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sab your houses look fucking fab like ??????? wow ??????? where can i get one (i wanna i buy one but im broke af fuck rentttttt sjfghdsafjdf)

gotta come to my city~~~

and no rent ;) only buy ;))))

What happened with Winx Club?

I have to write my opinion. I’m getting mad with every new Winx Club episode!

Stella does this ugly clothes EVERYWHERE. She still repeats “I’m the best fashion designer, wow I’m so fab, hey Winx, we need new outfit!”.
Then they go to the stupid mission about SWEET CUTE OMG animals. They got dressed again.

Don’t forget about TONS of BloomxSky because they are so so perfect. Wow, he is a prince and he is so, so romantic. Just nope. Ok, Rainbow took Riven but trust me - I can stand show without him but GOD - Stop giving as these f*cking Sky “cute moments”. Like - OK WE KNOW THEY ARE HAPPY.

One more question? Why they look all the same? Where are their personalities and own styles?

Ok next. Why Winx are much weaker? I thought that NEW transformation is HIGHER level of magic. They like newbies now, lol.

Oh, let’s get some Bloom&Sky. AGAIN - it’s their 3rd time in this episode… Don’t you remember how it was? WAITING for EPISODES to get cute scene with any couple. Now there is too much of that.

I don’t even get patience to write more things about what stupid WINX CLUB. Excuse me - BLOOM AND THE REST. Why there is no good plot? They all look the same, behave the same and only Bloom have ideas how deal with the problems. They are week, pink and lamentable.

Why I love “old” Winx and why it’s better than these glitter new seasons?

Let’s see how Winx Club was awesome in past series:

They were HEROES FAIRIES! They could gain new power for bravery not stupid artifacts or glitter animals. They also gained it alone, not like Butterflix or Tynix, Harmonix and Sirenix! It was much more interesting!

The Winx were so powerfull and strong. Just look how easily they defeated witches. And it was just Layla and Stella…

Their enemies were sooo hard to defeat. They had huge magical skills and Winx had to prepare to every battle.

And there were time for EVERY couple, not only Bloom and Sky…I will skip the fact, they made every couple the same. And after so many moments, words and promises, two epic kisses - they just give up Musa and Riven. BECUASE OF BOOMERANG XDDDDD.

Oh, sorry. Musa HAVE TO be like others. I will skip also the fact that my relationship is very similar to MURI. And I think I am much, much happier than other couples who just are so cute romantic wow etc. Fighting for each other is the best way to show how we care.

It’s my own opinion. I don’t make you to think the same.


Also,a few Important Notices,do not ignore pls thx and regards.
#1:the prompt was a scene from the future.
#2:I loVE ALL THE PROMPTS THIS YEAR YESSS @magnusbane-aleclightwood you are fab wow thanks for hosting I love.
#3:I am, apparently, physically incapable of writing a fic w/o something suggestive in it forgive me lord for I have sinned
#4:congratulate me because there is not a single fuck in this story wow achievement
#6: yes,I have called this ‘dads’
#7:Izzy is the Cool Aunt™ okay I will fight you on this
#8:that is all


It’s the sound of hushed laughter and a hushed Shh! that pulls Magnus from the depths of his sleep.

He doesn’t want to get up.It’s a Sunday,which is family day(even if Raphael refuses to call it that) which means the next 24 hours is just movies and parks and board games and no clients.

There’s no noise after that and now he’s in that peaceful inbetween not-asleep-but-not-awake state and he’s just wondering how nice it’ll be to remain floating like this for the next few hours when he hears a muffled thump followed by the sound of someone giggling.

On his list of Favourite Sounds,Max Lightwood-Bane giggling ranks a very high #2 and he’d be able to recognise it with his eyes closed.

Which,in this case,they are.

He refuses to miss the sight of his youngest son giggling,eyes scrunched up,palms fisted in front of his face, nose all crinkled and adorable and so,he forces himself to open his eyes.

The sun streaming in through the curtains illuminates the room, bathing the scene in a golden glow.

He sees the promised vision of Max (scrunched up eyes,fisted palms, crinkled nose and all),Raphael with an all too familiar I hate what you’re doing and am slightly embarrassed but I also love you look and Alec…climbing onto the bed with his hair ruffled and the sheets tangled around his legs?

“Did you…fall off our bed?”

His voice is hoarse from sleep and not as incredulous as he would have liked it to be,but it’s effective in making three heads whip in his direction.

Alec’s expression is bordering on disgruntled when he replies, ”I was…trying to pick up something from the floor.”

At that,a small snort erupts from Raphael.

“Sure.You do your thing,Dad.”

Magnus makes to get up but he’s stopped in his movements by Max, who canonball’s into his chest, effectively pushing him back down.


Alec’s the one who’s laughing now,all traces of disgruntlement wiped from his face.

Magnus,who now has a small blue warlock lying down on top of him, apparently unwilling to move anytime soon, looks at Alec over the top of his head.

He sees laugh lines etched into his face, hears that pure sound,so full of happiness, clearly ringing in his ears, and decides to let it slide this once.

(They’re saps and Raphael never lets them forget it.)

He lies there,basking in the now fading sounds of his husband’s laughter and the joy his family provides,the warmth in his chest when he feels Max cuddle into him and the dulcet tones of Raphael’s muffled protests as Alec gives him a noogie.

Max hears it too,and he’s always been one for excitement.Before Magnus knows what’s happening, Max has leapt off him and out of his arms,right into the middle of what promises to be an epic noogie session turned tickle fight.

As he gets up and leans against the pillows,he sees just how far they’ve come.How much Max has grown from that day they found him at the Academy.How Raphael has become less awkward and more comfortable with himself and them.How Magnus and Alec seem to get closer everyday and still act like they’re teenagers in love,as Raphael would put it.

He sees the love with which Raphael tickles Max’s stomach,making his laughter ring out and the familiar gleam of affection on Alec’s face as he makes eye-contact with him over the wrestling pair.

(He winks because he knows what that does to Alec and they know that when the boys are having breakfast later on,Magnus and Alec will probably end up having a quickie in the shower because that’s what love is.)

He’s so in love with his family and moreover, he’s so loved and it’s palpable in the room,full of good cheer and affection and he lets it wash over him.

He’s lived for centuries in practically every corner of the earth,but right here, right now, with his Shadowhunter husband and sons(one a blue coloured warlock,the other a Shadowhunter),in the midst of what logically,should never work and is,indeed,a bit dysfunctional at times,is where he feels the most content.

Here,now,with the people he loves more than life itself.

And as he leans over to kiss Alec and hears the sounds of his sons gagging in the background,he knows he’s been extremely lucky when it comes to love.

Who knew,huh?

Who knew that he,Magnus Bane, who used to be in an emotionally abusive relationship would ever end up marrying a Shadowhunter?

Who knew that he,Magnus Bane, who used to have a three-partners-a-week lifestyle would ever have kids?

(That weren’t accidentally conceived.)

Who knew that he,Magnus Bane, would ever be a part of a loving, beautiful,functional family?

Not him, that’s for sure.

It’s a pleasant surprise.

Speaking of pleasant surprises, he’s pulled from his (sappy) thoughts and Alec’s (absolutely wondrous) lips by a knock on the front door.

Raphael stops his fake puking to cast a dubious look towards it.

“Are we expecting anyone right now?” he says.

Magnus gets up from the bed and starts walking towards the door.

“Only one way to find out,” he calls out to his family who are now trooping behind him.

He opens the door to reveal Isabelle Lightwood.

The reaction is loud and enthusiastic because Max loves Aunty Izzy a little more than he loves everyone else and the only one who can get Raphael to drop his I’m a badass who only speaks sarcasm and cannot smile is Alec’s sister.

“Hello,boys!” she says while trying to hug Max and Raphael at the same time.

“Hi,”the four of them say together.

They all move to the living room and Alec goes towards the kitchen.

“Breakfast?Today’s pancake day,” Magnus asks.

Izzy replies,”Nah, I’ve already eaten. I’m here for something else actually.There’s a mission out of town that Clary and I have to leave for tomorrow and we aren’t going to be back for a month.I figured,seeing as how I won’t be able to see them for so long,that I could maybe take Max and Raf out today.”

Alec’s voice can be heard from the kitchen saying,”Gee, thanks Izzy I’ll miss you too.”

It sounds like he might go on but all further snark is cut off by Max.

“Aunty Izzy,can we get ice-cream?”

“We’ll top that and add a pretzel too,” she says, ruffling his hair.

Magnus casts an enquiring look at his older son.

Raphael shrugs nonchalantly but the excitement about the prospect of spending the day with his aunt is clear in his eyes.

Magnus claps his hands.

“Fine with me. Darling?” he yells towards the kitchen.

Alec pokes his head out from the kitchen.

“Bring them back for dinner,” he tells Izzy.

And the next thing they know,Max, Raphael and Izzy have given their kisses to the two of them and are being hustled out of the flat amidst cries of Ice cream first and Can we feed the fish? and I’ll have them back by 6!

The door shuts and Magnus and Alec move to the table for breakfast.

It’s peaceful having the apartment to themselves.

Magnus loves his sons,he really does, more than he can ever comprehend, leave alone explain.But sometimes, it’s nice to have some quiet.Also,he misses alone time with his man, okay?

So it’s really no surprise when Magnus opens conversation after they’re both done and are leaning back in their chairs with, ”Well,I’m going to go take a shower.Join me?” and drops a wink for good measure.


It’s a good thing the boys aren’t in because it’s by no means a quickie.


Based on this post from @drtanner-sfw and some thoughts about the new DLC from my friend and me.

Why did Sally get nothing?! Doesn’t William look cute?! And guys, one of the new stuff Philip got looks cool… but the chess board one… well…

but such fab wow!

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All i can think of is omgcp tbh. Who do you think uses the most "cute-sy pet names"? (Sweetie, love, honey, sweetheart etc.) I feel like its close between Charmer, Zimbits, and Holsom (esp. Holster) but imagine Shardo and Dexnursey !!!!

lol this is a check please blog i love talking about check please

ok chowder CANONICALLY uses too many goshdarn petnames (he gets fined for it my poor son) and you know he and caitlyn are just. so cute. nauseatingly cute. wow i love them, such a beautiful sexy happy power couple. they like really sweet pda because they’re SO IN LOVE and they’re not ones to hold back, in bed they’re both amazing at dirty talk though smh would be shocked and impressed.

holsom though omg holster….. has called ransom ransypoo…. wtf….. if they ever did start dating while still at samwell holster would probably singlehandedly pay for bitty’s baking. he would not stop. someone pls tape his mouth shut (oh no my mind went places). he just loves ransom a lot and needs him to be aware of this 24/7. he defs sometimes wakes ransom up just to call him gorgeous and ransom is like ‘fuck off oh my god’ but hes smiling like a damn fool.

zimbits defs use pet names (bitty….. calling jack handsome…. oh my lord..) but they would never get fined. they’re too pure everyone would just be so happy they can be in the presence of bitty being so in love. also bits isn’t paying for his own pies no siree. jack only uses them in private and it’s DEVASTATING (you charmer) he’s really good at them takes no prisoners bitty is doomed.

shardo!!!! shitty is always careful not to use pet names for lardo in public. she isn’t a huge fan of romantic pda. in private though he calls her everything from larissa (which is basically a pet name for them i mean… damn) to beautiful, love, goddess, etc. she loves it but doesn’t use pet names for him. never calls him anything but shitty, or bro, dude etc. they’re happiest when they just call each other shitty and lardo and then make out for a while and talk about women’s roles in the development of art movements in the early 20th century or smth. what nerds.

so nurseydex last because im trash… nursey calls dex babe all the time but never gets fined, because they assume he’s doing it to rile dex up (that is part of the reason. not the WHOLE reason). of course dex retaliates by calling nursey baby in private LIKE ONE TIME and nursey jsut. expires. he dead. rip. when they start dating dex lets his Soft™ side shine through and while he mostly still calls Nursey ‘shithead’ ‘douchecanoe’ etc he’ll call him all manner of sickly sweet things in bed. nursey calls dex babe EVEN MORE in public but still doesn’t get fined because no one believes they’re dating until dex casually calls him darling and everyone starts yelling.