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can we just talk about how this kid thinks coffee is too bitter but he’s still trying anyways because ‘he wants to become a man who can drink his coffee black’ like??? he’s just the cutest omfg

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People like to headcanon that act 3 Anders and Hawke had a strained relationship, but it says right there in the codex that he is a tender and devoted lover. I'm crying over Anders leaving all his stresses at the door as much as he can so he can be gentle with Hawke. They were happy, people. They still are.

Yeah, I totally agree. Like, I can see some strain occurring after the Justice quest, just because Anders is still conflicted and dreading what’s to come, while Hawke is concerned about him and maybe frustrated that he won’t just tell them what’s going on. An issue like that can certainly cause problems in a relationship.

But that’s like the very end bit of Act 3, so it’s rather short lived. For the rest of it? I totally agree with you (and the codex). That’s the thing about Anders; no matter how much he’s hurting, no matter how bad it gets, he still tries his best with Hawke. The relationship is just so important to him that he’s not going to neglect it, no matter what’s going on. And he really, really enjoys being with Hawke, even if he does feel a little guilty about finding so much pleasure in something so selfish (in his mind, at least). I think he may have tried a bit to stay away once he’d planted the bomb, to get some distance and try to keep them from getting pulled down with him, but he wouldn’t be able to keep it up, and would eventually come back to them, to their relief. Again though, end bit of Act 3, not the rest of it.

He’s definitely needy, and needs more attention than most, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, nor something that’s always a problem in relationships or that would cause strain (it isn’t for the right Hawke, at least). But ultimately, when he’s with Hawke, that’s when he really feels happy and safe. Even if things aren’t going so well, even if he’s upset and needs some comfort, just being with Hawke, enjoying their presence and their touch and being able to touch them back, does help him cope. And I mean, my Hawke is 100% supportive of him and his cause, so that helps as well.

But yes, I think there was a lot of joy in that relationship (and still is, fuck everyone who says otherwise). And when things are hard, and Anders can’t hold it back, Hawke is there for him, and vice versa (because Hawke has problems sometimes too). I mean, they are a little co-dependent in that way, but they’re happy, as happy as they can be given the circumstances. He’s absolutely a devoted and tender lover, no matter how bad things get. Because he really loves Hawke with everything he has, and just having the opportunity to be with them is such a big deal to him. He wants to enjoy that as much as he can, to keep the world and it’s problems from sullying this one, beautiful thing in his life. Even though, yes, the problems do come up, and there are nights where he really just needs Hawke to hold him and comfort him, that’s not something I’d say causes ‘strain’.

They were, and still are, very happy together. There are tough moments, yes, but nothing either of them aren’t ready and willing to deal with. Most of those are also external, and I think they both work very hard to keep the world’s problems from destroying the last good thing either of them have, and actually enjoyed the relationship even more, basically out of spite. Refusing to let the Chantry win and keep them miserable, in their minds. That’s kind of the way I see it, anyways.


“You should smile more, Kin-chan!”

At-chan wanted a pic together (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Edit: Precious fic by @freezingdreamer ! <33

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2p!America headcanons... Please?

I had to get my 2p!america enthusiast friend to help me with these!

  • He does yoga at 6 in the morning everyday while listening to Good vibe indie and he has a caramel soy latte afterwords
  • He puts on spiderbite piercings just too gross out oliver
  • Every year for father’s day he makes Oliver this crappy cut-out that says “I <3 U” and Oliver has a fit everytime
  • He and Matt can’t be in the same room without fighting at least once, but it always ends with matt beating the mess out of him
  • whenever Matt is reading, Allen will bother him so much that matt ends up throwing the book across the room
  • He is drinking buddies with Oliver’s brothers
  • Allen is a big nerd for Tim Burton and Frankenweenie makes him cry because the dog
  • He likes to garden and he talks to his plants (wow nerd)
  • He cant watch any animal movies without crying so he makes matt watch them with him.

-admin tino ( i didnt make up any of these, these were all @elegantsounds)

Thursday: Pryce and Carter’s Deep Space Survival Manual

“These are ridiculous,” Koudelka said as he flipped through the crisp, new pages of Pryce and Carter’s Deep Space Survival Procedure Protocol Manual.

Renée had brought it back from her first real briefing about the Hephaestus mission, after she had gotten the word that her application had been accepted.

“‘Tip #614: When in doubt, whip it out. It being hydrochloric acid,’” he read aloud, then gave her a look. “Really?”

“I’m sure the authors had a good reason for including it,” she said rather formally while looking through the binders full of information and schematics that she’d also brought home from the meeting. “Besides, if they’re all that short, I bet I could memorize all the tips. There’s only one thousand and one of them.”

“Wow, what a nerd,” Koudelka teased as he passed Renée on his way to the kitchen to make them up some pork chops. Unfortunately, that left him open for a swat on the butt from Renée, but Koudelka found he didn’t really mind.

That night, Renée stayed up until the early morning hours reading Pryce and Carter’s Deep Space Survival Procedure Protocol Manual until Koudelka grumbled at her from beneath the pillow that he’d put over his head.

Then she turned off the bedside lamp and finally settled into the blankets with him. He sleepily put an arm around her and pulled her close to kiss the back of her neck. He was almost alseep again when he heard Renée say to him, softly, “Who knows, that book might save my life one day.”


Years later, Koudelka woke up from some dream he couldn’t remember. It had been a bad one, he knew, and feelings of dread and anxiety lingered even after he was wide awake and staring at the ceiling.

Renée’s old copy of Pryce and Carter, her first copy, was still in the nightstand drawer, right where she’d left it.

Koudelka leaned over empty side of the bed next to him and fished it out of the drawer by feel. He flipped through the worn pages. He remembered quizzing her not long before she’d left. She’d made good on her word, and had every tip memorized.

“Tip #325: An error is not a disaster until you repeat it.”

“Tip #645: Avoid lockouts. Keep at least one member of your crew inside your craft at all times.”

That book might save my life one day, Renée had said.

Please, Koudelka thought, squeezing his eyes shut, Please, please, please.