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  • <p> <b>you:</b> ugh that thing you like is like sooo problematic and you are scum 4 liking it jus saying u filthy piece of shit you should feel bad for enjoying this thing bc it offends me<p/><b>me, an adult:</b> cool<p/></p>

today’s we young performance has me giggling so much i’m so happy

But guys can we talk about Andrew Minyard with children???

  • He probably knows how to deal with them from being in tonnes of foster homes and in some of them the adults were the worst so he eventually takes it upon himself to look after them
  • He also loves children bc they’re completely honest and uncomplicated and have no time for bullshit
  • So one day right after a game he wanders off and he finds a little boy who’s gotten lost and he’s crying and Andrew’s like “fine… Someone has to help him” -
  • So he goes over and sits beside the boy who’s like 4 and asks him what’s wrong and sits with him
  • And they play a stupid game like eye-spy while they’re sitting there
  • And the boy calms down a bit and and they sit and talk and the boy eventually just tries to grab Andrew’s hand and Andrew is torn bc on one hand he doesn’t like strangers touching him, but on the other this tiny child is so harmless and he wants to look after him so he holds out his hand and the boy grasps it and it’s really fucking cute
  • But the boy’s actually really funny and Andrew hasn’t laughed this hard in aaaages
  • So now they’re just sitting laughing and holding hands and it’s so lovely
  • And then Neil’s coming round the corner and he sees his boyfriend being so cute with a tiny child
  • And then Andrew’s like “this has been nice but we should probably find your parents”
  • So they walk to the reception and on the way the little boy realises who Andrew is and he’s like “wait, aren’t you meant to be the mean one??” And Andrew’s like “just don’t tell anyone I’m nice”
  • When they find the parents the kid gives Andrew a tiny hug just around his legs and whispers “I won’t tell anyone but you’re my favourite”
  • And Andrew waves as they leave and then turns around and all the foxes have been watching this whole exchange and are looking sort of shocked and he’s like “nobody say a word or I’ll kill you all” so they’re all really quiet but they have the biggest, dopiest grins on their faces, and Andrew looks at Neil and he’s like like “133%”

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✨🌒✨You are made of stardust and galaxies and I love you. Send this to your ten favourite people on this website. 💫🌔🌟

@jjilljj said:✨🌒✨  You are made of stardust and galaxies and I love you. Send this to ten favourite people on this website 💫🌕🌟 also sending lots of positive energy and hope for good things to come

@taeonie said:✨🌒✨ You are made of stardust and galaxies and I love you. Send this to your ten favourite people on this website. 💫🌔🌟

Ahhh Julia, Jill, Nadine… I’ve missed you all very much and this is such a nice thing to come back to. You all mean heaps to me, I hope you girls have been well 😭💖💖💖

Something fragile and wavering, like his common sense, snapped inside of Peter, so he absolutely couldn’t be held accountable for dipping Johnny Storm in front of a huge crowd of paparazzi.

Say You Will, Say You Won’t - @traincat


I want to mix it up on this blog, but I keep drawing Papyrus … he’s just so easy for me to draw … I love the other characters, I swear … hey, stop looking at me like that!!


Brightyn Brems
Hallelujah (2015/2016)
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can you write something for either Cal or Michael where their partner & kid surprise them with brekky in bed after coming home from tour pretty pleaseee? :D

Michael was alone in bed.

He’d grown used to this of course. Almost a year of touring and moving around meant that sharing a bed with no one but himself didn’t really phase him anymore. In fact, Michael considered it a privilege the mornings he woke up to you beside him, the two of you tangled together.

Which was why being alone was a problem, because he was in your bed.

Sitting up he looked at the time, his confusion only growing when he saw it was only half past seven. You should definitely be in bed with him at this time of the morning, or at least in the bathroom. Craning his head, a sigh left his lips when yet again you were absent.

However when the bedroom door swung open, a grin took over his features.

“Morning Daddy!” Jacob sang, the five year old running into the room and jumping onto the bed. You followed carrying a tray, an equally large smile on your face. Michael laughed as his son crawled into his lap, grinning proudly up at him. “We made you breakfast!”

“Thanks bud!” He chuckles, shifting the boy to his side so you could place the tray on his lap. “Thank you Princess.”

“S’ok.” You shrug, pressing a kiss to his lips as you perched on the edge of the bed. “We figured you deserved it.”

“You had me worried for a second when I woke up and you weren’t there.” He smiles against your lips. “Thought you’d already got bored of me.”

“Not yet.” You smirk, causing him to do the same. “Afraid you’re stuck with me Clifford.”

“You know, I’m alright with that, Clifford.”

“Hey! I’m a Clifford too!”

Both of you turn to Jacob with grins on your faces, whilst your son pouted up at you.

“So you are bud.” Michael chuckles. “Now, how much of this breakfast did you make?”

“I did the toast all by myself!”

“No way! I bet it’s the best bit then!”

“Wow, favouritism much.” You mutter softly, Michael sending you a wink. Your hand fell to his knee and you squeezed it softly. “Jakey I think Daddy loves you more.”

“Tell your Mother she’s being silly Jake.” He stage whispers. “I love you both equally.”

“Daddy says you’re right Momma!” Jake grins, making both of you laugh. “Don’t worry, I love you lots.”

“Hey buddy, you can’t turn on me now!” Michael pouts. “I’ll give you bacon if you take it back.”

“Momma I lied. Daddy loves us the same.” Jake chirps excitedly, leaning over and taking a piece of bacon from Michael’s plate. “Thanks Daddy!”

“It’s fine bud.” Michael chuckles, eyes lifting to yours. “Momma knows how much I love her.”

“That she does.” You grin, leaning forward to press your lips to his again. “Welcome home, Mike.”

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i actually love making friends you know when you first meet someone and you already have a good vibe off of them and you just get along really well and then they tell you about their past and you have to complete their personal mission in order to gain their approval and loyalty for the final boss quest so you can complete the game