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luckiedee wanted some distraction and i was trying to help so… here have a first time meeting thingy! 

To say Kurt was embarrassed would have been an understatement.

Dating since he got to New York hadn’t gone well. One would think in a city that size, there would be multitudes of eligible men for him to flirt around with, and at least one that he wouldn’t mind getting a bit further than flirting. Yet everyone he’d come across had been… not right.

Maybe he was picky, maybe he was being too hard on everyone, but there was something to turn him off of anyone he’d thought about. Cologne too strong, weird way of tucking in his shirt, too loud of a laugh, a smile that was probably perfectly find but made him uneasy - there was always something. But despite that, he refused to give up hope, which was why he’d let his roommate talk him into getting one of those apps on his phone where there was swiping and judging based on first impressions and wow it seemed so shallow but there he was.

There he was, sitting at a table for two in a nice restaurant, all by himself.

His date more than half an hour late.

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i’m having war flashbacks from 2012 and this video is the culprit of it all

a story

so i went to my tiny local organic market before my run today and guess who suddenly turned an aisle and graced me, a mere mortal, with her radiant presence?


i nearly dropped my bananas when i saw her face

like literal next-level human beauty and grace in regular gym clothes as if she was a normal person??????

it’s a tiny little place, this market, and the two of us were being helped by the same shop man. so at one point we were pretty much side by side. and i knew i wouldn’t forgive myself if i didn’t at least say hi so i introduced myself and told her i was a HUGE fan. 

so she thanks me and then she apologizes??? she was like “sorry, i’m trying to be healthy” while holding up all her purchases for me to see and i was like “same!” while pointing to my running outfit and bananas and THEN she proceeds to tell me very intimate details about her body and i’m like 

please jaimie alexander. are you seriously just dumping all of this information about your bowels to a random stranger in the checkout line???

and then she asks me “are you a comic con person” and i’m like “sure!” and then she talked about how she has to fly over to san diego and be there tomorrow and i said i only go to the new york one so we talk about new york comic con in october and her new show that’s shooting in the city etc etc etc and i’m like

please jaimie alexander. continue talking to me about your personal schedule while i stare at your gorgeous face you’re so pretty oh god

and then at the end of our conversation she asks me what my name was again and i tell her and she goes “you’re very cute”