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drabble prompts♡

here’s a list of prompts for drabbles! drabbles are short scenarios that tend to be 500 words or less unlike imagines which can be 1,000+ words. drabbles are something I’ve wanted to do for a while and since lately I’ve been struggling with imagines, I’ve finally decided to give drabbles a try. So far I have 140 prompts for drabbles and I plan to add more in the future!


  • send me a number(s) from the list of prompts below and one of the boys! (reminder I only write for got7) If you don’t mind who I write the drabble for just let me know you want me to choose the member for the prompt.
  • you can also let me know if you want it to be fluffy, angst, or suggestive if you’d like, it isn’t necessary.


  • “Shut up and kiss me already!” [ 1 ]
  • “Why don’t we runaway?” [ 2 ]
  • “Sometimes you make me feel so warm and happy… sometimes…” [ 3 ]
  • “You’re going to break my heart, I can sense it.” [ 4 ]
  • “Don’t you get tired from being so annoying?” [ 5 ]

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STAN: Haha, dude remember that, Butters? They hadda ‘splain ta everyone that came in why the walls were covered in shit.
WENDY: Oh. Shit again. You boys were so original.

KYLE: It’s been a while. We should probably answer another question.
BEBE: Oh my god. This one is so rude!
KYLE: ..Huh? What’d they say?

BEBE: Listen, I have big boobs.

BEBE: Like they literally take up like 99 percent of my chest! I can’t help it if when I hug someone my boobs push up against them. It’s not intentional or harassment! There’s literally nothing I can do about it! Don’t be stupid!

STAN: Yeap, nobody can blame you for that. They’re like as big as yer fuckin’ head.
BEBE: Oh wow, are they really? Tthat’s crazy.

STAN: Dude like seriously Kyle. I’m surprised you don’t get a boner every time she hugs you.

WENDY: Excuse me?! What exactly is that supposed to mean, Stan?!
STAN: …What..? I’m just sayin’ I would if… ya know.

KYLE: Oh boy.
WENDY: No. No! You would if what?! If I wasn’t around?! Is that what you meant?!
STAN: Well– yeah..! But not like that.
KYLE: Dude…
WENDY: You are so full of shit, Stan Marsh!

We had to stop the recording, obviously…
- Kenny

[ Triple Date Part 2. Part 1 is here

Btw, Both Butters and Kenny are both out of shot. They’re still there. You just can’t see them. And they’re all sitting on stools. In the last shot Wendy’s standing on the little bars on the legs of the stool to stand over Stan. ]