wow he has ruined my life

  • Mark: Jackson and Jinyoung stan because he says he can't choose, Youngjae is his bias wrecker
  • Jaebum: Youngjae is The Love Of His Life. His Ultimate Bias. Doesn't know much about the other members and doesn't care. Youngjae is love, Youngjae is life. Yells at Mark when he tries to swerve into his lane cuz Youngjae is His Man.
  • Jackson: stans all of them. They are his precious sons. He would really die for them
  • Jinyoung: says he doesn't know who they are. Has a secret blog. Cries at their concerts.
  • Youngjae: stans coco.
  • Bambam: Jackson stan.He's the most beautiful thing in the universe, nothing and nobody can compare to Jackson in his eyes.
  • Yugyeom: Has three blogs dedicated to jinyoung, shows up to every fan meet up/signing/hi touch and concert just for Jinyoung. Cries at 3 am about Jinyoung. "Wow you must really love Jinyoung." "What are you talking about? I hate him. He ruined my life."

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Wow, some of his fans really need to get a grip. The dastardly DK is RUINING NR's life!!! There are rumors of a scandal that some Jan chick knows. And everyone wants Jan to dm them!!!! My god, does NR know what he has started????? Jan, dm me!!! Lol....


Life is Strange - Episode Three
  • Chloe: I dare you to kiss me!
  • Max: *kisses Chloe*
  • Me: Haha! Surprise bitch! Bet you didn't think I would do it!
  • Chloe: Oh wow! I guess I better text Warren then and tell him he has no chance.
  • Me: ⊙_⊙
  • Me: Fuck! Fuck! Rewind! Rewind! Fuck! I'm sorry Warren! I love you more! I swear! Fuck! REWIND!