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or… harry regrets breaking y/n’s heart

category: angst

I miss you.

His mouth is dry as he stares down at his phone, thumb hovering over the arrow that’ll send the text he’s longing to mail. With another deep breath, he studies the message over again, then begins to question himself. Should I write more? She deserves an apology. Maybe the word crave instead of miss. Yearn for? He deletes the text but retypes it in the same moment.

He’s never felt guilt this deeply before, he’s never so desperately wanted to turn back time and change everything– rephrase all of his words differently. Do things differently. The thought of him not being able to go back and change things hits him like a ton of bricks, sending his short nails into the palm of his hand.

A clap on his shoulder wakes him from his thoughts, and he looks up with attentive eyes. “Ready to go?” Jeff laughs, tucking his heel into the back of his shoe. “Reservations don’t hold themselves.”

“No, yeah.” he rushes, tucking the locked phone into the back pocket of his jeans. “Let’s go.”

“It’s my fucking job, y’know that, we’ve been through this a million times before. Get over it, angel.”

She scoffs in disbelief, untying the silk scarf from around her neck. “Get over it? Get over it. Over my boyfriend of nearly a year not telling anyone about our relationship—?“

“The media would go insane I- fuck I told y’this—”

“I’m not asking you to tell the world, Harry! Maybe your mom, your sister? My family? I’ve been lying to them for way too long, keeping an enormous part of my life away from them how’s that supposed to make me feel? Do you know how distressing it is to be introduced as a friend to you? To not tell anyone, not even my best friend how much you mean to me?”

“Y’do know it’s like that for me as well? A relationship is consists of two people—”

“Not that I’d know.”

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Being the fifth member/only girl in the band would include...
  • wanting to drop out of high school because most of the boys did but luke trying his best not to let that happen by helping you finish on the road so the two of you do math together at 2:00 am in the tour bus
  • all the boys being super protective of you
  • “i’m sad so can i sleep in your bunk tonight? we’ll watch a movie”
  • “calum, you’re over 6 feet tall and this bunk is really tiny and - fine”
  • a different boy carrying you off stage each night
  • “that’s where my shirt went! i’ve been looking for it for a month!”
  • “ashton, it looks better on me anyway”
  • “well…true. you still have to give it back eventually though”
  • being smushed in between calum and luke during an interview and them joking that you’re “in the middle of a cake sandwich”
  • fans coming up with ship names for you and each boy and making edits, youtube videos, gifs, etc. of their favorite ship
  • wearing heels basically 24/7 to be closer in height to your giant band members
  • re-dying michael’s hair for him in a hotel room at midnight when it starts to fade
  • knowing every single thing about all of the boys
  • bonding with lauren and being like the big sister she never had when she comes to visit ashton on tour
  • “um…why would i date someone that she (you) doesn’t like?”
  • luke snapchatting you from the bunk directly above you
  • attending award shows with them and the five of you looking hot af on the red carpet
  • collectively agreeing that you’ll be the one to make the acceptance speech if you win because michael claims that “you sound smarter than us when you talk”
  • constant funny tweets and instagram posts
  • being able to say “i love you” to 4/4 at any given time without it being weird at all
  • them saying it right back
  • always having someone to cuddle and have deep talks with
  • writing songs with calum
  • being completely comfortable in front of the boys and vice versa
  • possibly dating your fav and being the best couple in existence because you literally get to travel the world together



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In the Eyewitness fandom we don’t say “I love you” we say “my stomach hurts” and I think that’s beautiful.


December 30 is a day that should be celebrated because it’s when these 2 love birds got married. Happy 5th Anniversary!


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