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Pairing: DeanxFriend!Reader
Word count: 1,316
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Part 4 of Can’t Forget You

The first day of camping left you mentally exhausted, and wanting nothing more than to go home. Having Dean there helped a tad, but he was having about as much fun as you were.

That night, you were sitting around the campfire with the rest of the family. You sat next to Dean, May with John, and then Sam was sitting by himself. “If I promise to never insult Sam again, can Dean bring me home?” You asked, knowing the answer already. John raised an eyebrow at you. “Yeah, yeah. It was worth a shot.” You sighed, leaning on Dean.

“Come on, time for s'mores!” Mary grinned, pulling out everything that was needed.

Sighing, you nodded, hoping maybe the gooey treat would help somewhat.

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Flower Wolf

Summary: Derek is just trying to finish his mating gift in peace, but Stiles has other plans.

Notes: Written for the Sterek Secret Santa for @bellybaire, who wanted wolf!Derek, mates, and fluff. (On AO3).

Derek digs his paws into the dirt, does it over and over until he has a nice, deep hole. Then he tilts his head and gently bites the stem of the gerbera daisy he’s planting, carefully setting it down it its new spot. He pushes the earth back over its roots, making sure not to compact it too much.

Then he moves over, and starts digging the next hole.

Sure, it’d probably be faster to do today’s new planting in human form, but sometimes he likes doing it this way, too. It’s nice, experiencing the garden as a wolf, fully enjoying all the sights and smells.

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Cherrybrook Part 3

Time was passing quickly and things were heating up a little bit. You and Jai now had more alone time and you could feel the growing pressure coming from him. All your friends already had already had their first sexual experience, but you were never like the others. Your mom raised you as a Catholic, teaching you that mostly everything was a sin, and you weren’t supposed to do anything before marriage. Even with her strict teaching, you still had your own ideas and thoughts about the issue.

As you were very curious, you asked Amber about her sexual encounters. She was dating James and didn’t take long for them to end up under the sheets. She told you everything; how it was, how she felt, but most importantly- she told you that every girl responded differently at their first time, and you would have to find out how your body would react.

One day, you and Amber were talking about this in your room. You both managed to have a little free time for yourselves and you took the opportunity to catch up a bit. Jai was at an acting class and James had something to take care of, so the two of you were just enjoying some girl talk.

You were so engrossed in your discussion, that you didn’t notice that your mom was eavesdropping outside your room. She overheard all the talk about sex, and Amber explaining to you how it worked for her. Your mom could tell that you had made up your mind.

The next day, before you left for class, your mom told you that you had doctor’s appointment in the afternoon and she would take you. You protested that you didn’t wanted to go, but she told you it was time for a check up.

During all your classes, you couldn’t focus. You kept thinking about everything Amber told you and how weird your mom was acting when you left for school. You kept thinking to yourself that sex was not supposed to be that hard, at least according to what Amber told you.

After class, you told Jai that your mom scheduled a doctor’s appointment for you and you had to go. You always told him everything of your life since you two started dating almost 6 months ago, and he told you not to worry. He would see you later, and he left to head out his guitar lesson.

You left school and your mom was waiting for you outside. You got into the car and she drove you to the clinic. Arriving there, she told you to sit in the waiting room while she gave your name to the receptionist. Not once could you stop thinking how weird this seemed. The timing for a doctor’s appointment was coincidental to your decisions. When the doctor finally called your name, you and your mom entered the office and sat down, patiently waiting. The doctor was a middle-aged woman, very kind.

“So, I heard someone decided it’s time to have sex, hm?” The doctor asked, looking right at you. Your face flushed in embarrassment; you felt so exposed that you wanted a hole to open up so you could crawl in and hide.

“I’m surprised she didn’t already,” your mom stepped in, announcing before you could say anything.

“Moooom,” You yelped, embarrassed as ever.

It was not a surprise to you that your mom had never had “the talk” with you. She clearly preferred to have the doctor do it You knew it was because of how she was raised; how strict everything was for her, so instead of going against her beliefs, she let someone else handle it. Which was just fine with you.

The doctor did all the exams she needed and explained everything you needed to know. When she was satisfied, she told you to wait until you thought it was the right time, and not when your boyfriend pushed you to.

“Boys can be very persuasive,” she told you. You nodded, waiting for her to continue.

“But always have one thing in your mind. If he cares about you, he will wait for your decision.” She said seriously. “But I will give you some birth control pills, so you can get a head start, and when you decide that the time is right, you will be prepared.” She finished writing you a prescription.

“Just wait until your next period ends to start taking these.” She told you.

You went home with your mom without saying a word about your appointment. When you got there, Jai was waiting for you on your house porch. The two of you stayed on the swinger for the rest of the evening, cuddling and kissing. You loved him so much you couldn’t imagine being without him.

You told him about the doctor’s appointment and how embarrassed you were that your mom put you on birth control even before you did anything. He held you close, kissing your temple.

“So, you want to do it?” he asked almost jumping out of his seat. He was so excited about it, even though you had never actually talk about it. Every time he tried something you just said you were not ready yet, and now you were practically saying you were, so you couldn’t blame him for his excitement.

“With you? Yes!” you answered, immediately.

He told you he wanted it to be special, so he would do his best to make it unforgettable.

“It’s going to be my first time too, you know,” he said, whispering in your ear.

You were shocked. You thought he was way more experienced than you. So the two of you agreed that on Saturday, you would both have your first sexual experience. Jai suggested you could go to his grandma’s house as she was out of town for a few weeks. He said he would surprise you, and he kissed you good bye before leaving to go home.

Jai left, and you immediately called Amber to talk about how anxious you were. She told you everything would be fine, then suggested the two of you go and buy a new dress.

The Saturday arrived and Jai told your parents he was taking you for dinner. You finished getting ready while he waited for you in the living room talking to your dad.

When he saw you, he was amazed.

“Wow, you look awesome, I never thought you could look more beautiful, but you got me,” he said getting up and coming your way.

The two of you left your house holding hands, walking to his dad’s car that he borrowed for your night out.

He took you to dinner at a fancy restaurant and then you headed to his grandma’s house. He was being very thoughtful and kind; he made sure you were comfortable and that you were ok at all times.

He lead you to the guest room in his grandma’s house. He had put scented candles all over the place, and when you sat on the bed he went to his stereo to put on some music. You had to agree that he surprised you with all the romance in the air.

He took no time getting directly to business and started kissing you while he undressed you and himself.

And then, it was not what you expected at all. It was all very fast. You didn’t feel anything besides discomfort and pain, but Amber had told you that it was normal for a first time. You certainly didn’t see the stars she always told you about.

But you didn’t care. You were having the most precious moment with the guy you loved, and you felt awesome about it.

You laid your head on him, playing with his chest hair. You couldn’t be more happy, and you knew he was feeling the same.

“You were awesome, babe. I promise you next time it won’t feel so bad,” he said, kissing you.

“I’m ok, don’t worry! It was all worth it because it was with you,” you answered, kissing him back.

“I love you so much,” he announced. In that moment, you knew that he loved you, he really loved you.

“I love you, too.” you answered him.

The next week you were ecstatic. Jai managed to get you home alone one day, and your second time together was much better than the first one. But once again… no stars.

Third time was a blast.


Jai was everything to you; he was your best friend, your companion, your confident, your lover.

You had been together for almost two years now, and you could not imagine a life without him.

He had even convinced you to take vocal lessons so when he played his guitar you could sing, though you always thought his voice was much better. It was deep and raspy, and it gave you chills every time he sang or simply whispered in your ear.

Time was passing by fast in Jai’s company and when you realized it was almost the end of the school year.

Even with senior year on high school approaching, you were already planning what to do in college. Jai was already focusing on the theatrical projects he wanted; drama classes, acting classes, anything he could. He wanted to be an actor, and you were encouraging him because you knew he would succeed. You still hadn’t figured out what to do about your future in college, but you had time to think about it.

As it was the end of the school year, you still had a few assignments to finish up. You both were in his room and you decided to finish the papers you had, but he wanted to fool around. The two of you began to argue, and he got mad. He went to his video games and started to play while you tried to finish your homework. You didn’t notice that your cell phone was out of battery, when Jai’s mom knocked on the door. She didn’t enter the room without knocking after she caught the two of you playing around under the sheets twice before.

“Y/N, honey, your mom is on the phone,” Karen said through the door.


I really hope you guys enjoy this chapter!

Special thanks to my lovely @clublulu333 for editing for me !

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Merry Christmas, @bellybaire!

Flower Wolf

Derek digs his paws into the dirt, does it over and over until he has a nice, deep hole. Then he tilts his head and gently bites the stem of the gerbera daisy he’s planting, carefully setting it down it its new spot. He pushes the earth back over its roots, making sure not to compact it too much.

Then he moves over, and starts digging the next hole.

Sure, it’d probably be faster to do today’s new planting in human form, but sometimes he likes doing it this way, too. It’s nice, experiencing the garden as a wolf, fully enjoying all the sights and smells.

When he’s finished his row of flowers, he curls up in the shade of the little orange tree in the center. He completely relaxes, stretching out and letting the garden soothe him as the breeze gently ruffles his fur.

As he drifts off, he lets himself idly imagine all the different things he could plant. He has a lot of space that isn’t being used yet, and he wants the garden to be done this year.

He wants it to be ready.

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Exo reacting to you stealing their clothes

Suho:  When he sees you cuddled into the hoodie he has been searching for the last ten minutes he can’t even be angry because you just look so goddamn cute. But he  wouldn’t be able to hold back and tease you about it, saying something like if he has to take you shopping so you won’t steal his clothes anymore, goddamnit. And you would be like yeah, shopping sounds great but also I will keep stealing your clothes, they are too freaking comfy.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Xiumin:  He’d skype with you on tour and after a few minutes he’d be like: Wait, is this my favorite sweater you are wearing right now? I have been looking for this for three days straight! And you’d be like: Yeah okay, but in my defense, this is really fluffy- i know, that’s why it is my favorite - shut up xiu. also, I miss you like hell but if you don’t come home soon I’ll replace you with this thing. 

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Chanyeol :  He doesn’t really bother with you stealing his clothes because he doesn’t really keep track of them anyway. sometimes he would be like: wow, this shirt looks awesome on you! it’s really pretty, i wish they’d make these for men! And you’d be like: hahaha…Wait, you serious right now?? Wow, you really get smarter by the day, huh? This would probably result in him tickling you in revenge and demanding his shirt back. You bribe him to let you keep it with a make-out session

Originally posted by ohbaekhyuns

Sehun: You just pick his stuff up and wear it whenever you are cold and he’d be like: … i literally put that down for 0.5 seconds also this doesn’t fit to your other clothes at all. you’d be like: Help, my boyfriend is slowly turning into Coco Chanel. Also it’s cold, so shut up. Usually ends up with you giving him his clothes back, but only in exchange for cuddles. 

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Kai: He would be like oh my god you look so cute right now honestly just keep that thing i don’t even like it and it looks way better on you anyways. You try to convince him that he can’t keep giving you all his clothes because one day he won’t have anything left to wear and after a second you’d be like: …you know what? Just keep giving me your shirts and walk around shirtless instead.

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(dayuum shirtless kai is going to be the end of me…)

Kris: He’d whine because: Hey, that was part of my outfit, you ruined it and when you tell him that he still looks good he’d grin and be like yeah of course I do, but that’s not the point here. You’d probably use whichever item of clothing you stole to smack that smug grin from his face because goddamnit Wu, stop being such a brat

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D.O.: He would try to act angry. Because he maybe has worn that pullover once since he bought it and it has been months but also you do that one thing with the sleeves and it’s too goddamn cute and honestly, he doesn’t really need it anyways, right?

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Chen: Whenever you steal his clothes he acts af if you just committed high treason like: goddammit woman, you already stole my heart, what else do you even want? When you tell him a smoothie would be really nice right now he’d give you the most condescending bitch-face in history before strolling off. Just when you start to wonder if he is actually pissed he’d come back with a smoothie in his hand. You’d be like: Are you for real right now? and he’d try to be witty and act like he isn’t totally 160% in love with you but he doesn’t even get the chance because honestly you just have to cuddle him to death right now 

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Lay: He’d be like: Is that mine? And to your reluctant: Uhh, maybe…? Do you mind? He’d just shrug and smile because he really doesn’t. You’d probably end up just taking whatever you want from his wardrobe and he’d just compliment you on your looks. You’d probably end up feeling guilty and offering that he can take whatever he wants from your closet, too. He’d grin and say: Yeah, because I’d look awesome in plaid skirts or skinny jeans and you’d laugh because wow, that’s a mental image right there

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Luhan: He’d clutch his heart and act as if he’s dying like: Oh my god, this woman is too freaking perfect, stop killing me with your awesome looks and how can you be so cute and sexy at the same time? and you’d be like lu…? i am just…sitting here?

Originally posted by dawnlus

Baekhyun: He’d scream and you’d be like OMG!! is there a spider?!?! And he’d clutch his heart like “oh that thing in my pullover is just my girlfriend…I wonder how you always keep getting into these” you’d probably postpone dying from a heart attack to murder him instead.

Originally posted by dragggqueen

Tao: He would be all smiles and giggles because you look so tiny in his oversized jacket and are you sure you aren’t a hobbit or something? …but also, if you get dirt on it he will have to sue you because this is his absolute favorite. Okay??? Okay. Now please come cuddle?

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Yay! Thank you for being patient with me bc I know I take ages to post something… Buut as usually,, you can find all my writing here and request one shots/scenarios/ reactions here!

xoxo, Elly


Ahh I cosplayed Cross!Chara!! It was a lot of fun~ Sans is coming soon too… ;) I promise I’ll get better pictures rather than selfies later, but I thought you’d like to see!


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Me and falling for characters
  • Supernatural
  • Sam Winchester: oh okay. This is normal..he's great...
  • Dean Winchester: wait.. He's not supposed to be the one I like...shit.. He's actually really amazing.
  • Castiel: oh he's adorable. Aw what a baby angel..
  • Gabriel: what? Wait a minute..he's...he's actually funny and kinda cute..
  • Lucifer: WHAT THE FUCK? Oh great I'm going to hell for sure...
  • Crowley: WHATEVER bring it on! This is nothing.. Such sass and grace packed into a rather small thing. Wow.. He's perfect
  • Doctor Who
  • Ninth Doctor: um..he's kinda.. Not bad looking. Wow, he's awesome as fuck
  • Tenth Doctor: he's great! Wow, this guys amazing.. A little conceited but okay. David Tennant though,,.oooh he's hot.
  • Jack Harkness: OMG he's so flirty and cute!! Haha I'd ship him with anyone and anything anyday!! Barrowman for president
  • The Master: what the fuck? Um no... No no no no no NO NO NO NO!!! Wait... Maybe....
  • Eleventh Doctor: there's no way I'm gonna like hi- OMG HES so adorable and clumsy and cute and holy hell look at him. He's so compassionate and sweet. He's like a bundle of flowers with ice cream and chocolate. Defiantly my doctor...
  • Rory: what? He's a dork...and a nerd... No way...And cute..and super cool.
  • Clara: wait a second... She's... She's... TOO FUCKING ADORABLE!! What a baby mouse. So cute.
  • Twelfth Doctor: he's Peter Capaldi of fucking course I'm gonna have a massive crush on him!
  • Missy: why the hell not?
Boyfriend YUTA

•So you were visiting your mom

•and you were lost

•you always lived in America

•You lived there for four year lmaoo

•Anyways you were walking around trying to find your moms house

•and you saw street performers

•You took a closer look

•and a boy was there dancing

•he caught your attention

•because his dancing was so on point

•and he was cute

•when he stopped dancing you

•were the only one clapping

•He looked up as he smiled and bow

•"Wow that was awesome"

•Lost af

•Then you try to say it in korean


•He thinks youre cute

•"Are you from America?“

•You nodded


•"Do you know where __________ is?”

•"Yeah, i would take you there but i am busy at the moment, and my manager wont let me"

•You nodded

•I understand

•You bowed as you held up your fist


•so then you found the place

•Your mom suggested to go to the night market

•You loved everything about South Korea

•Sooo you asked your mom if you could come


•and she agreed

•Soo you went with you mom

•you were ordering fish cakes

•"Can i get one too? I’ll pay"

•You turned around to find the guy from earlier

•"You dont-“

•"Yuta! It’s so nice to see you again.”

•"Mom you know him?“

•"Of course I taught him Korean”

•"I’m Japanese"


•"Yuta if it’s not too much of a burden, could you please show my daughter Around Seoul tomorrow? I have to help Winwin tomorrow"



•"Y/n you dont Mind right?”

•You shook your head as Yuta smiled

•Yuta had a healing smile

•it was just so beautiful

•"Well Y/n i’ll pick you up tomorrow, we are going to explore seoul!“

•Okay so you couldnt sleep

•like you were so nervous

•because this cute

•Handsome guy

•was your touring Guide

•So many questions

•anyways you met up with him at this Agency

•And you waited outside for 30 minutes

•"ah he ditched me-”


•You looked at the black car as the window rolled down

•Get it.

•"Yuta why are we in a ca-“

•"It’s because of Dispatch and Fangirls?”

•"Dispatch and fangir-“

“I’m and idol”

•You were shook af

• so the tour went great

•you and yuta had fun

•but then something happened

•Dispatched somehow got pictures of the

•two of you

•and here come the scandals

•opening your Computer all you see is

•You and yuta eating in the car


•And your house phone started to ring

•"Y/n! Did you see the news”


•You dropped the phone as the bell rang

•Yuta came in questioning you

•"why- i - what is going on?”

•so he explains

•It was awkward

•but then you got comfortable with

•each other

•He introduced you with his friends

•and ofc the idiots had to be saying stuff like

•"Oh you hit the Jackpot” or “Damnnn son”


•Because the idi- boys always steal your


•Like one time The Dream team wanted to get

•Ice cream with you

•and Yuta got jealous liek “NO ITS JUST THE


•And Winwin tagged along

•which made everyone come along

•And Ten always wanted you to help him

•With Dancing.

•Nct took all the chances they had to flirt with you

•and YUTA didn’t have it

•so one day he dragged you out

•and slammed you on the wall

•"You think this is a game?“

•you had never seen this side of Yuta before

•"Im tired of seeing you with them”

•"but they are my frien-“

•"and i’m your boyfriend”


•He kissed you

•you didn’t pull away

•and this ended up into a make out session

•So you both started to date

•And everyone got out of Yuta’s way because

•he is scary

•specially to Jaehyun



•Yuta loves skin ship

•Specially around his Hyungs

•because he knows he has you

•and he brags about it

•Yuta is a Ninja

•He can tell when a boy talked to you

•bitch tf

•Yuta only does aegyo to you

•and his smile

•he calls it “When i see Y/n smile”

•Which makes everyone cringe

•Yuta is a Yandere





•Yuta calm tf down.

•Yuta is calm at times

•like he is innocent and pure

•BUt thEN


•Yuta loves to spoil you and protect you

•You call him Prince

•Because thats what he looks like

•and he calls you his Everything


•Y/n one day i will travel around the world

•and then he walks around you


•"You are my world”


•Yuta is the boyfriend we see in Dramas

•Someone we wish we could have

•And thats what you have


Milk and Kookie (Jungkook Fluff)

“JUNGKOOK IS COMING,” you screamed over the phone to your best friend. Your parents were in Belize for the week and they had left you home alone since you were 18 and they felt you were old enough now. “No way,” your friend said, you could sense her mouth hanging open. “What am I going to do,” you asked, panicked. Her silence unsettled you and you wandered around making sure your house was spotless. The doorbell rang and you screamed, probably loud enough for him to hear. “I’ve got to go,” you said rapidly, ending the call.

You flung open the door and kissed him hard. He dropped his bags and hugged you as your lips were pressed together. “I missed you,” he admitted. You blushed and giggled. “I never stop missing you,” you reply sweetly. He picked up his bags again and followed you down the hall and into your room. It was covered top to bottom with art and songs he had written that you’d begged him to let you have. “Wow,” he looked around in amazement. “This is pretty awesome,” he told you, making you blush again. You patted the bed and he came to sit next to you. “So, I rented a movie and the pizza should be here shortly,” you confirmed. He nodded excitedly. 

You had brought in drinks, pillows, snacks, and blankets for this occasion. You turned on the movie but didn’t want to push play until the pizza was delivered. You looked over at Jungkook and smiled. He was snooping around your room. You heard a knock on the door and went to get the pizza. “Let me pay,” he hollered from the room, but you ignored him. You handed the driver the money and carried the pizza back into the room. You nearly dropped the pizza when you saw him rummaging through your panty drawer. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” you yell playfully. He holds up one of your sexy thongs. “Do you ever wear this without me knowing,” he smirked, setting the pizza down beside you and grabbing your butt suggestively. 

“KOOKIE,” you exclaimed, your cheeks burning red now. He tossed the panties to the side and kissed you deeply, arousing you. “Come on,” you pushed him away lightly and he had a dopey smile on his face. You pulled out a slice of pizza and bit into it. Jungkook laughed at the pizza sauce on your cheek and wiped it off for you. You pressed play on the movie and the two of you quietly side my side laughing and stuffing your faces with pizza. When the movie was over you yawned but you fought back the urge to go to sleep. You picked up the pack of cookie’s from beside your bed and offered them to Jungkook. “A cookie for my Kookie,” you teased and he snatched them from you jokingly. He shoved two in his mouth at once. You got up and brought him back a glass of milk. He gulped it down in 2 seconds before stuffing more cookies in his mouth. 

You reached for the package and picked it up, eating the last one that he had missed. Full of junk food, you both crawled into your bed big enough for 7 people, and snuggled together. He stroked your hair as you laid your head on his chest, thinking about just how good he was to you. “I love you Jungkook,” you whispered, loud enough for him to hear. He smiled and kissed before pulling back and saying, “I love you too.” You both drifted off into a deep sleep thanks to the fat and saturated sugar. 

You woke up to an empty bed and you sat up groggily. “J-Jungkook,” you softly called out. You heard the sound of a toilet flushing and laid back down. You had expected him to return to the bed but he didn’t. You sat up again and called his name more clearly. The only response was the toilet flushing again. Concerned, you got up and knocked on the bathroom door. “D-don’t come i-,” there was a gagging sound and you rushed in to see Jungkook leaning pitifully over the toilet. “OH MY GOODNESS,” you exclaimed, kneeling by his side. You put your hand to his head, wiping sweat away. “You have a fever babe,” you said without even needing a thermometer.

He groaned unhappily and slumped back onto the floor. You used all your strength to help him get to the bed and lay down. Once he was in bed you got a warm wash cloth and put it over his forehead. “I’m sorry baby,” you soothed him. He grabbed your hand and held it. “I’m fine as long as I’m with you,” he hoarsely assured. You slipped into bed with him and cuddled. You flipped through the TV channels as he now laid on your chest, falling in and out of sleep. 

You push his hair back and constantly wipe his forehead, occasionally waking him to check his conditions. You get up and make him herbal tea and have him drink it all. Once he’s done he lays back down and you wrap yourself around him again. Your phone starts to ring and you answer it nervously. “Hey mom,” you chime. “Hi honey, are you alright? Belize is beautiful, wish you could’ve come,” she says. “I’m fine mom,” you reply as Jungkook starts to stir around, still half asleep. “What’s wrong,” he mumbled. You put your finger to his lips, quieting him. “Who was that,” your mom questioned. “It was my TV,” you lied. “Alright, well be safe. We will see you in a few days. Love you,” she said. “Love you too,” you replied, quickly hanging up. “It was my mom,” you told a passed out Jungkook. 

You looked down and just admired him. His sweating was stopping and he didn’t feel as warm anymore. You curled against him again and whispered, “I guess you will just have to stay here until you get better.” He opened and eye and grinned, slyly responding with “Good, because that was my plan.”

sternchencas  asked:

I always wanted to read this "I thought you were my friend so I slapped your ass in greeting." with Dean and Cas. :D

Thank you! What a lovely prompt! I hope I did it justice.

Dean already regrets that he let Charlie drag him into this LARPing thing. He’s standing in the middle of a circle made by colorful canvas tents with a bunch of weirdos. It’s supposed to be a meeting of Charlie’s team, guild, clan, whatever they called themselves, where they’re supposed to be discussing the tactics for the upcoming battle. The Queen is nowhere to be seen, though.

Being the only one in casual clothes makes Dean feel like an alien.

Everybody else is dressed in a historically inaccurate costume, happily chatting about new weapons and other nerdy stuff.

Charlie promised to lend him a costume and made him her shield maiden, she also promised there would surely be somebody he knows from College. So far he hasn’t seen anyone familiar and Dean feels misplaced and bored. Then he finally sees a familiar figure of his friend Michael talking to a dark haired girl with pointed ears.  He walks to his friend  who’s back is turned to him.

“Hey!” he greets cheerfully and elated that he finally found somebody to talk to he slaps the guy’s ass.

The following events only take a few seconds, but Dean experiences them in slow motion.

First the guy turns to him and Dean looks in wide blue eyes. Michael’s eyes aren’t blue. There’s a terrifying moment in which Dean realizes what a terrible mistake he’s made, ended by the guy’s fist connecting with his face.

The world starts to move its normal pace again as Dean stumbles backwards.

“Fuck!” he curses, touching his nose and feeling sticky blood on his fingers.

“Oh my god,” the guy, who’s not Michael, breathes out, covering his mouth with his palms, shocked by his own action.

“What the hell happened?” comes Charlie’s alarmed voice. “Cas, did you punch him?”

“He slapped my ass,” the guy defends himself.

“I’m so sorry,” Dean says, on a verge of hysterical laughter. “I thought you were my friend.”

“No, I’m sorry,” Cas says, taking a step towards Dean. “You startled me and I went to a self defense course and-”

“Stop apologizing you two!” Charlie cuts them off, her voice firm but with an undertone of amusement.

“Dean, you’re bleeding. There’s a first aid kit in my tent.”

“I’ll help you,” Cas offers.

Dean lets him grab his elbow and lead him to the biggest tent.

“Wow,” he breathes out. “This is actually awesome,” he adds as he looks around the tent.

As Cas rummages through a wooden chest looking for the first aid kit, Dean flops himself on the huge bed covered with furs.

Cas hands him a wet tissue which Dean uses to wipe off the blood. He takes a moment to examine the guy’s face. He’s handsome, prettier that Michael and Dean always had a secret crush on him. There’s something soft and deep in Cas’ eyes that makes Dean want to know more about him.

“I’m really sorry for confusing you with my friend,” he says, sniffing.

“Do you slap all your friends?” Cas asks as he gives him a piece of cotton. Dean pushes it up his bleeding nostril, wincing.

“Only those with a fine ass,” he winks.

Cas huffs out a laugh. “Well, I take that as a compliment.”

Dean grabs another tissue to clean his hands. He feels Cas’ eyes on him.

“I’m glad I didn’t break your nose,” he says after a moment of silence.

Dean looks up with a smirk. “Why? Do you think it’s pretty?”

“Nah, it’s ugly. It would have been even worse if I had broken it.”

“Asshole!” Dean laughs, slapping Cas’ shoulder.

A small smile appears on Cas’ lips as he puts everything back to the first aid kit.

“So you’re the new guy Charlie’s been talking about? The shield maiden?” he asks.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I can teach you how to survive in the battle,” Cas offers, his bright blue eyes peaking at Dean from under fans of long dark lashes.

“If you’re as good with your sword as you’re with your fists, then I’ll be honored.”

“I’m very good with my sword,” Cas deadpans. Only when Dean bursts into laughter, does he crack a small smile.

“So is there somewhere to get a coffee?” Dean asks, hoping that Cas takes it for what it is.

The guy makes a disappointed face. “Not really. But I can make you coffee in my tent,” he says with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Alright,” Dean grins.

Is this seat taken? - Luke Hemmings

The doors swung open and people shuffled down the aisle looking for seats while you gazed out the window counting in your head how many stops were left before yours.  

“Is this seat taken?” You removed an earbud and turned to face a tall boy with sandy blonde hair poking out from underneath his black beanie and a guitar case hanging off his broad shoulder.

“No, it’s all yours.” You responded cheerfully moving your backpack and he pulled the guitar case off pulling his red flannel slightly to reveal his collarbone. He pulled it back up and sat down positioning the case between his legs. He smiled and your eyes focused on the black lip ring that poked out when he did so.

“What are you listening to?” You stared at him for a moment, not used to people trying to make small talk with you on the bus.

“Oh, you might not know them.” You clicked the button on your phone lighting up the screen and before you could say anything the boy’s face lit up as well.

“I love All Time Low!” He shouted.


“Yeah, they’re part of the reason I got into playing the guitar.” A big grin appeared on his face and he gripped the guitar case that was straddled between his legs. “I’ve met them you know.” You looked at him with disbelief plastered all over your face.

“Oh okay.” You replied sarcastically.

“No I swear!” He reached in his pocket pulling out his phone and slide it open. He searched through his camera roll and turned his phone screen towards you when he found what he was searching for. Your jaw dropped in amazement as you looked at a picture of the boy standing with Alex Gaskarth.

“Wow, I stand corrected, that’s awesome.” He looked quite proud of himself as he put his phone back in his pocket.

“So where are you headed?” He asked.

“Class at the university.”

“What are you studying?” He shifted in his seat to face you and you furrowed your brow wondering why a complete stranger was so interested in your life.

“I’m not sure. I think I want to be a nurse or a teacher, I’d love to work with children. What about you, do you go to the university as well?”

“Oh no, I finished high school but nothing past that, I wanted to focus on my music.”

“Are you in a band?”

“Yeah for a few years now.”

“I’d love to check it out, I mean you must be good since you have such good taste in bands.” He laughed a little and you admired the deep dimple that formed on his right cheek.  

“I have some burned CDs, I can bring you some?”

“That’d be awesome, I don’t know how often you ride the bus but I’m here this time every-“

“Tuesday and Thursday I know.” His face turned a little red and he looked down at his feet. “I pass you on my way to the back every Tuesday and Thursday and I’ve always been too afraid to say hi.” Your eyes widened and you felt your cheeks turn a deep shade of red to match his flannel. The bus stopped and you looked out the window to see that it was your stop.

“I have to go, but since you know where to find me I’ll be waiting for those CDs.” You smiled and got up squeezing past him and his guitar. “I’m (Y/N) by the way.”


“I’ll see you Thursday Luke.” You waved getting off the bus and Luke sat smiling and quietly whispered to himself,

“Can’t wait.”  

The bus stopped and you looked at the door waiting for Luke. A few people got on and the driver started to shut the doors. You frowned, thinking he probably had something better to do than bring CDs to a girl on the bus.

“Wait! Hold the doors!” You looked out the window again and saw Luke running for the slowly closing doors. You started to laugh as you watched him struggle to keep his guitar case from falling off his shoulder. The bus driver groaned, mumbling something to Luke as he got on and scanned the seats for you, a wide smile growing on his face when he spotted you.

“I thought you had forgotten about me.” You said and Luke chuckled a bit and sat down next to you.

“Trust me, I couldn’t forget about you if I tried.” He reached into the pocket of his guitar case and pulled out two CDs. Luke handed them to you and you ran your finger over the black permanent marker that read For (Y/N).

“Thanks, I’ll listening to these when I get home.”

“I really hope you like them and if you don’t I’m sorry, we suck.” You laughed and slipped them into your bag.

“I’m sure you guys don’t suck. So how many people are in your band?”

“Four. A drummer, bassist, another guitarist, and me. We all sing too but I guess I’m kind of the lead singer.”

“Wow you play the guitar and you sing, that’s awesome.”

“And I’m cute, I’m like a triple threat.” You laughed agreeing and Luke looked very pleased. The two of you talked for a while until the bus finally reached your stop.

“So I guess I’ll see you on Tuesday?”

“Actually I don’t have class today, it was cancelled this morning.”

“Then why are you on the bus?”

“I told you I’d be here, I had to get my CDs.”

“Oh that’s all you cared about? The CDs?” Luke tried to look sad but he was awful at hiding his childlike grin.

“Of course, I’m only talking to you for free music.”

“How about you talk to me for coffee instead? There’s a really good café a few stops away.”

“You don’t have somewhere to be?”

“No, it can wait. So what do you say? My treat.”

“Coffee sounds great.” You zipped up your bag making sure the CDs were tucked safely inside.

“I never asked, what’s the name of your band?” Luke looked down at his feet and mumbled his answer.

“5 Seconds of Summer.”

“Oh my-really? That’s why you look familiar, I figured I’d just seen you around before, you’re Luke Hemmings!” You smiled at your realization but Luke didn’t seem to share your excitement. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It was nice having someone not know who I am. I miss it. I miss being able to walk down the streets without getting mobbed and not having to wonder if the people I meet like me for me or my fame. With you I was just another kid on the bus and you would have never given me a second look if I hadn’t taken a chance. With you I wasn’t Luke Hemmings, I was just Luke.” You weren’t mad at Luke for keeping that from you, in fact it only made you like him more instead of using his fame to get you to like him he was himself.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I was going to, I just wanted to wait. I get it if you don’t want to have coffee anymore.” The bus came to a stop and he stood up, slinging his guitar over his broad shoulder. You stood up grabbing his hand and he turned around looking surprised.

“I would love to have coffee with just Luke.” He smiled and squeezed your hand tighter as the two of you walked off the bus.

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And then you stand face to face to the ones that saved your life. This man really means the world to me.
I never thought that I’ll ever get the chance to meet them.
It was unimaginable, we went into the room & then I saw them, I just thought “oh my god this can’t be real, they are not real - omg they are real! No this can’t be real, I am dreaming”
It felt like a dream, I always saw them in videos and photos you know and then you stand face to face to your heroes. I just stand there, I was so speechless, I couldn’t say a thing. (The whole story of the meet and greet would be too long but they all are so nice)
Austin realized that I can’t believe this, he went to me, smiled and hugged me, I swear, Austin Carlile gives definitely the best hugs :D
He talked to me and I showed him my tattoo (a compass, an anchor, a steering wheel and a sailing boat and under it there is “live and love” in the same font as Austin has it on his fingers) He looked at me, smiled and said “wow that’s awesome, I really love it, is it your only tattoo?” I showed him my other tattoo, it’s from sleeping with sirens- ‘don’t give up because you’re losing’, his reaction was so sweet - “what a beautiful quote, I really love your tattoos” words can’t describe how I felt when Austin looked and smiled at me, the way he looked at me oh my god I can’t describe this feeling. After signig all the posters from other fans he went to me again he took my phone and said “let’s make some cute selfies” (we took about 10 selfies and Alan photobombed nearly all of them 😂) then I gave him the book that I made for them he looked at it, opened it and started to smile like an idiot - he looked at me and said “thank you so much, I promise you I’ll read it okay? Thank you! I love it”, he hugged me and thanked me again.
Thank you Austin, thank you so much for saving me, for giving me so much hope - thank you for everything you’ve done for me the last years.
You are my hero, my life saver - you mean the world to me!
How are you even real?
Thank you. ❤️