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BTS’ Hyung Line’s Reaction to Meeting Their Transgender Boyfriend’s Transphobic Parents

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After you told him about the way they reacted when you came out, he already had low respect for them. He wasn’t thrilled when they asked to meet him, but it was reasonable of them; he was dating their son after all.

Seokjin would answer questions they threw at him bluntly, avoid eye contact as much as possible and try not to show whether he was happy or annoyed. The quicker he could get out of here and take you home to a loving and safe environment, the better. 

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“Wow, we’re happy to finally meet our daughter’s boyfriend!”

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“What?” Yoongi would turn to you with a confused look on his face, then back to your parents.

“Y/N is a guy. He’s not your daughter, he’s your son. Do you even realise how calling Y/N your ‘daughter’ makes him feel?” Yoongi would start to get heated, genuinely upset that your own parents weren’t addressing you correctly.


“Ah, it was so lovely to meet you, Hoseok! Oh - and don’t worry about the little phase Y/N is going through with the short hair and boys clothes. I’m sure she’ll be over it soon enough, haha,” Your dad laughed while shaking hands with Hoseok.

His face turned sour and disgusted, and he quickly retracted his hand from your father’s. 

“Um, it’s not a ‘phase’. Are you fucking stupid? Do you really think he’d go through all of this if it was ‘just a phase’? You know what, I don’t even want to be having this conversation because if you have mindset like that you don’t even deserve my time. We’ll be leaving now. Bye.”

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

He couldn’t fathom why your parents were being so ignorant. There was nothing wrong with transgender people, they weren’t evil creatures to be feared - Namjoon wondered why your parents treated them, and more specifically you, in this way.

Every time they said something transphobic, you could feel his hand grip your own tighter. His eyes turned dark as he rubbed his other hand soothingly up and down your side. He could tell how shitty hearing this was making you feel. 

But through it all Namjoon decided to keep his mouth shut. He didn’t want to start a fight or display his anger to them - this would only end up worse for you. 

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- angus  ♡ ♡ ♡

Him Accidentally Run Into You Changing (HP Preferences)

Preferences #1

You were changing your clothes in your dorm when he ran into you by accident.


Harry Potter

“Y/n, quick, let’s go to dinner!” Harry shouted as he opened the door.


“Wow you look- I mean- uh I’m so sorry.”

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Ron Weasley

“Hey y/n did you see my- holy mother of Merlin-

“Get out!”

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Draco Malfoy

“Y/n? You there?” His face suddenly changed into a wide grin when he saw you. “Nice body." 

You threw a pillow at him and screamed, "Draco Malfoy! I suggest you get out now!”

“Not in a million year.”

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George & Fred Weasley

“Oh dang.” One of the redheads said, you weren’t sure which twin it was.

“Oh Merlin.” The other said.


“You don’t mind us staying for a while do you, y/n?” They both smirked.

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Remus Lupin

“Oh I’m so sorry y/n!” Remus’s cheek darkened as soon as he saw you.

“Uh! It’s okay.”


“Um.. Why are you still here?”

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Sirius Black


“Sirius! Do you mind?!”

“Just what I wanted to see. Since you already got your shirt off, might as well take off the rest?” A smirk appeared on Sirius’s smug face.

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James Potter

“Ah y/n, if you wanted me to see this you should have told me. Why bother planning it to look like an accident?” James teased you while looking away.

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thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it :P that wink from johnson tho

you can always request imagines & ask questions, here // masterlist

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The most striking thing about Papyrus (aside from his limitless positivity) is the fact that it is literally impossible to die in a fight against him. Even Toriel, who starts purposefully missing you once your health gets low enough, can accidentally kill you, but Papyrus? It is literally impossible. Papyrus has incredible control over his power! Wow, what a great and impressive skeleton. And, even though he could probably deal some legit damage to you on the murder run, his only action is to spare you, because he’s heckin worried about this little emotionless murder child.

A lot of people like swap aus where Sans is the one that dies and Papyrus is forced to shed his naivete and face you going all-out, which makes sense, but also, Papyrus is just so. Papyrus. I feel like if Papyrus had to be the final murder-run boss, it’d be more like, “After losing Sans, the world seems like a different place. I can’t imagine what you must’ve gone through for you to see the world the way you do.”

He only has one attack, but it’s a really long one and powerful one (kind of like Sans’ before his ‘special attack’), plus he talks during it, which would be pretty distracting. whenever he gets your hp down to 1, combat automatically stops and you’re ejected back into the judgement room. if you try to talk to him without healing, he’ll just say you’re too hurt - a gust of wind could knock you over! after you heal at the conveniently placed save point and go back to fight him, he has stuff to say about how you don’t have to be alone, you don’t have to do this, you might think there isn’t any good in you and it’s too late to change, but there is and it isn’t! After a few of those, he’ll talk about Undyne and Sans, and they always tried to help him, even when they thought he wouldn’t notice. He’s got a ton of stories about that. After he says his piece there’s an option to either fight or don’t fight, and every time you pick fight he looks disappointed, but he goes all out. He’s always able to be spared.

if you survive his attack, he goes down in one hit. his last words would probably be an apology, even though he tried really hard he still couldn’t show you a better path

Wanted You All Day (Tom Holland x Reader)

Could I please have an imagine, where the reader wears like slightly shorter than usual dresses on that specific day at a party with everyone, and it’s been getting on Tom’s nerves and once they’re back home, he’s just like ‘Such an innocent face and nobody could guess what you were up to.’ Basically she’s teasing him very subtly and he reacts in a very strong dominant and hot way. I love your blog by the way :) hope you can write this

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When you walked out of the bathroom with your dress on, your boyfriend Tom had to wipe his mouth to make sure he didn’t drool a bit because you looked… wow. Your tight black dress showed off your all your curves and your heels made your legs look even longer. You smirked and tried to hold back a giggle at his expression before saying, “Hey Tommy, do you think I look okay?” He smiled, stood up, and sauntered over to you. “You look amazing, Love.” His arm reached out towards your waist but you walked past him before his hand made contact, your hips swaying more than normal in a teasing manner. “Come on,” you ordered while picking up your purse and leaving the room, hips swaying.

At the party Tom couldn’t keep his eyes off you, unluckily for him, nobody else could either. As you spoke to others around the two of you, your hand either stroked Tom’s arm or rested low on his hips. You danced with your girls in a seemingly innocent manner but the shifting of your hips side to side, tempted Tom to leave his conversation to join you. When talking with Tom, your voice was teasing, words chosen carefully to make him squirm. If you were going to sit down, you chose to sit on Tom’s lap, fidgeting every once in a while to turn him on even more. Overall, your boyfriend had a hard time trying to conceal what you’d given him (if you know what I mean).

Later that night when you were leaving, you made sure that you weren’t alone with Tom, suggesting you give your friend a ride home. He reluctantly agreed and drove your friend home, who you then accompanied to the door. “I could’ve walked here myself, I’m not that drunk,” she told you jokingly. “I know,” you told her, “I’ve been teasing Tom all night and I didn’t want to end it too soon,” you admitted. Your friend giggled before responding in a teasing manner, “You naughty, naughty girl. I’ll see you later and you have to tell me all about it.” You laughed before nodding, and walked back to the car. “What was so funny?” Tom asked when you got back. You shrugged before turning on the radio and looking out the window.

The trip back to the apartment you shared with Tom took half the time it should’ve, but you pretended not to notice. The elevator ride was filled with awkward tension before you broke it with your voice. “I’m tired. Gonna head to bed when I get in.” Tom’s body suddenly crowded around you, his hand pressed against the elevator wall behind you. Your breathing grew rapidly but you tried to cover it with a cough. He kissed you hard while pinning your arms above your head. You never wanted it to end.

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 His lips went to your neck; nipping and sucking at the skin below your chin. “You,” he said between kisses, “have been teasing… all… day.” You nodded as you moaned, his knee coming up between your thighs. His face left your body to say, “Such an innocent face so nobody could guess what you were up to.” And with that, you were putty in his hands.

[Magazine] To The New World of Love: Groom-to-be Q&A

From  Otomedia 2015 June Issue
scanned by kurukurumaki


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“As long as I get YES for an answer, I’m willing to take the challenge and propose in any way! (unless it’s scary or if it hurts) But if I am to propose in my own style… I’ll probably just do it casually without being too stiff and formal, like usual!”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“Well~ I want a ceremony that’s wow and glamourous, yay yay and lots of fun, and with lots and lots of delicious food! ”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Germany, of course!  He’s just too straight-laced… eh, wait, nooo your face is too scary stop glaring at me like thatttt!!! (cry)”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“Since it’s about two people making an important decision for their lives, I’d like to organize it properly by first making an appointment with my partner and dressing in formal clothes.  The location… should be somewhere indoor, so it won’t become affected by the weather.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“I’m not particularly picky about it, but I think it’s a good idea to have a solemn ceremony in a church.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Probably… Japan. The fact that he’s attracted to those who aren’t in the same dimension as him… tldr”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I have a strong yearning for a love confession under a Tree of Legend.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“A traditional Japanese Shinto wedding ceremony in Kimono would be lovely.  It’s about time I become more serious with developing technologies that will bring my bride out of the computer screen.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“It would be terribly rude of me to answer such a question… I am very sorry but I cannot answer that.”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I think it’d be rather nice and romantic to propose on a ship, while reminiscing the glorious Age of Discovery.”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“A grand wedding ceremony full of majesty and style of the Great Britain Empire.  After vowing eternal love to each other at the cathedral, I would like to hold a splendid wedding reception at the Buckingham Palace Ballroom.”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“He’s not one of the five guys here, but France.  Because he’s naked.”


- In what kind of situation would you propose?
“I want my proposal to be during Superbowl halftime or right in front of Times Square with national tv live stream, it sounds like fun and a total blast!”

- How would you like your wedding ceremony to be?
“I just want it to be something cool!  Maybe we can combine all the resources and technology of NASA and have a wedding on the moon?”

- Out of the five of you, who do you think is the least likely to get married?
“Hmm… probably England? He becomes too obsessed with everything he does, so he can be too overbearing.”


“I mean, pasta isn’t that hard to cook right?” Shawn’s body moved closer to the camera; eyes roaming over the screen and taking in the heart warming comments sent in by his supporters.
“Thanks! I love you too” he answered a few more questions and continued to tell his fans he loved them before his eyes zeroed in on one comment in particular.
“What? Y/N’s in here?” He self consciously ran his hand through his hair, oh god! Why hadn’t he made more of an effort for this stream?
“oh wow, haha, this is-uh, I’m nervous now an don’t know what to say, how embarrassing!” His face grew flushed and he was shocked at how nervous he had become; get it together Shawn!
You wrote your own comment and sent it in, the words flashing up and standing out to the very embarrassed boy.
‘I hope you can cook more than just pasta, I want a mouth watering meal for our first date’
His face grew redder but his laughter was loud and his embarrassment was fading away. Cook for you? On a DATE? He definitely wouldn’t mind that.

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“Can you take away all of your attention from those messy gingerbread people and help me with this god awful house?” You yelled over your shoulder at Peter, Who was trying to perfect the few cookies you made with the scrap dough of the Gingerbread house.

“I’m sure you’ll live.” He mumbled, Eyes fixated of his work. “Gingerbread people are very serious and need all my love and care.”  You groaned in response, Going over and poking his face to get his help. 

“Our gingerbread house is just sad, It’ll take more than one person and a freaking miracle to help it.” You pointed to the frosting covered building that was falling apart as you watched. M&Ms falling off the roof, And the door of it slowly sinking into the house. 

“Wow, You really suck at making gingerbread things, Huh?” Peter Couldn’t hold back a laugh, Covering his mouth to muffle it. You stuck your tongue out at him, Dabbing a bit of frosting on his nose. 

“This is also your fault! Don’t put all the blame on me!” You raised your hands in defense. “Awe, You’re cute when you have frosting on your face.”  You commented, Giggling as his face turns a flushed pink. He quickly wiped the frosting off with his sleeve. 

“I-I…. I um.” He stuttered. “Thanks?” A light smile appearing on his face. He did look really cute. 

“Welcome.” You smirked, Grabbing his hand and leading him to the other table. “Now let’s fix this thing before it crumbles!”

living with jimin

- having the house neat 24/7 with the beds always done and your clothes always neatly folded next to his clothes

- always losing your stuff but jimin somehow knows exactly where to find them all wow boyfriend much

- having him sing to you all the time, especially to sleep, and seeing frustrated jimin every now and then who throws a fit

- stealing his hoodies and putting on his rings “look jimin your rings fit me perfectly” him singing the wedding march song and slipping more rings on your hand while spinning you around

- usually spending days outside together shopping and browsing at clothes/face care stuff

- him always drawing you in your sleep because you pass out first and he loves drawing, but always getting frustrated bc he cant capture all of your beauty on paper 

When people still say that Mikasa freaking Ackerman would be “nothing” without Eren…that her entire character is somehow totally nonexistent without him…

Like… ???

You’ve seen episodes 7 and 8, right? As in, the episodes where Mikasa thinks Eren’s dead and spends only like four or five minutes being torn up about it, and then finds the will to fight and survive, even in the face of impossible odds??? And then proceeds to go about her badass business as usual to help get everyone and herself out of a doomed situation?????


Wow, as you can see she’s totally incapacitated.

Totally only cares about Eren. Clearly has no interest in caring for anyone else. (Like Armin ^^^^^^)

(Or Sasha.)

Completely illogical and overemotional. So useless, right????



*backflips away from your bullshit*

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: The Advent Ball

7.5k words, G rated

By @xoruffitup

When Albus and Scorpius hear that two fourth year boys are going to the Advent Ball together, their minds start racing with all sorts of wild new possibilities. Could they go together too? Is it still Scorpius’ dream to spend an evening with Rose? And how do you even get over the terrifying hurdle of asking your best friend to a dance? 

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Dating Hoseok

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  • shirtless hoseok
  • ,’;^)
  • ”aren’t you cold?”
  • ”are you hot?”
  • *you: sweats nervously* “no…”
  • sexy dances for you
  • serious hoseok
  • he’ll look to you when he needs someone to talk
  • ”hobi are you okay?”
  • ”babe can we cuddle today.”
  • will do his aegyo often for you
  • *busts into red velvets ice cream cake dance*
  • you’ll join him
  • he’ll stop to admire your moves
  • ”wow, babe…. Sexy~”
  • will always make you blush
  • he’ll always ask you to give him massages
  • reason one: his muscles might be tense from dancing
  • reason two: skinship
  • S K I N S H I P
  • will randomly touch your hand
  • your hair
  • your thighs
  • any chance he gets 
  • because skinship
  • actual sunshine in your life
  • knows how to make you laugh
  • teases you when you do something wrong
  • when cuddling he’ll ask you to touch his hair 
  • so you better be good at head massages
  • more aegyo when you’re sad
  • ”babe I got you”
  • *makes cute kissy face*
  • gets you into collecting
  • ”hobi! Teach me some choreo.”
  • *backflips out of bed ready to teach you*
  • ”seriously jagi, you dance better than jin hyung”
  • texts you cute messages
  • always says I love you 
  • he’s your hope

other members

Jin | Yoongi | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

Jakob Chychrun #2

Requested by Anon:  could you please do a jakob chychrun imagine where he and the reader have been fwb for a while but then they fall in love and get together? thanks xx

*Thank youuu!! I hope you like this one. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 847

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The sparkle in his eyes when he opened the door was unmistakable, the kind of sparkle that you haven’t seen before but something you welcome nonetheless.

“Someone’s happy,” you giggled, sashaying for him a little.

“Wow,” he let out a breath as he took in your yoga pants and crop top, a teasing smile on his face.

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Imagine meeting Steve outside the Met for your date at the opera. (Requested: plus-sized reader)

——— Request for Bixbi ———

You saw him standing outside the Met before the cab even let you out. He was dressed well, but seemed nervous as he glanced around for any sign of his date to the opera. He adjusted his tie in the need to fiddle with something as he waited, bringing a smile to your lips at just how tense he looked waiting for you.

It would seem Steve was just as nervous as you had been upon getting ready that evening. You’d nearly talked yourself out of throwing on the plus-sized outfit you were currently wearing, but judging by the look on his face as you caught his eye upon getting out of your cap, it had been a good choice to show the bit of extra curves your outfit accentuated.

“Wow,” is all he manages as you stop in front of him, having lost all thought processes for the moment.

You let out a chuckle, taking his arm and snapping him out of the trance you’d put him in, “Ready for the show?”

Things That Would Kill: Kim Minseok
  • Food tripping all day everyday.
  • Jk he can’t cause SM Entertainment but SECRET FOOD TRIPPING ALL DAY EVERYDAY LOL
  • Early ass mornings where he gets to shower you in kisses to wake you up-
  • but also the early ass mornings where he lets you sleep in and, before getting out of bed, just looks at your peaceful face ‘cause like “wow how is she so beautiful and what did I do to deserve her”.
  • Snuggies all the damn time this boy’s favorite pass time is really just hugging you.
  • The way you easily comfort people. 
  • Seriously, you make it seem so easy.
  • You always have the right thing to say, and you even know when you shouldn’t say anything at all.
  • Even his members go to you for comfort you’re legit that good at it.
  • Him: “Jagi-ya did you know Sehun’s on a new diet?”
  • You: “Hm? He is?”
  • Him: “Yeah, and apparently it works really well. Wanna try it together?”
  • You: ….
  • Him: ….
  • How you give him that ‘i noe u still luv me’ wink whenever he finds that you didn’t put something back in its original place (cause he might have organized the whole house just sayin’).
  • The way you tease him about looking like Sohee from Wonder Girls.
  • You calling him ‘cutie’ because that’s your favorite thing to call him.
  • Usually he hates it when people touch his face but for some reason, he loves it when you do it-
  • like you don’t do it excessively, but you do it at the right times and it makes him so mushy inside gaaaah~
  • The races you guys have for the bathroom because you both take hella long.
  • Watching you make him morning coffee :3
  • You pressing your lips together and blushing a bit when he says he loves you-
  • even after you guys have been dating for months.
  • The way you take a deep breath and breathe out slowly when he pulls you in for a long hug-
  • because it’s like you just unloaded all the stress of the day with that one breath and it’s all thanks to his magical hug.
  • You getting jokingly jealous over his broship with Luhan.
  • And finally, that pause where you lovingly look into his eyes after a kiss because thanks to that, he doesn’t need you to tell him you love him- he can see it. <3

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-Karina :D
{I’m not doing these in any specific order, so if you want a certain member of a group to be done ASAP, you’re free to send a message and I’ll prioritize your member! Groups going to be done are EXO, Seventeen, Mamamoo, and Red Velvet. I also go by how many times a member is requested!}

微白城市 Winter Song - English Lyrics

微白城市 Winter Song

Snowflakes are melting in your hands while the city is turning into white
Pack my love for you
I wrote your name in my wish list, I could see your face in my future

Golden bells, ring and ring
Neon lights. reflections
Come closer in the cold wind
The white breathe meet

You look so wow wow
No one can take his eyes off you
I heard Santa’s heart beating
Let me take you out out
Wait for the fireworks bloom in our eyes

Snowflakes are melting in your hands while the city is turning into white
Pack my love for you
I wrote your name in my wish list, I could see your face in my future

Start the countdown
Let me hold your hands
Let the wish cover the branches
I will always be with you

Start the countdown
Let me hold your hands
Let the wish cover the branches
I will always be with you

New York vapor
Sydney heat waves
No matter your winter is frozen or not
It’s time to turn it up, oh yea

We look so wow wow
Let’s laugh out loud, sounds like our jingle bell bells
Troubles get out
Don’t close your eyes this time when you’re making a wish

Snowflakes are melting in your hands while the city is turning into white
Pack my love for you
I wrote your name in my wish list, I could see your face in my future

Start the countdown
Let me hold your hands
Let the wish cover the branches
I will always be with you

Start the countdown
Let me hold your hands
Let the wish cover the branches
I will always be with you
I will always be with you
I will always be with you

Every time the winter comes
I will always be with you
I will always be with you

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Scotty: All right, look. We’re not going anywhere until you two squash this bullshit.
Spock: Scotty, we’re on a schedule here. Let’s go.
Scotty: [imitating Spock] Oh, “we’re on a schedule?”
[Yanks the keys out the ignition, looks pointedly at Spock and Bones]
Spock: [sighs] Dr. McCoy… I’m sorry I hit you in the face.
Scotty: [laughing] Oh. That was good. That was good. Leonard? LEONARD?
Bones: Spock… I’m sorry I threatened to cut your head off.
Scotty: VERY good! Wow. Don’t you two feel so much better?
Spock/Bones: [in unison] NO.
Scotty: I don’t give a shit. I say we go watch Jim get himself killed, yeah?

sick ♡ grayson

– requested by anon

You were currently at home, laying down in your comfy bed with Grayson’s arms around you. It was pretty much the perfect type of day, except that it wasn’t. You were feeling really sick and Grayson had come over to make you feel better.

You sniffled and coughed loudly, making Grayson rub your back.

“You okay babe?” He asks with a worried look on his face.

“Yeah, i’m fine…” You assure him but moments later you start coughing.

You honestly felt terrible, but you knew that if you told him that, he’d go full out and act like you were dying.

“You don’t look fine,” He tells you and you roll your eyes,

“Wow, thanks Gray.”

“You know I didn’t mean it like that,” He frowns and leans in for a kiss but you put your hand over his mouth before your lips touched.

“Gray you’re going to get sick!” You say and he rolls his eyes,

“So what, I’m laying in bed with you, Y/N. Don’t you think i’m going to get sick either way?” He point out and you sigh,

“But you won’t be as sick if you don’t kiss me.” You tell him and he sighs, but you knew he had something up his sleeve, “Whatever you’re about to do, don’t do it.” You warn and look toward the t.v, continuing to watch your movie.

Suddenly you feel Grayson turn and grab your face, placing a quick kiss to your lips. A big smile took over his face when he pulled away and you shake your head at him.

“Good going, Gray. You’re going to get re-” You couldn’t finish your sentence as a wave of nausea took over your body.

You quickly get out of bed and rush to the bathroom, hovering over the toilet to vomit. You feel Grayson behind you and he takes your hair and holds it behind your head, rubbing your back to make you feel better.

You attempt to push him away but he wouldn’t move, you really didn’t want him to see you like this.

Once you were finished you immediately brush your teeth and go get some water.

“Hey, lay down, I can get it for you.” He says sympathetically and you nod, laying on the bed and closing your eyes.

When he came back you sit up and drink the water as he stares at you, “Are you sure your okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?” He asks, worry laced in his words.

“Grayson I’m fine.” You reassure him and he sighs, laying down next to you and pulling you into his chest.

“Thanks for being here,” You say and he kisses your forehead, “And for watching me throw-up.” You mumble and he laughs.

“Your welcome baby.” He smiles and you cuddle closer, making yourself comfortable against his chest.

Not soon after, you fell asleep feeling really glad you had such a sweet boyfriend who would stay with you when your sick and give you cuddles when you needed them most.

a/n – df this was cute & filled with fluff. i hope you guys liked this (:

A Witches Strength Part 2

Hello everyone! This is the 2nd part of my Elorcan Fanfic, and I just want to thank everyone for reading. The feedback I got on my last part was so amazing and it just showed how great this fandom is, and I’m so glad to be part of it! 

Elide, Rowan, Lorcan, and Gavriel have made it to Wendlyn and Elide is trying to go through all the guilt she feel after Aelin gets taken.

If you haven’t read part 1 you can read that here:



“First things first. We need to determine your basic skill level, and physical strength.”

The way that Elide’s facial expression changed, Rowan knew that something sarcastic was going to come out of the girl’s mouth. “Wow I’m so excited.” She obviously wasn’t, and if you couldn’t tell from her face then you could defiantly tell by her flat tone.

When she woke up this morning she was ecstatic, but then she found out that Rowan had no intention of teaching her anything but the basic’s, and that deflated her attitude about the whole situation.  

“Elide this is a necessary part of learning how to flight. If you try to jump into, without knowing your physical and mental limits, you could get hurt.” In Elide’s head she corrected the statement to get more hurt. “We are going to do this right or not at all.” Rowan was defiantly going to be a stubborn ass about her training, so she decided not to push him.

She took a deep breath and looked up at the tall Fae. “I’m completely at your mercy, sir” she said with a mischievous grin. Rowan ran a hand through his unkept hair thinking to himself how this was not going to be a walk in the park. 

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