wow have babies

Is it just me or

do toads give off this weird smell sometimes because I’ve noticed such to be true my whole life handling them. ❔❗⁉❓


2 beautiful cuties ♡ ♡ ♡ close-up perfection

Off the top of my head, this is what 2017 has brought us so far:
  • Gay
  • Weekly date nights
  • Spoiling each other with expensive gifts, them rich hoes
  • Dogbaiting galore
  • Housebaiting galore
  • Oh and kidbaiting galore
  • Gay
  • Near-death experiences that are basically their apartment trying to kick them out i.e. housebaiting from non-sentient beings galore
  • Two AP and two DINOF videos
  • Six DAPG videos (wtf????? who are these people???)
  • Dan’s disgustingly fond birthday tweet to Phil
  • Japhanbaiting
  • le Hobbit Hair
  • A lot of gay
  • Hibernation where they cuddled up and watched Planet Earth 2 in Phil’s bed together #goals
  • Dan going with Phil to see his family at the Isle of Man for his birthday even though it was specifically a family birthday #goals
  • Basically multiple confirmations that DnP are family
  • All their domestic moments that they obnoxiously tweet about all the time (we get it, okay? You two are in love, now stop making us third-wheel)
  • Weekly liveshows
  • Fond mentions of each other in said live-shows
  • “Gaykery” + the basic confirmation that they don’t go anywhere separately
  • Tweets and photos from Phil’s birthday week (their seaside walks were romantic af, fight me)
  • Did I mention gay?
  • More <3 eyes, touching and flirting
  • “Life things” and the general promise of a more chilled year i.e. focusing on their lives and YT more
  • Phangate theories being dragged by DnP themselves, who apparently find Phanti funnier than Phan (suspicious much?)
  • Dan playing piano in a liveshow and making a piano video
  • Dan basically getting Phil, among many things, a signed picture of a naked dude in a bathtub for his birthday… Hetero who?
  • Dan said he might wear a single earring??? PLEASE SENPAI
  • Photos where they either look soft/squishy af (i.e. Dan) or daddy/sexy af (i.e. Phil)
  • Lots of talk about penises and parenting
  • Phil predicted a year of “domestic happiness”, “fertility” and other things i.e. let’s just assume that not one single non-sentient being is Phanti
  • Our beautiful babies being happy and smiley and in love
  • Oh and gay

…this was just off the top of my head…

…and it’s only the 12th of February…

…there have been more cute moments in a month and a half than the whole of 2012, ‘13, and ‘14 combined…

…2017 truly is the year, guys.


Endless list of favorite characters | 9/∞
↳ Sasuke Uchiha

❝  I don’t look to the future anymore. Only the past.  ❞

okokok i can’t stop thinking about early gaalee rn like lee being really clingy and crap bc that’s how he is with everyone and gaara’s getting more comfortable being around people in general but neither of them really get ‘normal people boundaries’ for entirely different reasons so gaara’s going off lee for reference and kinda… trynna keep up with what he’s doing and being all ‘do people always hug this much ok whatevs’ and lee’s super happy that he’s not being told to piss off basically bc he’s JUST SUPER AFFECTIONATE OK but yeah like even tenten needs to tell him to lay off the contact sometimes (tho tbh sometimes gaara still gets overwhelmed tho so they need to break it up for a while) but gaara’s got no previous experience with what ‘normal people boundaries’ are, so this is normal friend shit to him now and he starts liking it and lee starts liking it more too and they’re finding excuses to get closer and to anyone this would be super obvious what’s happening but they’re both kinda socially immature or stunted or whatever so gaara will be literally in lee’s lap and ppl are like ‘…um.’ but they’re just like ‘what this is what friends do we’re friends now’ and holding hands everywhere and when they visit eachother they sleep in each others beds and cling to each other in groups n shit

basically they are the last people to realise they’re dating and i love it

as requested from this post, have some dancing stucky ;u;

reserve i know its not fanart but i hope this is an acceptable substitute?

mood: Chani meeting Astro in the Japan airport after KCon Japan and yelling “BINNIE HYUNG!!” at Moon Bin & Youngbin getting hella jealous then going on vlive a week later still bitter