wow guys look i did my first edit

Wow. Never in a million years did I think when I posted my first edit that people would like my art so much. And that I would meet such cool people! I just hit 200+ followers, my notes are going bonkers, I can’t contain my excitement. And I’d like to share some love. So, today I’m giving you guys:


olicityalways Because she hosted the first contest I entered, and she picked my icon. I still have to look twice when I see it pop up on my dashboard. Also, she’s awesome, hilarious, the all-caps queen and if you’re not following her already: what are you doing?

supersillyanddorky06 She put an ask in my inbox for a request, one thing led to the other and by the time 3x20 aired we were fangirl screaming in ALL CAPS in each other’s mailboxes. She’s fucking awesome. And she writes fanfiction. Which gets occasionally smutty. You might have heard about “The Phoenix”. Read it and enjoy. You’re welcome.

aubvi sharingmyworld They are cool people, the tags they leave when they reblog my stuff make me feel fucking awesome and I’m a part of a project they’re doing, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

thecolourpurpleinafield  mindylu32 felicitysmoakisaqueen shannyfishwriter 1forall0allfor1  and so many other people, who leave amazing comments and tags on my posts. I read every single one of them and I smile like a huge dork every time. Thank you!!

Some people who deserve the follow-forever-why-are-you-not-following-them label:

jbuffyangel Because, DUH. Jen has the ultimate Arrow/Olicity fandom blog. She’s the first blog I rush to, to go read her metas and reviews. When she reblogged my first Olicity edit, I had a minor (AHUM MAJOR) heart attack. 

Other than Jen there are 3 other people I rush to go read their reviews instantly: ah-maa-zing agirlandhershows and olicity-i-believe-in-you. It’s something that has become kind of a ritual and it’s made my Arrow experience even better. I don’t need to explain how awesome The Quiver is and I LOVE Olicity – From Private to Public Display of Affection. And BONUS, they are super nice people! Not following them? What are you doing with your life?!

flash-smoak-and-arrows Have you seen her art?! GO FOLLOW HER!

fe-li-ci-ty Because her edits are the wet dream of what I would want mine to look like. I’m in complete awe of her. 

And these bunch of awesome people who have quality blogs:

sentence-fragments, olicitykisses, truelovealwayssurvives, skylicity, lieutenantsmoak, arrows-and-fairytales, smoakandarrow, swanwithwifi, solicity97, amellthirst, callistawolf, arrows-and-fairytales, xxwhispererofhopesxx, my-heart-belongs-to-olicity

I know 100% sure I’m forgetting people. Conclusion is: Arrow fandom is one awesome fandom to be a part of. Season 3 has been the first one I’ve been able to watch live. Your blogs have ALL made that experience all the more awesome. Thank you! I can’t wait for the last three episodes of the season!