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why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing?

happy release day, 358/2 days (05/30/09 in japan) + happy birthday, me!

If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme in my friends explanations of their characters

They looked like princesses. With pearls in their hair, frills on their dresses, smiles on their faces and paint on their eyelids.

It made me feel sick. 

But no. They weren’t the problem. That was me. 

I had proudly applied mascara to my lashes and glitter to my lips. Sure my hair wouldn’t curl and my shoes wouldn’t fit but I felt pretty in that long black dress my mum had bought me. 

But now I felt sick. Sick when they saw me and said “oh you look pretty!” and reached for me. We all hugged. Since when do we hug? We don’t even talk. 

I nodded and smiled. Don’t cry I told myself. Be happy I told myself.

Be happy be happy be happy. 

I kept thinking it when we walked into the hall and they were all around us clapping. And cheering. And laughing.

Be happy.

When we sat down, they talked. They laughed. I talked and laughed too I guess.

Why. Won’t. You. Be. Happy.

“Are you okay?” a friend asked. 

“Yeah! Of course.” 

I wasn’t going to cry, I was going to be happy. I wouldn’t ruin this night for everyone because I felt stupid in my dress. They deserved better.

Then there was dancing and games and photos and eating. I told myself to be happy. And I was happy for some of it. 

Then we went home and instead of the relief I normally felt at being in my bedroom, I felt the night clinging to me. 

My feet were bare. My dress was off. I looked at myself in the mirror. 

And I didn’t feel happy. I felt like crying. And maybe I would because I could now. 

So I did. 

I cried away the feeling of being ugly and sad and uncomfortable. 

I was left with just myself. Standing in front of the mirror. 

And I told myself that it’s okay. That I shouldn’t feel forced to have a good time just because everyone else is. 

Some people like parties and make up. 

And, some people -

like me - 


That’s okay. 

So for the last time that night I told myself to be happy. 

And I was. 

Gamer’s Love

Summary: So i might be back with another request later but this one is how about one where you are a huge gamer (i can msg if you need help with the persona idk if using it right) of the reader and you and stiles hit it off and after a while of you talking passionately about games, he just goes, you’re very cute when talking about what u love and you two go out?

Characters: Reader, Stiles Stilinski, Jackson Whittemore

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 1197

Request: Anon

AN: I hope this is kinda what you wanted. I’m sorry if you didn’t like it.

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anonymous asked:

Surprising Dylan by coming into his room wearing /just/ his trench coat 😏😏

You get to Dylan’s house, knocking on the door. You look up with a small smile as Mrs. Klebold opens it, laughing softly when she sees you in Dylan’s coat, “Hi, y/n.” You giggle as well- the trench coat drags lightly along the ground and sleeves go well past your arms. “Dylan left this at my house yesterday… can I go give it back to him?” She nods, “Of course, sweetheart, he’s in his room.” You nod and thank her, heading up to Dylan’s room. You knock on the door and he calls, “Come in!”

You open the door and Dylan grins when he sees you, laughing softly. “Hey, baby… oh, wow, you brought my coat…” he murmurs, getting off his bed. You lean up on your toes when he reaches you and kiss him gently. Dylan used to wear his coat all the time when you first met. It was basically his armor and you almost never saw him without it. As he grew more attached to you, it started to seem just like a piece of clothing he enjoyed. You knew how much it had meant when you found the coat lying on your bed after he had left. “Huh, I can’t believe I forgot it,” he murmurs, smiling at you, “Thanks for bringing it back.” “Of course,” you smile back, resting your hands on his chest.

“You look good in it,” Dylan says, moving his arms around you, “Really?” you ask. He nods and you press against him, “You want me to take it off?” He grins faintly, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” You lick your lips as you pull the coat down just slightly, revealing the curve of your breast, “I think you might want me to.” Dylan raises his eyebrows and swallows, looking in your eyes. “Are you wearing… anything?” he asks quietly. You slowly shake your head and you can feel him tense up, looking down at you with want. You move up to kiss him lightly and whisper, “Sit down,” over his lips.

Dylan immediately sits on his bed and you stand in front of him, toying with the ties of the trench coat. He glances between your hands and your face, chewing on his lip. You keep the coat closed, letting the material slip off of your shoulders. Dylan swallows again, blushing as he starts to get hard. You step closer to him and straddle his lap. He knows you’re sitting on him naked, but you’re careful to still keep everything covered. “Baby,” he mumbles, letting out a soft groan as you grind into him once. You take Dylan’s hand and slowly slip it into the trench coat, letting him squeeze your chest. He hums, leaning in to kiss your jaw. “Please, y/n,” he begs softly. You smile, tilting your head back, “If you want it so bad, why don’t you just take it?” you whisper.

Dylan’s eyes darken and he moans as he kisses you hard, practically ripping the coat open. He pulls back and runs his hands down your body, quickly undoing his jeans. You grin as you watch him, loving how worked up he gets when he wants you. Before you know it you’re bouncing on Dylan, still wearing the coat on your shoulders as you bury your face into his neck to muffle your moans. He’s pulling your hips down hard and fast, muttering obscenities in your ear. You both come and he sighs, kissing you deeply. You pull back and get up after a moment, slipping the coat off. “You’ll need something to wear home,” Dylan murmurs. You smile at him, “Can I borrow some actual clothes?” “Yeah,” he laughs quietly, getting some out for you. You start to pull on the clothes and Dylan grins, “That was.. I mean, that was really…” he just shakes his head. You giggle and walk over, kissing him. You love it when you make him speechless.

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Merry Christmas! I hope your day is cheery and bright! I was wondering if you had hc for the order of who gets up first in the batfamily for Christmas and how that ties in with excitement levels. I always imagined Alfred being the first up, and him and the rest of the fam having to drag Bruce out of bed, but Bruce was always very excited to spend Christmas with his children.

Hmm I’m gonna try a couple of different versions here.

Scenario One (most likely): Only Damian, Tim, and Cass sleep over on Christmas Eve. Damian is the closest the family has to an early riser, so he’s up first– but he doesn’t wake anybody up because that would imply he was excited or some such nonsense. Cass is up about thirty minutes later, and they camp out in the kitchen, watching Alfred make brunch. At some point, Alfred decides to drag Bruce and Tim out of bed. Dick drives over ten minutes later. Jason never shows. 

Scenario Two (reasonable): They do presents before they actually go to sleep. It’s five in the morning, they’re all finishing up patrol, so they collectively stop off at the manor– in that case, Jason has to come along. If he didn’t, people would read into it. After presents, everybody crashes for a few hours, then wakes up for brunch. This is Bruce’s preferred method; for some reason, none of his kids ever use their own beds. They claim couch space, and it’s kinda cute to see them all spread out across the living room. 

Scenario Three (classic): Assuming that for some reason they all were in the manor: Damian, Cass, Jason, Dick, Bruce, Tim. Jason makes it his business to be as openly festive as possible– overcompensation against the Christmas/family association– so he’s the one that drags the stragglers out of bed. His methods are questionable. Tim could tell you stories. (Hint: he is NOT dreaming of a white Christmas because giving Jason access to snow is a very bad idea.) After presents, they marathon holiday movies. It’s relatively casual, but hey, it’s home.

deciding if i should change my playlist on my blog kaso i’m so tamad na to turn on my laptop eh nakahiga na ako and i’m ready to dive in my bed and just get lost wow charot ang deep naman nun hahahaha kaso ang gaganda ng nga songs na pinapakinggan ko ngayon parang ang sakit sa puso and lungs pero siguro saka na priorities first NAKS