, but the rest of them push for percy to clean up a bit; his haggard, slightly deranged prisoner look quickly attracts attention, which is inconvenient if they aren’t just passing through.

so he buys some new clothes, gets a nice coat, washes and cuts his hair, shaves his face – and. wow.


can we just talk about how this kid thinks coffee is too bitter but he’s still trying anyways because ‘he wants to become a man who can drink his coffee black’ like??? he’s just the cutest omfg

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ok but imagine modern Bellamy that's a history prof and owns a local book shop and has like seven dogs

this became a prompt idk if it is what you intended but i just had to.

The first time Bellamy meet Clarke he’s out with his dogs. He catches her stealing several glances his way. Feeling bold for once, he says “Can’t look away from these dashing looks, uh?” and he gestures to himself. By chance the cute blonde smirks and he can’t help but feeling smug about making her smile.

“I was staring at the dogs,” she says while nodding to them at his feet.

He looks down and remembers that he has seven dogs and that people tend to find it weird, for some reason.

“Oh” is all he can say and he blushes, mentally cursing himself for flirting with a girl in a dog park. She’s still smiling though.

“The good looks are helping though,” she says showing her notebook.

He takes it a sign to come sit next to her on the bench. She opens the page she was working on and he can see himself with his dogs on paper, a pencil drawing. She’s talented. He clears his throat a little.

“Um, that’s good.”

“Thanks. I thought so too.”

She’s bright and lovely.

He doesn’t really know how to keep the conversation going but she seems fine with staring at him and he can’t help but stare back. While he’s a little uncomfortable about it, she studies him without shame.

“So.” He stretches his legs. “You often come to the dog park?”

“I like to draw here.”

“I never saw you here.” And he blushes more because it feels more like an admission than anything else.

She shrugs and just says: “I moved here not long ago.”

He hums in answer and takes a look at his dogs.

“I expect you come here a lot?”

He chuckles. “Yeah. Seven dogs.”

“That’s some Robin Scherbatsky’s shit.”

He laughs more and when he’s recovered: “Hope I won’t fall for a Ted Mosby.”

She nods. “That would be a shame, really.” She looks at his dogs too and his heart does a funny thing. “So, how did you end up with seven dogs? Not that it’s bad or anything. Just-”

“Weird,” he supplies.

“I was going to say ‘a lot’ but yeah,” she grins.

“I always loved dogs, I had two first because I live alone and it was good company. One of my friends moved away and let me hers because I was the only one in our group friends capable of taking care of animals. I ended up with my ex’s after we broke up, but I can’t even remember why. I found a lost one and I couldn’t not take her. And when my sister’s dog got her litter I just got two because I already had five, so why the hell not?”

She’s silent for a moment and he fears he bored her to death. He’s about to say she did ask for the story when she speaks again.

“And you live in town?”

“Um yeah. I have a pretty big house with a yard and everything. The dogs aren’t too unhappy I think.”

“They don’t seem so,” she says, her voice soft, just as one of the dog jumps and licks his hands.

“Want me to introduce you to them?”

She looks at him through her eyelashes and she’s beautiful.

“Yeah I’d love that.”

He turns to his dogs again and blushes when he calls them “Poseidon, Artemis, Hades, Hermes, Demeter, Athena, Persephone!” He needed a theme.

“Wow, nerd,” she laughs.

“Shut up.”


When he sees her for the second time it’s the start of the school year and he’s meeting with a new student’s foster mother. He’s working on his lesson plans when he hears a small knock on the door of his office.

“Enter,” he calls.

“Mister Blake, thank you for meeting with me.”

He gets up to greet her and when she turns after closing the door he recognizes her. She must recognize him too because she lets out a small “oh”.

“Hello.” And he fucking waves like an idiot.

She bites her lips to keep herself from laughing and it makes him more comfortable for some reason.

“Hi. Um, take a seat, please.”

“Thanks.” And she sits in front of him.

She smirks a little and he doesn’t know where to begin.

“I understand better the nerd dogs’ names now.”

He shrugs, used to this kind of jokes.

“I had to.”

“Obviously.” And they’re staring at each other again. He clears his throat.

“Shall we begin?”

“Yeah. Of course. I’m Clarke.”

He takes the hand she’s presenting.

“Bellamy Blake, I teach History.”

“I know.” She wears a small smile that got his heart melting a little. He smiles back because he’s incapable of not doing so.

“You’re here to talk about… Madi? Is that right?”

“Yeah Madi… I don’t really know how to start…”

“Don’t worry, just say what you feel is important.”

She takes a deep breath. “Okay. She never knew her father. Her mother raised till she was eight and then died from overdose.”

It hits him, the story a little too close to his, but he doesn’t say anything.

“She’s been living with her grandmother for a while and it was good from what I heard but she was an old woman and soon she didn’t have the strength to take care of Madi. She ended up in foster care. She’s been with me for a little over a year now. And it’s been… okay, I think. I don’t want to say good.” She has a nervous chuckle. And Bellamy resists the urge to take her hand in his. “We lived in a big city before we moved here but I thought a small town would be better for her.”

He hums and lets her continue.

“She’s a great child. Really she is. She just had a shitty childhood.”

And once again he can picture himself twelve years ago.

“She’s smart but doesn’t like school, of course. She had to leave school for a year so she’s older than her classmates this year. I don’t know if it’s going to be fine…” She bites her lips and adds, “History is her least favorite subject.”

He can’t help but smile at this.

“Have you ever met someone history was theirs favorite subject?” She relaxes at his joke and it’s what he was going for so he smiles more broadly. “Clarke… Can I call you ‘Clarke’?” She nods. “Clarke, I’m going to be honest with you. I never knew my father, my mother had a drug problem and died from it when I was 15. My sister and I went in different foster houses. I know this shit.”

She seems profoundly relieved that this.

“I’ll take care of Madi the best I can. I know how to deal with teenagers.”

Her relief is written on her smile and it’s blinding. He will see more of Clarke Griffin, for sure.


He expects to see more of her at school, for parents’ meetings and stuff but she comes to his bookstore the following week and he has to go see her. She’s looking at a book in the classic section and he might fall in love with her already.

He comes behind her and takes a look over her shoulder. She mustn’t have sense him come because she jumps when he says: “I would recommend this book.”

She turns and takes him in.

“Don’t come behind people’s back like this!”

He laughs. “Hi Clarke.”

“Mister Blake.”


“Bellamy,” she corrects and smiles.

“We have to stop meeting like this.”

“Like what?”

“Unplanned.” It’s bold but he feels pretty confident. She laughs so it can’t be that bad.

“Wow. Smooth.”

He grins, a little smug about making her laugh.

“You have some game for a nerd.”


She smirks and every damn look is a good look on her, it’s frustrating.

“So, this is a good book?”

“Don’t change the subject, Clarke, I’m waiting for apologies.”

“I said you had game I don’t see any offense in this,” she says a little too falsely innocent.

“Get out of my bookstore, you’re banned.”

She blinks. “Your bookstore?”

He frowns, not understanding her surprise. “Yeah?”

“Aren’t you a teacher?”

“Well I also own this bookstore.” He shrugs like it’s not a big deal.

She hums. “You’re quite a catch, Bellamy Blake.”

He starts blushing when Miller calls for him “Blake, stop flirting I need your help here!” And that would make his cheeks fully red.

He lets out an awkward “sorry” and goes to see Miller but Clarke follows him. He can’t say he minds.

They come to the counter and Miller doesn’t even glance at them.

“Clarke, this is Miller. I work in the bookstore Saturdays and during school vacations and he takes over during the week. The books are the only company he can stand.

“Fuck you, Blake. You done with the flirting? We need to put the new books on the shelfs.”

“He’s not done with the flirting actually,” Clarke says and she takes his hand too and he might die from happiness really.

Miller glares at him, staring right into his eyes. He huffs and rolls his eyes and goes through the back door to the reserve.

Bellamy turns to Clarke, not letting go of her hand.

“Sorry he’s pretty grumpy.”

“Oh I didn’t notice.”

He smiles and looks down at her.

“I fear I gave all I got in my game.”

He swallows when she links her hands behind his neck.

“Good thing I have a pretty great game too then.”

“Yeah. Good thing.” And he leans down to capture her lips with his.

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Which as the season progresses will just get worse. The CS fans are not going anywhere so they will be asking those questions. When is Hook gonna wake up,is something gonna happen to trigger a memory of Emma. At the cons coming up it's gonna be CS fans asking questions and he needs to just accept that no matter what his half ass assurance does people still want answers and hope.

Yeah, I can’t see it going away unless questions are screened at upcoming cons.

It’s this whole NO SPOILERS BC TWIST ridiculous mindset that really hurts this whole reboot concept, and I feel so fucking bad for the three returning regs because they’re trying to do their best within the confines they’ve been given and it’s like…what the fuck else can they talk about? Just let them talk about their characters so that there’s something to fill the dead air besides talk about CS/Rumbelle, because if there’s nothing else, THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE WILL ASK ABOUT BC IT’S THE ONLY KNOWN FACTOR LIKE WHAT ARE THEY EXPECTING?

Let them talk about their cursed/alt personalities – I mean they showed them in the trailer, so I don’t understand why they’re only letting them say “oh it’s a new iteration”. Like, obviously they put out there that Hook’s going to be a police officer, so let Colin talk about what that means – what’s different between the Killian we know and Officer Rogers? What’s the same? What’s the challenge in playing this new persona? What’s an average day for Officer Rogers? Like you don’t even have to say if it’s a curse or an au or, whatever the fuck.

For real, if it’s going to be revealed in the first four seconds of the show, it’s not a twist – let it gooooooooooooooo.

Like legit the only talking point Colin (and I’m assuming Bobby and Lana) had the whole weekend was “things are kind of new, but not completely new, like new iterations – but it’s hard to explain because I’m not allowed to say anything. Emma and Hook are happy. Script is super interesting and I’m really excited.” And that shit is coming from A&E who have this attitude that fans need to trust them implicitly and are fanning wrong if they don’t, and Colin, Bobby, and Lana are the ones taking the heat for that policy.

Can you imagine if instead of Imperial Agent, there was an Imperial Reclamation Service class? The entire first act would revolve around how your boss won’t give you a raise and keeps passing you up for a promotion. So you gotta find a really good artifact to dig up. And you DO and then your boss can’t not promote you. He just can’t not. So you get promoted and go on your merry way.

And act 2 is finding a really rare Sith artifact that’s needed for the war, but UH OH there’s competition! So it’s a race to the dig site and you get there, but the Jedi got there first. So you kill them and then you bring the artifact to some Sith Lord who’s your patron, but UH OH they betray you and it’s actually just a Sith power play. So the Sith is tying up loose ends and that means killing everyone who knew about the artifact cuz the guy just wants a seat on the Dark Council.

And act 3 would be dodging assassins and also trying to get cited as the person who found the damned artifact. So the final showdown on Corellia would just be you showing up with receipts and then disgracing the Sith Lord cuz wow…he let a nerd beat him. And then you get your boss’s job in the Imperial Reclamation Service at the very end. And all the nerds worship you, including Talos.

Jughead and Juliet (Jughead x Reader Request)

Request: ‘Jughead x reader where the reader is from a rival gang and FP has hurt her family (killed her dad maybe? Was framed for it maybe idk?) but she is falling for Jughead and he for her (kinda romeo and Juliet with all the sneaking around but I would prefer if no one died at the end 😂)’ - @yourjughead​.

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Reader, FP Jones.

Warnings: Kissed, Implied sex

Word Count: 2121

Notes: Sorry this took forever, I’ve had an illness, a birthday and holidays to deal so it’s not left much time to write. I did have other plans for this request but it would have taken longer, I hope this works for you. I progressed their relationship a bit and changed the way the gang hurt the other. Also y/d/n = your dad’s name.


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‘Shhh, Jughead, my Mom can’t know you’re here.’ He smirked at me, pushing me against the wall.

‘I can’t take it anymore, I have to kiss you.’ He planted his lips forcefully on mine, I kissed back passionately. His hands clasped my cheeks gently, while his lips kissed down my neck. I smiled at his touch, I’d waited for this for days. The joys of dating a boy from the rival gang.

‘You know I haven’t waited all this time, just for kisses.’ I whispered. He raised his eyebrows at me and I simply nodded back. I pulled him by the hand to my bedroom, minding to be careful with every step. We’d memorised the squeaky parts of the floor by now, Jughead tiptoed around each spot. As we entered my room, I quickly looked out to the hallway making sure we hadn’t woke my Mom.  We only had to worry about her since my Dad was always out late with the Eagles. I shut the door and turned to Jughead.

‘The coast is clear. Now where were we?’

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“ It would be appreciated if you could remove your hands from my beautiful notes. Go write your own, don’t even think about nicking mine again or you can go looking for your hands in the corridors.” You could say that Amycus wasn’t in his best of moods– when was he ever in a decent mood? Corners of his lips arched up in a sadistic smirk at the very thought of severing the other’s hands.