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The New Girl

Summary: You’re the new girl in school, and you take special interest in Jackson.

Genre: Fluff, angst, comedy

Length: 1895

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You walked into school with your dark skinny jeans, tight, low-cut tank top, and your studded leather jacket. Even though it was only your first day at the new school, you felt like you owned the place with how everyone turned their heads to watch you walk in. You could already hear the whispers and the rumors spreading about why you had transferred to school in the middle of the semester, but none of them were right.

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Quinn ran up to Josie’s room “Hey Jose, check out what Harley did to my hair, isn’t it cool?”  

“Oh wow, that is so cool, it looks great on you!” Replied Josie “Have you shown dad yet?’

Ah.. no I’m kind of scared to…” admitted Quinn “He’s kind of old fashion sometimes, he’ll probably hate it!”

Well… I think we’re about to find out..” Said Josie as Elliott walked in the door.

The ten commandments should have a reality tv show to be honest. I want all of them shit talking each other behind each other’s backs. Like everyone calling Zeldris an emo fuck and him being blissfully unaware and thinking he’s so cool.

Fuller House Starters. (Part 1)
  • “In a bare-knuckled fight Elvis destroys Bullwinkle every time.”
  • “No wonder your butt was so firm.”
  • “You know what’s weird? (name) is 60 years old and still wearing the same Bugs Bunny Pajamas.”
  • “that accent is really cute… would you please stop doing it.”
  • “(name) sends her love but she’s stuck in New York running her fashion empire.”
  • “We only need to pass two more classes to graduate.”
  • “The best part about college is that we got hella good surfing!”
  • “I’ve gotta get to work. I’ve got a bride and a groom who’s dog swallowed their wedding ring. That’s what you get for making a beagle your best man.”
  • “Damn we all still look good!”
  • “Relax mom, I already know all the bad words: darn, booger and Donald Trump!”
  • “I feel like this is my house too, I was here more than my own home.”
  • “Once again my feet save the day!”
  • “It’s like the circle of life… oh look, and there’s Simba.”
  • “I can’t worry about the things I can’t change.”
  • “It sounds boring– to me. But it’s perfect for you!”
  • “What’s going on in here?”
  • “Nothing!”
  • “There’s kids and grandkids everywhere– and a guy with a woodchuck puppet.”
  • “I love when you talk clean to me.”
  • “Oh hey you guys really dressed up. T-shirts with no holes.”
  • “Right after we graduate college, we’re moving to LA to open out fish taco truck!”
  • “You’re cleaning at housekeeper level!”
  • “Ah ah ah! (name) and I are temporarily separated. I will admit, it does not look good, but my goose is not officially cooked!”
  • “(name) this is a going away party …so, please, go away.”
  • “Yes I made one mistake… many, many times.”
  • “Oh she’s doing great! She’s about to go into labor, but I’m the one putting on all the pregnancy weight.”
  • “Look, (name), I know you’re not ready to start something new, or restart something old, but I want you to know that, when you’re ready, I’m gonna be right here.”
  • “Little weenie?”
  • “Well you’ve gotta remember this was the 70s, when nobody cared about kids getting hurt.”
  • “She ruined my cowboy party! She blew out my candles, she stole my wish –which was for her to leave, and then when she did leave she rode away on the pony ride pony!”
  • “You’re leaving, you’re leaving, you’re leaving, you already left, I hope you’re leaving.”
  • “If every word I said could make you laugh I’d talk forever.”
  • “I’ve been so happy loving you.”
  • “(name) implanted a tiny explosive in my brain. that he can detonate at any moment.”
  • “How dare you!”
  • “And you can start making your own bed too!”
  • “You know it’s funny, I always thought you and me would wind up together.”
  • “Yeah, that’s my other big regret. I lost half my money and half my hair.”
  • “Wow that’s so cool! I’ve always wanted to go to Cleveland!”
  • “I’ve got the answer: just never go to sleep!”
  • “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”
  • “Did you ever get that mole checked out?”
  • “In some odd, sick, twisted way, I may actually miss you.”
  • “You can say it. You love me!”
  • “Wow! That was really– …anti-climactic.”
  • “Okay I’ll… raid the fridge… snoop around… try on some clothes.”
  • “I’m so worried I can’t eat. This has never happened before!”
  • “This is better than Shark Week!”
  • “No! This is my responsibility!”
  • “So that was a yes to the puppy?”
  • “Found one of my missing shirts from 1989! This baby never went out of style.”
  • “For the first time we’re gonna be all on our own.”
  • “I just hope I can give you the beautiful life you deserve.”
  • “Sounds like you guys got this covered. I’ll be in LA if you need me.”
  • “You are entirely too stubborn to ask anyone for help!”
  • “You’ve been there for me my whole life.”
  • “I was the kid no one ever wanted to hang out with– for reasons I’ll never understand.”
  • “You always had my back, so now I’ve got yours.”
  • “I’m gonna be a doggy daddy!! —I’m having palpitations.”

Of course! I’m gonna assume you just want SFW. If you want NSFW, feel free to send another ask! (Since I’m attempting NSFW headcanons now, haha…)

tbh i love both of them and i would marry both of them. oh wow who’s metal lee’s mother? spoiler alert it’s me


-Lowkey loves it when his S/O plays with his hair.

-He’s surprisingly good at doing people’s hair??? He does Hana’s and Hinata’s hair sometimes. He complains, but he actually likes doing it. If his S/O has long hair, he’s gonna braid it.

-Likes having his head in his S/O’s lap. Or having his S/O’s head in his lap. Either one. Bonus points if his S/O plays with his hair/he plays with their hair.

-Boasts about his S/O constantly. “Wow, that’s so cool that _____ can do that! But hey, did you know that (insert S/O’s name) can do that exact same thing except BETTER?” (Of course, he might put it a bit more tactfully, but not by much.)

-He can flirt without trying, but when he tries it’s a disaster.

-Used to try to get all the white dog hair off his black clothes. He was really meticulous about it. But about 2 weeks in, he gave up entirely.

-Tsundere as hell. Not physically violent or anything, but the second someone is like “Hey, do you like (insert person’s name)?” or anything along those lines, he turns bright red and starts yelling “NO I DON’T SHUT UP I’LL KILL YOU.” Or like, “Aw, that’s so sweet, Kiba!” “NO IT ISN’T. UGH. GROSS. WHO DO YOU THINK I AM.” He yells a lot when confronted with Sentimentality™.

Bonus: Akamaru is Kiba’s wing man but he sucks at it. So Kiba tries to get Shino to be his wing man. But Shino sucks at it too.


-His S/O will be his work out buddy. No arguments. Even if they can’t keep up, he’ll still drag them along. His S/O can watch him work out or he’ll use them to work out. Like, he’ll use his S/O as a weight or something.

-Tries to get his S/O to wear The Jumpsuit. No matter how many times they refuse, he will persist.

-Lee has a requirement for himself that he must be holding his S/O’s hand at all times. Unless he’s working out, but even then he might try to hold their hand.

-Constantly praising his S/O on their “youthful glow”, whatever that means.

-Lee is that kind of person who likes cold showers. They help wake him up and they increase his endurance. Just… don’t ask. Let him do his thing.

-He is wild and crazy, but he’s actually really organized and tidy. He needs everything to be symmetrical.

-His S/O gets flowers every time he sees them. EVERY. TIME. Even if he’s caught off guard and the two bump into each other randomly, he will run off at the speed of light and go buy some.

Bonus: Doesn’t believe he needs a wing man, but Tenten likes to be one for him. But Lee really does need a wing man. And Tenten is not the right person for the job.


I’m a 17 year old black girl, and I recently visited Japan for 10 days with a program through my city. Surprisingly, this is my second time visiting Japan, the first time occurring two years ago when I was 14. Both times I went, I was EXTREMELY surprised at how beautiful Japanese people found me. If you’re not aware, Japanese culture adores white skin and straight hair. I’m not light skin and my hair is not straight. I’m more of a brown color and my hair is natural 4b. I learn Japanese in school, and I overheard strangers say “‘Wow, she’s so cute!’ ‘Look at how pretty her skin is’ 'Wow, her hair is so cool!’” I even had guys come up to me and tell me (in super cute English) that they like me and that I’m really pretty! I’m telling you guys this because there’s this whole thing that black women aren’t considered pretty in other cultures, and it’s really not true. PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAASE don’t you EVER think that your beauty is dimmed by the color of your skin, because it’s Really. Not. True. Your brown is beautiful. BONUS: Shoutout to any black K-Pop fans that worry how Korea/Asia may view black girls.