wow guys look at her

make me choose

corazson asked: hancock or robin?


@masseffxt , you rock for these outstanding portraits of the girls <3 thank you thank you thank yooouuuuu!!!!
Izzy/Isadore shepard on the right, angry sentinel commander that likes to smash and make things go boom!
Amber LoveHeart on the left, awkward turian mechanic who was raised and adopted by humans, angry drunk that loves to build spacebikes. Honestly, its like you’ve been drawing turians all your life! Thank you thank yoouuuu!!!

*psssttt, guys, look at the adorable detail on ambers shirt ; ; too cuuuuute ; ;

It looks like the producers finally got something right this season. I thought Santorini and V-Fest in Aus were great, but this is– damn near perfect.  Now, if someone could show me to the tents and send me off in the direction of Matty Healy, that’d be fantastic–…