wow hes actually beautiful

you saved us! the two of you work really well together!

there’s gotta be a nicer way to say obsessed
and a calmer way to say devoted
more casual than enamored, sweeter than consumed
but still, a way to communicate the thought that:
you lie under my neural networks like a heartbeat
& your fingerprints are on all my favorite songs
& every word is an echo of a time i was with you
(time always felt so much better when it was with you)
& when my mind wanders all roads lead back to you
the heaviness & the warmth like liquid gold, seeping into
a world above these crumpled sheets
& now i wake up alone & both forget and not-forget those nights
because remembering makes them feel both closer and further away
like movies we’d watch as children, it’s hard to see
them as happening to me, you know? how much of us
was a story i told myself?
you’re so far away and i think
that’s the scariest part of letting you go
because with you gone i’m afraid
none of it ever existed at all

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Ok, but like... i got a bit emotional... Jimin was so insecure about his physicality plus he got abuse for it? my poor baby I cant imagine how hard that must of been for him. To gain confidence & to try & build himself up :( he's so damn beautiful tho! &wow its actually amazing cause now hes like: i woke up like this bitch *snaps fingers* & is constantly getting some sexy time! Cause DAYUM THIS BOY IS BEAUTIFUL! In every sense of the word. Did JK also help him with his insecurities?

Thank you thank you! I know jms gone through so much :’-( jm helps jk more mostly because they already met at the time jm has rebuilt himself. But jm gets lonely a lot too because being independent and strong 💯% of the time is tiring. So finding solace in jks company made a huge difference in his life.

Let Me In

Group & Member(s): BTS’ Suga/Yoongi

Genre: Angst-ish

Summary:When Yoongi drops his mixtape, you learn new things about your best friend that you couldn’t even imagine.

Every person has two sides - the side that is shown to the world, and the side that is kept tightly shut, locked away and only shown to those truly trusted. 

It’s scary to let someone in…to show them who you truly are behind closed doors, behind shut windows. 

You knew how scary it was. So did he. Which is why you were still locked out, desperately hoping for the day that he’d unravel it all to you. You saw behind his eyes all that he was holding, the burdens that plagued him. 

You wanted to help him. You wanted to ease his pain. But none of that was possible when he kept you at arms length. 

Years of friendship and you had still only scratched the surface with him. You knew he was deeper than what he let on. You knew his thoughts were constantly racing in his mind, his brain never refusing to stop even when he desperately wanted it to. 

But still. He wouldn’t let you in.

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His Greatest Steal (Part 4)

Part 3                                                                                                     Part Five

The plan was good. It was going to work. You knew it would. But for some reason you had the same sick feeling from the prison job. Something was going to go wrong, you just knew it.

If not for Sully beside you, you might have bolted, but his large hand was comforting on yours as you gripped his arm, probably tight enough that he knew you were nervous, but he didn’t slow down as you headed for the security guards on the door. “You’ll be fine, kid,” Sully muttered to you around his cigar, giving your hand another reassuring squeeze as you started up the steps. But it wasn’t you that you worried about. You knew you could protect myself, and most of the time talk yourself out of any trouble. But Sam and Nate were about to make the climb around the heavily guarded Rossi estate and then hopefully be let in by you and Sully. But knowing the Drake brothers, things could get real messy before they even started climbing.

Putting that thought out of your head for a moment, you smiled as you approached the stoney faced security guards on the door. After a quick pat down and checking your names were on the list, you were allowed inside.

You loosed a breath and then you and Sully were heading up to find a window to signal the Drakes from. You found a large room with a balcony outside for the boys to climb on, so you carefully opened the window while Sully starred messing with the lamp to signal them.

They were a fair way off, so you had a while before they’d reach you, so you got comfy next to Sully on the seat. The sofa you were on smelled of expensive cologne and tobacco, a scent you found oddly comforting, even if it did make your nose itch. It probably had something to do with the man sitting beside you. Sully had the same scent, and though you’d met when you were too old for him to become your father figure, he had always been the one who stitched up your wounds and gave advice when you needed it. He was a calming presence, which was good, as you were not the most level headed person in the world, and you’d have been climbing the walls if you’d been waiting alone. The only reason you weren’t literally climbing the walls with Sam and Nate was because your figure hugging evening gown wouldn’t survive it, and you all had a part to play that night, so the dress was a necessary prop.

As it was, you weren’t waiting long for the brothers anyway, and you rose to open the window as the two of them ditched their overalls. When they climbed in, Nate went to greet Sully, but Sam stopped beside you, his eyes running over your entire body, drinking you in. He looked a little lost for words, and you weren’t surprised. He’d never seen you in a dress before, and it was probably the first time he realised you were an actual female.

“Y/N… Wow, you look…”

“Beautiful, I know. Can we move on?” You rolled your eyes, closing the window and ignoring Sam’s looks as you turned to the others. But then Nate nodded too.

“He’s right, Y/N. You scrub up well!”

You had to fight to keep from rolling your eyes again. “You know how many events I had to go to with Rafe? I’m pretty good at looking the part now… Besides, the three of you aren’t bad yourselves,” You tried in an effort to sound less of a bitch. The nerves were making you ansty, but once you had something to do, it’d be a different matter. So you urged the others out of the room and led them down to the auction hall.

Sully filled the two of them in on the change of plan due to the auction order being shuffled, and thankfully you were to go with the two brothers to watch their backs. Nate was gonna shut the power down and Sam would steal the cross. You’d stay perched on a roof to offer covering fire should they require it, and to be the eyes and ears.

But before all that, you had to get the key card from the manager, whom Nate was tailing in a way that was far too obvious to anyone paying attention. Luckily Sam intervened after Nate missed the second time, offering the distraction while Nate made the grab.

“About time,” You hissed as Nate returned with the key card, slipping through the now open cellar door, swiftly followed by you and Sam, the three of you putting in ear pieces as we walked.

You were barely to the bottom of the stairs when you heard a voice from Sully’s end and stopped in your tracks. Nadine Ross.

Oh the pair of you had history. Unfinished, bloody, history. You’d never got along, even when you were supposed to work together with Rafe, who had introduced you. She was an excellent leader, a brilliant fighter, and a huge bitch. More than once you’d come to blows, and it made for an interesting fight. The two of you were evenly matched most of the time, and had to be dragged off each other, for fear of killing each other.  There was such a deep rooted hatred there that neither of you would blink at the thought of it.

Sam might have missed the Y/N and Nadine hatred, but Nate most definitely had not, and he knew you were just as likely to march back up the stairs and rip her head off as you were to carry on with the mission. His grip around the top of your arm narrowed chances of one of them happening, and he hissed for you to calm down. You had a mission to complete.
You were angry, but you complied. Nadine could wait.

Nate released you after a couple of seconds, and you continued behind him, your mind semi clouded with thoughts of Nadine, and who likely accompanied her to the auction. You were not in the mood to bump into him, so the quicker you got out of there, the better.

You were so preoccupied with thinking about Rafe that you didn’t realise you weren’t alone until it was too late to hide. Nate was already out of view of the waiter, but you and Sam would just draw more attention your way if you tried to duck out of sight. You had to act quickly, the waiter could probably already see you.

Grabbing Sam by the shirt, you tugged him towards you quickly and whispered a quiet instruction. “Play along.”

Then you were kissing him roughly, urgently, your hands running up his chest and then to his hair, messing up his carefully combed style. He was frozen in surprise for a second before he realised what you were doing and relaxed, kissing you back just as urgently, his own hands roaming over your body freely before suddenly pushing you against the wall and deepening the kiss.

Not once had you ever imagined kissing Sam Drake like that, but you had to admit, even if he was acting, he was an excellent kisser.

“Non potete essere qui! You must go!” The waiter called as he got closer, having noticed you. You broke apart quickly, and you pretended to be embarrassed at being caught, half hiding your face behind Sam’s arm as he faced the waiter and said something in Italian before pulling out his wallet and offering the waiter the money inside. You saw at least €200 change hands, but then the waiter smirked and nodded at you before carrying on his way. You kept up the act, all over each other again before the waiter was even at the steps.

You moved away from Sam’s lips to kiss down his neck, spying on the waiter as you did so. Sam moaned quietly and pressed you further into the wall, tilting his head to give you better access. You denied him, tugging his hair gently to find his lips again, feeling the slight smirk he had before he moved, kissing the spot just below your ear, causing your breath to involuntarily hitch in your throat and a small moan of your own to pass your lips.
Before you could die of embarrassment, Sam was whispering in your ear, his teeth grazing skin as he spoke. “He’s at the door.”
You bit your lip and nodded slightly to show you’d understood, and once you’d heard the faint click of the door closing behind him, you and Sam separated, both breathing heavily as a silence stretched on, broken only when Nate stood up from behind the crate he’d hidden behind.

“I’ll die happy if I never hear Sam make that noise again,” he announced, and you blushed, remembering that he’d just witnessed all that, and Sully had heard it too thanks to the ear pieces.

“Tell me about it. I thought poor Nate was gonna have to sit through it all.”

You blushed even deeper and snarled at the pair of them. “It was a cover and it worked. Now can we move on?!”

Silence, so you took that as a yes and went for the bag Sully had stashed earlier, containing your stealthy clothes, ready for anything. Both Drake brothers were silent as you kicked off your shoes, but you turned back to them as you reached for my zipper. “One of you two wanna make yourselves useful and help me out of this dress?”

Nate nudged Sam forward, and you faced the other way as you felt his hands on you again, quickly undoing the zip before stepping away and turning his back like Nate had.

When you were sure no one was going to catch you, you quickly dropped the dress, feeling lighter without the heavy material, and pulled on a bra followed by black leggings, and a plain black tee. Your footwear wasn’t so stealthy, and Nate raised his eyebrows when he caught sight of them.

“Shut up! They’re the only pair I brought with me!” You said defensively, looking down at your worn purple converse. They’d definitely seen better days, and purple wasn’t the most inconspicuous colour, but if all went well, you’d spend most of the night on top of a roof somewhere, gun in hand with nothing to do, so no one would see them anyway.
Which reminded you.
Reaching back into the bag where you’d dumped the dress, you pulled out your pistol and two spare magazines should things get hairy. Then, you reached in again, feeling your hand close around what you were looking for and pulled it out with a grin.

Before you could offer the two of them one, Sam was laughing and Nate staring at you incredulously.

“Seriously, Y/N? You brought share size M&Ms to the most dangerous mission we’ve done in a while. Do you know how literally dead we’re gonna be if we get caught?!” He asked, but you just stared at him, holding out the bag.

“I get snacky. Do you want some or not?”

Nate rolled his eyes but took some, followed by Sam, who thanked you with a smile. You rolled the bag up and shoved it in your hoodie pocket before following after the two of them, heading through the food cellar into a wine cellar, making your eyes water at the fumes.

“We’re gonna end up doing this whole thing drunk if we don’t hurry up,” You joked, walking into the dark room ahead of them, knowing the lights had failed. You were prepared to navigate the darkness, but then Sam flicked his lighter and the area around you was lit up.

After a bit of moving stuff around, the three of you were through and inside the vent, Sam and Nate both whining at the tight fit. Your smaller frame meant it wasn’t even that uncomfortable, so you just smirked as you moved, hearing people in the rooms you’d just vacated.

A few guards passed, but then you were free, back outside, and almost to the kitchen. There was a few more walls between you and there though, so Sam and Nate took it in turns to boost each other up while you were already up there.

“How does she do that?!” You heard Nate whisper, and before you could, Sam answered him.

“Hardcore parkour.”

For a second you were stunned that he remembered. He’d asked you the same question when you were 19 and you’d given him the same answer. It almost made you smile, but then he was beside you and you turned away, pretending to look for my next path.

“The kitchen door is just there,” You nodded. “So how are we gonna do this? Lure someone out, or break in?” You asked.

The brothers shared a look and then shrugged, so you took the lead again, pointing at a ladder on the next wall. “We jump down, one of you can kick down that ladder and then the three of us can find an open window and take down a waiter. Then Sam can go back to the ball room and Nate and I will carry on. Let’s go,” You ordered and jumped down to the next level.

You’d only taken one step when the kitchen door was suddenly wide open and a waiter was standing in front of you, a shocked look on his face as he froze, a cigarette hanging from his lips. You didn’t even manage one word before Sam was dropping on top of him, knocking him out before he could raise the alarm.

“Jeez Sam, easy on the civilians!” Nate called, jumping down after him as Sam started dragging the waiter back into the kitchen.

“So he wakes up with a headache in his underwear. We’ve all been there right?” He laughed and you shook your head at him.

“Classy,” You shot, but he just winked at you before disappearing into the kitchen and closing the door behind him.

You rolled your eyes and chuckled despite yourself, following Nate up the ladder and into the next garden area.

“We’re nearly at the cell tower. Sam, everything alright?” Nate asked after a moment, and you heard Sam’s voice in your ear piece.

“Yeah, everything’s fine… The pants are a bit tight though. What is with the style these days?” Sam complained, and you heard Nate snigger.

“I’m sure that’s got nothing to do with yours and Y/N’s little performance…” He mocked, and you smacked him upside the head.

“Ow!” He hissed, and you glared at him, daring him to say something else. Wisely he kept his mouth shut, and Sam ignored him too.

“I’m on my wall to the ballroom now, I’ll be in touch,” he whispered and then some crackling noises interfered and you figured the signal was bad.

You climbed one more wall and then tapped Nate on the arm, nodding in the other direction. “This is where I leave you. When you get out, I’ll be on one of those roof tops. You get into any trouble, tap the mic three times and I’ll come find you.” He nodded and went to turn away but you grabbed his arm to give him one last warning. “Be careful, Nate.”

He nodded and left, so you took a deep breath and then started running towards the edge of the balcony, using the railing as a spring board, you launched yourself into the air, watching the ground rush past 4 stories below, but then you were on the roof of the next building, and running again, seeing the roof you needed to get to if you wanted to be able to get to everyone in the same amount of time.

You got there quickly, no one spotting you, so you sat down and began the wait.

After about 10 minutes, Sully’s voice came through the earpiece, saying the words you did not want to hear that night but knew you probably would have anyway. “Rafe’s here.”

Your blood ran cold at the thought of seeing him and your hand tightened on the gun, knowing how dangerous he was, and what he was willing to do to find the treasure.

“Sam, make sure you stay out of his sight. He is harbouring a personal hatred for you Drakes. I don’t know what he’d do if he saw you,” You explained quickly, praying Sam had heard you, but then he was answering you quietly.

“Don’t worry about me, Sweetheart. I can handle rich boy.”

You wanted to scream at him that Rafe wasn’t the same guy as before, but then came three taps through your ear, and you shot to my feet, not hesitating as you started running back the way you’d came. “I’m on my way, Nate,” you promised, just as the lights went off behind you and people screamed. There was about five seconds before the lights came back on and Sam’s voice spoke again.

“I’m got the cross. I’m on my way out.”

You didn’t even bother with a reply. Nate was in trouble, so you needed to get there quickly. You’d just cleared a big jump when you suddenly saw guards up ahead, guns out and flashlights to search the area, you skid the landing, scraping across the backs of your legs as you ducked behind a chimney just in time to avoid being spotted.

Cursing quietly, you dusted yourself off and spoke quietly to the ear piece. “I’ve got company. Just hang in there, Nate. Things are likely about to get messy.”

Carefully you removed the safety from the gun and peered around the chimney to count the guards.

“Here we go,” You whispered before rolling out of cover and taking aim.

Boyfriend Hansol...

• when you first met him he was doin some powerful dance but he looked over saw you
• he tripped and fell face flat
• Doyoung made fun of him “ how can you call yourself a sang namja(real man)?”
• you giggled before helping him up but he glared at you before getting up himself
• you thought he hated you
• but he’s just shy and cute and he wanted to prove to doyoung that he was a real man
• a real namja from Busan
• you asked him to go to coffee first since he was shy to ask
• in fact you didn’t even know if he liked you back or not until Jaehyun exposed him since you guys were both bothering him with your problems and constantly needed advice on how to win each other’s hearts
• Jaehyun you snake
• you were wearing yellow that day at the coffee shop
• he whispered to himself
• “wow they shine even brighter than the sun..”
• he talks to himself a lot
• it was quiet and awkward but you mentioned the topic of dogs
• he started pulling out pictures of his dog and you guys just bonded over the love of puppies
• he accidentally called you ten once
• he accidentally does a lot of things
• he is clumsy
• one time you made him spaghetti and he just dropped it
• how
• do
• you
• drop
• a plate
• of spaghetti ???
• “oh hansol what do I do with you”
• have you seen hide n freak
• that boy can THRUST
• but let’s keep things PG here
• hansol clings onto you because he’s reserved
• holds your hand everywhere
• clings on to your arm everywhere
• one time you were doing your homework and your hands were occupied typing on your laptop
• he held onto your feet instead
• “hansol I swear if you have a foot fetish…”
• sometimes he would call you at 1am crying
• on the topic of anime
• doesn’t he look like a character from a manga
• you looked up at him while blossoms fell down from the tree and the sun shone on him
• and that’s when you realize that the late night 1am conversations with him describing his anime has really got to you
• he’s so fake
• he says he doesn’t do aegyo
• but between you and him you both know that he is actually good at it secretly
• he needs something?
• aegyo
• wants to hold your hand?
• aegyo
• one time you did aegyo and he laughed till he couldn’t breathe anymore
• yuta is there when you guys hang out
• at first yuta thought that he was going to third wheel you guys
• you ended up third wheeling them while they were talking about the animes
• you didn’t mind, he looked happy with yuta
• he is much taller so he always gets to look at you in the optimum angle… The selfie angle
• meanwhile when you look up you get to see chins and nostrils
• you love him anyways
• he makes you jump up to kiss him
• but when you don’t he grabs you by both hands before planting one on your lips
• expect a lot of forehead kisses since he’s tall
• he sometimes does these… really derpy faces???
• like it’s just?? it’s adorable
• did I mention his thrusting
• sometimes he just stays quiets and appreciates your beauty… wow
• actually he is quiet most of the time
• he has problems expressing through words
• so he always makes it known to you by his actions because actions are bigger
• he once choreographed a dance just for you
• he sat you down on one of the chairs before he started dancing
• again… you thought it was some powerful thrusting but he just did a cutesy dance with a lot of heart symbols and dances
• you gave him a heart sign back and he trips and falls face flat on the ground again


your smile could light up a whole city after dark ♡


Me and Benedict Cumberbatch. 16th August 2013. Benedict asked that the photo wasn’t posted online until after ‘His Last Vow’ aired. Finally nice to post it. Miss this.