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One of the first things Taylor Swift did after moving from Nashville to her sprawling two-story penthouse in New York’s Tribeca was cover a wall of her den with framed, blown-up Polaroids of the most important people in her life. “This is when me and Karlie first met,” she says, pointing to a picture of her grinning and hugging model Karlie Kloss backstage at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where Kloss walked the runway in pink underwear and giant psychedelic wings and Swift performed with Fall Out Boy. The caption, handwritten in Sharpie, reads BEST FRIENDS FOREVER VS2013 and feels rather prescient given how close the two have become over the past year or so, with a road trip to Big Sur (dreamily documented on Instagram), restaurant outings, shopping excursions, sleepovers, texting marathons, ModelFit and SoulCycle sessions, and a second joint VS outing late last year in London, where, as the pair walked side by side down the runway in black lace, they exchanged “Can you believe this?!” grins—two friends on top of the world.

  • nt: those poor little Mentally Ill people just need a little kindness!! i know when i talk to them and make sure theyre never left alone, i make their dismal pitiful lives a little brighter. and being such a Nice Person makes me feel good about myself too!!!
  • me: every time youve spoken to me i fantasized about beating you up
Dean Ambrose ~ Hall of Fame

Wow.” Dean turned around, soaking in my appearance. I felt like I was going to prom.

“Wow yourself, Ambrose.” My boyfriend looked good in a suit.

“These are for you.” He kissed my lips softly, aware of my lipstick and handed me a beautiful bouquet.

At the ceremony

“(Y/N)!” Nikki pulled herself out of John’s embrace and ran over to me. “You look absolutely stunning!” “Hmmm. Doesn’t she?” Dean nuzzled against my ear.

Hall of Fame was basically like the Grammys for us WWE Superstars. It was the one night were we could break kayfabe and be ourselves, dress up and interact genuinely with one another. It was fun.

Hey pretty baby with the high heels on.” Galina sang to me, Roman shaking his head at her. We engaged in small talk while our husbands/boyfriends stood on the side in their own little conversation.

“You’re presenting tonight, (Y/N)?” John slipped his arms over Nikki’s shoulders. I nodded in response to his question. “How’re you feeling about that kid?” Roman looked at me concerned.

The entire locker room knew that I could NOT do formal speeches. I would sweat or stutter or both. Perform in a ring – sure. Do promos – sure. Interviews – sure. Hiding behind my character - that was easy. Formal speeches? Gowns? Myself? No.

I gulped. “I’m nervous. I mean I have the Shawn Michaels presenting with me. So that’s pretty major.” I fiddled with the embroidery on my waist. “But that’s amazing! Like that’s such an honor!” Nikki rubbed my arm, trying to reassure me. Her attempts were failing and Dean could see it.

“Guys don’t scare her. You look good. Now you need to feel good. C’mon let’s get you a drink and then get you backstage.” Stephanie joined our little circle of conversation, giving them all serious looks before turning to smile at me. “Alright. I’ll see you guys in a bit.” I pecked Dean and gave a little wave to the rest of the group before walking off with Steph.

On Stage (His POV)

“She looks so beautiful.” I heard Natalya whisper in front of me. “That’s your girl man!” Kevin Owens put his hands on my shoulders, giving them a tight squeeze. He was seated behind me. The smile on my face just grew as i watched my girlfriend. She can do this.

(Y/N) and Shawn walked towards the podium and everyone went wild. They looked incredible. I couldn’t take my eyes off (Y/N), she was glowing.

Their speech was a success. She did way better than i had expected her to - to be quite honest. I couldn’t even hear nor see any signs of nervousness from (Y/N). Which was really surprising since everyone knew how timid and anxious she gets.

I sneaked out of my seat and told Roman that I would be right back. I went to wait for her backstage. She walked behind the curtain and hugged me, I shook Shawn’s Hand, while still holding her in my embrace. Oh now I could feel it – (Y/N) was trembling. “How did you compose yourself on stage?” I pulled her arms to create distance between our bodies, forcing her to look at me. I looked into her eyes , sort of searching for her secret. She giggled.

“Vodka.” Shawn raised his glass from the side. “I should’ve known.” I smirked down at (Y/N).

Week 21: Water

Technically, I captured this shot on Sat night but going for it anyways!  With the sun setting and this lady working a rod like I’ve never seen before I thought what a great silhouette this would make so out came the camera.  What amazed me was capturing the spray coming off her line as she whipped it out with the hopes of hooking into a lunker.

Canon EOS70D with 100-400L IS USM - Focal Length 400mm

1/1600 sec at f/10 ISO400

Couple of “others” to be posted separately…

Hall of fame shot there @bmrider69! Just…wow… - RK
Romanogers Fanfiction Recommendations

Fanfics/writers appreciation list.
I am a reader of the many romanogers fanfiction online. Here are some of my favorites. Read them if you have time and support the awesome writers!

WRITER: InNeedOfInspiration 
This one’s works never fails to tug my heart. One of the best story-tellers in the fandom ;)

Title: Just a Blast From the Past
Why I love this: This is probably one of the most creative stories in the Romanogers fandom. If you are into time travel and 1940′s timeline this one’s for you!

‘I don’t get attached to people,’ she hissed. 'It’s in my nature. Don’t try to fight it.’ A deep frown rose across his forehead. 'You’ll be better off without me.You can’t see it yet, but trust me, you don’t want to go down that road,’ she said. 'You have to let me go, Steve.’

Title:   A Bolt From the Blue
Why I love this: Sequel of Just a Blast from the Past from Steve’s POV. Reading this always makes me laugh. I love all the banters between Nat, Steve and Bucky.  

“And who was she to him?” she said softly. “To Steve?” Bucky watched her knowingly, his long pause betraying his answer.“I think you figured it out long ago,” he said.

WRITER: @chalantness
Basically everything this writer makes is a piece of gold, but some of my favorites from her works are:

Title:  my end, my beginning 
Why I love this: Soul-mate AU, need I say more?

 Title:  I Think I’ve Got It Right
Why I love this: One of the most heartwarming romanogers stories there is. I fell in love with her James and Tatiana so much. 

WRITER: @heyfrenchfreudiana
One of the first few writers I fangirled about inside the Romanogers fandom. She’s beyond words amazing!  

Title: Muscle Memory
Why I love this: The plot is insanely insane as both the main characters are confused and lost. I can’t wait how everything will unfold as the story goes on. 

Title:  Sea Glass
Why I love this: This story is one of my top favorite fic ever from ALL the fandoms I am supporting. You are literally missing something great in your life if you don’t read this one. Ready some tissues for your tears! 

“ The kind of words Natasha hadn’t known she’d needed until he’d said them, until they were sealed tight in her heart. Little seeds of love and desire and patience, but maybe most importantly acceptance, planted in ground that she’d thought was solid rock. All of those doubts magically washed away, as if the rain had done more than chill her to her bones. “

WRITER:  myloveiamthespeedofsound
If you are up to some emotional roller-coaster stories or the table flipping feels. You should check out this writer’s stories. I’m not even kidding, her plots are just right in the feels!

Title:  Poison & Wine
Why I love this: I did say table-flipping feels right? Go on and try this.

Title:  This Love
Why I love this: I can’t even count how many times this story had made me cry and it’s not even complete! 

“ Every half remembered dream, every what if and maybe.  All wrapped up in an image on his screen and God how it hurt  in some soul crushing way that he had never thought possible.  How hard it was to see that moment but not have been a part of it.“

Title:  Need the Sun to Break
Why I love this: Ahhhh, the in denial love stage. Also a WIP.

WRITER:  atlasky
This one is also in my romanogers fanfic best story-tellers hall of fame because wow did this one writes so much emotion one heart can handle.

Title:   Façade
Why I love this: This Mr. and Ms. Smith AU is just asdfghjkhfakhfaj (what I can’t describe it in words XD ). This is Natasha and Steve battling over their emotional wreckage. 
“I have always been a murderer and a liar; and I have a feeling you haven’t always been a liar, so this is the core root of the problem: you need to accept that you were just as bad and you’ve known it all along. Maybe not the murderer part, but definitely the liar thing. Because here is your guilt acting out, and frankly, it’s getting tiring.”  

WRITER:  mckayla (steveromanov)
Her works are one of the first multichaptered fics I read in the Romanogers fandom. This one also drowns readers in feels. 

Title:  Frostbite
Why I love this: Because I am a lover of slow-build AU’s. I completely fell in love with this story <3
“This time, the question didn’t make her angry. This time, it didn’t make her feel sick. No, this time, it made her feel safe. She was warm and happy, unwilling to move from Steve’s arms. She was more than okay. She felt great—greater than she had been in a long time. She felt…She felt loved.”

WRITER: @thegraytigress
One of my most favorite writers of all time. She makes 10+k words per chapter in each of her stories just to capture the emotions of the characters. This one also gives the most beautiful plots inside the Romanogers fandom. I am an avid fan ever since I discovered her gold works. Check out her stories now! 

Title:  Heart of the Storm
Why I love this: This one is probably the biggest series in the fandom (1million words and counting!). It started with  Red Rain and now has a total of 6 stories in it (prequel and sequels) and still kicking so much as*! I lost count how many times this one made me cry with its happiness, whump and everything in between feels. 

Title:  The Sexy Misadventures of Agents Romanoff and Rogers
Why I love this: because “ Who says work can’t be fun? “

Title:  Stay
Why I love this: This isn’t your typical fanfiction. This is Natasha and Steve facing their past and emotions like I have never read before. This is too much pain but also a bundle of hope. Seriously, go read this. 

WRITER:  LeoTheAvengingLioness333

Title:  Our Time In The Dark
Why I love this: This story will always have a soft spot in my heart just because. This one is too good to be true, also a 1940′s AU jumping to present. I have been following this story for the longest timeeeeeeeeee. This is beautiful I swear. Do yourselves a favor and read it. 

WRITER:  @ym4yum1  
I love the maturity in all of this writer’s stories. 

Title:   Chris Crush
Why I love this: A series of movie times in the lives of Natasha and Steve. Some sense of normalcy (almost!) in their crazy worlds. 

WRITER: Lovedrr

Title:  Paradise
Why I love this: This story has also one of the most unique plot lines there is. It was kind of cut short in the end but I loved it anyways. This is awesomely written and is very mysterious. 

WRITER:  singalellaby

Title: How the Light Gets In 
Why I love this: I think I said beautiful too many times in this blog post but that’s what best describes this story. This is perfection. All written from Steve’s blind perspective. This is one of the stories that has totally left a mark in my mind and heart. I re-read this a lot of times.  

“ He can see what solace a woman taught from birth to shroud herself in inscrutability might find in the company of a blind man “ 

WRITER: @saranoh
This writer has created a whole series for the Romanogers fandom to love. She created Nadia Rogers <3

Title:  Nadiaverse 
Why I love this: This is also a series telling the story of Nadia Rogers, a girl born from ‘Wishes and Nightmares’. I love Natasha as a mother to no end. I miss this series so much! 

WRITER:  t0bemadeofglass

This author writes the best medieval AU’s not necessarily pure romanogers but they are there.

Title:  Man Made Madness and the Romance of Sadness
Why I love this: This one is not totally pure Romanogers. It is also part Loki/Natasha. I loved this fic so much because of its tragic ending, not the usual ones we read and the minds of the characters are so twisted you won’t even guess what happens next. This is medieval AU, and it is too amazing! 

“For all your words and your confessions and your passion, you know you don’t love me.  Perhaps you love the idea of me, perhaps my body, or even it’s my ability to empathize with you and what has happened, but you don’t love me.”

I am sure there’s a lot more gorgeous stories and great writers I’m not remembering right now. Let’s give these writers salute for all their hard works. I am sincerely wishing you all the good things in life! Thank you all for giving us these pieces of art, I personally appreciate you all a lot! <3 xoxo


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