wow hes so nice

Things I Love About Day6
  • Jae: that habit where he holds his guitar picks in his mouth; his fingers; Cali boy English; the Icarus rap in Like That Sun; his spirituality and connection to his religion is really admirable; that time he agreed to trade Wonpil for two buckets of friend chicken and a box of boiling crab; his nose is so cute; the gold mine that is his old social media; yellowpostitman; his guitar names; his lame but endearing sense of humor; hashtag king; Jae has really nice legs; his little high pitched laugh when he gets surprised or excited about something
  • Sungjin: HIS HANDS everything about his hands, the veins and the big knuckles and the way he uses them when he talks and the way his fingers get all crooked when he plays guitar; dancing skills obv; Richard the bike; the way he looks in blazers; the way he looks in tank tops; the first time he cried at their concert; such a neat freak lol; he takes so much care of his members; how he opens his eyes super wide when he's mad; the chorus of like every song; super expressive eyebrows; his shoulders are so broad
  • Young K: he's in college and he studies accounting; his voice is so nice not just his singing voice but just his speaking voice like I could listen to him talk forever; so intense onstage and so soft offstage; his relationship with Terry; when they flipped the banner in Taiwan; he eats so much; that hand symbol he makes that looks like a six; the dangling earring he wears sometimes that looks like a dream catcher; all those breakup songs; that time they made him display his biceps on Chinese TV; the way he squeezes his eyes shut when he's embarrassed
  • Wonpil: SMILE oh my god his beautiful enormous ray of absolute sunshine smile is my most favorite thing in the world; Sofa; his hair is naturally curly; his relationship with his sister is literally the cutest most pure and wholesome thing in the world; he annoys the members so much lmao; his tattoo and esp the meaning behind it; "I like a girl who has a dream and pursues it"; his piercings are so attractive; the pink sweater; that one leather jacket; how he closes his eyes when he's playing keyboard; his voice pitches a little bit lower when he's being really serious; whenever he gets embarrassed he just gets up and leaves
  • Dowoon: he loves animals so much; daejang jjigae; the little "uhh" right before he answers any questions; his arms wow they are so nice; his singing voice is so nice and deep and so precious; he looks up to his members so much; Savage!Dowoon; he always tolerates Wonpil's skinship but also complains about it; that really intense face he makes when he's playing the drums really hard; how his eyes shift really fast from side to side when he's nervous; he has such a naturally calm and quiet personality; his ears get so red

man the more ah i watch the more i like ryan but also the more i am confused by him. the man manages to be part awkward nerd dad, part know-it-all big brother, and part serial killer??? and somehow it works?? and is entertaining??? ryan the what the fuck guy

the fact that harry still tells them “thank you, have a nice day” is literally what sets him apart from so many other celebrities out there. despite the fact that nobody fucking deserves harry, he still is spreading love and kindness even to the worst kind of people. i don’t know how he does it but one thing is for sure. harry deserves better.

Just a little something to heat up you’re morning, afternoon, evening, late night…just any old time ;)! 

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Bitty will probably make some offhanded compliment to a random hockey player like, “Oh, his hair is sooo nice,” or “Wow he’s so strong he just picked that player up with one hand?? crazy” and the next time Jack sees the player in person during a game he’d have this irrational urge to go up to them like hey man stay away from my boyfriend 


full body outfit appreciation of Jongdae at the end of his John Legend’s Green Light performance

Jimin’s JOAH? JOAH!


02. Travis Garland - Motel Pool

03. Wiz Khalifa - Stayin Out All Night

04. T.I. - Private Show (feat. Chris Brown)

05. Luke Christopher - Lot to Learn

06. Eels - I Need Some Sleep

07. Kehlani - Alive (feat. Coucheron)

08. Kehlani - You Should Be Here

09. Kehlani - The Way (feat. Chance the Rapper)

10. DJ Snake - Let Me Love You (feat. Justin Bieber)

11. Justin Bieber - Mark My Words

12. Justin Bieber - Fa La La (feat. Boyz II Men)

13. Miguel - Coffee (F***ing) (feat. Wale)

14. Miguel - face the sun (feat. Lenny Kravitz)

15. Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

16. gnash - i hate u, i love u (feat. Olivia O'Brien)

17. Frank Ocean - Lost

18. Ty Dolla $ign - Never Be The Same (feat. Jay Rock)

19. Chris Brown - So Cold

me: had a cute italian waiter at a pizza restaurant

me, after i left the restaurant: it is my destiny to learn italian. how did i ignore it all these years? i was young, ignorant, and stupid. italian is the language of pizza and love. i must learn it. italian is such a beautiful language, it makes my soul grow lighter, it-