wow hes such a nerd

can you believe that the first time isak finds out sana has this anatomy poster in her room, he teases “wow, what a nerd. i bet that at night, you dream of circulatory anastomosis and synovial joints and stuff” and sana rolls her eyes, replies “please, i know you wish you had one”, and isak goes “hmmmm”. and can you believe that sana, who absolutely remembers this little conversation they had, decides to buy isak an anatomy poster for his birthday two months later, and she tells him “well, now you can also be a science nerd” and at that point even lets out a little laughter and wraps an arm around isak’s waist and says “sorry to break it to you, but isak has always been a science nerd” and sana smiles at the two of them, and says “i know that”, and isak looks at the poster, genuine excitement in his eyes, and then at sana, and he tells her “thank you for this, sana. you’re the coolest science nerd, and friend”

i love the idea of percy having a “she’s all that” moment sometime after they release him from the prison cell. they steal back his valuables and clothes along with his weapons from the jail when they spring him, but he had been practically destitute for three years. his clothes were that of working man: handspun wool, grey, and loose-fitting, especially since they didn’t serve him feasts in jail. 

when he manages to prove himself, earn a little gold (that he didn’t immediately hand over to vex’ahlia), he splurges on himself. well, more accurately, the group does. grog could care less, but the rest of them push for percy to clean up a bit; his haggard, slightly deranged prisoner look quickly attracts attention, which is inconvenient if they aren’t just passing through.

so he buys some new clothes, gets a nice coat, washes and cuts his hair, shaves his face – and. wow.


can we just talk about how this kid thinks coffee is too bitter but he’s still trying anyways because ‘he wants to become a man who can drink his coffee black’ like??? he’s just the cutest omfg

Can you imagine if instead of Imperial Agent, there was an Imperial Reclamation Service class? The entire first act would revolve around how your boss won’t give you a raise and keeps passing you up for a promotion. So you gotta find a really good artifact to dig up. And you DO and then your boss can’t not promote you. He just can’t not. So you get promoted and go on your merry way.

And act 2 is finding a really rare Sith artifact that’s needed for the war, but UH OH there’s competition! So it’s a race to the dig site and you get there, but the Jedi got there first. So you kill them and then you bring the artifact to some Sith Lord who’s your patron, but UH OH they betray you and it’s actually just a Sith power play. So the Sith is tying up loose ends and that means killing everyone who knew about the artifact cuz the guy just wants a seat on the Dark Council.

And act 3 would be dodging assassins and also trying to get cited as the person who found the damned artifact. So the final showdown on Corellia would just be you showing up with receipts and then disgracing the Sith Lord cuz wow…he let a nerd beat him. And then you get your boss’s job in the Imperial Reclamation Service at the very end. And all the nerds worship you, including Talos.


Okay! So I already wrote this to @thatsthat24 (A.k.a Thomas Sanders) in his ask,
However! I really really want him to see it because he has been such a help for me lately
So here we go again!

Top 5 reasons for loving you (Thomas) and your channel:

1. You are a living Disney character

2. You are a positive person but real about it

3. Your butt has it’s own fandom

4. You voice is to die for!

And finally and most importantly
5. You are a person worthy of looking up to in today’s society; you have wonderful character an open mind and such a beautiful heart.

Please do not forget even on your darkest days, we love you Thomas!

Don’t forget to Smile in any situation!!

here’s a drawing of my new oc no one asked for

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People like to headcanon that act 3 Anders and Hawke had a strained relationship, but it says right there in the codex that he is a tender and devoted lover. I'm crying over Anders leaving all his stresses at the door as much as he can so he can be gentle with Hawke. They were happy, people. They still are.

Yeah, I totally agree. Like, I can see some strain occurring after the Justice quest, just because Anders is still conflicted and dreading what’s to come, while Hawke is concerned about him and maybe frustrated that he won’t just tell them what’s going on. An issue like that can certainly cause problems in a relationship.

But that’s like the very end bit of Act 3, so it’s rather short lived. For the rest of it? I totally agree with you (and the codex). That’s the thing about Anders; no matter how much he’s hurting, no matter how bad it gets, he still tries his best with Hawke. The relationship is just so important to him that he’s not going to neglect it, no matter what’s going on. And he really, really enjoys being with Hawke, even if he does feel a little guilty about finding so much pleasure in something so selfish (in his mind, at least). I think he may have tried a bit to stay away once he’d planted the bomb, to get some distance and try to keep them from getting pulled down with him, but he wouldn’t be able to keep it up, and would eventually come back to them, to their relief. Again though, end bit of Act 3, not the rest of it.

He’s definitely needy, and needs more attention than most, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, nor something that’s always a problem in relationships or that would cause strain (it isn’t for the right Hawke, at least). But ultimately, when he’s with Hawke, that’s when he really feels happy and safe. Even if things aren’t going so well, even if he’s upset and needs some comfort, just being with Hawke, enjoying their presence and their touch and being able to touch them back, does help him cope. And I mean, my Hawke is 100% supportive of him and his cause, so that helps as well.

But yes, I think there was a lot of joy in that relationship (and still is, fuck everyone who says otherwise). And when things are hard, and Anders can’t hold it back, Hawke is there for him, and vice versa (because Hawke has problems sometimes too). I mean, they are a little co-dependent in that way, but they’re happy, as happy as they can be given the circumstances. He’s absolutely a devoted and tender lover, no matter how bad things get. Because he really loves Hawke with everything he has, and just having the opportunity to be with them is such a big deal to him. He wants to enjoy that as much as he can, to keep the world and it’s problems from sullying this one, beautiful thing in his life. Even though, yes, the problems do come up, and there are nights where he really just needs Hawke to hold him and comfort him, that’s not something I’d say causes ‘strain’.

They were, and still are, very happy together. There are tough moments, yes, but nothing either of them aren’t ready and willing to deal with. Most of those are also external, and I think they both work very hard to keep the world’s problems from destroying the last good thing either of them have, and actually enjoyed the relationship even more, basically out of spite. Refusing to let the Chantry win and keep them miserable, in their minds. That’s kind of the way I see it, anyways.

Hello, Charlie here with a second character. This time we have Captain Nerd here. As per usual, all the good stuff is under the cut and please love me and plot with him. Ruin his life more than I already have.

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Bully: hey nerd give me your money and candy
Nerd: ok just sign here
Bully: ok *signs*
Nerd, later, to teacher: I have proof that this student stole from me
Teacher: wow he signed it and everything he’s got detention now

That nerd……… as u may hav guessed…………….. was Steve Jobs

When the Levee Breaks

Word count: 1918

Summary: Castiel and Dean are paired for a project, but as the evening progresses, essays get put aside and something else is brought to their attention - their feelings.

“I’ll return shortly, mom. I’ll be working at the library on a project with my partner.” Castiel said before exiting his house.

Of course he was going to the library. Of course he had a big project so soon in the year. And of course he got paired with Dean Winchester, football jock of the school. Complete eye candy to all, crushed on by many, including Castiel. But to his knowledge, those feelings weren’t reciprocated.

This was the first time they had communicated in all four years of their highschool experience. Actually, if you asked Castiel, he’d tell you he was certain that Dean wasn’t even aware of his existence. Not that many people were.

Castiel was quiet. He preferred a good read over interaction almost all of the time. However, he wasn’t a complete loner, he had a few friends. Charlie, Gabriel, and Kevin. That’s all he needed.

As he continued to walk to the library, he pondered of how this could go: great, horrible. He wasn’t sure which one. Dean wasn’t known for being mean to people, even though he could and would beat someone up if needed. But, it’s not like Dean and he were friends or even acquiantances, really; they’d never spoken until being paired for this project. And Castiel was both pleased and unamused with the set up.

He reached the library a few minutes earlier than the time they had arranged - one of his values being punctuality. Castiel walked up to the front desk and greeted the old librarian with a kind smile. They knew each other well, as Castiel came here often. They’d trade books and recommend new ones. Castiel loved to read.

“What can I do for you, young man?” She asked quietly, looking up from her book - one that Castiel himself had recommended. He smiled at that.

“I’m looking for a boy. We have a project to work on and I don’t know if he already came in.” Castiel spoke, his words soft and gentle.

“Well, people come in all the time, young man. D'you mind telling me what he looks like?” She mused, chuckling softly at Castiel. He blushed and nodded.

He wouldn’t even be asking if it wasn’t for the fact that this particular library had three stories. Upstairs held the children’s reading nook, which Castiel highly doubted where Dean was located. The main entrance held the classics, research, and adult books. And the basement area was where the young adult books were held, along with a few computers for the teenagers to play on.

“Um, he has light brown hair. It’s pretty short. Good build, I think and the greenest eyes you’ve ever seen.” Castiel described, blushing as he realized that he sounded like a middle school girl with a silly crush. It’s not his fault Dean’s eyes were the greenest eyes that ever greened. It wasn’t.

The librarian chuckled at him, but nodded and said, “Yeah, sweetie, he’s down that way. Came in a few minutes ago.” He nodded, mumbled a farewell, and made his way through the labyrinth of bookshelves to the area where the tables were set up.

“‘Greenest eyes you’ve ever seen’, huh?” Dean greeted as Castiel sat down, chuckling as he saw the boy blush. Castiel cursed under his breath, unaware that Dean had even heard him.

“You heard me?” Castiel asked in an embarrassed whisper. Dean laughed, a bit too loudly, as there was a rather loud cough from the front of the library.

“Well, it is a library, Cas. It’s not particularly loud.” Dean said, the nickname rolling off his tongue with ease. Castiel went pink at the use of the foreign name, only ever being called Cassie by his older brother, Balthazar.

“Yeah, I guess,” He mumbled. “Anyway, we should probably get some books for the assignment.”

“I wasn’t exactly paying attention when Mr. Jones went over this…” Dean trailed off. It wasn’t that he was a bad student, he made good grades, actually. He just had a short attention span. Especially when Castiel was in the room, admittedly.

“Oh, um, we’re supposed to write a seven page essay on how music and dance is essential to human life.” Castiel said and then he was off to collect books. Lucky for him, coming to the library so often helped him know where everything was. He’d gathered a number of books in no time.

“Okay, I got a few.” Castiel said as he sat down a stack of about ten books. Dean was stood, mouth open, and a single book in his hand.

“'A few’? I only found one!” He said, holding up the book entitled The Sound of Music. Castiel smiled at that.

“I come here frequently.” He mumbled, looking down. Wow, he sounded like a such a nerd. A total dork. And in front of such a cool guy like Dean. Great.

“You think?” Dean chuckled, adoration filling his green eyes, making them somehow impossibly brighter. This boy was such a cutie, though Dean would never use those words out loud.

Two hours passed by as they spent their evening working and laughing. Castiel was both thrilled and shocked that this was going so well. He was sure that he’d be miserable and Dean would hate him. But the jock was either good at acting or he really enjoyed Castiel’s company. Of course, Castiel prayed for the latter.

“I’m so tired of this. Let’s quit. How about some coffee? Pie? God, I could go for some pie.” Dean said, complaining for the umpteenth time in the last five minutes. The had been working pretty hard for a couple hours and straight and Castiel could tell that Dean was losing patience and concentration. He was becoming tired. They both were.

“I know it’s a lot at one time, but if we get it done now, we won’t have to keep coming back to work on it for the next two weeks.” Castiel said, trying to be encouraging, but doing the opposite. Dean sighed and put his head on the table.

“Exactly! We’ve got two weeks. And maybe I want to keep meeting up.” Dean said, mumbling the last part. Castiel heard him and blushed, but forced himself to take that comment as Dean just being tired. Castiel stayed quiet and continued to write, letting Dean have a break.

“Besides, you get great grades. Even if we finish and it’s a bit choppy, you’ll still have a great average. Mr. Jones loves you, Cas.” Dean groaned, shifting restlessly.

“No, Mr. Jones loves children. He’s a perverted old man that wants underage kids to get on their knees. Either gender, he doesn’t care as long as they’re under eighteen.” Castiel said, and he would’ve laughed if it weren’t true.

“That’s true, but you’re still a good student. Let’s leave. Or at least take a break. It’s getting late.” Dean whined. Castiel giggled at him, shaking his head. He was like a little kid. It was adoable.

“Well, I’d rather not suffer a bad grade in such a big project, but if you wish to offer him a good time, I suppose he’ll let us pass.” Castiel joked, laughing as Dean raised up with a repulsed look on his face.

“I can’t believe you just said that. God, Cas. Ewww. Who knew a little nerdy guy could be so gross. Ugh.” Dean laughed, snarling his nose up in disgust. “I’m leaving. Gross. Ugh.” He stood up, pulling his jacket on and pretending to walk away. Castiel took the opportunity to quietly run behind a bookshelf as he wasn’t looking.

Castiel, now hidden, perched himself on the thigh-level bookcase, swinging his legs as he heard Dean walking around.

“Cas? Where’d you go? I wasn’t actually leaving, you know?” Dean sounded worried, as if he’d offended the boy. Castiel giggled at that. The fact that Dean was so caring only furthered his crush.

Finally, after a minute of searching, Dean turned into the aisle and saw Cas sitting on a bookcase, grinning like a little kid who had just been found during a game of hide and seek.

“There you are.” Dean chuckled, walking over and standing in front of Castiel. The bookcase made him even shorter that Dean, his forehead reaching up to Dean’s chin.

“Here I am.” Castiel whispered, not wanting to break the silence, but feeling the urge to. Their eyes were locked and Castiel was becoming nervous under Dean’s gaze.

After a few more seconds that admittedly seemed like hours, the silence was again broken, but by Dean this time. “Fuck it.” He mumbled before leaning forward and connecting his lips to Castiel’s jaw, peppering the area with kisses.

Castiel was shocked, to say the least. He’d always hoped to have Dean’s lips on him, but now that it was happening, his stomach was twisting with anxiety and nervousness.

What if Dean wanted to him to kiss back? Castiel had never been kissed. He was lip virgin. He didn’t know how to do it. Well, he knew the basic idea, but he couldn’t do it properly to have an effect on anyone. And what if Dean wanted to go even further? Castiel would hate to disappoint his crush, but hell, he wasn’t ready.

Castiel could feel Dean’s stubble rubbing his neck and scratching his skin, making him tingle. And also, he’s pretty sure that he just moaned because wow Dean can really kiss and now he’s softly sucking on Castiel’s jaw and right behind his ear.

After about six whole seconds that seemed like six hours and also a single millisecond all at once, Dean pulled away. He seemed nervous, as if he’d made Castiel uncomfortable or possibly done something wrong. Castiel really hoped Dean didn’t regret what he’d just done. He really hoped it wasn’t just a caught-in-the-moment type thing. But, the lust and desire in Dean’s eyes said differently.

Castiel reached and grabbed his hand, rubbing his thumb over Dean’s knuckles in reassurance. Dean smiled and pulled Castiel to standing position and smirked.

“How about we head downstairs?” He spoke smugly, until seeing Castiel’s nervous stance. He dropped his smirked and opted for a kind smile. “Only if you want. We don’t have to. I just thought we could go somewhere private and talk some more. Maybe kiss a little.”

Castiel smiled at that and nodded, a tint of bright pink rising up his body and settling on his cheeks and ears. “Let me put the stuff up. I’ll meet you down there, yeah?”

“Sure thing, Cas.” Dean grinned, squeezing his hip farewell, chuckling as Castiel yelped and then giggled.

As Dean walked off, Castiel decided that it would be just horrible if he deprived himself of staring at Dean’s ass, so he allowed himself the pleasure, and damn, did he like what he saw.

When the jock walked out of sight, Castiel dashed to his backpack and grabbed a pack of mints, throwing about five in at once for good measure. After that, he rushed to put all the books in their appropriate places. Once he finished, he quickly made his way downstairs to the most likely vacant teenage lounge.

As he reached his destination and spotted Dean sat at a bean bag, he couldn’t help the smile that graced his lips. Things were going good, and that point was only further proved as the evening progressed in a balance of light conversation and soft kisses.

And, of course, they got an A on the paper.

Saphael Headcanon: Baby Nickname

Alright, so, I’m not going to lie, Raphael calling Simon “Baby” did things to me. And I couldn’t get it out of my head so here are a few headcanons that I thought of randomly in Calc.

  • Raphael’s nickname for Simon, honest to Dios, started out as just a joke, but when he finds out how uncomfortable Simon gets when he calls him “Baby”, he just never stops.
  • He tries other nicknames (like nerd, friend-zoned Simon, Nicolas Cage groupie, fanboy, Lewis), but none of them stick.
  • The other vampires pick up on Simon’s nickname and now they won’t stop calling him Baby too.
  • Raphael will call Simon Baby everywhere- at home, at training, when they’re with friends, shopping, even when they are both present in meetings just for the hell of it.
  • Simon tries explaining to Raphael that “baby” is a term of endearment for the mundanes, but Raphael just looks at him with annoyed glance and says, “Guess who isn’t a mundane anymore? 
  • For some reason, Simon has to introduce Raphael to his family (because his sister is desperate to know who Simon’s hot, new “roommate” is) and everything is going great until Mama Lewis is showing Raphael Simon’s old room and he goes, “Wow, Baby’s actually a really big nerd.” And the rest of the night is filled with awkward explanations that Raphael is “just a friend”.
  • “No, mom, he’s just a friend.” “I didn’t know friends called eachother Baby.” “We’re just really good friends, Mrs. Lewis. Friends for life.