wow hes actually beautiful

daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin  asked:

The real question is: how do you feel about Dae's Badman era brown hair with blonde streaks????

You mean early 2000s soccer mom Daehyun? 

You mean edge lord smokes cigarettes on school campus during lunch Daehyun?

You mean the best damn look daehyuns ever had in his career?

it’s ight 

there’s gotta be a nicer way to say obsessed
and a calmer way to say devoted
more casual than enamored, sweeter than consumed
but still, a way to communicate the thought that:
you lie under my neural networks like a heartbeat
& your fingerprints are on all my favorite songs
& every word is an echo of a time i was with you
(time always felt so much better when it was with you)
& when my mind wanders all roads lead back to you
the heaviness & the warmth like liquid gold, seeping into
a world above these crumpled sheets
& now i wake up alone & both forget and not-forget those nights
because remembering makes them feel both closer and further away
like movies we’d watch as children, it’s hard to see
them as happening to me, you know? how much of us
was a story i told myself?
you’re so far away and i think
that’s the scariest part of letting you go
because with you gone i’m afraid
none of it ever existed at all



your smile could light up a whole city after dark ♡

Boyfriend Hansol...

• when you first met him he was doin some powerful dance but he looked over saw you
• he tripped and fell face flat
• Doyoung made fun of him “ how can you call yourself a sang namja(real man)?”
• you giggled before helping him up but he glared at you before getting up himself
• you thought he hated you
• but he’s just shy and cute and he wanted to prove to doyoung that he was a real man
• a real namja from Busan
• you asked him to go to coffee first since he was shy to ask
• in fact you didn’t even know if he liked you back or not until Jaehyun exposed him since you guys were both bothering him with your problems and constantly needed advice on how to win each other’s hearts
• Jaehyun you snake
• you were wearing yellow that day at the coffee shop
• he whispered to himself
• “wow they shine even brighter than the sun..”
• he talks to himself a lot
• it was quiet and awkward but you mentioned the topic of dogs
• he started pulling out pictures of his dog and you guys just bonded over the love of puppies
• he accidentally called you ten once
• he accidentally does a lot of things
• he is clumsy
• one time you made him spaghetti and he just dropped it
• how
• do
• you
• drop
• a plate
• of spaghetti ???
• “oh hansol what do I do with you”
• have you seen hide n freak
• that boy can THRUST
• but let’s keep things PG here
• hansol clings onto you because he’s reserved
• holds your hand everywhere
• clings on to your arm everywhere
• one time you were doing your homework and your hands were occupied typing on your laptop
• he held onto your feet instead
• “hansol I swear if you have a foot fetish…”
• sometimes he would call you at 1am crying
• on the topic of anime
• doesn’t he look like a character from a manga
• you looked up at him while blossoms fell down from the tree and the sun shone on him
• and that’s when you realize that the late night 1am conversations with him describing his anime has really got to you
• he’s so fake
• he says he doesn’t do aegyo
• but between you and him you both know that he is actually good at it secretly
• he needs something?
• aegyo
• wants to hold your hand?
• aegyo
• one time you did aegyo and he laughed till he couldn’t breathe anymore
• yuta is there when you guys hang out
• at first yuta thought that he was going to third wheel you guys
• you ended up third wheeling them while they were talking about the animes
• you didn’t mind, he looked happy with yuta
• he is much taller so he always gets to look at you in the optimum angle… The selfie angle
• meanwhile when you look up you get to see chins and nostrils
• you love him anyways
• he makes you jump up to kiss him
• but when you don’t he grabs you by both hands before planting one on your lips
• expect a lot of forehead kisses since he’s tall
• he sometimes does these… really derpy faces???
• like it’s just?? it’s adorable
• did I mention his thrusting
• sometimes he just stays quiets and appreciates your beauty… wow
• actually he is quiet most of the time
• he has problems expressing through words
• so he always makes it known to you by his actions because actions are bigger
• he once choreographed a dance just for you
• he sat you down on one of the chairs before he started dancing
• again… you thought it was some powerful thrusting but he just did a cutesy dance with a lot of heart symbols and dances
• you gave him a heart sign back and he trips and falls face flat on the ground again

Let Me In

Group & Member(s): BTS’ Suga/Yoongi

Genre: Angst-ish

Warnings: None

A/N: This was inspired by Agust D dropping his mixtape today. Honestly I’m crying just knowing how much of his soul he poured into it. I’m so proud of him and I hope he gains a new sense of peace revealing himself like this. Yoongi is kind and has a beautiful soul he deserves the world.

Every person has two sides - the side that is shown to the world, and the side that is kept tightly shut, locked away and only shown to those truly trusted. 

It’s scary to let someone in…to show them who you truly are behind closed doors, behind shut windows. 

You knew how scary it was. So did he. Which is why you were still locked out, desperately hoping for the day that he’d unravel it all to you. You saw behind his eyes all that he was holding, the burdens that plagued him. 

You wanted to help him. You wanted to ease his pain. But none of that was possible when he kept you at arms length. 

Years of friendship and you had still only scratched the surface with him. You knew he was deeper than what he let on. You knew his thoughts were constantly racing in his mind, his brain never refusing to stop even when he desperately wanted it to. 

But still. He wouldn’t let you in.

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Me and Benedict Cumberbatch. 16th August 2013. Benedict asked that the photo wasn’t posted online until after ‘His Last Vow’ aired. Finally nice to post it. Miss this. 

i think what i loved the most about buzz cut stiles is that it makes him less conventionally attractive? like longer hair really does a lot for his features, it just fits his face. the buzz cut makes everything stand out (ears, long neck, turned up nose, sharp cheekbones) so much that they’re almost cartoonish. so you have to watch him and pay attention to certain things and go wow you’re actually really beautiful???? which is so different than what he looks like with long hair aka one glance and you’re pantsless.