wow he needs a bath

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He looks like burnt chicken, yes. But he also looks like he rolled around in a sewer thinking it would treat his burns tbh. And the smell must be horrifying. They truly outdid themselves. I'm so proud of TPTB for this.

dscbj ANON please, sewer chicken - he gets worse.

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hello >/////< senpai / I'm glad that you ship my otp (hidekane) kami-sama bless you senpai <3 btw can you draw a kawaii hide and the new black haired kaneki :///~///: it's okay if u don't want to tho I understand :3 I wuv youu <3

Haha, I feel like after this chapter, Hide should give him a nice, long bath because wow, he really needs a wash! 

I love you too~! ♥ ◟(ˆ⌣ˆ )